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"The Power"
"The Passion"
"Able to Leap Tall Barbarians In a Single Bound"

You haven't heard those words right at the start of a Xena episode? No, you haven't missed anything. This is how an announcer tells us about the upcoming episode of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. It sounds so stupid I cringe every time I hear it. This show isn't taken seriously at all on Australia.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS commenced here in the middle of December which traditionally is reserved for shows that don't rate - it's called our silly season. HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS has been on and getting average ratings and XENA replaced the show. So far the publicity has been non-existant. We had a cover shot of TV magazine called "NOW". The cover shot was good but inside was a rating for the show and he gave it four stars...he described it as "a ripsnorter"

The only other news from this side of the planet is that Lucy Lawless will be appearing on a new show which will start on the 18th January 1997 called "HOLIDAY". She will be guest presenter and will be presenting holiday destinations in a few episodes. This is good news for Lucy Lawless fans.

Regarding the usual Xena memorobilia...the books are very hard to find. The action figures are not available in local toy stores unless you go to a speciality SCIFI shop that sells these at an inflated prices.

Fans here get the rough end of the pinneapple in regard to books, magazines and other stuff that is pretty inexpensive in the US. The publicity is hard to find...I think SEAQUEST DSV got more publicity that XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS which is such a shame.

I think that this show will develop a cult following because Australians like a show with spirit. Aussies like stories about heroes with dark pasts and struggling to defeat inner demons.

Given time and publicity more people will know about it but time will tell if XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS gets a faithful following but for this Xenite...the lack of publicity doesn't matter. What matters is that a show with such a quality cast doesn't get overlooked in the middle of Australian TV silly season!


Late breaking news from the Australian Xena front is that as of February 8, 1997 the show has been taken off the air. After numerous phone calls to the station that aired the show, we (myself and several other Xenites) got conflicting reasons why the show had been taken off. Recently an article in the local TV Week (similar to TV GUIDE, indicated that the show HOLIDAY which started here in January was to have Lucy as a guest presenter. This sent the Aussie Xenites into a spin. Now the news is that Lucy Lawless has taken legal action against HOLIDAY to prevent them from showing old segments from her old show. Channel 10 billed them as new segments!!! The fallout seems to be that XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS was taken off the air. A coincidence? I don't know, but it does smell fishy to me. As to when the show will be back on the air is a hotly debated issue amongst Aussie Xenites. I guess we will have to wait and see...and just when it was going so smoothly ... *sigh*

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