Whoosh! Issue 45 - June 2000

By Elad Avron
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The Beginning (01-03)
False Promises (04-07)
The War (08-12)
Victory (13-15)

The Israeli Revolution Of Xena

The Beginning

The Time: September 1999
The Place: Israel

They originally wanted to go with a food chain theme but ran out of money

ICP - good or evil?
[1] ICP (Israeli Cable Programming), the company in charge of Israeli Channel 3, announced that they will start showing reruns of Xena every weekday starting in the third season. On weekends they would continue to broadcast Xena normally from the forth season. There was much rejoicing!

[2] Then, on the 2nd of November 1999, the last episode of Xena's fourth season was aired. Since then, they have stopped airing Xena on the weekend, and Xenites all over Israel were rather worried. What will become of the Warrior Princess?

[3] The Israeli Xenites organized themselves and sent Channel 3 and ICP many letters asking about the future of Xena, and the fifth season in particular. "Sorry" said the people at Channel 3. "ICP will not broadcast any more Xena episodes. It's finished. And as for Season 5, we won't buy it". Of course, the Israeli Xenites were more than disappointed. They cried, "WAR!" And to war they went.

False Promises

If I tell you they will kill off Joxer, will that get you out of bed and back to work?

Israel was in peril of missing out on MARRIED WITH FISHSTICKS
[4] The Israeli Xenite Community declared war against Channel 3, to make them buy the Fifth Season of Xena. They tried to encourage as many people as possible to send letters. Then came news from Channel 3, false promises: "Channel 3 will broadcast reruns of Xena in the future, but we can not be sure when. We will also consider the purchasing of Season 5". There was much rejoicing.

[5] Until we found out the truth. Channel 3 did not buy the fifth season for financial reasons. A new law was just passed in Israel, allowing a new TV broadcasting company to start operating through satellite. Of course, they said it was "Good for the economy" because "Competition is good. It will make services better and prices lower". But then again, there was Xena.

[6] Due to the satellite company's wish to make the cable company's life bitter, they announced that they would try to buy Xena's Season 5 as well. With or without the intention to do so, they announced it nonetheless. When the people at USA Studios saw that what was going on, that the Israeli TV business was in chaos with no cause, they raised the price for Israel so high that both companies gave up.

[7] It was when rumors about Xena moving to satellite broke and then crashed and burned that the uncertainty about the future of Xena was foremost in Israeli fans' thoughts.

The War

Xena briefly considered a career in hand-to-hand cosmetology

Xena loves a good war.
[8] But we are Xenites, and we are Israeli. We do not give up. We decided it was time for some real war! If we cannot get Season 5, we must at least get reruns. We started pushing, and emailing, and nagging. We advertised on our site that it was war! We blamed everyone! We sent SnailMail, we phoned the ICP managers, we sent letters to the press. What did we not do? Nothing! In all of our actions we demanded that they bring back Xena and buy the fifth season.

[9] It was then the Israeli Xenite Community had an idea. Why not address the network commercial channel? The Israeli commercial channel (Channel 2) was divided into three broadcasting companies, each broadcasting on different days. We sent letter to each one of them, requesting help and asking them to buy the fifth season of Xena. Reshet Broadcasting did not reply, naturally, since they are in a situation that does not allow them to even buy a stamp. Telad replied with a polite, "We'll see what we can do about it," letter, saying in other words, "No, but we're polite and have tact unlike channel 3". I took the liberty of emailing the third company, Keshet, after seeing in a dream a promo for Xena in the Keshet style. Anyhow, they did not reply either.

[10] It was then when we lost all hope. But little did we know that behind the scenes, another war took place. Then came new hopes.

[11] On the fourth of March 2000, in a newspaper called Maariv Lanoar, there was a message saying that Channel 3 bought the fifth season and would broadcast it in May 2000. We all, of course, jumped up from our seats and mailed Channel 3 for confirmation. The rumors were wrong.

[12] In the meantime, the Channel 3 site took our Israeli Xena Forum off the Internet, which was the one and only place in which we communicated with other Xenites who were not in the immediate Xenite community. The Israeli Xenites were furious and took over one of the other forums at that site. It was then when the revolution started!


Isn't it weird how all Mediterranaean towns look alike?

When not watching Xena, be sure to check out Haifa next time you are in Israel.
[13] After about a week, or even less, Channel 3 gave up. They gave us back our Forum. There was much rejoicing, but little did we know that this was just the first step. No more than a month after the previous rumor and no more than a day after the Forum was back, the news came. Apparently, our war was not the only one.

[14] Remember when I said I took the liberty of mailing the commercial channel's broadcasting company named Keshet, and they did not reply? Remember when I said that there was another war behind the scenes we did not know of? Well, here it is. Keshet Broadcasting announced that they had purchased the fifth Season of Xena and would start broadcasting it April 30, 2000. Apparently, they have been fighting for it ever since they heard of the war on Xena between Channel 3 and the satellites, when nobody intended to really buy it.

[15] Whether it was thanks to my letter, the entire community, or just Keshet's brilliance, what is important is that the Israeli Xenite community won. The Xena revolution in Israel proves that no one can win over Xenites! These four months will always be remembered among Israeli Xenites as times of depression, anger, and the Xena Withdrawal Syndrome. However April 9th will always be remembered as the end of a victorious war for Xena. We fought for it! We won! Watching Xena with the pride of knowing that this is thanks to us, and that we worked for it, and did not give up until we won, is the best thing we could have asked for. We shaped our own destiny, and we did not give up. By that, we all feel that we did our best and gave the best of ourselves for the Warrior Princess.


Elad Avron Elad Avron
I was born on April 1984 in Haifa, Israel. On 1997 I became the number one STAR WARS fan in Israel, and spent thousands of dollars on artifacts. Today I'm in high school in the tenth grade waiting (and mostly studying) for my final exams in history and Hebrew grammar. I am the webmaster of the "Israeli Warrior Princess" website, along with my friend May Graff. I started watching Xena less than a year ago, and immediately got "hooked".

Subsequently, I began reading about Greek mythology, and read more than 12 books. Thanks to Xena, I am now fluent with the Greek mythology, and will use it as a subject in my final high school assignment.
Favorite episode: Besides BITTER SUITE (58/312), ONE AGAINST AN ARMY (59/313), A GOOD DAY (73/405), THE DEBT (52-53/308-309), GABRIELLE'S HOPE (51/305), DEJA VU (90/422), A COMEDY OF EROS (46/222), LOST MARINER (45/221)
Favorite line: Gabrielle: "For most people home is a place. But what most people don't know that Home could also be a person." PURITY (96/506)
First episode seen: IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL (72/404)
Least favorite episode: THE PLAY'S THE THING (85/417), THE WAY (84/416), GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (28/204)

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