Whoosh! Issue 51 - December 2000

By Kathleen Irving
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Alti's stand-in

Hilary Swank in a snap from THE GIFT.

[1] This was my first "movie job." There were two reasons I signed up for the movie: Sam Raimi and Keanu Reeves (whom I never saw because he finished his scenes the day before I worked). Raimi was a very nice guy and a very patient person, from what I saw. All of the other extras who had been working on and off throughout the movie had nothing but good things to say about him.

[2] My call time was 6:00 PM, and they did not wrap up until 6:30 AM. Most of the time they had us in extra holding. A guy with a hand radio would come get a couple of us, walk us halfway to the set, then have to march us back because they changed their minds. They did this about six or seven times. When we finally got to the set, we were given instructions about where to stand and where to walk. I was a nosy neighbor. Hopefully, I will not be cut. I was further back from the camera, but I had to do many takes where I was walking up towards the scene.

[3] I am in a scene with Giovanni Ribisi. He had just set his father on fire, and they are hauling him off to jail. I, along with one other girl, walk up from the street and cross over to stand beside an ambulance.

[4] They ran through the scene three times before they actually taped it, and then another six or seven times from all kinds of angles. It must have been so aggravating for Giovanni Ribisi. Getting handcuffed, put in a car, drive 50 feet, stop, back up, and do it again. Now repeat that about ten times. I have to say that Ribisi is a very good actor. The look he gave us as he went by in the cop car sent chills down my spine.

[5] When talking with the other extras that had worked in previous scenes, I got a good idea of how the movie was going to do. All the actors were very nice to the extras. Many people were saying that Keanu Reeves was being a jerk to everyone, but he was being hassled a lot by reporters and autograph seekers. From what I saw, it should be a very good movie.


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