Whoosh! Issue 58 - July 2001
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Group Therapy #066-081


From: Kathy Mel
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Xena's final episode

Well, I had read about it all week over the Internet. I knew what was going to happen, but sitting here and watching, there are all types of emotions going through me right now. Awe, great sadness, horror (at seeing Gabrielle's finding Xena's arrow ridden, naked, headless body) and anger.

Let me start off saying I do not know if I am a typical Xena fan. My husband and son starting watching Hercules' movies in the begging, than the Legendary Journeys, then our favorite Xena. I am a grandmother of 3 little girls, (with the oldest, 3) eagerly watching each episode, chatting, Xena, Xena. My husband and I both are fans of the show, and we are deeply sad at seeing it end.

But I have a few thoughts on the last 2 episodes, Friend In Need.

First of all I have a few questions. Why was the army (I guess sent by the Lord of the Darkland) marching on the town? Why at that time? This was not let know. Why did Xena let Gabrielle believe that she would be brought back to life, only to stop her in the end?

I understand Xena's deep pain and her need for redemption. How she could never forgive herself, no matter how much "greater good" she did. And that even when she went through holy purification in Fallen Angel. (even Callisto found redemption and forgiveness). Is not God's forgiveness the greatest forgiveness?

As a whole, the series, I have so much enjoyed Gabrielle growth in the show. From a wide eyed girl, who followed Xena, ("I want to be a warrior, like Xena") to her courage, kindness, the willingness to see the good in people. To her pain, betrayal, and ultimately, her lose of her greatest friend. Also at her courage to go on, which sometimes is the hardest thing to do.

Thank you for letting vent. I am not a writer, just a fan who through the years enjoyed the show, and will deeply miss it. I am so sorry to see it end.

But as my daughter (23) says, "Mom, it is just a TV show". Well, I think it was a little more than a TV show.

Good bye Xena, I hope you have found your peace at last.

Think they will make a series with Gabrielle?

Kathy Mel


From: Dar Royer
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Group Therapy Session Submission

I had, unfortunately, been spoiled as to the ending of the final episode almost one week before it aired in my neck of the woods. Xena dies! How could she die and how would I survive? My initial reaction was total disbelief. How could TPTB kill off their franchise? Star Trek has the foresight not to kill Captain Kirk...at least not right away. My disbelief turned to a feeling of betrayal, betrayal that TPTB would kill off our heroine. Disbelief turned to denial. Maybe, somehow, she wouldn't die when I saw the episode on my television. That's right...this was all just a big hoax to fake out the satellite viewers and make the fans think she died. Lo and behold, by some miracle, she really wouldn't die when the "real" episode aired. Then, I read the spoilers about the Museum of Television and Radio showing of the episode with Rob, RJ, Lucy, and Renee. Well, I guess she really does die. I had a tough time sleeping the rest of the week filled with a sense of dread. I'd wake up at all hours and just say to myself, "Xena's going to die on Saturday afternoon, and there's nothing you can do to stop it."

Well, Saturday afternoon finally came, and, you know what, I managed to somehow face my fears and sit down and watch the episode with a heavy heart. And, you know what, I actually like it.... a lot. Sure, I would have rather seen Xena live, and up until the very last shot, I thought maybe somehow, the version on my television would change and she would live. (Gee, am I an optimist or what?) But, alas, she didn't live. And, you know what, I survived.

In fact, I felt myself feeling so proud of Gabrielle. I, like many, came to see the series as the story about the growth of Gabrielle. It was during the episode "When in Rome" when I felt that Gabrielle was starting to see that life wasn't as black and white as she had previously seen it. She made a difficult choice in that episode and, even though her blood innocence had been previously lost, I felt she lost a bit of her naivete in that episode. The "little, innocent Gabrielle" was truly gone.

In the Friend in Need episodes, I saw Gabrielle so full of the life and lessons Xena had taught her. She had truly lived and learned with her Warrior Princess and was certainly shown to be her equal in fighting and problem-solving. However, she bested Xena in morality, as she always had. What reached out and touched me the most in the final episode was the fact that Gabrielle is so much stronger than Xena. Time and time again, Gabrielle does the right thing when maybe Xena wouldn't have. In "One Against an Army", Xena is willing to abandon her plans to hold off the Persians in order to save Gabrielle's life. She feels she has fulfilled her debt and she now wishes only to care for Gabrielle. However, it is Gabrielle who convinces Xena to stay and fight the fight for the greater good. The ending of Friend in Need once again and definitively demonstrates the strength of the bard. Xena infinitely trusts in the moral compass that is Gabrielle; otherwise, she could not and would not have asked Gabrielle to let her remain. If their positions were reversed, would Xena have been strong enough to allow Gabrielle to stay dead? We, of course, will never know the answer to that question, but I'm not sure Xena could have survived without Gabrielle, and I'm not sure she could have made that difficult choice. Gabrielle, however, knows morally that she must honor Xena's request despite her overwhelming sadness and the profound loss of her Soulmate. Gabrielle is strong enough, and Xena knows it, to abide by Xena's last request. In the final moments of the episode, the feeling that most filled my heart was a great respect for Gabrielle and her courage in the face of an impossible request. Given similar circumstance, I doubt that I could make the decision Gabrielle made.

Of course, lest you think differently, I would not exactly call myself happy at the end of the episode. Despite having had the privilege of viewing an extraordinary journey of a character from innocent farm girl to heroine, I am quite broken up. I am sad that Xena died. And, I want you to know that I cried.....a lot. But, I'm not sure if my tears were more from the death of the character Xena or the loss of a television show that has meant so much to me in so many ways. I will no longer wait for Saturday afternoons with unbridled anticipation. I will no longer search the internet for the slightest tidbit about the next adventure of the Warrior and the Bard. However, my life has been forever changed by their story and by the fandom that has grown up around these characters. As a woman, they showed me and millions around the world that women characters can be strong and independent. As a lesbian, they gave me courage to be proud of who I am. As a human being, they made me think about the greater good. As a fan, they introduced me to a community of devoted, generous and creative people like fandom has never seen. That a show can do all of that is incredible. Yeah, maybe the character Xena died in the final episode. However, all that her show created will never die. And, I can live with that.

Dar Royer


From: Dawn Dutra
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: FIN 1 and 2

I just finished watching the series finale of Xena. It left me upset, cold and hurting. That is not the way Xena should have ended. There was no enjoyment to the episodes for me. Just wanted to share my thoughts and I can't even do that because I am too upset over the ending.

Dawn Dutra


From: BCBard
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Xena ending

I understand the show is canceled and that Lucy Lawless did not want to do this anymore, but the ending was wrong. I actually had to stop for a few minutes to find the right word to end the last sentence. All six seasons we have watched these two soul mates fight for their love, and to just let it die without a fight was too easy. Knowing that there is no seventh season with a miraculous resurrection, this ending leaves me very wanting. I really did expect her to die, but to leave Gabrielle alone with no one was not in the flow of all the previous shows. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is: What's the point? The shows over.



From: Sarah Catherine Eno
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: group therapy

I just finished watching "Friend in Need, II". I was disappointed at how ad hoc the ending was. As many people have said, I just didn't buy it. So, I've been amusing myself trying to think of a new ending. Since TPTB seemed to want Xena to die, and for Gabrielle to come into her own,I've been trying to think of an ending that would accomplish this..

The Greeks are bummed that Xena killed their gods for no good reason (here is something I think Xena can really feel guilt about. After all, she was supposedly reformed at this point). They hear that if they kill Xena, the gods will come back to life. They get together in a huge army. Xena admits to Gabrielle that she does really feel guilty about this whole killing the god's thing, but Gabrielle convinces her she can still do more good alive. The army comes and kills Xena. Gabrielle vows to save her. She goes down to the underworld and meets Hades. He shows her Xena reborn as a little baby, nestling in her mother's arms (as innocent as a babe ;). He says he can bring Xena back to Gabrielle, but he would have to kill the baby. Gabrielle decides to let Xena be reborn. She says "I know this is not the end. there are worlds and worlds for us to be together".

Well, I hope everybody can think of an ending that will cheer them up!



From: GLGStar
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: (no subject)

i wouldn't give up a perfect relationship to save 40,000 lost souls. what can i say. in addition to that, Akemi or whatever her name had tricked xena. first she tricks her in teaching her the pinch, condemns xena by having her bring her ashes to some place or another. if it wasn't for that chicky xena would still be with gabrielle. plus the the akimee b*tch held the truth back from xena about the 40 000 souls yada yada would become lost if she were to recover her body.

love the show loooooooooooove xena and gabrielle but boy am i super p*ss*d at that dumb b*tch kimee or akimee whatever her name was but d*mn u have to admit she was one cute damn b*tch :)


From: Dave
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Finale

Not only was "A Friend in Need" a beautiful and stirring series finale, It was one of my favorites of the series. Kudos to everyone involved. I know some people were disappointed but I thought it was terrific. Here's to 6 great years. Battle On!



From: Amy Murphy
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: My full rattling review

First let me say that Renee did an outstanding job, each facial expression she gave I felt. Seeing our bard grow into the superior woman made me proud. Lucy was wonderful as usual, seeing that she had a heart back in the dark times was good to see. The acting was very good, they women make it. The special effects were very good.

I will love this show and the actress no matter what. I will be proud to say I'm a Xenite. Lucy and Renee, thank you for six wonderful years of hard work and love. Rob and crew, thanks for making this series. Now for the buts. LOLL! This whole end was a cop out! All the special effects in the world cannot make up for it.

I just saw it all the way thru and my emotions are at full load. Its hard to type, cry and shake, so forgive me spelling errors. Let me say that I was disappointed and felt this was the easy way out. I don't hate Mr. Tapert, I just.. I can't support him in anything else. He has to fix this tragic error.

In China back then for a warrior to die with honor, they took their heads and Xena got that. The man who took Xena's didn't do it to give her honor, it was a trophy. He displayed her head and body to say he took down the great princess. Gods it hurt so much to see that, but there's when Renee comes it, she made me feel.

Lets step back to the start. I have never seen or heard Xena ask Gabrielle what she would do. Xena always took the reign. Who said Gabrielle would have died too. Did Xena have a leprechaun on her shoulder telling her these things? Why did Xena do this even before she found out about the quote souls? Gabrielle was still not at her top game and still learning about being a warrior. Gabrielle got her b*tt kicked by Valeria OK?

Akemi betrayed Xena by doing the pinch on her father who in turn took those souls. Xena in her pain, face it, her heart ached, she was drunk, still mainly in her dark half. She defended herself so she could honor her friend who showed her she can love. She didn't set out to set the village on fire, it was an accident which would have never happen if Akemi didn't betray her. So this plot of the story, does not fly with me.

In Legacy when Gabrielle who was struggling if she was a warrior or not, accidentally that young man. Xena didn't let her die, she knew it was an accident and it was something the bard would have to live thru and hopefully redeem. The way I was think of this plot. Xena was hurting so much when she found out she accidentally set fire and it killed many, it was easier to stay dead and not to go on. She took the easy way out.

I was waiting for the part when Akemi said the souls are free, but will not be in grace unless they are avenged. It was never said, Xena's guilt was too much this time around. MHOP In fact Akemi thanked her for sending her into grace, and freeing the others.

It makes me wonder when we watch in season five she got Lao Ma's power and banished that army of over 100,000 to save Chin or when she took on the Persians to save all of Athens. It all meant nothing? To me the person who did this, Akemi should be the person for avenging, not Xena. Xena helped her soul be set free and all those others, debt paid.

When the h*ll did Gabrielle learn to do flips, full sword fighting and throw the chakram? That left me saying, HUH? Yes, they kissed, or Gabrielle did. Yes, you can see they have strong love, so why sentence the person who you know is the other half of your soul to walk alone? Seeing Gabrielle on that boat talking to the spirit in her heart, was hard to watch. No, on that boat, Xena was no ghost. We all talk to our loved ones when they pass.

When Xena held her for one last time that was the end of Xena. No, she will never leave Gabrielle, she is in her heart. OK, I guess that was a lame way for the writers to keep the promise of in death I'll never leave. I like thinking that more the Xena the Warrior Ghost. there are so many holes in this story its not funny. This is one ending where I didn't feel good, it made me feel bad. One of the worst things you can do to a person is take their hope, mine is gone.

Were they that tired of the show? Soul Possession which was from the past, why did they shoot most of it where Xena had the new chakram? Another thing that makes me sad is you can see, this is the end. Then the sale of all the props, Xena is dead and gone. Long live our bards. Bless Missy, T. Novan, CN Winters, and all, we will need you more then ever.

Now my point about kids, cartoon these days are sometime more violent the Xena will ever be, well after this last EP, I might be stretching it here. I saw all those little kids with their hero. Xena was a hero. This will be hard to explain. When Gabrielle was held over the pit and Dahak had his way, my nephew thought the fire kidnapped Gabby and Xena had to fight the horned guy off to save her. Xena was the hero.

Adults knew it was rape, not kids. They didn't see physically a man forcing himself on a woman. So that is mute point. This a kid will know the violence to their hero, that is sad. You cannot dismiss that some kids had her as a hero. I wish I had a picture of the kids dressed up at the convention. What are you going to say to the? I remember when they killed off Superman. Fans hated it and now he's back. No, I don't think this was violence towards women. No one say squat when women were hanging from crosses in the show.

All truth being, none of us was truly ready for our hero to die, especially this harshly. The arrows, they didn't show the head being severed, (THANK GOD). That should have been enough, no to add to the insult, we saw her hung from the tree, this time you can see without the head, and her head in a place of honor. This was a bad thing to do. Just sick, its like stabbing then twisting the knife to prove the point. Well, done I say. It will give me nightmare's. I told my nephew no more Xena, she had to go off into the sunset. Like the kid in me wanted her to do.

We will never know from the directing or acting point of view, like they will never gather the concept of the fans. This was nothing more then one huge cop out, maybe a small part of revenge towards Studios USA. Who knows.

My one feeling this was a big END! Xena will not be back, they made it that way. That I cannot forgive. Lucy said they never took the easy way out, well they did. This really had no heart, no heart for the fan. I would have been to hard to sit down and write something with soul to please the people who loved the show so.

Now to all the fans I hear, burning, getting rid of stuff and bashing. Well, I can understand the pain, but where would we be if this show was never made. In a way it was our faults for loving it so much. Instead of being fair weathered fans. Remember how Lucy and Renee worked 16 hour days, in all sorts of weathers to give you one hell of a ride.

I'm not happy with Mr. Tapert, but I don't hate him. He made a poor choice like we all do. We need to gather together more then ever and support, like any friends would do? I pray this will be fixed, until then like said before. When Fates Collide was my end, so this year was wonderful and complete to me. Thank you for all the wonderful years. Fix this RJ and Mr. Tapert please. Lucy, Renee. I hope one day to see you both work together again, Wish the best for you both in everything. Love you both! Bards, fill me with stories, my heart needs it. Battle On with tears!


From: ScaleyG
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Good-bye is too hard to take !

O.K. I just watched the 2 hour finale . Does anyone else feel unbelievably sad that we'll never see a happy ending ? We come so far creating a world where you can show your affections for the one you love yet our heroes end their days together but not allowed to touch.

Is it me or will any of us ever get what we need ? Yeah,,,I know it's just a TV show right ? Not to me, I loved it . I loved them . And now I will have to love the re-runs and videos and get over it .

At least it could have ended with both of them on the same side of reality ? Is that really to much to ask ?



From: Tara
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: why did they kill her?

I liked everything but the end. How could he think it was a good idea that Xena dies at the end? The rest of the episode was really good but I'm disappointed that Gabby and Xena didn't get to live out their lives together. Now, more than ever we need a movie. One more thing... I didn't need to see Xena's body humiliated like that and neither did Gab. She should have been brought back to life. I'll miss the show terribly.



From: Betsy
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: A meditation on loss, betrayal and redemption

Well, i waited until i could see this 'finale' with my own, two eyes. I had already been 'spoiled'; for which i was grateful---i *hate* nasty surprises! I also waited to 'undergo therapy' until i had experienced the ending's wretched resolution, for myself. (Thanks, Kym!) And i wanted to characterize the ending of my favorite show as just that: Nasty. But another word now comes to mind: *Mean* (in most of the word's colloquial/slang meanings). Look, i ain't no kid nor am i a crybaby---in the 'life-span' of this show I've endured the loss of my partner, several friends, beloved pets *and* my mother---so this sense of loss, while strong, pales in comparison. But what Mr. Tapert did was just plain *mean* (spirited) and SO unnecessary! You asked us to grapple with the reasoning behind the decision of TPTB, so I'm going to give it a shot, however 'over-the-top it may seem. Could it be because our legions of fanfic writers had the temerity to take *his/their* creation(s) and 'flesh' her/them out in ways he/they didn't approve of?: "You 'corrupted' my 'toys', so I'm gonna grind 'em into the ground, 'cause i can---so there!" (Hear 'voices' much, girl?) Honestly, i can't think of any other reason. Mr. Tapert seemed pretty cool/tolerant, for a straight guy; he certainly didn't seem capable of this kind of betrayal, let alone *lying* about what he intended to do! Of course, Tapert isn't solely to blame for this breach of trust. Many others had input, I'm sure---where were Lucy's and Renee's "veto powers"*, for example, in this? (*see the edifying MTR reviews on this site) And I'll admit, this betrayal *was* 'softened', somewhat, with the sheer beauty, the lushness, the acting, the writing (*and* the directing) of the final two episodes. *Especially* the award-deserving acting. There were so many 'moments' to treasure...from Lucy's (Judy) Garland-esque turn in Part I, to Renee's agony when she had to say good-bye, for the last time...to that extremely sensuous and tender scene between the two of them (you *know* which one i mean!)...I'll give him his 'props' for those things. And, having said all this, i simply won't allow this fiasco finale destroy what this show represented to me! The way i feel about this series, as a whole, *still* remains the same as what i expressed on MaryD's tribute page...written before i even had an inkling about what would eventually transpire in the finale. Sigh... I suppose I'm still in shock. But, i *do* know that "time heals all wounds (and wounds all heels", Mr. Tapert!). Thus, i *will* recover. Which brings me to the issue of redemption. I imagine that now it's Mr. Tapert's turn to "redeem" *him*self---although it's hard to imagine *how*, at this point. Could he ever, to our satisfaction? Was this all a 'set up' for his dreams of a movie? If so, he has seriously compromised a loyal (not to mention, vocal) fan-base. It will be interesting to 'hear' an explanation, if any, from him. O.K., I've droned on enough. I want to close by thanking you all at Whoosh! for the 'couch session'. I'm gonna work through all of the stages of grief, i promise, and make you proud of me! (: Yours in disillusionment~

Betsy from Texas


From: Dave
Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2001
Subject: Bring Back Xena

I can't believe how Tapert ended this show. Killed off the titled character and left the one she loved to wonder the world alone. gabrielle Has no one. All she has now is that everyone will fill she is touched in the head because she is talking to herself,Xena's ghost. The fans do not forget or forgive and it is obvious , now more so than ever before, that Tapert has absolutely no clue or intention of finding one on what truly makes a successful show. It is not the producing, writing, directing. This is only a small part. Less than five percent. Ninety-five percent of what makes a show a success is how the fans and only the fans take to a show. You can have the greatest team there is on the screen and behind but if the fans are not there then you have nothing but an appointment at the unemployment line. Tapert seems to believe that we as fans make up only a small percent of what makes a show a success. After what he has done here to this show may God have mercy on him because the fans will not. We neither forgive or forget and Tapert is in for some very hard times in the future for any show that has his name attached is destined to fail because once the fans find out they will cease to support it because they will not want to be present when the axe ( perhaps that should be dumb a**) Tapert feels he knows more about what the fans like and will never listen to the fans.



From: Sunny Scott
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001
Subject: Season Finale????

My response to the Season Finale?

Sadly, very disappointed. I wish I hadn't watched it. They seemed to have missed the mark completely and violated the basic premise of the Xenaverse.

Technically, it was beautifully done and it was of course, superbly acted but unfortunately, it was not at all emotionally satisfying. I am left with only sad images.

I'm sorry they felt this was an appropriate ending. I think they were very wrong.

PS. I taught my parrot to whistle the Xena theme. Now I'm going to have to kill my parrot.


From: sydney x
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001
Subject: The death of a show!!

All week prior to the ending of Xena, I was so excited, I just couldn't wait until I saw the end of the show. Having to have to come to grips that the series was over was one thing, but the way it ended was so totally another story. What on God's green earth were they thinking???? I awoke this morning to watch the last 15mins of the Friend in Need, Pt 2, even though I was taping it. Well that said it all, I knew the rest. Well I thought I did until I jumped on the web and read that Xena was killed off in a very terrible manor. I refuse to watch the rest of that 2 hr garbage.. After all we have been through with Xena and Gabby, all the controversy over their relationship. Rob Tapert, and RJ Stewart, caved in, wienied out, wimped out, crawled out, slimed out, "SOLD OUT", from us, the people who made them a star!!!!! If it weren't for us that show wouldn't have gone on. If you don't have viewers you don't have a show.

We have seen Xena and Gabby killed by the Gods, only to be raised to kick butt another day. And now I'm to believe that these jerks in Japan did her in! I say NO!!

This is my vow as a true Xena fan, I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH THE LAST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!! Its banned from my home........ I bought the Season 6 video collection but will never watch that last show...

What were they thinking.. Xena and Gabby didn't have to end like that. They didn't kill off Hercules, he got to ride into the sunset with his side kick. The only way Tapert and Stewart could ever get any respect out of me again would be "DO ANOTHER SERIES ENDER"!!! MAKE RIGHT WHAT YOU SO CRUELY SCREWED UP!!!!!!!! Are you two guys "woman haters"?? How cruel can you be. I'm so outraged by that last 15 mins, that I could scream..... I was so pumped up only to be killed right along with Xena......

Xena and Gabby were the best thing on TV and now you've ruined it. You morons, you both are the "WEAKEST LINKS"!!!!!

In my heart and soul, Xena and Gabby will go on forever even though you bozos killed them both.. You made them go through hell, and killed them both so many times over the last 6 years and now you made it final. You've made it so they cant go on even in someones heart.

Its so final, I'm speechless and all I'm doing at this point is yelling through this e-mail and rambling. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!

But I will have Xena and Gabby live on in my mind in spite of you idiots.. I wish R. Tapert and RJ Stewart nothing but bad luck, and writers block for the rest of their lives..... Those two have me so upset that I've lowered myself to this kind of behavior..

I thank you for your time and the opportunity to vent. Xena and Gabby ROCK! And they live forever together in my heart, soul, and mind!!

Battle on Xena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



From: CLR
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001
Subject: Too Many Questions

I can't say I was surprised, and I am not truly disappointed, and I don't know what you mean by "cut the cord" but I feel it left too many questions unanswered. Such as:

1. How come the ghost are not truly free?
2. If Xena was redeemed then why did she feel she had to remain dead? I just didn't understand her explanation.
3. If Gabs is truly a "warrior" now why didn't she go with her own feelings and bring Xena back anyhow?
4. Do the ghosts actually need a keeper, and does that have to be Xena?
5. What will Gabrielle do now? Continue to fight or go back to being a bard?
6. Why did Xena wait till her final hour and final show to show Gabs everything she knows?

Aside from my many questions I didn't like the fact that we were led on to believe that Xena would be brought back to life. I really think they should have killed off both characters side by side. It was a sad way for the show to end leaving many unanswered questions.



From: Marian
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2001
Subject: Xena

As high priestess of Whoosh, I'm sure you get enough e-mails about Xena, but I just want to say one thing:


I now return you to your regular programming...


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