Whoosh! Issue Thirty-Nine - December 1999

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Interview with Amy Matheny [Gabrielle in XENA LIVE]
By A.T. Lee (DeBonheur@aol.com)
The Force Is With Them: Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer As Related To STAR WARS
By Filippa Morgan (flasheart@hotmail.com)
Interview with Robert Trebor
By Kym Masera Taborn (ktaborn@lightspeed.net) and Cynthia Ward Cooper (cynxyn@hotmail.com)
A Scene Close-Up: Callisto Kills Her Parents
By Gur Arie Livni (lioncub@softhome.net)
Interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido
By Bret Ryan Rudnick (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.edu)
Xena's Calendar for April--Year Unknown
By Jack McClure (berthaq@bellatlantic.net)
Why I Love the Fourth Season of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Jodi Walton (JodiMnstr@aol.com)
Caption This: No. 1
By JNicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com)