Whoosh! Issue 56 - May 2001
Editor's Page

From the Editor-in-Chief:
Lauda Te
From the Graphics Editor:
The Night Of The Voracious Vultures

From the Editor-in-Chief:

I am sad to announce that Darise Error has (amicably) resigned as Executive Editor of WHOOSH. She has been with us for longer than I can remember and I have grown to rely upon her opinions, counsel, and skills. She has helped keep this production afloat and has made my life a lot easier. Darise will not be leaving WHOOSH entirely, however. She has agreed to stay on in a consultative, per case, basis. That has made me a happy camper. Replacing Darise will be Bongo Bear, an ursine who has been associated with WHOOSH for a long time as well. I welcome Bongo Bear as the new Executive (Carnivorous) Editor. I look forward to working with her as WHOOSH faces the the challenges of the show winding down and WHOOSH finding its place in this coming new phase of XENA fandom. I also look forward to discussing with her and working with her on maintainig and perhaps even raising the quality of the articles that we currently publish in WHOOSH. Bongo will no doubt lend her skill and art to the editing process of the papers in the journal. The future looks so bright, that the fact that bears do not have opposable thunbs does not overly concern me.

I am very happy and proud to be associated with all of the staff and volunteers who have made WHOOSH what it is today. It is difficult to see what we have created and maintained when it is all around us and all we think about are deadlines and the nuts and bolts of running the site. But when everything has settled down, I believe we all will be impressed by the contributions we have made to XENA fandom and the fruits that our volunteer labor has borne, and the inspiration, entertainment, and positive mojo that WHOOSH has given to hundreds of thousands of people. It might not be much on one level, but at least we were (and still are!) a part of a movement which allowed many people to think about things differently, allowed them to expand their horizons, helped them discover a creativeness within themselves, allowed them to make connections with other people, and performed a service which brought people together and made them feel good about themselves and others. What better form of service is there?

I thank and praise everyone who has contributed to this site for all their dedication and loyalty to this project. It could have never been done or been the success that it is without such generous help and guidance. I wish I could do more than just say thanks, but it's a really big thanks and an honest and heart-felt one.

I will be going to the Pasadena Convention in May. I will be wearing my loud WHOOSH badge with my name on it. I will be trying to thank personally everyone I can, but if for some reason I miss you, please do not hesitate to hunt me down and make me thank you, and do so until you yell uncle.

At the convention, at the "Fan Hall", on Friday 6-7pm, the room is reserved for the WHOOSH and Spoilers Anon mailing lists and Xena Media Review for the readers to meet and greet. I have invited the Tavern people over and really anyone else who wants to see what people who sub to my mailing lists look like. It might be a good place to make field observations.

Also, WHOOSH will be sponsoring a panel discussion at the "Fan Hall" on the topic: "Six Seasons of XENA: What Went Right and What Went Wrong". Our esteemed panelists will be Jeff Lundrigan, ign.com Xena reviewer; Philip Tracy, freelance journalist (LA Weekly, Village Voice); Bret Ryan Rudnick, WHOOSH editor/interviewer; Beth Gaynor, webmaster of the Rate-A-Xena site; and deb7, a well-known and very erudite on-line Xena reviewer and critic. Be there or be square, as they say.

Kym Masera Taborn
Executive Committee
Calabasas, CA April 24, 2001

From the Graphics Editor:

It's over.

No, I don't mean XENA, we still have several weeks in which to see the transmissions of the final episodes of the show.

What I refer to is the end of an era and an empire, the final breath of a production facility that brought work to hundreds of people and entertainment to millions the world over.

The end has come, at least for now and for all practical/production purposes, to Pacific Renaissance Pictures.

It was with immense sadness that I read a newspaper announcement that virtually all of what can be carried away at Pacific Renaissance Pictures production facility in New Zealand will be auctioned off during the month of May. Props, costumes, set pieces, the lot, all up for bid and to be removed from the place that housed them over the years.

It was my great fortune to see this facility in its heyday on a number of occasions, when the workshops were alive with the sound of metal being pounded out, the costume department bustled with the hum of sewing machines, carts moved in and out of the props warehouses with the regularity of a busy train timetable, carpenters pounded nails into wood in an atmosphere thick with sawdust, computer graphics people hunched over keyboards in dark bays where most of the light came only from monitors and the green, eerie light of "on" buttons recessed in plastic computer cabinets, offices were occupied with people on phones, making sure everything was coming together as expected, receptionists interspersed bits of communication with "hold, please".

The first indication to me that things were winding down was on a previous visit late last year. I saw portions of the main CLEO set in a dustbin, waiting to be carted away. A sign declaring "Emilia Rothschild, Import Export, Pulau Pulau" bore silent guard over a space that had not been visited in months. There was more room in the office building, in which sound now seemed to carry farther. The props warehouses were silent and cold.

How sad it must be for those few who must remain to supervise the final dismemberment of all they struggled to create over the years. It must be very lonely to see so many familiar faces gone and to anticipate seeing the departure of so many things one must have grown accustomed to over the years. It probably seems like a much longer walk from the parking lot to the office with so many absent to say "gidday" to.

Hopefully there will be a day when the syndication market is more friendly and we can once again see the fruit of the labour of Pacific Renaissance Pictures. There was a lot of talent there, at all levels of production, and we who view their work have been fortunate indeed to see it.

Bret Rudnick
Graphics Editor
Executive Committee
Somewhere in Southern California
27 April 2001

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