Whoosh! Issue Forty-Three - April 2000

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor

Exploding Subtext: Shades of Queer in Alternative Subtext Beliefs
By Stacey Capps (stacey@dim.com)
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
By Michael Martinez (Michael@xenite.org)
Season Three: A Chronological Minefield
By Andrew Shaughnessy (a.l.shaughnessy@bangor.ac.uk)
The Mirror of Virtue
By Edward Mazzeri (epam2@hotmail.com)
Discrimination in the Xenaverse: News and Views From the Great Divide
By Nancy Lorenz (tosh@opera.iinet.net.au)
I Dream If Only Through Her
By Alicia Cherie Peterson (LiteraryROC@hotmail.com)
Caption This: No. 5
By Nicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com) and Marian Pappaceno (errorlog@worldnet.att.net)