Whoosh! Issue 50 - November 2000

Edited By Kym Masera Taborn
50th Issue Project
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Editor's Note:

After putting into motion the offer to past contributors to contribute to this issue, it occurred to me that readers of WHOOSH, people who have not had the opportunity or inkling to contribute, might want to share their thoughts on fandom. So the guest editor put out the message and I put up an announcement up on the main page of the website. Herein lies what was sent because of those requests.

Fan Adventures in the Xenaverse by Ann Reddecliffe
Xena And Me: A Personal History Of My Life As A XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS Fan by Elizabeth "Missy" Ragona
Thoughts Of XENA by Carla Capizzi
XENA, Like Milk, Does a Body Good by Virgina Sanchez and Lourdes Sanchez
My Life As A Xenaholic by Randi Mogul
Just Another Day in the Life by Jane Choy
A Cause For Celebration And Thanks by LeedsBard
Endless Epiphanies by Julia Noel Goldman
Memories Of The Last 50 Months Of XENA by Kelly M. Rathka
Comments, Concerns, And Thoughts Regarding XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS by Cheryl L. Perry
XENA Acres by Deborah Monroy

Meglomaniac Spice Kym Masera Taborn
Editor-in-Chief/Publisher Whoosh!
IAXS Executive Committee Kahuna
BA History 1980 (British and Commonwealth) Kalamazoo College. MA Music 1984 (Early Music Performance Practices) University of California. JD Law 1991 (Just plain old law) Ventura College of Law. Kym practices tax law for the U.S. Federal Government in the seismically active canyons of the Santa Monica Mountains. Kym was the founder of IAXS and currently is the President for Life after a bloodless coup. Kym is 42 and happily barbecues in Malibu Canyon, CA with Wes, her incredibly patient husband of thirteen years, and Ira, her loyal twelve year-old son. Kym's most profound Xenite achievement so far was to coin the term "uber" to describe a genre of XENA fan fiction.
Favorite XWP episode: It is still...DREAMWORKER (03/103)!! Let's face it, it is THE ONE.
Favorite XWP line: Gabrielle to Xena: "You're not much for girl talk, are you? Of course, you're not like most girls." PROMETHEUS (08/108)
First episode seen: CRADLE OF HOPE (04/104).
Least favorite episode: THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER... (56/310)
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