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Disappointed #051-100


very disappointed



I was and am profoundly sad about the ending.



DISAPPOINTED! (the ending of part 2)



To quote the Sovereign. Disssssaaaaappppoinnnnnttteeed!



totally, can't even watch the whole show!



Disappointed is an understatement! It is going to take me a long, long time to get over this.



A horrible, gruesome way of death for a hero. Did she not deserve some true peace and happiness in her lifetime. By not allowing her redemption without death, you have allowed Cortez the victory. He set Xena on a path of evil which despite all her efforts, she cost her, her life. It also left Gabrielle 25 + years in the future without another living soul to count on. How truly tragic. We deserved better, and so did these characters.



Six years.. and for us, it seems it was so few time.. We saw it, we supported it for so many time.. and they do THIS with us.. for six years, it was a beautiful love story, more than everything we have ever seen. And, in the final episode, it just.. brakes. What happen to people who loved, supported, cared about Xena, about Gabrielle..?

Xenaverse was a beautiful universe, with millions of people who love the same thing, the same persons, who want the same thing. From one day to another, the Xenaverse was crying, was hurt, was disappointed. All that we waited for years to see, doesn't happened and we lost a dear person. Xena - The warrior Princess changed the lives of many people. People who cried for her, who laugh with her and lived for her. It's very sad that a thing, two persons that touched millions of people, end like that. Millions of people waiting a happy end, a romantic end, or whatever.. but nobody was waiting THAT END.. Mr. Tapert disappointed millions, and made people give a bad end to their lives too.. It has to be a very bad end to a girl kill herself after seeing it.



the death and unable to return to life. if she came back to life, that's another story



if they're going to bring xena back in the final minutes like they were gonna travel the world together anyway, than at least xena could have brought joxer back with her if only to surprise gabby. it could have been a more uplifting ending that way.



It seems that vengeance wins in the end.

I've been searching myself the last couple of days trying to decided why I felt so much anger after this finale. After all, as much as I love this show, I can separate fiction from reality and T.V. from real life. In addition, my vocation causes me to have to deal with human turmoil and crisis, death and loss every day. These aren't new to me. Did I hate to see Xena die? Sure. Did I think the way the death and body recovery scenes were handled was a bit sadistic? Yes. But, this is T.V. Extreme shock, blood and gore usually equal high ratings. So, why did it anger me so? Then, last night, it hit me. I'm angry because, when all was said and done...vengeance won the day.

One of the things I've always loved about this show was its assertion that even in the midst of evil, violence, hate and chaos; forgiveness and love can and does prevail. One of my all time favorite lines is in Callisto when Gabs tells Xena, "There's only one way to end this cycle of hatred and its through love and forgiveness."

Over the last six years, they have both learned the important difference between fighting for the greater good and simply seeking vengeance. And yet, after six years of fighting to break the cycle of hatred...in the end, vengeance wins out.

It doesn't matter how much good Xena has done or how much she has sacrificed for others. It basically comes down to vengeance. Xena tells Gab in FIN 2, "...but for those souls to be released into a state of grace, they must be avenged. I must stay dead."

It doesn't matter that she willingly offered herself over to death in order to save those souls knowing that she might well never make it back. It doesn't matter that the souls were released. No! What matters is that those souls "BE AVENGED!" Blood for blood, death for death. Who cares if there are potentially 40,000 more people who could be saved by Xena if she remained alive to fight for the greater good. "Blood will have blood." In the end, Xena could only be redeemed if vengeance was had. Vengeance wins the day!

After six years of loving a show that believed in the power of love and forgiveness to change and redeem, I am most saddened and angered that they allowed vengeance to rule the day.



You should have added the option 'choked'... choked with sorrow, with anger, and with disbelief.



Disappointed that another, tired, backstory became the focus of the ending of this magnificent series. I felt the greatest sacrifice Xena could make hung on a VERY WEAK premise. I was not concerned about a "true kiss" but am extremely sad the writers felt Xena could only find redemption in forbidding Gabrielle to bring her back. And worst of all was the brutality that surpassed all the other brutality the writers inflicted on these two heroic women off and on throughout the series, mostly on Xena. I cannot understand members of the enterprise thinking fans will be "entertained." Thank you, Kym for allowing these comments. Along with many, I never knew how deeply these characters affected my emotions until now. Yes, Mr. Tapert made a lot of people feel. To violate those feelings is another matter. Because that is how I feel now. Nevertheless, thanks to all who brought these wonderful characters and some really good stories and action to us. Yes, Lucy, no one was hurt. The actors remove the makeup and go home to their normal lives. Your head is intact. But what of the image that leaves your fans with?



I enjoyed some aspects of the shows. But at the end I felt so sad for Gabrielle. There she was basically talking to herself on the ship. Is this what her future holds? If the tables were turned I know that Xena would NEVER have let Gabrielle choose death. In one episode this year Gabrielle even said "What if it was my choice to die". Xena said especially then she wouldn't let her. Xena just seemed too nonchalant about the whole thing. I wouldn't have felt so let down if there was no way to bring Xena back, this whole ending went against the whole history of the show. Again my overall felling is one of extreme sadness for Gabrielle and her future.



I cannot stand to think of Gabrielle being alone. They went through way too much for this ending. Unbelievable.



I read in the "On the Road" report for the MTR event that Mr. Tapert justified killing Xena by saying that she had lived by the sword... When did Robert Tapert's attitude become a cliche? And why? What harm would it have done, to let the two women grow old together? Xena also lived by the heart. Nothing is more powerful than that. And that is the ONLY message TPTB should have given us, at the last.



Disappointed, big time.



It was a bloody disgrace.




Not even close...

You need a choice labeled "DEVASTATED"

That's how I've been feeling...

I agree - it did not have to end like this.

This is a fantasy show - and life is hard enough as it is.

Someone used to sign off with the following (or at least something like this):: "Hercules is the kind of hero you hope is somewhere out there." "Xena is the kind of hero you hope is somewhere inside you." [This was a quote from Rob Tapert. -Ed.]

So now that hero that I hope is in me somewhere has to die a tragic death and abandon the one she loves the very most - and all that she's learned and all that Xena's done counts for nothing once she finds out that she INADVERTANTLY caused the fire and the deaths.

What is the point? (Choose any or all that apply...)
1) You can't make up for the past - unless you pay with your life?
2) Even if you are LUCKY enough to find your soulmate one of you is going to die and you won't be together?
3) Women on TV can show affection - but hey - we can't have them "living happily ever after" now can we - what kind of message would that send?
4) Fan loyalty means nothing?
5) Life's a b*tch and then you die...?


I've been a loyal fan from the very beginning. I've watched each and every episode of Xena, (up till now), been an avid member of the "xenaverse" in many ways, and lurked on even when I had to "tone down" my HCNB status.

I will NOT watch these last two episodes. I have got (and have had) enough pain in my real life - thank you VERY MUCH. I don't need to have a FINAL ending like this for my heroes in fiction too...



I was disappointed Xena was killed off. I was hoping her and Gabrielle ride into the sunset. There are still a episode I cant figure out! and that is how did Ares get in tomb and who put him there? I think Rob should take the season 6 finally and bring her back to the BIG SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not let my children watch this last episode because it will upset them, especially when their favorite warrior die. I believe one day there will be Xena movie out, when it does. I will be right in the front seats.



And then some.



Extremely disappointed.



Buffy, all over again



disappointed doesn't even begin to describe how i feel. as much as anything else, i was stunned that Lucy went along with this and didn't put a stop to it.

I would expect as much out of the sexist sob that she is married to. after all, Hercules and Iolaus walked off into the sunset together. And he is well known for his total disregard for the fans who have made both him and Lucy millionaires. To wit...no fans, no viewers, no successful show, no merchandise sales, etc. He never has admitted that the fans ARE important and do play a major role in his success or failure.

But I expected more than that from Lucy. I guess "barefoot and pregnant" isn't the only thing Rob has done to her in regards to snuffing out her independence and individualism.



Very disappointed...........to me it agreed with a fear I have had since the fifth season...there were remarks made during that time by both Tapert and Lawless about the subtext audience that sounded almost homophobic.....Tapert also brought Orci & Kurtzman on board and the episodes took on the "no touchy, no feely" attitude that almost killed the series then ...if it had not been for the massive response of the audience...and the eventual firing of Orci & Kurtzman, they would have "killed" the show as we knew it.

Now Tapert has succeeded in killing the Xena we have all come to know and love. As a writer myself I am aware that you DO Not kill off your most appealing and popular character......Was Superman killed ??? Batman ??? Spiderman ??? Wonder Woman ???? Dick Tracy ??? Did Charles Schultz......knowing he was dying kill "Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy" and the others ??? HECK NO.....So what's the story Rob ????

How could Tapert and Lawless say it was going to be a wonderful ending... especially for Gabrielle ??? Apparently neither one of them have "lost" someone they love, to death...and in this case such a horrible death... It isn't wonderful !!! Let's see, how many days did Gabrielle really get to mourn before they had her moving on to her next gig ??? Not many.. Along w/ Xena, many things were killed in this finale......They "killed" any physical love/subtext problem TPTB may have had to deal with in a future movie, or series w/ Gabrielle. Also they "killed" the future sharing of an "afterlife" because Xena is now in some Japanese afterlife, a place that Gabs will never end up in. When Lucy said Rob was being "DEFIANT", Who was he being "DEFIANT" with, as far as I can see....he was being "DEFIANT" with us the fans....who did he disappoint...the fans...not the "Suits" ands not the critics....BUT US !

It is not unusual for someone to bite the "hand that feeds them", he does as he pleases and always has...he has broken our trust before and we were so eager to believe in him that we "trusted" him again...to our dismay and disappointment .

Am I being too harsh...I don't think so ! I consider this a true betrayal of the fans, all the fans !!! I am broken hearted. Tapert & Stewart have cheated us out of "Hope" and "Trust" for a future with X and G. Hope and trust are terrible feelings to lose, especially when you have "hoped" they would do "the right thing" and trusted in their integrity. All that has changed and been compromised by these two...especially Tapert !!!

I need to share this pain and betrayal with others who feel the same. I am looking forward to reading other viewers thoughts.

How could they have possibly felt that this would be an end that would be "entertaining" ??? I just don't get it !!

Thanks to Whoosh for all your wonderful pages over all the years... [Our pleasure! -Ed.]



I'm trying for the positive road. What I can't get out of my mind is the character being butchered. The arrows were enough, the rest makes it hurt. It hurts. I will never support Tapert. I will support Renee and Lucy, I still love the show. He just didn't kill our hero, he ravaged her! I go up and down, back and forth. Its just hard and I never thought it would hit me so hard.



I have only read the synopsis on the net - we'll be lucky to ever see series 6 here in Australia -I can't believe that TPTB thought that Xena could only achieve redemption through her death. Haven't they heard of Christian forgiveness - I thought that was the angle the show was taking in series 4, early series 5. From now on, for me, XWP ended with series 4 and Xena and Gabrielle go on together in a parallel universe of my mind -together forever in the same reality, plane, or whatever you will.

seriously disillusioned.


I hated the ending. It SUCKED!!!!! I'm speechless, I can not believe that he killed Xena off in the end. How could he, the fans love her and he killed her, he is a morbid soul. I'm sorry I ever started watching the show and I will NEVER watch anything that has Rob Tapert's name on it again, cuz I think the ending is going to be to disappointing and now predictable. Now that I know how it All ends I am Not going to go back and watch the first 3 seasons that I missed, after all why get hooked when the Hero dies. Yuck! Everyone said season 5 was not his fault. . . Yes it was, the guy writes crappy stuff. The only way he could end it with a bang was to kill her off cuz he couldn't write anything good enough to end it. What a cop out.



I refuse to watch the last show. Luckily for me the session/show finale is a week off in my area so I heard what happened before it's aired here. I feel like my trust has been betrayed. I believe that if people a going to create super hero's who are going to naturally create love, respect, admiration then the creators have a responsibility to their audience to maintain their characters integrity No one would think of killing Bat Man , Superman/woman, etc....Beheading, and then cremating Xena was inexcusable and irresponsible of Rob Tapert, and others responsible for the fiasco. So Disappointed is putting it mildly. Thanks for the space to air my feelings.



I was quite saddened by the end of Xena.

Given that records of lesbian history have been banned and burned, Xena and Gabrielle's relationship gave me a kind of mythical history that I treasured. On an emotional level the combination of Xena's brutal death with Xena and Gabrielle never acknowledging (being allowed to acknowledge?) their physical relationship reads too much like "the love that dare not speak it's name." It felt like a giant step backward.

Monique Wittig wrote

There was a time when you were not a slave...
Remember that. You walked alone, full of laughter,
you bathed bare-bellied. You say you have lost all
recollection of it... Remember! You know how to
avoid meeting a bear on the track. You know the
winter fear when you hear the Wolves gathering.
But you can remain seated for hours in the
treetops until morning. You say there are no words
to describe this time... you say it does not exist!
But Remember... make an Effort to Remember... Or,
failing that... invent!"
Rob Tapert did "invent!" and then destroyed the beautiful myth. Why? To me it feels cruel.



There are no polite words to describe my feelings toward the finale. Mr. Tapert did an enormous job in alienating anyone who loved or even like the show over the last 6 years. All I can say that I think he needs therapy to get over his hatred of fans and fandom that he has silently hated for the "subtext" and his need to be defiant was not directed at studio executives but the people who have made him wealthy and allowed him to have his folly over the series. We at least deserved a consistent and loving ending for the love story of 90's popular culture. I have been affected by the loving relationship between these two woman that I will treasure for years-if I can ever bring myself to watch an old episode. Somehow the magic seems to have been decimated and I don't know what to do! Thanks for your page.



I just didn't like the fact that Xena was so willing to give up her life with Gabrielle and how it was in Japan.



I can't believe that a show highlighting a loving and caring relationship between two people would choose to end the show with one character going on alone. TPTB should be ashamed of themselves for this atrocity! Xena and Gabrielle deserved better and so did their fans...



Very disappointed. Saddened, heartbroken, angry, and totally left in disbelief. WHY? I haven't heard a single person say...."Gee, I really enjoyed that last episode....what a great way to end a 6 year run." If I do....I'll be sure to let you know. Here, here to the guy that told Rob Tapert to his face that the last episode SUCKED!



I don't think disappointed is a strong enough word for what I feel about the finale of Xena.......hmm, try angry, betrayed, disgusted. Those might fit better.

Rob AND Lucy just don't seem to have a clue as to what the fans really wanted from the end of the series. To say that Xena HAD to die is just a cop out. I think that they were really just thumbing their collective noses up at Studio USA and the fans......

Killing Xena also presents the difficult image of a person never being able to reach redemption for past mistakes except through death. What a lovely thought...that there is nothing that a person can do to atone for past deeds, except die.

For me, Friend in Need was never made....the series ends with When Fates Collide and Many Happy Returns......all I wanted from the show was a happy ending. I am sorry that TPTB didn't feel it was possible to give the loyal fans that.



I'm a big fan, but I think they could have come up with something a lot better then that. Plus they should have included all the regular actors and actresses in the final show. It would have been grand. I still love the show, but i was very Disappointed.



I am deeply disappointed and sad, sad, sad...

Regards from Spain


Even though I have not actually viewed it yet, from what I read, I am totally disappointed in the way they chose to end the series. They spent to much time on special effects and not enough time to make it the quality story it should have been. How they can say that this was a good end for Xena is beyond me.



I HATED IT !!!!!!!!



Like some others,my Xena 6th Season will end with the episode "When Fates Collide"........everything after that was simply b*llsh*t.



Definitely more but, also surprised and that they would let a heroine die and another one suffer just for good ratings and good entertainment. It seemed they disregarded the fans requests in the end. Lucy and Renee are proud of it and I am in a way but I am still suffering because of the sad ending for Gab.

Bradenton, Fl


I have watched this show for 4 years (I caught the first 2 years in reruns) and I have been taken aback at how many times Xena has not had to answer (in real time or effort) for the violent, and hateful things she willing and methodically did in her past. I know that she has in a constant way been paying. I know she changed and overcame her darkside, but I never liked the episodes that involved her having to "answer" for her past because she never did. I did not like them addressing the issue at all because Gabrielle would only see the new Xena and though I understand you can not have a show with the main character in jail for life or being put to death, it bothered me that every thing was so easily and readily dismissed with Gabrielle leading the charge and everyone else saying "Wow you have changed. Okay you can go." I would have preferred no episodes involving Xena on trial for her past and more episodes involving Xena, Gabrielle and yes even Joxer dealing with saving the innocent from the evil (whether human or not).

So now I am really disappointed to see Xena have to answer for an accident. She did not want to kill those people. She did not plan to kill those people. There was no looting, robbing, plundering. It was an accident. Here Xena is at her most contrite. She is willing to due anything, including die, to release the souls from the Demon. Here is a situation that warrants, "WOW YOU REALLY HAVE CHANGED!!!!! This is the time when mercy should have been applied.

Why set up the story line in this way. Why didn't they have Xena willing plunder and murder those people for keeping her from fulfilling Akemi request. What! Tapert did not want to have the really bad Xena remembered. I feel that they pulled their punches. Now would have been the time to have the old Xena wild and savage. They should have made the contrast bigger. It would have shown just how Gabrielle had changed her. It would have made her death fit the crime.

For years she never answered for murders. Now she gets the death sentence for manslaughter. Come on, Rob Tapert, not even the state of Texas does that.



I am saddened beyond words. It doesn't even really leave much hope for a movie but we know in xenaland no one really stays dead for long...


I was very disappointed with the ending. But on the upside, it would make for a great Xena movie to have Gabrielle resolve the issue and bring Xena back. I find it hard to believe Gabrielle would accept this and do nothing. I heard of the show when two of my martial arts students kept talking about it. I started watching it for the action but stayed for the storylines and ongoing relationship between the two main characters. Later on I attended the Valley Forge Convention and had a blast.

I know there has always been subtext controversy but I have always believed Xena and Gabrielle were lovers by the end of season 1. By the way I am a straight white male who served in the Marines from 1970 to 1975 and traveled the world. Love is love, just be happy you can find it and don't judge it.

On a final note, let us hope there are Xena movies, we cannot let the series end like this.






I'm sorry, but I am basing this opinion on screengrabs, and descriptions from those who have viewed it. I will tape it tomorrow night and MAYBE view it at a later date. But right now I am so hurt, not so much by the death of Xena, but what sounds to me like another case of abuse of women. Naked, Decapitated, Hung, What the Hell is that? Usually I would never make a judgment call without actually seeing the product, but my psyche is so disturbed by this imagery that I can not even watch prior episodes. So count or don't count my vote. That's your prerogative. As it is mine to never trust Tapert & Co., with my feelings again.



The more appropriate term would be disgusted. The finale wasn't defiant it was depraved. The issue was not that Xena died, it was the disgusting and degrading way she was killed, and the nasty task of head hunting imposed on the ever loyal Gabrielle. The finale was poorly plotted and horrifically violent. The saddest part of this sorry mess was the final destruction of the real Gabrielle and her belief that the cycle of violence must end. She is now mini-Xena complete with chakram and new-found acrobatic skills...jabbering away at the ectoplasmic manifestation that was once her soul mate. IMO, Gabrielle has finally been driven stark mad from the horrific abuse she has received and witnessed as the result of being cursed with the burden of being Xena's soul mate. Paging Dr. 'Dite...your services are urgently needed by your little friend Gabrielle.

Why couldn't Xena have been killed seriously attempting to resurrect and rebuild the Amazon Nation? That way Gabrielle would have become an amazing Amazon Queen in the image of the original Cyane. She would not have become just another hired chakram.

The finale sent some nasty and nihilistic messages. Suicide is O.K., have fun being evil because there is no real redemption...only unending punishment, and finally...manipulate and hurt the one who has been by your side even to hell and back. What a kick in the teeth to those who bought into the early message that love could break the cycle of hatred and violence.



For many years I have watched Xena and I have preparing myself for a long time to let her go, but the way Rob Tapert aloud it to end was uncalled for,cruel and unbelievable. What was most disappointing of all was the fact that Hercules , the series that ended because Mr. Sorbo deserted it ended so happy, both warriors roaming around Greece fighting crime, while Xena, the series that Mrs. Lawless did not want to leave ended as our heroes, who still wanted to wander around the world (the only REAL petition Xena ever made out loud in the show, died hopelessly tied to her retribution. Gabrielle wonders now through the world being a warrior fighting for the greater good. What a crock. The whole thing with Xena was that both of them worked together as one. They ARE a team. It is not the same and it will never be. They should have died together, somewhere. Not one without the other. I was waiting for end, and yes even death,but not like that. That was very cruel and harsh.

I really can not believe Rob allowed this. The only thing I can think of is that he has somekind of trick up his sleeve for a movie because to tell you the truth after putting so much effort and love in this series, it was not to end it this way. Xena shouldn't have died....she deserved a chance at being happy with Her soulmate. She needed a breather and so did Gabrielle. Or if death was inevitable, they should have died together.

I am still thinking though were did Alti find those two strands of Hair in Send in the Clones...wasn't it from a tomb were they were both burred?

Anyway, the only thing I can say is that I thought very highly of Mr. Tapert but not anymore. He was the last person I thought who would have stabbed Xena at the back like that and also all of her fans...



Xena had already reached redemption in IDES OF MARCH. Her soul was presented to us as being at peace then. That particular circle had already been closed. To address redemption again invalidates previously established canon.

Gabrielle's reward for loving Xena unconditionally and selflessly was zip. Her "whole life" was ripped away from her. The abuse to this inspirational character goes on without end. Very heartless and cruel end point to this wonderful epic love story.



....so badly I could just cry.


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