Whoosh! Issue Forty-Six - July 2000

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor


Don't Forget Della Street: Standing the Test of Time
By Christine Boese (cboese@clemson.edu)
The Martini and the Fedora: The Works of Vivian Darkbloom
By Nancy Amazon and Ewok (nancyamazon@hotmail.com)
A Chronological Survey of the Fiction of Bongo Bear
By Kym Masera Taborn (ktaborn@lightspeed.net)
Armageddon: Tired of Conquering
By Joanna Sandsmark (jsandsmk@pacbell.net)
The Other Side: Writing Alternative Xena Fan Fiction From a Male Point of View
By Rooks (njdingle@yahoo.com)
Published Fan Fiction: A Critique of Emerson's Latest Xena Novels
By bluecitywriter@aol.com
An Interview With Fan Fiction Bard LZ Clotho
By Rhana McConnell (quinrhan@bossig.com)
The Machinations of Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction
By Carolyn McBride (taleweaver@hotmail.com)
The Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction of Cyclops
By David Simpson (silenus@simnet1.demon.co.uk)
Xena (The Warrior Princess), P.T. Barnum (The Humbug Prince), and Copyrights
By Virginia Carper (Virginia.Carper@FRB.GOV)
A Historian's Rants About Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction
By Linda Knighton (simahoyo@rcia.com) with research notes by Marilynn Masten
A Very "Good" Thing For Fan Fiction
By Lunacy (lunacy@dc.seflin.org)
Caption This: No. 8
By Nicola Guest (britnic24@hotmail.com) and Marian Pappaceno (errorlog@worldnet.att.net)