Whoosh! Issue 39 - December 1999
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From the Editor-in-Chief:
From the Graphics Editor:

From the Editor-in-Chief:

I do not want to cause any undue rioting or hard feelings, but wake up WORLD, the new millennium starts January 1, 2001. The only thing that's going to happen January 1, 2000, is a bunch of hangovers for people who cannot count.

Lucy Lawless was on a local NZ morning talk show a couple of weeks ago, and although she did not state that she would be returning for a sixth season of XENA, she did say that she expected the show to "go its natural course" and later she stated she estimated a "natural course" to be six seasons. Well, gosh gee whiz. First she hypnotically forces us to watch the show every week then donate scads of time into making websites, fan fiction, or discussing the episode every which way and the what not, and NOW she is forcing us to ponder syllogisms just to figure out what the heck she's saying. Gotta love the show. Gotta love the people involved in the show.

I have become concerned for my mental health since I have been thinking too much about Pikachu. The other pokemon just don't do what Pikachu does for me. An immature unevolved yellow electric mouse. Amazing. Simply...amazing.

I thought until a couple of weeks ago we would be having no Calendar for the alledged new millennium. Betsy Book, who created and developed the last three calendars, after last year's told me NO WAY. Heh heh. So, I assumed no calendar this year. I was mildly saddened because the theme was going to be "Dead in the Xenaverse". Alack, I thought, it shall never see the light of day. But I was heartened by the thought that three years of calendars were better than NOTHING. With that thought I could be happy. Be like Pikachu. As Pikachu would say, "Pika!" BUT...a kind WHOOSH reader did a project at their college using an Excel Spreadsheet and the WHOOSH episode guide to create a calendar of episode airings. They offered to let me use it if I could. Unfortunately I could not, but it got me to thinking...I could create a calendar on Excel, save it as an html...and the masses would be happy. It would not be a spiffy as a Betsy Book Original Calendar, but hey...IT'D BE A CALENDAR!

After I calmed down and stopped yelling "Pika! Pika!", I set out to figure a way to make a low-rent version of a calendar and then solicited far and wide for not only reader/fan related dates to honor in the calendar, but also votes for who will be the face for each month. If you have not voted (naughty naughty), the instructions are thus:

Each January issue of WHOOSH usually has a calendar. We were not going to do one this year, but in the last minutes, we decided to. So, if you'd like your birthday to be in it, or we have missed a critical XENAVERSE date in the previous one (check out http://whoosh.org/issue28/calendar), please let me know PRIVATELY ASAP and I shall add it, being the busy bee that I am.

Usually, the voting for WHO was what month was done by IAXS (International Association of Xena Studies) members, but this year I am opening it up to all of the Xenaverse. Twelve characters from the show will be determined by who has the greatest amount of votes from the Xenaverse at large. The one with the most votes, will be January; the one with the 2nd most votes, February; and so on.

The topic of the calendar is DEAD IN THE XENAVERSE. So, that means, ONLY VOTE FOR DEAD CHARACTERS or CHARACTERS WHO HAVE BEEN DEAD at one time or another. We aren't picky.

You can vote for up to twelve different DEAD characters. Multiple votes for the same DEAD CHARACTER will be disregarded. The vote will not be leveraged. Voting for the DEAD CHARACTERS will end December 21, 1999. Send your DEAD CHARACTERS vote to ktaborn@lightspeed.net with the subject CALENDAR VOTE. Send your birthdays and other dates to ktaborn@lightspeed.net with the subject CALENDAR DATES.

Back to Lawless' syllogism. A 6th season for XENA means more WHOOSH. Looks like we might make it to issue 60, which means 5 straight years of XENA OBSESSION. Not bad, cowboys and cowgirls. The 50th issue will be November 2000 and will be a special issue. I want to contact as many of the contributors and readers of the journal to write up about their fan and WHOOSH memoirs. I want it to be a WHOOSH/fandom retrospective, to look over the 49 previous issues (hey, people...that's a LOT of issues), and perhaps look ahead a tad (but not too far, I do not want to be still editing this thing in my 50's!). I am hoping it will be a nice yearbook kind of issue where everyone can look back over the past few years and get all misty-eyed and stuff.

AND FINALLY, I will be at the Pasadena Con. If people would like to have WHOOSH name tags for this con or any other con, I will be issuing them again. Just send me a letter stating what name you want on the badge, which con you want it for, your e-mail address, and a SASE to WHOOSH CON BADGE, c/o Taborn, P.O. Box 445, Malibu, CA 90265. I haven't designed them yet, but they will be in color and be similar to the Santa Monica Con. If you have written any articles, contributed to the website, or are staff and you'd like a con badge and you'd prefer to pick it up at the con, please write me privately.

Kym Masera Taborn
Executive Committee
Calabasas, California
November 28, 1999

From the Graphics Editor:

Travel can be very tiring. Even more so since when I travel I never sleep well. It's been a habit of mine to visit the hotel lounge in the evenings to have a tonic, shoot some pool, play some table shuffleboard, or otherwise avail myself of whatever games may be available to help pass the time. Once in awhile there's a live band or DJ, which may pursuade me to stick around or leave early, depending on their quality.

On one particular November evening, I was staying in a large hotel in Missouri (being in town to visit family).

Apart from the barmaid and myself, the place was deserted.

This was unusual, since the parking lot was full and I know it was hard to get a room in town (I made my reservation weeks ago and it was difficult *then*).

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Deer Widow Weekend," was the reply.

This was the start of hunting season. Well, the "easy" hunting season anywise. Bow hunting had been allowed for the last two months (I have a cousin who bow hunts). This was the first weekend guns were legal. Apparently, that's where everyone was.

Personally, I was glad to be where I was. It was quiet, and no one was going to mistake me for a deer and blow my head off while I was in the hotel. That was the hope, at least. You never know what some people will do after a few beers, and in this part of the country they don't even need the beer. It was here and while visiting family in Pennsylvania I could have sworn one of the Peacock Brothers from that "banned" X-FILES episode pumped gas for me.

So I sat there, sipped my tonic, and played the TV game WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE with the barmaid whilst waxing philosphical about the deer being hunted this weekend.

It put me in mind of SIN TRADE and THEM BONES and the funkly little deer hats and costumes people wore. I have to admit, the costume changes in these episodes and other episodes (the India saga, the Pregnancy saga) were very interesting. I've seen the costumers work up close and personal, and they do such a marvelous job. It's one of those areas that is really neglected when it comes to appreciation in proportion to the work done.

Sewing those costumes and putting them together is very painstaking work. All the more so when you consider some of the most complex and difficult-to-assemble costumes are only seen in a single episode.

Costumes that really stand out for me are the intricate robes of Lao Ma in THE DEBT, the beautiful complexity of Danielle Cormack's gown in the HERC episode LES CONTEMPTIBLES, the splendour of Xena's costume as the Empress in the HERC ep ARMAGEDDON NOW, or *everyone's* costume in THE BITTER SUITE.

When you stop to think about it, so much of the character is defined by their costume and how the actor wears it. Would Aphrodite be different in anything other than her gossamer gown (though that catsuit she wore in REIGN OF TERROR brings back memories of Emma Peel). Does Xena look at home in anything but her metal-reinforced leather? How often did Herc get out of those leather pants and yellow shirt? When will be able to not identify a season based on Gabrielle's evolving (or devolving) top?

In the warehouse in Auckland that houses all of these costumes and so many more, there is an entire room devoted to nothing but items labeled XENA and GABRIELLE. A glance around shows that the work done here is nothing short of phenomenal.

The new season has only shown an increase in that trend. What can you do to cover a Pregnant Princess? Accessorise! And so they have with a vengeance. While on the one hand my mind longs for a little more consistency, I can't help but look forward to seeing the latest creations from a very talented group of people.

Hides and leather must be very difficult to work with. They're thick and tough to sew, and often won't lay right. They can also stink. I still feel sorry for the deer, though. I won't be making any costumes from the leather, but I won't turn down any of my cousin's deer steaks, jerky, sausage, or bologna. Other people can wear 'em. I'm happy to just eat them.

Bret Rudnick
Graphics Editor
Executive Committee
Boston, Massachusetts
23 November 1999

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