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Sandra Wilson, affectionately referred to as 'Renee's Mom,' has won the hearts of all who have had the pleasure of meeting her. This small tribute consists of comments made by the fans who dropped by the ROC Fan Club table, where Sandra was hard at work on her daughter's behalf. These comments were emailed to me privately or appeared in posts about the Con on the various Xena mailing lists.

"the lovely.....
the gracious....
the wonderfully warm, not to mention endearing....
MRS. RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!   
a/k/a Sandra Wilson.... Renee's mother."   

JACQRAT, in a post to the Xenaverse mailing list

"Quick note about Renee's Mom.  This woman was a
complete doll!!!  Just the nicest lady you'd ever wanna
meet.  She's sooo proud of Renee and seemed to be so
into meeting the fans and *talking*  to them. Every
time I saw her she was grinning from ear to ear!  My
suggestion to the ladies who were there and talked with
her  (I believe her name was Sandra Wilson?  Everyone
just called her "Renee's Mom"), send her a thank you
note.  She was just sooo accessable and kind....she
deserves a BIG thanks!"

Stacey -- the XENA obsessed

"Renee's mom was sweet, charming, pretty, down-to-
earth, and as cute as she could be.  She had an ear to
ear smile the whole time  I spoke with her, and she
seemed genuinely thrilled to meet her daughter's fans. 
She was very comfortable talking with me as if  she had
known me for years.  I told her how happy I was that
she  came to the convention, and she kept saying over
and over again  how wonderful, sweet, and terrific all
of the fans are.... She graciously allowed me to take a
picture with her (arms around each other).  In essence,
Renee's mom is a beautiful soul!" (Marilyn)

   Just thought I'd share my experience with Renee's
mom.  She was very friendly and so sweet.  As I was
walking by her table she looked up, caught my eye as I
was looking at the pictures  and offered me one.  Then
she extended her hand and introduced  herself and
showed me the address on the back for Renee's fan  club
and said to write any time, that she would be happy to
answer  any questions.  I just told her to be sure to
let Renee know how much her fans appreciate her hard
work on the show, and when Sandy smiled I was struck
by how much Renee's smile resembled her mom's.   It was
a nice experience for me, as was the entire con."   


"Wasn't Renee's Mom just too wonderful? ... I thought
Renee's Mom  was the nicest person in the world. It's
no wonder Renee is so cute." 


WONDERFUL PERSON!!  We all love this woman--and she
loves us too! She hugged us, posed for  pictures with
us and told me lots of good things about her daughter
... I got to talk to her for several minutes... If
Renee is half as sweet  as her Mom then she deserves
much much success."


"I got to meet Renee's mom in person ....  You guys all
can imagine how wonderful Renee must be in person,
based on her characterization  of Gabrielle.  Well,
after meeting her mother, it is obvious where she got
that from."


"The ladies are absolutely correct when they say that
Renee's mother was fantastic! She sat and talked to
everyone,  ...  she answered  every question ... "

"I didn't really converse with her ... What I did
observe was a truly gracious charming woman who laughed
and told stories for the seemingly  insatiable Gabbers
surrounding her. ... I remember at some point some 
young girls came up to look at the club info, and
Sandra saw them come  up.  She graciously excused
herself from the throng of people surrounding  her and
went to go and talk to the young girls.  She knelt down
and started speaking to them."


What was very wonderful to observe was that Ms. Wilson
was so gracious, and patient and down-to-earth with
everyone who approached her--from little curious
children to this heavy-duty biker dude in leather to
this one girl who kept coming back every 15 minutes. 
She welcomed their questions and enthusiastically
invited them to join Renee's club.  She was so very 
much like your basic, loving mom who would gladly
invite all her daughter's friends over for a slumber
party.  The only problem was that her daughter had at
least 2000+ friends (and that was only at the
convention).  She treated Renee's fans with a great
deal of care and respect and attention, which made a
person like me really respect her in turn.

In my humble opinion,  Ms. Wilson is definitely the one
to run Renee's fan club.  Not only is she obviously one
of Renee's greatest fans, but she has a tremendous
energy and an open, warm spirit that's so reflective of
"Xena: WP."  For me, she and people like her are what
make being involved with anything related to the show
such GREAT FUN!!! 


"I just loved her."


The last quote, from an anonymous fan, could have been said by anyone who met Sandra. Fellow fans, do not miss an opportunity to meet this truly wonderful woman.

January 11-12, 1997

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