Whoosh! Issue 19 - April 1998

IAXS project #513
By Suzette L. Mako
Copyright © 1998 held by author
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Author's Note: In doing this, I am officially joining the ranks of the Obsessed. I have appropriated the X-Files (1994- ) fan term "relationshipper" (aka "shippie" or "shipper"). These are people who watch the show with an eye to cues regarding the relationships between the characters.

Introduction (01)
First Spread (02-37)
     The Queen Of Swords (02)
     1 - The Fool (03-04)
     2 - The Wheel Of Fortune (05-08)
     3 - The High Priestess (09-12)
     4 - The Hanged Man (13-16)
     5 - The Emperor And The King Of Swords (17-20)
     6 - The Empress (21-26)
     7 - The Chariot (27-29)
     8 - The Hermit And The Magician (30-32)
     9 - Death (33-34)
     10 - Justice (35-36)
     The Overall Message (37)
Second Spread (38)
     1 - The Queen Of Staves (39-40)
     2 - Strength (41-42)
     3 - The Tower/The House Of God (43-45)
     4 - The Ten Of Staves (46-49)
     5 - The Five Of Pentacles (50-51)
     6 - Judgment (52-56)
     7 - The Devil (57-60)
     8 - The Stars And Temperance (61-65)
     9 - The Sun (66-68)
     10 - The World (69-70)
     The Overall Message (71)
Links (72-73)



[1] Working from the Tarot images in THE BITTER SUITE (58/312), I was able to throw not one, but two 10-card spreads. This is rather interesting as there are two distinct segments to the story. In the first half, Xena and Gabrielle enter Illusia, and are taken to the breaking point, when Xena "slays" Gabrielle. In the second half, they must return from this death -- be reborn in each other, resolve their differences, reveal truths and emerge again into reality.

First Spread

Second Spread


[72] For those interested in learning more about Tarot, the meanings of the cards, etc., this is an outstanding site, offering detailed descriptions in the form of a comprehensive online course in Tarot Reading:


[73] For those just tickled by Tarot and who would like an on-the-spot, free Internet Reading -- by the way the readings are very well explained and would further enlighten as to meanings:



Suzette L. Mako Suzette L. Mako
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/smako/makoangl.htm I'm a relative newbie to the world of Xena, but I am already an avid fan. A devoted wife and mother of 2 sons, administrator for an investment holding company (read: corporate Goddess), I'm also a rabid reader and a writer of romance novels (no kidding!) in search of a publisher. In Compuserve, GO Romance, MyFamily, Mensa, or SFMedTwo to find me! Among the things that draw me to XWP are its lightning-quick interplay of the ancient and modern, of the serious and silly. But above all, it is the unashamed depiction of a Woman of Power, one who is no less female for her strength, and who may well become an archetypal figure in her own right.
Favorite episode: The NEXT one!
Favorite line: I can't say that I have a favorite line, but I do have a favorite LOOK -- when Xena gives that wonderful slow smile of hers!
First episode seen: THE DEBT (52/306)
Least favorite episode: No such thing, so far.

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