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Bruce Campbell at the con
Photo courtesy of Debbie Cassetta

Bruce Campbell outdid himself at the Burbank Hercules Convention (January 11, 1997)! He came out dressed all in black, with his Autolycus mustache and beardlet. He immediately did a pratfall, and said, "Let's see Sorbo do THAT!"

Everyone loved it. He answered questions--some good, some stupid--for 45 minutes. If he thought the question was dumb, he'd say, "Get outta here!" in a way that so that nobody really took offense. He was really funny--quick-witted, sharp, and really worked the audience. In fact, as I walked around, I heard a lot of people say that he was the surprise hit of the Con!

Here are some of the questions, with Bruce's answers. Keep in mind that this is NOT a transcript--it's NOT word-for-word! However, it's pretty close. <G>

Q: I see you've grown your Autolycus beard--does that mean you're filming another episode?
A: Yes, I start next week. They're *actually* paying me this time, so I agreed to *actually* grow the hair. After all, (does the classic Autolycus gesture) I AM the King of Thieves..! (audience cheers)

Q: What's the most fun part you've played?
A: Autolycus, because it's a ham part and I'm a ham actor.

Q: What was your favorite scene in the Xena ep?
A: The end, where Xena almost kisses Autolycus--she needs some romance in her life.

Q: How much did they pay you for the scene where Lucy shoves all that food in your face?
A: Nothing; I traded it to play the scene where she's on top of me.

Q: The one with the box? Wasn't that really painful?
A: A lot of things were going through my mind when we were filming that scene, but pain wasn't one of them.

Q: Were you aware that Autolycus the thief actually existed?
A: No; in fact, until we did the first read-through, I thought his name was pronounced "Auto-LYE-cus."

Q: Are you going to make another Evil Dead movie?
A: Next question! Seriously? Not in your lifetime. Now get outta here!

Q: What's Kevin Sorbo like?
A: Kev's a wuss. Autolycus could take him in a second, right? (Audience yells "right!") Boy, have I got YOU fooled! Really, Kev's a GREAT GUY. I'm gonna be in New Zealand next week, so I'd better say that or he'll get me good! (Later, someone told Kevin Sorbo what Bruce had said, and KS reacted JUST as Bruce had predicted.)

Q: Would you rather play Hercules?
A: Well, of course I WAS their first choice. (Audience laughs) Okay, so maybe you're not as dumb as I thought. No, I like playing Autolycus better -- he gets the good lines, gets to talk a lot. Herc's stuck saying things like, "Oh no you don't!" and "I'll save you!" (shudders)

Q: I really like you on Ellen. Are Ellen and Xena anything alike?
A: (can't believe what he's hearing) Uh...YEAH, sure, they're alike. Now get outta here!

Q: Will you be in more episodes?
A: Sure, if I'm asked. In fact, Rob Tapert's over there--tell him! (Audience yells to Tapert)

And so on. He also performed an inspired dialogue (as himself and Kevin Sorbo) about directing, basically saying that it was fun to boss actors around, but that he let them get away with murder. He stayed around to sign autographs (he signed the Autolycus photos "Auto" <G>), and was just generally cool.

When I talked to Jan's assistant later, they said they'd nearly doubled the membership of the fan club from the Con! I got to meet Jan and Hebea, too, and had a really good time talking to them. Bruce's socks really WERE on the sign (he'd written "Wash me--BC" on them). All of us fans wore green ribbons to show our support. All in all, it was a great day--wish you ALL could have been there!!

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