Whoosh! Issue 58 - July 2001
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Disappointed #101-175


I felt betrayed,I have watched this show with many of My Xenite friends,we watched through all the good times,the bad,the funny the sad......through all the growth that out heroes went through,we stood by them,we chose to watch even though some of the eps were well to say the least not great...When the killed Xena it felt as if they had just beheaded Me.....then they go on these talk shows and say I think everyone will be happy with the ending......ARE THEY OUT OF THIER FREAKING MINDS........I mean by now you would think TPTB would know the fans,know what we truly wanted,not this wish wash crap.........My intelligence was insulted.......who do they think they are kidding......I know I for one hated this ending,and I truly wish I had not watched it......it will not have happened for Me.......I chose to forget most of season 6.......My ending is with season 5.......I,m very sadden that Rob thought he knew us.......he knows nothing,and even more sadden that Lucy would allow such a travesty.......but then hey when your finally sick of what you do what made you,just toss it in throw something together,doesn't matter how it will affect the people who chose to make it a part of their lives...... Anyway thanks for letting us vent............

A sad,sad fan





I think the disappointment I feel concerning FIN is compounded by the fact that I will not be able to watch re-runs without thinking of the finale. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I ask the question, "How well did TPTB ever know the fans?" If TPTB can murder Xena, and leave Gabby without physical connections to loved ones, (her entire family was murdered, except for her sister) then claim we will love this finale--then they are sorely mistaken!



Sick angered and betrayed!



with the brutality of Xena's death. Sorry, I just love the warrior Xena. Otherwise...well written, beautifully produced, and excellent acting performances from Lucy & Renee. Renee really shined.



It will be along time before I see this episode again. I just can't get over the ending. Certainly not what I was hoping for and I know I'm not alone in my thinking. I hope for a future movie which will resume the duo ... somehow and someway.

Thank you for asking for our input.



Why kill Xena off. She was always one step ahead always had a plan. To take the blame for something that was not her fault just stupid. To leave Gabrielle alone. They really gave the fans a kick in the butt big time with this ending.



Geez. You'd think the absolute least they could do would be to give us a happy ending. They did with Hercules. Why's this show the bearer of so little positive regard from it's own creative team?



Although the Episodes have yet to air near me I have read the spoilers and now find myself wondering if I should even bother. They have taken a character who has done nothing but tried to make amends for her past and killed her in a blinding flash.



It was a piece of art you created.......not just entertainment, not just a show. Sincerest wishes that you and all those involved never forget that.

Denver, CO


Very depressing.



Sad and disappointed. Not that Xena died - I truly expected that. But the manner in which she died was not honorable - not so much the beheading, but the defiled and naked body afterwards. What ever message is this to send to women? I'm sad that this is something TPTB saw as honorable - there is a real and dark part of their soul if they thought this a good thing. Very scary actually. These would not be people I would want to associate with in real life.

Sad and disappointed in the plot. Were we all watching the same show? I bought into the idea that through love Xena could achieve redemption. I had no idea death was the answer. I didn't see Xena's decision to stay dead heroic at all - selfish would be more like it. Her redemption about Gabrielle's future. To send her soul mate on the road of the warrior, a road she had said she was not happy about, was a selfish act. How can Xena be redeemed if she's selfish. Staying dead was a copout - taking the easy way out. And the plot did nothing to set it up - it was sprung on us and Gabrielle at the last moment. Why would Xena send Gabrielle off for her body and go through all she did if she had no intention or knew she could not return. Again, another scary message to send and people who I would not wish to know.

I'm rambling now. Anyway, those are my thoughts.




Houston, TX


I was appalled, outraged, saddened, and very disappointed!



I haven't seen the episodes but have read the WHOOSH synopsis for both. After sobbing my heart out, I got mad. That's NOT the way to end it. NOT UNLESS THERE'S A MOVIE COMING!!!! One that will be a quest for Xena like the one for Spock with Star Trek and have her come back at the end so she and Gabrielle literally live happily ever after. Since this IS a fantasy, I WANT my happy ending.....



i thought the xena finally was ultimately lame and pathetic -- the word ' redemption' literally means/implies ' to get one's life back' not to stay stuck in death. in a lot of Asian films your have this ' angst' about life (' hidden tiger, crouching dragon'), a sense of loss and sorrow. xena's guilt was resolved in a martyr complex that needed ' avenging', instead of freedom and true redemption won by love & forgiveness. it was pathetic -- after six years we are left with a female ' obi-wan-kenobi', saying to gabby,... " listen to the sound behind the sound",... yeah baby, ' use the force!' pathetic -- what a waste. too bad.



I was very disappointed



I was terribly disappointed. Xena's gruesome death upset me very much.



I am deeply disturbed and disappointed by the final episode of Xena. How can any true Xenite be satisfied with this outcome.



I was disappointed. Rob Tapert said Xena wouldn't die in the end. When Hercules ended, Herc and Iolaus got to walk into the sunset.

I had hoped since Xena had to die in the end, they would show her talking to Archangel Michael about her rebirth into the Mother of Peace body in India, with Michael confirming that Gabrielle would be reborn as the Indian Prince in about 30 years or so.

Despite all of this, it was a good show.



The show had ONE thing unique that made most of all Xena fans all over the world tune in every week for six years: the beautiful chemistry between Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor (aka Xena/Gabrielle) on screen, if you put this in mind the end of the show didn't bring the fans justice they deserved. Am I right?



Tapert created Xena, Tapert took her away. It's business. It's a TV show. It's fiction.

Xena the action hero was transcended by:
1. The relationship/love story with Gabrielle
2. The character development of Gabrielle.

He let these 2 things happen in the name of business, then in jealousy/revenge/sado-artism, he took them all away. IMHO only, of course. We'll see how Oxygen reacts to what he has done to their financial investment.



Count me in as very very very very very very very DISAPPOINTED.



I wanted a happy ending with X & G growing old together reflecting back on their past adventures. FIN has generated tons of grief and people are really struggling to find a way to channel it. This is NOT entertainment, folks. It's OK to justify killing off a character, but it's not OK to kill off an icon. There is too much emotional investment with an icon.



Just another (former) Xenite chiming in w/ my 2 cents on what a letdown this is for me. There are so many things I'd like to get off my chest about this manner that I don't even know where to begin. Perhaps another time when my thoughts are clearer.

FWIW, regardless of my disappointment over the series finale, I really can't express my gratitude to you enough for providing me w/ some of the finest coverage of the Xenaverse over the last few yrs. Thank you & please keep up your wonderful work [The only thing that kept us going was a very responsive and very generous fandom. Xenites rule! -Ed.]



Disappointed doesn't begin to cover it.



That sucked...



Horrified actually.



and mad! Gabrielle and Xena not being together was a real let down!



Heroes die in real life. Our fantasy heroes need to do the things that we can't do and find the happiness we all wish for, so our fantasy heroes need to live. If there had been solid rumours about the potential for a follow-up, made-for-TV movie then I could have bridged the gap, knowing that FIN would have a future resolution or, shall we say, party trick. Without that, the death of a fantastic hero just makes me heartsick, not entertained.

XWP has been a wonderful trip. Now it looks like it's up to the fans to make Xena live on.



disappointed is the understatement. devastated is more like it. I'm not just some tender-hearted young thing here - we're talking 56-year-old career news photographer who was also a combat photographer. no doubt others have seen worse, but I've seen enough that not too much bothers me these days. but i just finished watching fin2 after a friend in the states fed-exed me a cassette, and i spent an hour or more weeping in the confines of my room.

so, ok - I'm off to look for a new therapist now to deal with this - but i hope you had an opportunity to convey some sense of the hurt and dismay in the xenaverse to RT, LL and ROC. and i hope maybe soon you'll have some good news about a breakthrough on the the film front. I've seen people suggest T.V. movies for x:wp and the bbop (battling bard etc.), but hey, if james t. kirk, space-slut of the federation, could make the big screen, then xena and gabbers can too. and if no one else can figure out how to bring her back for the 40,000th time, i can come up with at least five internally consistent, yaxi-free ways. not least of which is mr. ares "sorry, sis, i got a thing for her" god of war. i mean, he is a god again, after all. and then there's ditzy 'Ditey -- and i have no doubt the goddess of love knows how to get someone's head back on their shoulders. but hey - if it comes to a movie, I'm sure missy g or katherine f can do a better script than I

anyway, i just wanted to say that if i can think about FIN 1+2 for more than 15 seconds without seeing Hanging Xena, Xena's head on the table and Xena the Walking Pincushion - 15 seconds is about how long it takes until the Niagra Falls to start flowing - I'll be sending something to the Group Therapy Issue.

Thanks for listening/reading this overlong message. Remember . .

Go not gently into that dark night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Hamburg, Germany


I still just can't quite grasp that they would kill Xena off. Gabrielle now must bear an enormous amount of grief for the rest of her life. Granted, the two previous episodes show us that even fate and death cannot separate them, but I can't imagine Xena being okay with causing her "soulmate" that much pain, especially as a direct result of once again being manipulated by someone we just learned about in the last episode. Unfortunately, although the viewer cares somewhat about the 40,000 lost souls and Xena's "unredeemable" past life of crime, her death for this cause just seems unbelievable. I realize that some finality had to be achieved here, but I'd have rather had them both die for something they believed in than have Gabrielle facing life totally alone, spirit Xena or not. I think most fans will be very shocked and saddened that the sunset they looked for was used to say an empty and depressing good-bye instead of expressing an enduring belief that somewhere(missing scrolls aside) Xena and Gabrielle live on to fight for good the next day.



Yup. Disappointed and disgusted.



I love Xena, but RT really blew it. The series had a chance to be historic with respect to popular images of women on television, but morphed into crap.

Xena's death was physically and psychically brutal (not to mention ill conceived). For what it's worth, the collective karma of a town that would torment rather than comfort a grieving woman led to the fire that caused the destruction of the 40000 lives - it's not like Xena went out of her way to torch them because she was evil.

Stupid stupid stupid. Tapert and company wanted to end the show as sensationally and as quickly as possible. It's too bad - had he done it differently the show may have made the history books. Guess he was just too close to it. It's everyone's loss.



Unbelievably disappointed. It was particularly gory and the decapitation of Xena was violent and despicable. How terrible to have one's hero of six years be shown decapitated and full of arrows! It was also very stupid and full of inconsistencies - Xena's hand goes through the chakram but she is able to touch Gabrielle. The whole thing about her having to avenge the souls just came up out of nowhere in the last few minutes - with all the other inconsistencies, she could just have easily avenged them alive.

There were lots of terminator-type effects which are probably good for the producers, etc. but who cares - I wanted Xena and Gabrielle. I would have wanted them to go off into the sunset together, or at least have the series end with a smile instead of a puzzled look of pain and confusion. How painful to have Xena meet such an ignominious end. They should have stuck with the musical.



Very Disappointed.






No no -- more like Ares' "DIS - A - PPOINT - ED!!!" In the end, she did commit suicide after all -- she could have allowed Gab to bring her back to life, those souls didn't need *vengeance* -- that's what the show was _about_, breaking the cycle of hatred of which revenge is an integral part. Validating that vengeance message makes the 133 episodes previous feel...hollow. I do not accept it. I will not accept it. If all the souls and lives she's already saved aren't enough, then what's so special about these? Why is dying for the souls of 40,000 people she killed by *accident*, people who were actively supporting, valuing, and honouring the memory of a monstrous and bloody tyrant over that of his slayer (for whatever reason -- guys like him develop reputations, nasty ones, so they'd have known about him), more important than the many more truly innocent lives she could save? It's not as though it really made any difference to LL -- she was quitting, period. And Tapert had earlier promised he _wouldn't_ do this -- so by changing his mind, apparently well after the fact, he's shown only that he could have chosen a happier ending, one that would permit fanfic and other writers to blithely carry on from the ending, rather than having to choose between coming up with an inevitably implausible resurrection story for her (Ew), having subtextless adventures of Gabrielle w/Xena's ghost (Bigger *Ewww*), or simply ignore the finale entirely (leaving it unresolved -- biggest *Ewwwwwww* of all), but didn't -- he really _has_ broken his toys, hasn't he? Not necessarily beyond repair -- but any repairs the bards (on- or off-line, amateur or professional) can make will be pretty obvious, no matter what. "Oh my God! He killed Xena!! You b*st*rd!!!" And I think I do really mean that epithet.

who doesn't have a sense of closure at all -- just a heavy feeling in the pit of the stomach


Doesn't even begin to describe it



Only one word describes it, DISGUSTED



Very disappointed......very sad..... wish they could have end it with a happy note. Maybe they can do an epilogue, say an 1/2 hour and end it with Xena being revived. After all, I guess most fans would very much want to see that, right? BTW, if they are doing a movie based on the series, looks like Xena has be brought back to LIFE.






More appropriately, heart-broken and dazed. The kiss is nice, but it not good enough to overcome a story too weak and inconsistent to allow such a horrible end for Xena. They should have made a comedy. Or heck, if Tapert has that hard of a time thinking up a good finale, he should have called Bob Newhart for help. It was all a dream!!!



I am extremely disappointed in the way that they killed Xena. It was such a degrading way for our hero to die. I feel that it was bad enough that she had to be killed off, but to do that to the fans was just horrible. I am one of the many who would have rather seen Xena & Gabby ride off into the sunset together.

Grand Prairie, Tx


First , I would like to tell that I really admired RT in the past. I thought that at least we had a producer that cared about the fans. What a disappointment!. I don't understand why an intelligent man could not come out with an ending less cruel and brutal. He just not killed one of the main characters and Gabrielle's true personality, he also killed the joy of thousands of fans. In my case, I can't watch old episodes(thinking she had been beheaded),the pictures and every thing. I 'm going to put them in a box in the very back of my closet. Also, I would like to add that I was planning to support Lucy Lawless in her future projects not matter they were not related to Xena. Now, she can be in a ten times Oscar winner movie that I will NOT spend a penny found on the street on her, specially after her been so insensitive about how they hurt thousands of their loyal fans saying they can not please every body. She should say nobody because even some defend them in reality, they would like another ending. Finally, I hope some media can voice to all of them the hurt that they caused, even if this is just a T.V. show, because for many these characters were like friends that we followed every week.



I was disappointed because, having only watched the show for the past year -- and hearing all of the hoopla -- it seemed antiheroic that Gabrielle didn't kill herself too. Not that I didn't like the character, however, if the point of the show was a relationship that went beyond the flesh (lots to read on that one) then the character would have wanted to live eternally with Xena and would have chosen to enter the afterlife with her at the same time.



I was very disappointed that she died that way. plus she and ares should have made up and told each other that they love one another.



Extremely disappointed and saddened.



outraged betrayed disillusioned disappointed. Guess the dyke always has to die - hey?



Why Japan...? Very disjointed and confusing. Xena has defeated gods, lots of them. She's battled angels and demons... including Lucifer himself. Were we supposed to be scared by a ghost-sucker!?

All in all, I'd say the finale of Hercules was far superior... even if saying so borders on heresy!



I was entertained and loved the show. However, I was so disappointed that Xena had to stay dead. The very last act when Gabrielle was on the boat all by herself, I was admiring her strength and wanting to console her at the same time. I am disappointed because I am worried that there will be no more hope for Xena mini series ... So I loved the last 2 powerful episodes and disappointed at the same time! Can't pick one! Sorry.



There are certainly some good aspects to the episode (namely ROC's performance), but:

* rehash of The Debt, AITST and other eps they've done better
* too much emphasis on special effects and "ooooh, isn't this a cool shot" instead of the story
* murky storyline at best
* too much Akemi, too little Gabrielle and Xena
* that redemption cannot be had without death
* that love conquers nothing
* the scene where the demon whips Xena with fire until she's naked, grabs her by the neck and makes her kneel to him and calls her a whore is blatant, inexcusable sexism
* the shot of Xena starting what seems to be a nuclear bomb (mushroom cloud, other "nuclear-like" effects) is simply WRONG given this is JAPAN. It's incredibly offensive
* that Gabrielle is left alone with a ghost Xena
* that the kiss was about giving water and not about giving a kiss



Surprised and disappointed.



Disappointed and angered.




Count me disappointed I guess. Don't mind that Xena died, kinda suspected that would be the case given how dark the themes have been since mid season 3. When they said defiant, I also did not expect them to come "out" and admit the relationship was one way or another. I don't think that issue was really on their radar screen as one to resolve or get involved with. So, I knew deep down I suspected that death would be that defiant action. But wow, how brutal. I really wished both had died - I mourn their separation - until Gabs dies. Still ticked that Gabs let Xena get away with it. Still ticked that Xena choose her supposed redemption (death) over love. Still ticked that the writers choose to introduce so much new backstory into the show - it really wasn't that interesting and took far too much time away from Xena and Gabs together.



Sounds like a normal response.



Totally shocked and saddened...haven't stopped crying yet



How original can you not be! Variation on going back to Chin to get Ming Tien. Major special effects doth not a good story make. And, no finaaaaal end. Shades of Spock dying,only to be brought back in a next sequel. This ending lets the door open to motion picture time should a deal appear in the future and the gals feel interested enough and in good shape enough to do it. On Xena, you do not only die once! Feel Tapert, et al, took major advantage of the loyalty of fans, foisting on the viewer a real stinker!!!



Disappointed?? I am furious! Surely the series could have been laid to rest on a more positive note. I doubt I can bring myself to watch these shows again on videotape - much too painful. I know this is just a TV show, but, Rob T., we DO care about the characters and what they represent. How could you do this to such loyal fans?



You forgot Upset, p*ss*d off, betrayed.................

And I don't call myself a hardcore fan either........



So disappointed...so not surprised..So familiar to have a strong woman killed off or a woman in love with a woman killed off. Does Tapert realize how conventional this is?



Disappointed doesn't even come close to how I feel about the ending!!!!!



very disappointed..............



Disappointed doesn't even cover it.!!!



disgusted is more like it as well as disillusioned.




ya think Rob is going to bother to read Whoosh now? I doubt it.

Off on vacation.



At first I was excited about it because it had such an emotional impact; but later became disappointed, since the final had so many plot holes and a weak premise for Xena's end.



oh I was disappointed. :)



I am sick...I haven't even viewed part 2 yet...read the spoiler though and the fact that they killed xena in the very last episode where there will be no redemption..... I am heart broken, I thought her and Gabrielle would like walk off into the sunset together so to speak....If you kill xena then kill Gabrielle too....they both live or they both die (in which case they would still be together)....really sick about it.....



How could you be anything BUT disappointed. How sad to close this show disappointing all that cared so much.






I am disappointed that they had to kill of xena why?



I was disappointed by a number of things.

1. Why Japan? I guess they wanted something "different?" but I was hoping it would end closer to where it started.

2. I was also hoping for a few more closers with other characters, i.e. Ares, etc.

3. Xena dying was a bitch obviously but surprisingly not the most disappointing part.

Overall, it was entertaining but not at all what I was hoping for. Renee O'Connor was great though and I will seriously miss this show.



No other hero, I can recall has ever been killed; let alone ripped from their soul-mate



I read the outline of the finale and must say,"I'm Saddened & disappointed. I've been a big fan for the entire 6 years. I don't see how we can be expected to swallow the idea that Xena would give up her life & life with Gabrielle over someone/or something we are just now hearing about. Part 1 I couldn't really get into so I was hoping the Part 2 would get better...but it turns into a nightmare. I've only read the spoilers...and am not sure I want to see it on film. The only good thing is we all know they left room for some good story lines. But to be over...is crazy. HOW CAN Gabrielle go on. They both should have went into the spirit world. We saw how heartbroken and lost Xena was when she thought Gabrielle was dead. Two soulmates can't be kept apart!!!!


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