Whoosh! Issue 50 - November 2000

Edited By Kym Masera Taborn
50th Issue Project
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Editor's Note:

Fifty issues is an amazing achievement, if I do not say so myself. Over these 50 months, WHOOSH has grown from a private conceit of mine to an endeavor that has been shared with hundreds of thousands of people. Many of these people feel just as passionate and close to the project as I ever have. It is both humbling and highly gratifying to know that this bizarre interest of mine has positively affected so many people and have added to the enjoyment and education of more people than I could have ever imagined a mere 4 years ago. I wanted to open up the celebration of this 50th issue by inviting all the past contributors to let us know what they are up to now and how they look at this past 4 years of fandom. Unfortunately there were a lot of unusable addresses, but there were also many who did agree to share with us their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and assessments of what participating in fandom meant to them. I have added them here.

At first I fretted over how to present these memoirs. I went through different drafts and charts and layouts, until finally I just decided to present these mini-essays in the order I worked on them. Some are long, some are short, some concentrate on specifics, some concentrate on generalities. They all speak of the multi-facted fan experience. As a whole they are an incredible collection of self-reflective living histories. Some are happy, some are sad, some are neutral. Some have left the experience, some are just revving up, and others are just seeing where it takes them.

Raising A Proverbial Glass by Richard Carter Jr.
Behold the Power of WHOOSH! by Virgina Carper
Subversion, Power, and Sex: Reflections on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS by Rachel Gordon
The Phenomenal Effect WHOOSH Has Made on My Life by Tina M. Dunckel
Fandom by Mike Buckley
My Memoir by Roger A. Duarte
How XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS Changed My Life by J. R. Rasmussen
How XENA Fandom Has Affected My Life by Jules Warrick
The Outsider: Confessions of a Joxer Fan by Janet Elizabeth Swainston
The Last 50 Months or How XENA Helped Me Keep My Job and Stave Off Depression by J.S. Stephens
Break and Enter: How XENA Came to My Rescue by Dee Simmons
Memories of XENA (A Cartoon Essay) by Suzanne Morine
My Adventures in Xena Fandom by Sal_Fan
I Was A Closet Xena Watcher But I Ran Out Of Room In The Closet by Phyllis Schudde
50th Issue Project by John Clark Blankenbecklor
My Life As A WHOOSH Contributor And Xena Fan by Laurie Sosna
An Admirer, A Follower, A Fan by Xiomara Suro
A Television Show Of The Rarest Quality by Chrystal Eve Jackson
Thoughts Of Africa by Tamara Poirier
WHOOSH Started The Ball Rolling - Now It Is An Avalanche! by Dana Hlusko
My Thanks to WHOOSH by Jackie Henry
This Septuagenarian Says Many Thanks by Diane C. Bonacci
How XENA Brought Me Fame, Fortune, And A Few Realized Dreams by C.A. Casey
Cum Laude by Josh Harrison
Happy 50th Issue by Chris Wiatt
My Anecdote by Michael A. Deeds
Confessions Of A Recovered Xenite by Melissa Meister
You've Come A Long Way, Baby by Elisa Deyneka
WHOOSH 50th Issue Contribution by Mark Allen
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS' Impact On My Life by Hamutal Yellin
50th Issue Of WHOOSH: Personal Contribution by Nicole Guest
XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS: Some Personal Favorites Andrew Shaughnessy
One Obsession Leads To Another by Gregory R. Swenson
The Revolution Over: A Former Fan's Reflections On XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Burnout by Brent Allison
Greetings Fellow XENA Fans! by Kimberly N. Foster
How The Xenaverse Changed My Life by Carolyn McBride
How XENA, The Internet, And WHOOSH Have Changed My Life

Meglomaniac Spice Kym Masera Taborn
Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Whoosh!
IAXS Executive Committee Kahuna
BA History 1980 (British and Commonwealth) Kalamazoo College. MA Music 1984 (Early Music Performance Practices) University of California. JD Law 1991 (Just plain old law) Ventura College of Law. Kym practices tax law for the U.S. Federal Government in the seismically active canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains. Kym was the founder of IAXS and currently is the President for Life after a bloodless coup. Kym is 42 and happily lives to tell of it in Malibu Canyon, CA with Wes, her incredibly patient husband of thirteen years, and Ira, her loyal twelve year-old son. Kym's most profound Xenite achievement so far was to coin the term "uber" to describe a genre of XENA fan fiction.
Favorite XWP episode: It is still...DREAMWORKER (03/103)!! Let's face it, it is THE ONE.
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle to Xena: "You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls." PROMETHEUS (08/108)
First episode seen: CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104).
Least favorite episode: THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310)
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