Welcome to the fifth issue of WHOOSH! The Journal of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF XENA STUDIES (IAXS).

IAXS is a voluntary amateur organization of arm- chair scholars who wish to devote time to the contemplation and study of all things to do with the world-wide syndicated television show, XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS (XWP) and to share their findings in a supportive and creative environment.

WHOOSH! was created as the repository for the creative output of IAXS members. Membership to IAXS only requires that each member make at least one contribution to WHOOSH! once per year.

This issue was possible only through the hard work of IAXS members who submitted some very thought provoking and fun papers, and the technical and creative help of Betsy Book, the On-Line WHOOSH! Designer and Tricia Murphy, the IAXS Webpage Editor. Without these people's dedication and service, above and beyond the call of duty, you would not be reading this.

WHOOSH! will strive to be eclectic and entertaining. We will try to offer varying viewpoints on the general to the specific, from the popular to the arcane. You should be able to get a very intense Xena fix whenever you visit our pages. We want you to reminisce, laugh, ponder, and mostly, be entertained.

WHOOSH! could not have been possible without the help of its staff and contributors.


Kym Masera Taborn
WHOOSH! Editor-in-Chief
Captain, U.S.S. IAXS
BA History 1980. MA Early Music Performance Practice 1984. Juris Doctorate 1991. When not busy with various Xena or Star Trek activities, Kym practices law for the federal government in the southern San Joaquin Valley in California. She is currently serving appointed terms on the Hearing Board for the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District; the Greater Bakersfield Legal Aid Society; and the organization Advancement and Improvement of Minorities (AIMS) for government employees. Other than being an insomniac, Kym was the founder and first Chairperson of the Board for IAXS. In her free time, Kym also edits RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, a Star Trek parody newsletter; XENA MEDIA REVIEW, a XWP world press review; and THIS WEEK IN XENA NEWS, a bibliography of XWP news articles. Kym is 38 and lives in Bakersfield, CA with Wes, her tolerant husband of ten years, and Ira, her eight year-old son. Both her and Ira each have their own 5 inch Xena action figure.
Favorite XWP episode: DREAMWORKER (#03)
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle to Xena: "You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls." PROMETHEUS (#08)
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Betsy Book
WHOOSH! On-Line Administrator
Second Officer, U.S.S. IAXS.
Betsy Book, the WHOOSH! Web Page Administrator, is a freelance Web designer living in NYC. Her hobbies include reading, watching television, and letting poor young MTV interns sleep on her futon while they look for a place to live in NYC. In addition to Whoosh! she maintains a Web zine called "Eat This!", a guide to cheap eats in NYC and "Talkback!", a Web zine about art and technology. Although she does not require that every Web zine she is associated with end in an exclamation point it somehow ended up that way.
Favorite XWP episodes: DREAMWORKER (#03) and WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30)
Favorite XWP lines: Princess Diana talking about Xena: "She looks just like me, *before* I've brushed my hair." (WARRIOR...PRINCESS, episode #15); MEG as XENA: "Hold it right there! In the blink of an eye I can split the skull of anyone who moves with my trusty... shamrock!" (WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP, episode #30)
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Tricia Murphy
IAXS Web Page Editor
First Officer, U.S.S. IAXS.
Tricia Murphy is a graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature, and a member of Teleport's Nonprofit Web Builders Guild. She has previously written columns for the Star Trek publication "Resistance Is Futile", and continues to write when the mood hits. Tricia is 34 and resides in the Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend, two children, two cats named "Zeus" and "Xena", an iguana named "Taz", a box turtle named "Gerdie", and a cockateil named "Zoey". Though she stakes no claim to the wild ducks which converge on her patio every day, she does feed the poor things when they peer begging in her window.
Favorite Episode: MORTAL BELOVED (#16) and A ROYAL COUPLE OF THIEVES (#17)
Favorite line in XWP: It would be too difficult for her to list her favorite line from XWP, as there are too many. (Basically, she has a decision-making impairment. Yet, she does find herself laughing quite often during any episode with Salmoneus or Joxer.)
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Rita Schnepp (
Encyclopedia Xenaica Administrator
Member of the Board, IAXS
Rita G. Schnepp, also known on-line as Athena/Rita Reckless, is a Network Engineer at Pepperdine University. She lives in Malibu, CA, and was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. A former Ironman Triathlete, she loves cross-country running. She is the creator of the "Coffee TaWk" website (, and a member of the Southern California Xenafest I & II Organizing Committees.
Favorite XWP episodes: SINS OF THE PAST (#01)
Favorite XWP line: Salmoneus to Xena: "You should always address your troops from the right side. It's your GOOD side...NOT that you have a BAD one!" (THE GAUNTLET, HTLJ #12)

Cynthia Ward Cooper (
Supreme Keeper of the Sacred FAQ
Member of the Board, IAXS
Cynthia Cooper was born in Fort Riley, Kansas on December 18, 1959, to a young Army officer and his Southern belle wife. Her early years were marked not only by incessant travel, but also by the knowledge that her birthdate had been calculated to maximize her parents' tax benefits. After a number of adventures, including her rather surprising matriculation from Rice University, Cynthia moved to Dallas, where a promising career as a neo-punk hair model was cut short due to an unfortunate follicular accident. While waiting for her hair to grow back, she earned a master's degree in library science, and is presently masquerading as a technical librarian in a Dallas-area public library. Present obsessions include bad horror movies, Richard III, and the study of ritual cannibalism (though she hastens to assure all that she's a vegetarian). Cynthia has been an ardent Xenite since the very first episode of XWP, and frequently expresses the opinion that the world would be a far better place if everyone would just sit down together and watch Xena once a week.
Favorite XWP episode to rewatch: ROYAL COUPLE OF THIEVES (#17)
Favorite XWP episode overall: THE GREATER GOOD (#21) and REMEMBER NOTHING (#26)
Favorite XWP line: Xena: "I have many skills" (THE BLACK WOLF, #11)

Debbie Cassetta ( Keeper of the Sacred FAQ
Member of the Board, IAXS
Debbie Cassetta lives in New York City where she works as Budget Director at a university there. In addition, she teaches American History to college students and is a doctoral candidate at New York University. Her other interests include photography and anything Star Trek.
Favorite XWP episode: ALTARED STATES (#19) and IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (#24).
Favorite XWP line: Xena, pulling herself and Gabrielle out of a well: "I'm lovin' every minute of it!" (ALTARED STATES, #19); Xena: "I have many skills." (THE BLACK WOLF, #11)

Tom Simpson (
WHOOSH! Graphics Consultant and Designer, IAXS Board Member, Official Chakram Catcher
Tom Simpson is a 23 year old film student currently between schools (graduation, schmaduation being his motto), masquerading as a graphic designer, photographer and web publisher. Currently Tom lives on Betsy's futon, and hopes to be a real boy someday. No, wait, that's Pinocchio. Tom is an intern with MTV productions and someday might find an apartment and a job in New York, however that would entail leaving Betsy's wonderful futon, and Tom's not sure if he's ready to take that step yet. It's a nice futon, you see.
Someday Tom will get back to updating his page Tom's Xena Page. Favorite XWP episode: That one where Xena kicks hinder and Gabby eats a lot. Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle: "Hey Meg, learn to read so I can write to you." (Warrior... Princess... Tramp)

Diane Silver (
Assistant Editor
Member of the Board, IAXS
Amazed by her fervent Xena addiction, Diane Silver was once a serious sort who would have scoffed at the idea of a whoosh or a chakram cam. Today, she loves them. Silver has been a professional writer for more than 20 years, including stints at United Press International and The Wichita Eagle. She once took a brief detour into politics, working as press secretary for a Democratic candidate for Kansas governor. Currently an editor for a nonprofit foundation, Silver is also pursuing a freelance writing career. Her second book, THE NEW CIVIL WAR: THE LESBIAN AND GAY STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS, will be published by Franklin Watts in 1997. She is at work on her third book, a memoir called SACRED MOMENTS: THE JOURNEY OF A LESBIAN MARRIAGE. Her work has also appeared in national publications, including Ms. magazine.
A graduate of Michigan State University (Hi there, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert), Silver shamefully admits to never having been much of a Spartan sports fan. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with her son, dog and two cats. A recent convert to the internet, she posts on the mailing lists as Silver and on the NetForum as Freedom2.
Favorite XWP episode: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (#24) Favorite XWP line: Xena: I have many skills. THE BLACK WOLF (#11)

Karen Maeda Allman (
Assistant Editor
Member of the Board, IAXS
Karen Maeda Allman (aka Heparin) is doggedly trying to finish her dissertation so she can at last put the letters 'PhD' after her name. When not reading and publishing on multiraciality (and its interconnections with gender identity and sexuality) she is one of the booksellers of Red and Black Bookstore Collective in Seattle, Washington. Heparin is also a registered nurse, teacher, former punk rock singer/songwriter with Conflict U.S. (Unjust/Placebo Records) and has been published in music papers (Slash, Slit, The New York Rocker), Asian American Community Papers (The Pacific Reader, International Examiner) and in academic periodicals and books (most recently in Multiracial Experience: Racial Borders as the New Frontier edited by Maria PP Root). Rumor has that she can cook some mighty fine vegetarian eggplant dishes.
Favorite XWP episodes: THE GAUNTLET (HTLJ #12), SINS OF THE PAST (#01), and THE RECKONING (#06). (I tend to like angsty episodes that dwell on Xena's inner turmoil and have lots of Bulgarian style music in the scoring.) Favorite XWP line: Xena: Xena: "I'm a problem solver!" THE BLACK WOLF (#11)


Cynthia Ward Cooper (
"Bruce Campbell Was a Hit!"
"Just Marry Her, Will You? Robert Tapert at the Burbank Convention"
"Ted at the Con: the Complete Story!"
See bio under WHOOSH! Staff

Michael Evans-Layng (
"Unexpected Turbulence: Lucy Lawless in Burbank"
Native Californian, born 10-6-53 (calculate the total yourself!). Early space program fanatic; youngest credentialed reporter at the launch of Apollo 11. BA in Cultural Anthropology (UC San Diego). MA in European History (UC San Diego). PhD in Social Psychology of Higher Education (UCLA). Married 22 years and still madly in love. Two kids (Boy 8, Girl 5), both firecrackers. Never joined a fan club before joining the Lucy Lawless and Xena clubs. Principal Policy Analyst and Statistician (I call myself an "Information Broker") in the Planning Office of UC San Diego.
Favorite episode:CALLISTO (#22) -- especially for the campfire scene.
Favorite line: Xena: "I have many skills." THE BLACK WOLF (#11), TIES THAT BIND (#20), and HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (#35).

Phil Howell (
"An Interview with Author, Ms. Ru Emerson"
Phillip Howell, Lt. Col. USAR (Ret) is a retired commissioned officer in the US Army. Phil Howell spent fifteen years travelling around the globe with the US Army Rangers and Special Forces. In between travels, he managed to attend the Army Staff College. He has lived in such diverse places as Somalia, Kenya, and the Philippines - even visiting Afghanistan once. Leaving active service, Phil returned to his second passion - engineering. Currently employed by a major defense contractor, he works as an aeronautical and electrical engineer designing aircraft computer control systems and ground support equipment. Along the way, he managed to earn himself a small entry in Marquis' "Who's Who In America" series. Phil used to spend all of his freetime reading science fiction and high fantasy, but that changed with the coming of XENA, WARRIOR Princess. Now, his life seems devoted only to her.
Favorite episode: ORPHAN OF WAR (#25)
Favorite Line: Xena: "I have many skills" THE BLACK WOLF (#11), TIES THAT BIND (#20), and HERE SHE COMES...MISS AMPHIPOLIS (#35).

Jacquie Propps (
"Interview with Sandra Wilson"
Jacquie spends most of her time learning the art of DORIAN RHYTHM GYMNASTICS. Somehow she escaped her childhood in Cucamonga, California. She fled to the Bay Area, and subsequently earned an BA in Broadcast Communication Arts at SF State. (Folks, 6th Floor Merced ROCKED!) Currently, she shares a three bedroom house on an acre in the Oakland hills with her life- partner, Rebecca, who's starting to get a bit tired of Jacq's obsession. Real Work (c'mon -- how can anything that's non-XWP related be real?) happens at a Country format radio station in San Francisco. Yes, she LOVES the music -- the more TWANG, the BETTER! In addition to writing radio copy, Jacquie welcomes other creative writing challenges. She still has the Dixie Cup, but Rebecca doesn't let her wear it outside of the house.
Favorite episodes: SINS OF THE PAST (#01); THE GREATER GOOD (#21); and INTIMATE STRANGERS (#31).
Favorite Scene: The Joxer "pinata" and face-smash cam. INTIMATE STRANGERS (#31).
Favorite Line: XENA in CALLISTO's body: "What have you done with Gabrielle?". CALLISTO in XENA's body: "Well, she's MY little friend NOW!" INTIMATE STRANGERS (#31)

Bret Rudnick (brudnick@head-cfa.harvard.ed u)
"An Interview with Author, Ms. Ru Emerson"
When he's not working for a big Science/Engineering company that (amongst other things) designs, builds, launches, and operates exploratory spacecraft, Bret writes fantasy novels and short stories. He also collects Japanese swords, armour, and art. He and his dog hunt down stray Bacchae in New England.
Favorite XWP episode: HOOVES AND HARLOTS (#10) and WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30)
Favorite XWP line: Xena: "What's going on here?" Gabrielle: "I'm... an amazon princess?" Xena (rolls eyes): "Great." (HOOVES AND HARLOTS, #10); Xena after being goosed by Joxer: "Are you suicidal?" (WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP, #30)

Joanna Sandsmark (
"My First Party at the Convention"
Joanna is a television writer and former actress who lives in Los Angeles in a very messy apartment because she has too much stuff -- most of it not Xena-related. But that will change.
Favorite XWP episode: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE? (#24)
Favorite XWP line: Xena: "I could sing for you." ORPHAN OF WAR (#25)

Saroj Selvan (
"Convention Diary - Burbank, ca 1/10-13/97"
Saroj Selvan/Apollena. I am a long time HerK and Xena fan, active in the Kevin Sorbo Fan Club as Fest Coordinator. I write poetry, songs, short stories and am working on a novel and screen play. I'm currently working on preproduction for a major motion picture to film in Colorado and New Mexico this summer, as the Assistant to the Producer. I'll travel to Auckland in March to check out location sites for future projects.
Favorite XWP episode: HOOVES AND HARLOTS (#10)
Favorite LL line: Lysia: "You know the rules. No talking, just sex" HERCULES AND THE AMAZON WOMEN
Favorite XWP line: Ares: "Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman." TIES THAT BIND (#20)

Diane Silver (
"Adventures in an Autograph Line, January 12, 1997"
"Chakram Love Story: An $8,500 Dream Come True"
"A Few Moments with an Arch-villain: Hudson Leick at the Burbank Xena Con"
"The Steve Sears and Liz Friedman Show or Or Why Gabrielle Doesn't Ride a Horse"
See bio under WHOOSH! Staff

Catherine Wilson (
"An Interview with Author, Ms. Ru Emerson"
"How to Host a Convention: Creation Entertainment's First Hercules/Xena Convention"
"In Praise of Mom: Meeting Renee O'Connor's Mother"
"Woman at the Convention: A Survey. Part One: Lesbians Fans"
Catherine M. Wilson (Kit) is a software engineer, a lesbian, and lives in a redwood forest in California.
Favorite XWP episode: RETURN OF CALLISTO (#29)
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle: "Here's your sweet thing." REMEMBER NOTHING (#26)

Stephanie Wong (swong@global.california .com)
"Convention Madness for One Obsessed Xenite"
Taurus-Rat Xena-Fan. I was born in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I moved to California when I was 3 and have lived in the Bay Area ever since, except for my time away at college in San Diego. I can't imagine living anywhere else. I'm currently working as a PC Technician...Kind of a strange thing to fall into after getting a degree Psychology. I am a Trekker (not Trekkie), Comic Collector, Broadway Musical fan, Anime Watcher. Those are my other obsessions, but Xena is the main obsession these days! And I've got some Herc fans that are strongly trying to convert me over to his show.
Favorite XWP episode: IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (#24)
Favorite XWP lines: Gabrielle: "The true secret of life is to find peace in yourself and to share it with the world" IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE (#24); Meg: "In the blink of an eye, I can split the skull of anyone who moves with my trusty...SHAMROCK." WARRIOR...PRINCESS...TRAMP (#30)


Officers of the Board (All Hail the Board)
Chairman: Kym Taborn (
General busy body & insomniac.
President, M&M's Anonymous, IAXS Chapter.

Vice Chairman: Tricia Murphy (
First Officer, USS IAXS
IAXS Webpage Princess.

Chairman of Vice: Betsy Book (
Second Officer (i.e. Data), USS IAXS
Whoosh! Web Page Administrator

Members of the Board (All Hail the Board)

Cynthia Ward Cooper (
Supreme Keeper of the Sacred FAQ

Debbie Cassetta (
Keeper of the Sacred FAQ

Tom Simpson (
Graphics Consultant and Designer and Official Chakram Catcher

Diane Silver (
Assistant Editor

Karen Maeda Allman (
Assistant Editor

Rita Schnepp (
Encyclopedia Xenaica Administrator

Patti Casciano (
Xena Corps Commander

Clayton J. Powers (
Military/Political Affairs Advisor

A special thanks to Tom Simpson (again) and Carol Burrell who graciously allowed Whoosh! to use images from their own fabulous XWP Web sites. (Thanks to CJ for capturing the images on the Logomancy site!) We encourage all Xenites to go immediately to and Logomancy. (Well, as soon as you're finished with Whoosh!)

DISCLAIMER: No convention details were left undescribed except for some riveting "I went to the restroom with Hudson Leick" stories.


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Whoosh #5 - February 1, 1997

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