Whoosh! Issue Forty-Two - March 2000

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Subtext or Subconscious
By Janet Elizabeth Swainston (ishtar@golden.net)
A View of Xena: Warrior Princess
By Xiomara Suro (beboman@mciworld.com)
Ulterior Machinations
By Ryan Dever (quoth@home.net)
Callisto, A Requiem
By William James (w.james@latrobe.edu.au)
Asperger Syndrome and Joxer
By andjamgeo@yahoo.com(andjamgeo@yahoo.com)
Caption This: No. 4
By Nicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com) and Marian Pappaceno (errorlog@worldnet.att.net)