Whoosh! Issue Thirty-Three - June 1999

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Working Out Your Own Salvation With Xena: Warrior Princess
By Lori C. Patton (lori.c.patton@vanderbilt.edu)
An Interview with Kevin Smith
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@ipa.harvard.edu)
Xena and Star Wars: Mythic Parallels
By Josh Harrison (mataxes@yahoo.com)
An Interview with Marton Csokas
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@ipa.harvard.edu)
Beyond That: Whatever "That" Is
By Katrina Blau (Katrina Blau)
All Hail! The Amazon Queens
By Bonnie Fitzpatrick (BJFitzpat@aol.com)
Examining the Depth of Xena and Gabrielle's Relationship
By Dyann Esparza (geekgrrl@ix.netcom.com)
Why Gabrielle is a Favorite Character For Many (Including Me)
By Kela Calkins (sidney0@hotmail.com)
Callisto's Journey
By Francisco Diaz (xxsite@hotmail.com)