Whoosh! Issue Twenty-Five - October 1998

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor


The History of Xena Fan Fiction on the Internet
By Lunacy (lunacy@dc.seflin.org)
Twenty-Seven Grilled Bards and One Reviewer: Rare, Medium, and Supertoasty
By J. C. Wilder (jcwilder@hotmail.com)
Xena Fan Fiction: Methods, Resources, and The Future
By Barry L. Marshall (XXLBadboy@aol.com)
Romancing the Fan: Romance and Xena Fan Fiction
By J. C. Wilder (jcwilder@hotmail.com)
Spinning Off From the Source: Alternative Fan Fiction Changes With the Seasons
By Christine Boese (cboese@clemson.edu)
"How Long 'Til My Soul Gets It Right?" Karma, Reincarnation, and All This Uber-Fiction
By Rhet Belraven (SciRhet@ix.netcom.com)
The Zeal For Xena: Appropriation, Discursive Elaboration, and Identity Production in Lesbian Fan Fiction
By Leila Armstrong (varmstro@sfu.ca)
Copyright 101: A Brief Introduction to Copyright for Fan Fiction Writers
By A.T. Lee (atyl@aol.com)
Writing Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction: The Pressure to Perform and Conform
By L.N. James (lnjames@deepika.squonk.n et)
They're Letting You Write Your Thesis About That?
By Kelly Rowett (rowett@email.unc.edu)
Lesbian Erotica Without Apology: The Erotic as Power
By Rebecca Hall, Esq. (rebhall@hooked.net)
A Star is Born or Net Celebs in the Xenaverse: How the Internet Has Transformed Ordinary Xenites Into Famous People
By Sarah Eveland (spikus@erols.com)
The Sex Lives of Xena: Warrior Princess Alt Fan Fiction Authors
By Shystermmc (shystermcc@yahoo.com) with Katherine Villyard
How To Write Xena Fan Fiction
By Joanna Sandsmark (JSandsmark@aol.com)

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