Whoosh! Issue 31 - April 1999

Letters To The Editor


Date: Tue, 01 Dec 1998
From: Charlie Lester (charliel@mindspring.com)
Subject: What a Great Site!!

... after browsing through Whoosh I felt compelled to write someone and you are the "Easy to hit Target"! :)

I found the site while surfing the links looking for a good episode list with synopsis and think I found a gold mine. This is an incredible site and I shall revisit often. How in the world do you find time to do all this? You obviously don't have enough to do (that's a joke, don't hit me).

I have been a Xena fan from the beginning and am delighted to find so much info in one place. Please keep it up! You now have a dedicated follower.

Charlie Lester

From: "Darlene Ebert" (bits@bright.net)
Subject: cool sight!!!
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 1998

Hey there, my name is Danielle, and I am very interested in Xena and your website. This is by far the best sight I have found on Xena!!! I enjoy everything I read on this sight. Well, I was just wandering how you get all the information on upcoming episodes before anyone else does? Do you know someone on the "inside"? I was just wandering, anyway I am thinking of maybe entering an article, but I don't think anyone would enjoy my writing. I hope to someday meet some of the characters from the show but for now, I will just sit back and enjoy any reading material on them.

Thank you for your wonderful sight and keep up the good work. Maybe I'll try the article thing and join the club.

Thanks again, Love and Luck,



Believe it or not, we come by our information the old fashioned way, by hard work, asking questions, following up leads, and respecting confidences. Periodically we will get a "hot tip" but usually our information is the result of a long drawn out process.

Date: Mon, 08 Mar 1999
From: john koch (ironlegs@mta1.snfc21.pbi.net)
Subject: Thank you

I am writing to thank you for having such a kick ass website......I visit the site religiously!! As a thank you for keeping me updated and entertained weekly, I have listed Whoosh as my link of the moment on my band's webpage.


Keep up the great job!!!!!

Stephanie Duarte Vargas

From: Kim (accnting@altran.com)
Subject: Thanks!
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999

I'm sure you get dozens of e-mails, but I just wanted to compliment you on keeping up such a great website. I haven't been watching the series for very long, and it's been quite helpful in explaining the newer episodes to me since I missed so many of the older ones. I'm pretty hooked at this point, and enjoy checking your site for all the New Stuff. I must admit though, I'm hoping TPTB keep the gals stable this year (I wasn't a big rift fan), but have heard many rumors that a schism is coming. Alas, I will keep checking your site for new info, and thanks again for doing such a great job!

From: "L J" (sparkyuk_98@hotmail.com)
Subject: Thank the Gods for your web site!!
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999

Just wanted to send you an E-mail to congratulate you on your web page which is ALWAYS guaranteed to give me the most INTENSE Xena experience that is available on the web. I always go to your page first - and then usually run out of time to go anywhere else!

I've been living in Canada for the past 6 years where I was a bit of a latecomer to Xena - I only really got hooked at the end of the second season. Since then I've been pretty much addicted. And your web site as been a big factor in that. Any web site devoted to a TV show should enhance and deepen the experience, and yours certainly does that. The episode guides and commentary provide excellent perspectives, even if I don't always agree with them! And the articles are THE best part of the site.

I've now returned to the UK to live but spent the last 6 months travelling the US and generally having a great time (America is so beautiful) and spending all the money I'd managed to save whilst working in Toronto!! During that time I had to rely on your page to give me my Xena 'fix' as it just proved impossible to find a lot of the season 4 episodes whilst travelling around so much - trying to find Xena in the syndication schedules was a nightmare! I managed to catch just a couple of eps from season 4 so your web site was my savior as we popped into various libraries across the country to catch up on E-mail.

They are just beginning to show the Season 4 episodes here on satellite, which I don't have yet, so your site is still my lifeline to all things Xena! I've arranged for a friend to send me taped copies of the show from Toronto - so it will be interesting to compare the North American NBTCS version with the UK PAL version. I suspect they may make some cuts here - I've already noticed that with re-runs on earlier episodes!

So...I guess its thanks again to you for keeping me sane and feeding my addiction!

Keep up the good work!


PS No sign of Ares from what I can gather this season so far?? Is that 'cos he was such a naughty boy in Sac I and II?

PPS Have you seen those amazing pix of LL in Maxim?!


Ares pops up in the last few shows of HERCULES this season. And yes, I have seen the Maxim pictures...who hasn't?


Subject: "Letters to the Editor"
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999

...So who would win, anyway?....If Love and War had a battle, who do you suppose would win? Answer me do...

"Kim Smith"


I dunno.


Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999
From: Betsy Duncan (b.d.votee@cwix.com)
Subject: letter to the editor

I absolutely love this Whoosh! site! i just discovered it and am totally enthralled. i loved the Chris Manheim interview; thank you for the edification---it was quite delightful. I'll be a frequent visitor!

Betsy from Texas


From: "Carolyn S" (jadec@sia.net.au)
Subject: Whoosh article The Furies & mental illness
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999

There's an article in the March issue of Whoosh called, Exploration of Mental Illness as Presented in The Furies, by Virginia Carper. For me it raises some really important points.

This article takes a similar position to comments in some reviews I've read of The Furies. So it probably represents a view that quite a few Xena fans hold. However, it touches on an ongoing issue for me: why when XWP is not presented as any serious attempt at realism, do people frequently seem to respond to it as such ?

To me the format of XWP is to do with playing with stories, ancient & modern in various ways. The Furies never begins to look to me like a serious representation of mental illness. I just don't think that's what the episode is about; or at least, that's not how I've ever viewed it. To me it's a kind of mixture of comedy and drama, that plays with various ways 'madness', 'delusion' and being beyond the bounds of what's accepted as sane behavior, has been represented in a variety of stories. The stories touched on are the Ancient Greek tragedy about Orestes & Clytemnestra, 3 Stooges, Marat/Sade and with what I see as touches of Hamlet (is she really insane or just putting it on ?).

Xena's bizarre behavior is the result of the curse from the Immortals, in keeping with ancient mythologies where gods and immortals could exercise all kinds of curses. I don't think it's ever called mental illness, psychosis or schizophrenia in the episode. Rather The Furies refer to it as 'the poison of delusion', an unkind head, and loss of mind. They talk about replacing 'sanity's sweet illusion'. So there's also a questioning of what usually counts for sanity. I see this as a very important issue, as there's been a long history of people being labeled insane because they haven't followed the socially acceptable way of viewing the world.

However, quite a few people have criticized the 'inaccurate' treatment of mental illness in The Furies. So is playing with the whole heritage of stories of delusion and madness, just too dangerous ground for a popular TV program to get into ? Are there too many problems and misconceptions in the common understandings of mental illness, which causes many people to be offended by anything other than a serious attempt to depict the reality of mental illness ?

But the bigger question for me is, why do people constantly search for realism in a program that is not using realist conventions ? The main reality for me is the emotional reality in the general quality of the Xena-Gabrielle relationship, and not so much in the details of the stories within which the relationship is depicted.



From: lilymort@ix.netcom.com
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999
Subject: Season 4: Letter to the Editor

Thanks to all the staff at Whoosh for increasing my enjoyment of my fandom 10-fold. You see the episodes a week before we get them in Minneapolis and I read your summaries prior to viewing the shows. It has made me less tense as to outcomes and I immerse myself in the acting and action.

I think season 4 is the best one so far. The development of the characters, the skill of the stars and the depth of the stories have been magnificent. I am amazed at the discontent I read at some sites as to the direction the show is taking. The women are moving out of the terrible 20's into the more mature 30's and have to change and evolve. The relationship between the two characters has changed too. It is the draw for me and I think it has deepened. They understand each other more and with one look, can convey so much emotion.

When season 5 is completed I will have to find another obsession. Perhaps I will keep reading the wonderful Missy Good stores. I doubt they will want to continue it for a 6th season but I can pray to the many gods that this is possible. Thanks again to the Whoosh staff. Fran Watson Lilymort@ix.netcom.com

From: reichman@netspace.net.au
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999
Subject: Letter to the Editor: 4th Season Xena

I agree with your article "Are We Better Off Now..." in March "Whoosh" that XWP is off the boil at the moment. Living in Australia, I can't speak about the conventions etc (although your comments re $75 for seats sounds outrageous). However, my concern is for the show itself. A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out a tape which had some first season episodes. Ah, things were so much simpler then! We knew Xena had a murky past with quite a few skeletons, but this was kept vague and inconclusive. However, it made Xena such a fascinating character. We had no long drawn-out flashbacks to Chine, to Borias, Siberia featuring "Nasty Xena" etc etc, just a weekly encounter with bad guys (not to mention the advent of a then-unknown Psycho-Barbie)in a clever and engrossing plot.

We also had the nature of Xena and Gabby's relationship. In those early days, their relationship was almost one of master and servant, with Gabby playing the role of the sidekick in the true sense. But you were still left wondering: "Are they or aren't they...?". It was very subtle.

But unfortunately, TPTB have tried to get a bit too clever with that aspect of the show, that we've now got to the stage that in nearly every episode Xena or Gabby looks into the other's eyes and says: "I love you Gabby/Xena". Especially coming from Xena who USED to be stoic, tough and silent on such matters, this does not ring true, and it's becoming rather tiresome. It wasn't necessary to do this! we viewers are dumb, but we CAN think through some issues without heavy-handed hints like this.

Obviously, the characters should develop, but they must develop in a way consistent with their past. This is not really happening.

But the main concern are the plots themselves. Here in Australia, we've just had "A Good Day" screened, where we were expected to accept the sight of Xena, Caesar and Pompey, each fighting the other two off with swords, and then, after each had several opportunities to kill or maim the others (and after all, they do hate each other), they stop! First Xena trundles off, then Caesar and Pompey go at it for a bit longer, and then they just call a halt to proceedings too, promising that they'll wreak revenge on the others later. Ludicrous!! It just doesn't ring true.

One other thing that doesn't ring true is Xena's now near-invincibility. Yes, we know she's damn good, but the warning bells started ringing in "One Against an Army" and again in "When in Rome" when against ridiculously absurd odds, Xena SINGLE HANDEDLY fought off entire battalions. Now, that's just stupid. If she's invincible, there's no tension. If we know she can't die, then we're not interested.

Finally, large holes are appearing in plots. For instance, just how did Gabby survive "Sacrifice II"? What did "Adventures in the Sin Trade" have to do with anything? Why did Ares side with Dahak, and so ineffectively, for an Olympian god? How does Hope and friends keep coming back? She's been killed three times now to date, but logically, she could pop up again at any time. How and why? Big questions, no answers.

Anyway, let's hope this is just a temporary lapse, though from what we've seen since basically after "The Bitter Suite" (if not before), the signs are not good.

Peter Norrish

Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1999
From: brian lashmar
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I'm going to raise several points in this letter, but let me begin by saying that I am enjoying season 4 immensely. I'm a fan of "The big Picture". To me this is what heroic epic and myth is all about. Give me the quest, redemption, betrayal, salvation, revenge, existentialism, and the eternal "Why" of the human condition. These are mighty themes-themes worth exploring; and in my opinion, no one does it better on television today than TPTB.

"Sin Trade" was truly an inspired bit of television, however, I have to admit that the two best eps so far this season are the HTLJ eps: "Resurrection" and "Redemption". These two eps were brilliant, and in my opinion, only "The Bitter Suite" was better.

I had no problem with the death of Gabrielle at the end of season 3. In myth it often takes the voluntary self-sacrifice of Goodness in order to stop Evil. This is merely good myth and TPTB are merely following the rules of good myth. I do agree that Gabrielle's return in "A Family Affair" was not handled well, but I should like to remind the readers that Tolkien also mishandled the return of Gandalf in "The Lord of the Rings". I know of no one who was satisfied with that resurrection. Any way, it seems to me that if Tolkien could not adequately resolve Gandalf's return then I'm not sure if it is fair for us to hold TPTB to a higher standard. While I like to consider myself a fan of TPTB and I admire them for their creative skills, I will be the first to admit that there are no Tolkiens in the bunch. Personally I thought that the irony in "A Family Affair" was that for all of Gabrielle's goodness and in spite of all of Hope's evil; Hope seemed to be the better mother.

I also wish to make some comments concerning some of the issues that were raised in last month's "Whoosh" .

First of all, I think that the Netforum makes for great sociology. Anyone who has studied group theory can't help but be fascinated. Take group dynamics; add the anonymity of pseudo-names, the element of irreconcilable differences, and the capacity of being able to snipe from the bushes; and it's a miracle that it has worked for this long. There's a post graduate thesis in there for somebody.

Was XW:P supposed to make us all better off? That's an interesting question. It seems to me that the most the show can do (other than entertain us) is to make us think. I suspect that whether we love or hate the show, we can all agree that the show certainly makes us think.

I also suspect that everyone who has had anything to do with the show; from the stars to TPTB are probably completely overwhelmed by the show's success and by their own personal successes. I can hardly blame these people for becoming distant. Success can often feel like a pact with the devil, with the downside being a lose of privacy and personal space; and the inability to be able to say anything without offending somebody (even to the point where many of one's interviews become fluff pieces because that becomes the safe thing to do). Also, it becomes more difficult to judge people's motives to the point where many strangers become suspect. many fans also either love you or hate you. There seems to be no middle ground-so who needs the grief.

Finally I would like to leave the readers with some thoughts on autographs and merchandise. I checked out several sites on the web, and I found that there are many places on the web where people can buy Xena memorabilia. Creation's prices seemed to be comparable with the prices found at these sites. If anything, Creation seemed to be cheaper. One site was selling 8x10 glossies for $5.50 while another site was selling them for $6.95. Creation sells 8x10 glossies for $5.00. It should be not that these other companies might have to buy their merchandise from Creation. I'm not sure how it works. The plaques that Creation was selling were more expensive, but these are the limited edition plaques.

I found some Fan sites where 8x10 glossies were being sold . The prices ranged from $5.00-$10.00.

I also found several sites where fans can buy autographed pictures. For anyone who is interested, they need only go the Yahoo home page and type in "autographs" and they will be taken to various sites.

Here are some of the sites that I managed to find:

  • Bruce Campbell's Home site- autographed photo of Bruce for $50
  • Ted Raimi site- comic book autographed by Ted for $33
  • Power Star Merchandise-autographed plaques- Gabrielle for $89.95, Callisto for $89.95, Xena for $149.95, Autographed magazines-Hudson Leick for $39.95, Autographed comic books-Hudson Leick for $39.95
  • Alfie's Autographs of Hollywood--8x10 Lucy from $150-$195, 8x10 Kevin from $150-$195
  • Daniel Cohen Autographs--8x10 Lucy for $99...sold out, script signed by Lucy for $179...sold out
  • Star Power Autographs--8x10 Lucy from $60-$125
  • Autographs Unlimited--8x10 Lucy for $65
  • Cyndi's Autographs--8x10 Lucy (black & white) for $40
  • Collectors Mart-- comic book "The Marriage of Hercules and Xena" signed by Lucy and Kevin for $75
  • Hollywood Autographs--8x10 Lucy for $75
  • Hollywood Book City--8x10 Lucy for $100
  • Star Signs--8x10 Kevin for $110

    There are many other sites, so there is no lack of competition. It should be noted that I read on one of the sites that many of these people go to the conventions with the soul purpose of obtaining autographs for to sell. The stars end up not getting any of the proceeds from these sales.

    Some prices for other stars are:
    Donny & Marie Osmond for $225
    Kate Winslet $195
    Madonna $595
    Star Trek (cast) $695
    Marlene Dietrich $140-$350 Jodie Foster $250
    Pamela Anderson $75-$195

    These prices were taken from Alfie's Autographs of Hollywood. On some other sites they were actually selling the cancelled cheques of some stars for $80-$110

    There is also a female star on the web (who shall remain anonymous) who over 20 years ago was nominated for an Oscar. She is now selling her autographed pictures on the net for $15. I only point this out because many stars fear that they could become this woman in 20 years.

    Is the merchandise too expensive? Everyone will need to answer that for themselves. I myself find no sentimental value in an autograph that I had to purchase; to me, the mere act of having pay for the item would move the transaction from being one of a personal nature to becoming one of a business nature. However, many of the autographed items are quickly being sold out.

    If I did buy an autograph, I would probably deal with Creation; that way I would know that the stars were getting their fair cut. I have no problem with the stars (and their agents) capitalizing on their own names. They usually only have a few years grace in which to make their money; besides, we are not talking about the price of powdered milk and flour. It should be noted that I am not here either to defend or to defame Creation. They are operating in an area of business where wants often get mistaken for needs and instant gratification is the name of the game. Anyone who wants to succeed in this business had better be thick skinned and willing to take a lot of flak.

    Finally, when one compares the cost of gold seating at the conventions with the prices of seating at other events such as hockey games and theatre events, $75 does not seem out of line. If the fans enjoyed themselves then it's a fair price. If they did not enjoy them or they felt that they did not get their money's worth then they may have a legitimate complaint.

    So if you want to buy autographs and memorabilia, go for it. If you want to go to the conventions, then have fun. The market will set the price, and it is the stars that will set the market. Yes the stars. They are the one's who decide whether they are going to sign or not-and God bless them, it's their right. The secret lies in being an educated consumer.

    Thank you.
    Brian Edward Lashmar
    Hamilton, On.

    I would like to add as a personal note to TPTB: I happened to have liked "Yanni: Live at the Acropolis"!!!


    Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999
    From: gchiu (gchiu@powerup.com.au) Subject: subtext

    In this twenty-first century, we are so quick to brand someone a lesbian or gay when they show any fondness towards any one from the same sex group. Has this "subtext" been largely exaggerated because of our society's perceptions.

    In the Xena world, people are of the simple kind. They love to help each other out, never too busy for one another. Xena and Gabrielle being on the road, depending on each other, being together all the time, it was inevitable that love will flourish. After all, they wouldn't be together if they hated one another. So, what kind of love is it really ?

    'What is love ?' Surely, there are many kinds of love ? Let's get that Socrates magic going on here. (I will try my best)

    First I will quote the definition of 'love' from my dictionary. "Love - (1)a strong passion or deep-seated affection. (2)a liking or enthusiasm." From the first definition, 'love' is intense. On the other hand, the second definition, 'love' is merely a liking. Now if I may refer to the former as 'love of the first kind' and the later as 'love of the second kind'. Being in this pleasure loving body of ours', 'Love of the first kind' becomes sexual attraction, that is "love + hormones = sexual attraction". This becomes the sexual attraction sort of love. While 'love of the second kind', without any "deep affections" is really just love, a liking sort of love. Here we have divided love into two parts, sexual attraction and love.

    I further divide 'love of the first kind' into two parts, 'sexual attraction between opposite sex' and 'sexual attraction between the same sex', namely homosexual.

    I will do the same to 'love of the second kind', they are 'liking of non-living objects' and 'liking of living beings'. 'Liking of the living beings' can be further divided into 'liking of human beings' and 'liking of animals'.

    Let's concentrate on the 'liking of human beings' and further divide this, we have 'Sisterly love', 'Brotherly love', 'Mother - daughterly love', 'Father and son love', 'love between friends', 'love between best friends', love between anyone and everyone, same sex or opposite sex alike who you are no sexually attracted to.

    Now how is the love between Xena and Gabrielle differing to the love of this kind ? Unless we incline to imagine that there are some sort of sexual attraction between them. Let us examine, this.

    Xena and Gabrielle sleeps next to each other: So! Wouldn't you sleep next to your friend / best friend in a camping trip, in the wilderness? In fact, it would seem absurd for Xena and Gabrielle who are together 365 days a year, to draw a line on the ground comes night fall and say "You sleep on that side of the line and I will sleep on this side of the line."

    They kissed: So! Haven't you ever kissed your sister, brother, mother, father, friend and most of all your best friends? Simple kisses. I haven't really seen any French kisses between Xena and Gabrielle!

    They always say to each other "I love you": So! They don't have communication problems in those days. The society did not have the perceptions we have today. I mean don't you love your friend / best friend, too. As we have defined in 'liking of human beings'.

    They bath together: So! Firstly, this is the old days, things were simple, they are on the road, and the way of life is totally different, so it is not fair to compare them with us. Secondly, they are together all the time, there are no secrets between them, what is there to hide? (Don't forget the Greeks in those days were very open minded concerning nudity.) I must say, I myself have been in a bath with my best friend, in Japan (Japanese baths).

    So now, is it really a love gone too far or is it a society (our society) that's gone too far! If there is thing such as God, than God gave us the ability of love, love has no boundaries and we should be allow loving anyone and everyone and displaying our love honestly, without the fear of someone branding those people a lesbian or a gay wrongly.

    Ginna Chiu


    From: GablvsXena@aol.com
    Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999
    Subject: Xena sword

    I am frequent visitor of the Whoosh site. I just happened to read your editorial on the Xena sword auctioned off. I didn't know that there was a sword auctioned off or that there was a controversy b/c of it. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that it's completely ludicrous that there would be a controversy. I say congrats to the new owner of the prop.


    Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999
    From: Christi Clogston (cclogston@earthlink.net)
    Subject: Letters to the Editor

    Thank you for February's Editorial; obviously, I appreciated your perspective. I guess the results of the charity auction at the Santa Monica Con in January struck a negative chord with some Xenites. I've not seen most of the comments regarding the sword auction. I'm not subbed to all the lists and seldom visit the NetForum, but I've received some verbal summaries of some of the discussions. Friends forwarded a few posts to me, but I've received no flame-mail personally.

    Some fans online have posted some incredibly rude comments, but many more have been very supportive both publicly and in private. For people who know me, there is no issue here. All of the angst is coming from individuals who have no idea who I am.

    From what I understand regarding these conversations, the focus has been on the final price for the sword, my motivation in bidding, and speculation on how I was able to do this. I can comment on the first two issues:

    The sword is NOT worth that much, intrinsically, not even sentimentally (to me). I can't think of anyone I know who would fork over this amount for an item that was not connected to a charity auction, but in reality it happens all the time -- just look at a Sotheby's or Christie's auction catalog. In an online venue visited by many Xenites, check out some recent ebay.com auctions: recently, a Lucy Lawless-signed XWP press kit went for $2700, H/X animated movie production cels that retail for $350 (production sketches included) for over $2000 each, but NOT as charity donations. EVERYONE has a line that they will not cross and there are many people out there that are willing to cross a line that I won't. It's just a matter of degree and perspective.

    Bottom line, I'm a serious XWP collector; I wanted the sword and so did the other bidder. Who could have predicted that the bidding would go out of orbit? I sure didn't, but I'm really happy to be able to make that kind of donation. For me it was a harmonic convergence: I had the means, the motive, and the opportunity. The folks from Renaissance Pictures could have chosen to do this privately but this was a public event and this type of auction can provide publicity for the show and for the conventions. Everyone one wins: the charities, Creation, RenPics, and me -- it's a win-win-win-win situation.

    The chakram auction in January 1997 opened several doors for me, not the least getting to meet hundreds of Xenites all over the U.S. when I brought the prop to several Cons and Fests. In my business travels I've even met up with individual Xenites, carrying the chakram in my briefcase on airplanes. It would be a loss to me personally if the sword auction caused that particular door to close. The greatest benefit to being part of the Xenaverse is meeting other fans and I'm constantly amazed that there are now people central to my life that I met solely because of a show on television.

    Finally, I want to thank the Xenites out there that have been able to enjoy the positive karma of the sword auction and have spoken out both publicly and privately, to those Xenites who have twirled the sword in my living room -- thank you for not hitting anything fragile, and thanks to the Southern California XenaGab group who have always been supportive no matter what line I seem to cross.

    Best regards,

    Chris Clogston


    From: Imiuzismg@aol.com
    Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999
    Subject: Quality of XWP storylines

    Congratulations on a wonderful website.

    I have a concern about the path the Xena stories are beginning to follow...

    Since Xena splashed onto out televisions, She's been a hit. The wonderful and unusual stories have been intriguing and suspenseful, funny and sad.

    During this time my wife and I have had two daughters born. The eldest, Deborah Ruth, love Xena. I have had to be selective on the episodes she's allowed to view, but there has always been some here and there I could allow a youngster to watch.

    I am not enthusiastic about the subtext supposed lesbian relationship between Xena and Gabrielle, but the producers do not blatantly push it, so I don't blatantly gripe.

    What my concern is there seems to be more and more occultist, spiritual-possession of bodies and the like. I enjoy sword and sorcery as well as any one, but it's really getting redundant. One of the latest episodes released, the viewer sees Xena arms hacked off. THAT is ridiculous, and almost the last straw for me.

    My suggestion to those who love Xena and wish to see her continue on should desperately have the writers of the 1st and second season sharpen their pencils.

    I'm not saying there aren't good ones in seasons 3 and 4, but it's hit and go.

    I am a dedicated fan of the show and promoters should also think of future profits concerning videos and the like. I have purchased both the 1st and 2nd season VHS tapes and will buy the 3rd, but it looks like I'll stick with my home recorded ones to edit the trash.

    Thanks for hearing my gripe.

    Keep your sword sharp!

    Timothy J. Wright
    1000 Jostes Road
    Rochester, IL 62563
    e-mail ... imiuzismg@aol.com


    Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999
    Subject: Letter re Schultz article and gabdrag; fanfic

    I was quite taken with the letter from Ogami regarding the Bob Schultz article and Mr. Schultz's response.

    In their letter Ogami questioned why the writers never gave a reasonable explanation as to why Gabrielle still travels with a woman who put her through this torture (the gabdrag) and Mr. Schultz in his response agrees that the leap from the beginning of 'Bitter Suite' in which Xena is intent on killing her soulmate and the beginning of 'One Against an Army', where she is panicked at the thought of Gabrielle dying and is horrified when Gab coughs up a speck of blood, is too abrupt.

    I too felt this way but chalked it up to 'oh well, it's episode TV'. Nevertheless I would certainly have liked a 'between' episode which would have delved into the characters' feelings about the rift in general and the gabdrag in particular. As so many Xenites do, I sometimes turn to fanfiction to 'fill in the blanks'. I'm not a fan of all fanfic but I particularly like Missy Good and B.L. Miller and it's the latter author who I think gave the best 'in between' story I've ever read. In 'Guilt, Love and Forgiveness' Miller describes a Gabrielle who has been rendered blind as a result of the gabdrag (internal injuries) and a remorseful Xena takes her home to Amphipolis. There the two become lovers. Yes, it's another 'first time' story but a totally believable and excellently written one.

    I recommend this story to anyone who needs a 'filler' between these two eps. It's the most plausible, moving and satisfying work I've ever read with regard to this subject.

    As usual, your site looks great this month. Keep up the good work.

    Ariadne de la Montagne


    Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999
    From: kefox (kefox@ibm.net) Subject: Regarding the Gloom and Doom Articles in the March 1999 Issue of Whoosh

    I've been a Xena fan for over three years now and have always enjoyed reading anything and everything to do with Xena. I've especially enjoyed the always thoughtful and thought provoking Whoosh.

    So it was with great anticipation that I zapped into my bookmarked Whoosh website and discovered to my consternation a bunch of whiners! At least two articles I read were highly critical and negative about the show and seemed to anticipate the ending of the show very soon.

    All I can say is how thankful I've been for the show Xena Warrior Princess and all the pleasure its brought to me as a viewer and as a woman. For over three years now, the show has made me laugh, cry and cheer. While I've not applauded every episode or some of the direction of TPTB have chosen (and sometimes with a blatant disregard to keeping our heroines heroic), I know they'll never be another show like XWP. It was a miracle it even go on TV in my opinion. There is no other show that has portrayed such magnificent, multidimensional woman who although flawed and vulnerable, chose to continue on discovering things about themselves while trying to help make the world a better place, and without men!! Amazing.

    And when the show ends, since nothing is forever, I will remember only the good feelings the show and the people I met through it brought me, and nothing about the shows small imperfections.

    Kathleen F.

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