Whoosh! Issue 34 - 
July 1999
Letters to the Editor


Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999
From: Shelley Sullivan

Re: The Joxer Corner, Issue 32

On behalf of us who don't care for Joxer, I'd like to add some viewpoints which I don't see discussed a great deal. It often appears as if the main complaint about Joxer revolves around the subtext. Will this may be true, there are other aspects to consider. To clarify my own position, I see no "threat" by Joxer to subtext because I differentiate between "subtext/relationship" and "subtext/sexual innuendo". Fourth season hasn't lacked for the former classification, and third season certainly didn't lack for the latter. Joxer is present in "subtext/sexual innuendo" comedy episodes, but the innuendo revolves around Xena and Gabrielle...not Joxer.

The comedic worth of Joxer as a character is always going to be contentious: comedy is highly subjective, very much "in the eye of the beholder". To me, Joxer will always be as funny and entertaining as watching wet cardboard drying in the sun. That opinion is just as valid as one that finds Joxer to be rib-ticklingly riotous. Both are based on personal taste and cannot, therefore, *be* wrong or mistaken, nor is either side lacking in a sense of humor. When the bulk of a character's appearances are typifying a style of comedy that doesn't appeal, the sheer number of episodes becomes magnified.

Let's look at the number of appearances Joxer/Ted Raimi has made on the show. (I include Ted because of the fourth season-ending DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN, where none of the characters made an appearance with the exception of Ares.) I have also listed, to the best of my recollection, the number of times other supporting characters have appeared since the show began. This is for the 90 episodes that comprise the first four seasons. The brackets contain the number of episodes with appearances by the characters, but is by no means inclusive. Yakut, for example, made appearances in both of the SIN TRADE segments, and Amarice has appeared twice.

Joxer/Ted 26 episodes
Ares 13 episodes
Callisto 8 episodes
Autolycus 7 episodes
Caesar 6 episodes
Ephiny 6 episodes
Minya 4 episodes
Lila 4 episodes
Alti 4 episodes
Salmoneous 3 episodes
Eli 3 episodes

As can be seen, the numbers are heavily slanted toward Joxer. And some of the less frequently seen comedic characters, such as Autolycus or Minya, also appear in episodes with Joxer. Minya, for instance, has had only 1 appearance in an episode that didn't have an appearance by him, A DAY IN THE LIFE. Aphrodite has appeared a few times, but always in episodes with Joxer.

Joxer has appeared far more than any other supporting character. For fans who don't identify with the character, don't find the farce/slapstick element of comedy that the bulk of his episodes comprise to be amusing, who rapidly tired of either the "Battling Bickersons" family dynamic or the sexual innuendo...it's hardly "bashing" to say that we're tired of him. My personal preference is more of a balance in supporting comedic characters, given the number of comedy episodes in a season. Not the elimination of Joxer, in other words, but the elevation of existing and new characters.

Add to this the fact that there are fans, myself included, who simply don't care for Ted's performances as an actor and it's understandable, even if others don't agree, that dis-satisfaction rears its ugly head. (Before anyone gets flame-happy, this is my opinion, and as such speaks to my personal taste in what I find interesting to watch on the screen in terms of acting as opposed to viewing a character. It's quite possible to admire a performance and dislike a character.)

RJ Stewart, in a phone interview conducted during the last GermanFest, stated that Joxer could be over-used, and to this I'd like to add my hearty endorsement. Personally, I enjoyed the few appearances by Salmoneous, and I'd like to see more of him. Certainly there are fans who don't like Salmoneous, and that's fine, it's certainly a valid opinion...but they've hardly been over-exposed to a character they derive no pleasure from.

S. Sullivan


From: Mihnea
Subject: Xena Episodes Question.
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999

My name is Mihnea and I'm very sorry to disturb you with this email. I just have one question: On which channel do the premieres of Season 4 air? Or if I want someone to tape some S4 episodes for me, on which channel would they see them again? USA only shows S1 2 and 3. No Season 4. Nobody seems to have heard of Broadcast TV and I'm from Romania, so I wouldn't know. Please help. Also, I'm desperately looking for a tape fairy. I'm very saddened as I don't get S4 here in Romania (currently seeing reruns of S2) I'm really begging for mercy. LOL :) If you know someone interested in taping or copying Season 4 episodes and sending them to Romania for a complete refund, PLEASE HELP.

Respectfully Yours,


Date: Tue, 01 Jun 1999
From: Jan Ouellette
Subject: Graphics editorial etc

I haven't written before now but I have been a frequent visitor to Whoosh since 'finding' it many moons ago. I have very much enjoyed your interviews - questions well posed and thoughtful. You and the staff at Whoosh does such a consistently incredible job of 'publishing.' The letters and commentaries have usually been illuminating. How often does a show elicit such a response?

The ebb and flow of likes/dislikes does take us all on a sometimes merry ride but deep down if we really didn't like the show, we wouldn't continue to watch even when plot lines aggravate, disturb, annoy or just plain confuse us.

Anyway, thanks for all your efforts.



From: Virginia Carper
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999
Subject: Re: WHOOSH episode commentary: DEJA VU

On your June WHOOSH! disclaimer, how do you think they will bring back the heroes? You complained about every loophole that everyone else thought would be used. Maybe Hercules could petition to bring them back from beyond. Or they could have Michael bring them back.

Personally I think that TPTB are suffering from Millennial Fever -- as we approach that magic date, we reconsider our place in the universe as The Final Days are upon us. Norman Cohen in his superb book, IN PURSUIT OF THE MILLENNIUM, discuss the millennium impulses of the Middle Ages. The same themes that S3 and S4 are presenting were thrashed about in the Middle Ages -- the New Age of The Holy Spirit and the Final Days. I suppose that this could be meat for another essay, if any one wants to discuss Millennial impulses as depicted in XWP.

Virginia Carper

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