Whoosh! Issue 33 - June 1999

Letters To The Editor

Family Affair Gripe

Date: Sat, 03 Apr 1999
From: S Dye
Subject: Letter to the Editor

In regard to "A Family Affair", I really wish we could have had a scene where Gabrielle explains to her parents and Lila what exactly was going on, not just with Hope and the monster, but with Gabrielle's relationship with Xena. Surely they didn't go off and leave Hecuba and Heroditas with the idea that Xena beat Gabrielle up all the time! And if they did tell them-WHAT did they tell them about Hope?? That she was their grandchild? And that they were all almost wiped out by their own great-grandchild? That would have been a very interesting conversation

Has XWP Lost Its Touch?

Subject: Re: Letter to the Editor
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999
From: gchiu

Was the third season a hard act to follow or that the fourth season has lost a bit of that XWP magic? Occasionally, they do slip in a good episode, but really, what is the show becoming? Gab using white powder! O, come on!

So Xena will get pregnant, she will have a child, wouldn't that change the whole character of the show? Xena travelling with a child, after all she won't give him/her up since she has already made that mistake with Solan. May be Gab can open her hospice after all. May be the kid will be half god so that him/her grows up quickly and becomes a character of its own.

I have a feeling that they are really messing up the show now, may be they should produce one brilliant season and end it on a high note. After all, they can't travel forever.

Enough Already!

Date: Mon, 24 May 1999
From: Linda Mallory
Subject: Whoosh! Letters to the Editor

As a veteran of several organized fandoms, I've avoided getting entangled in the Xenaverse. But after four years of viewing, and after The Ides of March, this I've gotta say.

Hate the show now. Enough already with crises of psyches and serial crucifixions and resurrections! (And the Hindus are upset?? I'm not even religious, but I have a problem with the most solemn image in Christianity being trotted out again and again to make XWP more dramatic.) Enough with bogus history. Enough with wild perversions of character that leave me wondering whether the actresses lack enough clout, or judgment, to say "This isn't right." I thought this was a show about myth and adventure and strong women. But if the point is merely Life Sucks Then You Die, then jeez, guys, thanks for reminding me. So my humble opinion is that unless the show reduces the bummer-of-the-week misery in the future, TPTB can dispense with the tantalizing disclaimers. You may as well leave 'em dead.

Linda Mallory
Chicago, Illinois

(Where the show normally airs at 2:00 on Saturday afternoons -- kidvid prime time. I remember when the show used to acknowledge that audience. Not any more.)

Bitter About Ephiny!

From: Fuzluver1
Date: Sat, 8 May 1999
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Just got done watching "Endgame", must tell you, am very disappointed with it. I really think killing of Ephiny SUCKS, she was a cool character and the Amazons NEED her. Why in hell didn't Gabby pick up another staff and fight? Peace or not, she is the queen and needs to lead by example! Sorry to see Pompei go, he was CUTE! On a side note, saw a preview for next week and look out, here comes CALLISTO again!

Rick Jacobson Interview

Date: Tue, 04 May 1999
From: amicus3

I just read your interview with Rick Jacobson and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it. He seemed like a very, very nice person. By the way, you are too for giving your time to do all of this for your fellow Xena fans. Thanks.

Playing the L-Card

Date: Fri, 02 Apr 1999
From: la
Subject: "USING THE "L" CARD"

3 CHEERS TO YOU! That was so very well said! EXCELLENT!

Liz Lambert

Xena Lesbian Icon?

This is in reference to some saying Xena is the greatest lesbian icon of our time. Why not choose a real lesbian. I'm a straight woman. I never miss Xena [even the reruns]. Lesbianism is wrong, not cool, & the wrong message to be giving to our young. I do have a sense of humor & laugh at the subtext, because it's a joke to me. A lot of people kid around with friends, but just playing around. I'm tired of defending myself because I love the show. I would love to hear from others that feel as I do & even ones that don't. I believe in live & let live, but this lesbian thing is getting out of hand. Can't we love the show for what it can teach us about overcoming our past, loyalty, friendship, & having the courage to do what is right for "the greater good"?

Missing in Action

From: EDavis1027
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 16:00:
Subject: Letter to the Editor

I am an avid fan of the Whoosh Episode Guide. It has greatly enhanced my enjoyment and understanding of XWP. The first site I go to after checking my email each day is the Episode Guide to see if there have been any updates. You do a fabulous job of presenting in-depth, insightful commentaries and the synopses, highlights, things to look for, etc., are lovely bonuses.

I understand all too well that we all have lives outside of the internet, and I know that you've changed location. I hope that you will soon be able to return to this site and help us all catch up on the last episodes of this season. You do a fabulous job and when you're absent, you are sorely missed.

From: Argo5656
Date: Sat, 15 May 1999
Subject: Letter to the editor

Thank the gods you successfully battled Darth MicroSo, Master Demon of All Hard Drive Evils. I was beginning to experience MAJOR Whoosh withdrawl. With the XWP season drawing to a close and no regular Whoosh Updates, I was... will... actually considering going out and... well... getting a real life! But you have returned and saved me from the brink of conformity. Bless you.


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