Whoosh! Issue Forty-One - February 2000

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Joan of Arc and Gabrielle: Two Chaste, Fighting Peasant Girl Saints
By Michael Klossner (mklossne@asl.lib.ar.us)
An Interview With Campbell Cooley
By August Krickel (joxerfan@hotmail.com)
Tough Girls: An "Interview" and Study Guide
By Darise Error (shuita@home.com)
The Effect of Xena and Gabrielle on Your Spouse, or Significant Other
By Barry Marshall (XXLBadboy@aol.com)
The Fourth Season: Spiritual Journeys
By Maytee Aspuro (Mayt@aol.com)
Chakram Levels
By Edward Mazzeri (epam2@hotmail.com)
Caption This: No. 3
By JNicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com)