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Disappointed #201-255


Unfitting ending! Gabrielle should have disregarded Xena's wishes and said, we will spend the rest of our lives together searching and saving the 40,000 lost souls.



I found the series finale exceptionally well written and a real heart tugger, but being that I'm a fan of the happy ending, this has me in mourning. I know that Xena's been resurrected on more than one occasion but I thought that the story line made it clear that she cannot return from the dead, this time, so I find small solace in the fact that Xena's ghost is now Gabrielle's sidekick.

I hope that Rob Tapert's supposed comment that he'd love to do a Xena movie is true and is something that he will do one day soon. Season six has been one of my favorites.



I guess you could say I'm disappointed. But I'm sad. All in all I thought it was a great story and agreed that by Xena opting to die at the end was really the best way for it to go. All along the series has been about how she has grown as an individual and has been trying to atone for her past wrongs. So it seems the logical choice for her to die. However, my heart broke for Gabrielle.

Although TPTB and USA studios apparently have no desire, at this time, to make a movie, if they do, I think the way the show ended today will allow them to pursue some very interesting story lines.

Nevertheless, the outcome was still sad and I'll miss Xena and Gabrielle.

Dallas, Tx


I think they got away from everything that made the show what it was.


I will allow no one to take Xena & Gab and all there lessons learned away from me.



Now I don't even want to watch reruns. Xena's dead, what's the point?



I thought the finale was great, and the ending fit nicely, but I still think Xena and Gabrielle are supposed to grow old and grey together!



It's not that is was a bad ep.....but it just left me feeling so flat...so empty. Why, why, why would they end the show that way? Now Gabrielle is alone....can't believe they did that. I can only hope that they may have ended it this way because it is a good set up for a Xena movie, where they can put things right again. Lets hope so.... God I will miss this show.....I know there will never be another like it.



What a sad way to end a wonderful 6 year run. It broke my heart - why did it have to end that way? Was that done so people won't pester Mr Tapert and Ms Lawless in the future about a movie sequel? I don't know if I will ever be able to watch the reruns. It would have been nice to have some closure - to see Eve again, and Joxer's son, and Argo. And have a happy ending where the Heroes ride off into the sunset together - I wondered how the final episode would end - NEVER did I consider that Xena would be killed off - separated from Gabrielle for the rest of Gabby's lifespan in that time. Oh, they can say that Xena & Gabrielle aren't really separated...but they are. It didn't have to end this way. So disappointed



I just returned from the National Women's Music Festival and, while there, had the opportunity to see the movie"The Children's Hour", for those of you who haven't caught it on late nite TV, it deals with two woman who run a school for girls until they are accused of being unnatural (lesbians) by an evil student. As was the formula of the day, (the film was made in the 1960's), the woman who actually was a lesbian had to die.......this similarity came to mind as I watched Gabrielle ride off to Egypt. It made me feel that because Xena & Gabrielle were in love/lovers/lesbians, they weren't allowed the happiness of riding off together into the sunset. My partner felt that this was a way for them to end the show and still leave it open for Xena to return, as she has so many times before, from the dead. I know that Xena can come back, Gabrielle does have her ashes, but it still does not feel right. The powers that be could have had Gabrielle bring Xena back and they could have sailed off into the sunset, ending the show, and leaving their further adventures to the fertile imaginations of the many talented writers out there in the Xenaverse.

In extreme disappointment,


What was Robert Tapert thinking? I feel so many things right now, but the one thing that is most prominent is betrayal. He killed Xena the first five minutes into the show and then finds a way to bring her back only to dash all our hopes the last five minutes of the show! What happened to Xena and Gabrielle riding off into the sunset? What happened to the happy ending that we, the fans, deserved? I am sad to say that I am ashamed of the way Rob Tapert decided to end the show. Disappointment isn't even close to the way I feel right now.



Really bummed that they killed Xena. Of course, if they ever have a movie I'm sure they will find a way to bring her back. Plus, I had hoped that Xena and Gabby would have found some nice guys and settled down on adjoining farms or maybe Xena could have been a sheriff and Gabby could have been the deputy. Other than Xena dying and a few other minor disappointments, the show was good.



I thought the end of Xena could have been a little less bloody. The show should have had the happy ending that Hercules had, Ron didn't kill him off, why kill Xena off.

As far as being redeemed, Releasing all of those soles should have been enough, coupled with all the good she has done since the Hercules Trilogy. Xena was my all time favorite program, and I am heart sorry that it had to end, and I have nothing more to look forward to on Sat. I loved the program, because it was original, and it did not copy any other show except for Hercules. I get tired of sitcoms, Seinfeld and all the other Dr. and Lawyer shows. You see one and you have seen them all. Hercules and Xena were refreshing and different, even though their was a tad bit of violence and blood.


Best Regards,


Most of the show was very well done but the twist at the end did not really make sense and was personally very disappointing. I wanted to see them both sailing away into the sunset together ...as mortals.



Completely "BLOWN AWAY" would be more like it. I never thought that Rob would kill off Xena...and why did it have to be so horrible. If they had to kill Xena I would have preferred them to kill Gabrielle with her. I'm hoping that after the finale airs and all the backlash really starts to hit, maybe they will commit to a movie or something that would give all the loyal fans the ending that they deserve. I'm finding it very hard to watch the repeats on Oxygen now. What can we do??



I have mixed feelings about this ep. On one side it was beautifully acted and filmed. The story was engaging; I can even understand the justice and reasoning behind it from the warrior's perspective . But I do have a problem with the violence depicted in this episode. Its purpose was to shock, rather than entertain the audience. Whether the characters were outed or not was never an issue to me. Unfortunately , the partial resolution to this question, as presented in this episode, came together with the sad assumption that homosexual love cannot be forgiven. This two people could not walked into the sunset, alive and happy. I , like many others would have hoped that Xena's redemption would come in the form of triumph of love over a dark past. Looking at the bright side, it seems that this episode is screaming for a follow-up movie. Let's think positive! Thank you for your time .



I liked the Hercules series ender more, where Herc and Iolaus retire for 10 seconds, and then it's off for more adventures somewhere down the road.

This ending smacked too much of killing the franchise because there didn't seem to be any hope of getting a Xena movie made.

In general the arc seemed too sad and dark. I think even if Xena had been magically brought back to life at the end, it still wouldn't be one of the better episodes.



I didn't like the final villain, the amount of fighting, the idea of the previous sidekick, and the ending, of course. Sue D.



I can't deal with her really being gone. Hercules got to walk off into the sunset, why not Xena????



They didn't have to KILL her. The writers can write the show any way they want to. WHAT were they thinking? Oh well, I guess they can still make a Xena movie and have her as a ghost to Gabby until Gabby can figure out a way to get Xena out of this mess the writers have gotten her into.



I'm disappointed and saddened that after six years XWP concluded with a classic cheesy Sci-Fi ending: an "I'll always be in your heart" speech then the other character is left behind, viewing the horizon with a forlorn smile.

FIN II left me feeling empty. Perhaps to TPTB XWP was never more than 'just' a TV show, but to the fans it was a ground-breaking TV show that captured our hearts with its compelling characters and (usually) fascinating story lines. The characters and the fans deserved a better send-off.



I just watched the series finally and can't believe they killed Xena and left Gabrielle alone!What happened to Love ending the circle of violence?They deserve better!!



I wanted them together - I hoped they would die, because it would be glorious, and final. But TOGETHER. This was a ripoff.



Try devastated. It's not that she died...its the half *ss*d reason they gave for having to STAY dead.



I do not want Gabby to be alone................no matter what. I felt gypped....



The best words to describe my feelings about the last episode would be "conflicted and disappointed". There where some scenes which remain in my mind, obviously Zena's decapitated head and "the kiss" among the most powerful. From the beginning what I loved about this series was the figure of a powerful heroine having adventures that where sometimes serious and sometimes nonsensical. The first three season's where, in my mind, the best. The last few forays into Christian (read Eli) subtext have been ,at best, weak. That having been said, you can probably predict my views of the finale. I really really wanted to like this episode, but in the end I must say, it had some problems. The major issue, for me, would be why does a strong female figure like Zena have to fit every cliche in the book and die? History has shown that when strong female figures cross certain lines, they must die. Xena has admitted that Gabrielle is her "soul mate", the she loves her, but in the end the only way to redeem herself was to perish. Yawn. My final two sense worth, "It was ok".



I was really hoping for Happily Ever After



It sucked

Austin, TX


Disappointed is the word I'm feeling right now???. Betrayed, let down, empty, sacrificed, depressed, angry, hurt, bewildered, sad. Those are just for starters. But the empty part is the worst. I've been, like many, a loyal fan. And now nothing! We've all been through each and every episode with Xena and Gabby as if we were all fighting side by side. And all for nothing. 40,000 souls, my foot!!! Xena has fought and taken care of 20,000 single handed and now she's so totally gone.

I'm so dumfounded, I cant even believe its ended this way. I cant even find the words for this disaster.... I'm numb...... Who cares about the kiss, I wanted the sunset walk, like Hercules. So now I've feel like I've wasted 6 years of my life. Gee thanks Tapert and Stewart.... What a couple of brave men you are...... "NOT"!!!!!!!!!!! What a waste.... What a piece of junk.... What a couple of wimps....... You guys wasted six years of my life.... I'm in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you guys are the freaking devil.............

I'm so sick, I cant even think about this anymore....... I've just found out that I've wasted 6 years of my life...... WOW, that feels great. Even that stupid show 3rd rock from the Sun had a happy ending..

Nothing those two village idiots could ever say to justify the h*ll they put Xena and Gabby through all of these years could ever make up for this. I will never ever watch anything made by those two morons again............. They thought that the "India" show banning was bad. Well I know there are others out there that will ban those names from their homes in the future.....



I am in mourning. The "show" was wonderful and deserves an Emmy but I feel as if I lost my best friend. And poor Gabrielle! It is hard to continue with such a loss.



I dunno, we were surprised, entertained, *and* disappointed. I hate polls.



I am disappointed on the ending because it showed that Xena can't pass the redemption, stay alive and be with Gabrielle, and go together on the journey. I thought the episode would show the past mistakes in her life and face different people like Marcus, her brother, Toris, her mother, and others, and Xena would show that she does atone her mistakes and forgive her especially innocent people who Xena killed before she became good. I was hoping that people would see it and accept her redemption and move on with her life.

I also was hoping that those people would see the love that Gabrielle shares with Xena and people would thank her for helping to keep Xena from going back to dark path and Xena would say "thanks, I wouldn't make it without you" and Gabrielle, would say, "no problems" or whatever. It makes sense that X and G would stay together and enjoy the ride together and get old together. I don't care if they reveal their nature of their relationship or out of the closet by say something to each other.

Ashes! I thought Xena would want to bury by next to her brother, not ashes! I thought it was off the course when G still have the ashes and couldn't come back alive.

Or, X and G could sit down and discuss about their experiences before and after they met each other and what X means to G and what G means to X and they would learn more about each other.

If it's my show, I would write a great ending by writing a story that most fans wants to see is X and G standing side by side and look at sunset together and enjoy being together then I would thank the fans for supporting the show. It seems that Rob ignored what the majority fans wants to see: X and G being together riding on horse or boat into the sunset and go on with their lives.

Akemi lied to Xena so she should pay the consequences by being burden to keep the souls alive and Xena would let go because of that, not her and left out Gabrielle?? Xena didn't know about the consequences when she visited the place with Gabrielle and it wasn't her fault, and Akemi got away easy instead of facing with Xena on why Akemi lied to her and didn't tell her the consequences.

I remember that back when the episode "Xena Scrolls" showed 1942 or 1941 the first time then changed to the number they planned to put on: 1942 or 1941 or something. I remember that Rob said that he wants to make a movie so does that mean he would bring Xena back alive and be with Gabrielle. Or when FIN 1 and 2 shows again in August or Sept, would he show the different ending? He would do that since he is in charge of the show almost all the time.

I totally disagree with the ending and I'm very disappointed that fans didn't see the ending they wanted to see. Like I said, if it's my show, I would write a story that the fans would never forget and love the ending cuz I believe that they deserve that since the fans support the show and praise the show.

It gave me the rollercoaster cuz Avs won the cup then I saw this and now I need the good news and don't worry about this one. I'm not ready for the fall to come so it is probably a long summer for me and I hope I can endure all this.

Sorry Rob, but GO AVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I thought it was really well done, but I didn't like the fact that G. was left to carry on alone. I don't buy this "I'll always be with you" crap -- dead is still dead. I think the series builds to the conclusion that somehow, some way X. will be redeemed and X. & G. will be together. What I was expecting was for BOTH of them to die which to me, would have been preferable. I suppose from an artistic standpoint, the ending they chose was better, but since when has this show had anything to do with art?



I was sort of pleased with he story line, but think they let all their women viewers down. Now Gabrielle has to spend her life without her soulmate,in the flesh,but in a more metaphysical way,in her soul and in her heart. I was a bit let down with this ending. thanks.



I was so terribly disappointed with the ending. It seems all the good Xena did was for nothing because in the end the writers told us that the only way for her to really redeem herself was to die. If they had killed her in the first episode they could have spared a lot more lives and helped her atone for her evil past a lot sooner. The message I got was that no matter what you do you can never overcome your past deeds...so why try. I don't think I'll be watching any of Renaissance Pictures future creations.



Thank goodness I read Shana's synopsis of the Series Finale. Even so, my heart ached and tears were shed over the ending. While this ep was beautifully acted by Lucy and Renee and the script was well-written by Rob and RJ, the ending was so WRONG!!

I feel that if Xena had to die to redeem herself, then in the very end Gabrielle should have been allowed to die a warrior's death so at least they could be together; not as one on this side and one on the Other Side. I can understand the writers wanting to redeem Xena. I can also relate to Gabrielle knowing what Xena knows as a warrior and being able to use her chakram. But to think the audience would be placated by the fact that Gabrielle know Xena' s spirit is always with her and therefore can get on with her life is a HUGE misjudgment on the writers' part.

We may have to get on with our life in reality---I know I did when my Mother died unexpectedly--but come on, this is a fantasy show and deserved a fantasy ending--like a Thelma and Louise ending....BOTH going out in a blaze of glory, not just one. But what's done is done and there is no going back....but to say I am disappointed is an understatement. I have taped all 6 seasons as I suppose many of us have, but we deserved better than this.

It will be interesting to read the other responses to see if many feel as I do.

Oregon, USA


I am sooooo hurt and disappointed with the ending we have been left with. I know that in real life love does not conquer all but when has Xena been reality based? I wanted to see Xena and Gabrielle ride off into the sunset together - not this! I have tried to console myself with the knowledge that the reincarnated Xena & Gaby are together as well as the clones but, truly, that is little comfort.



I hated the finale. As if killing Xena weren't bad enough, how could they wrap up six years of the series without Ares, Joxer, Callisto, Alti,& Aphrodite?



Oh ouch! These episodes prove that mainstream culture is not ready for positive lesbian interaction.



As with the last two seasons, they have moved away from the core of what xena was about. Leaving Xena in spirit was certainly not a way to end the show.



It would have been better if they had simply ridden off into the sunset and toward other unknown adventures.



I thought the series finale was supposed to answer some questions about Xena's past ~ well it didn't. What were they thinking, or even better, were they thinking? I found the story line very confusing, and didn't like the way that Xena (again) kept her thoughts and motivations hidden from Gabrielle. In her guest appearance on Conan O'Brien, Lucy Lawless stated that she had been come out of the closet - !? I don't think she watched any of the other episodes this year! There were certainly more intense episodes between Xena and Gabrielle then this one.

I've loved this show for the past six years and the ending is a bitter disappointment. They should have ended the series with "When Fates Collide" They only other thing that episode (When Fates Collide) would have needed was "the kiss". I would have be happier with our two heroes riding off into the sunset.



Very well done - but not the happy "ride into the sunset" that we'd been expecting - or led to believe would occur!!!



While Renee's performance was a thing of beauty the ep made little sense even for an ep of XWP. If you're going to kill Xena & keep her dead, d*mm*t, make me understand why.

The gratuitous views of Xena's naked, headless & brutalized body were inexcusable. Thank god for spoilers. I knew when to look away.

In the end they still didn't have the courage of a single conviction. Gabrielle's a hero but she's not allowed to save the day. Xena's dead but her corporeal ghost gets to roam with Gabby. They say terribly romantic things but still call each other "friend". Gabby passes water to an injured albeit dead Xena which turns into kissy face & while it's quite cute Xena IS laying there hurt & semi conscious & the primary motivation was the passing of water.

Break my heart or fulfill it. I'm SO tired of this contradictory crap.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. My partner & best friend both like it so I can't say much around them.



in a word- disappointed. Ending the series with Gabrielle alive and Xena dead only works if you have a next season.



I was very confused at the series finale, why kill her off? My friend was even more disturbed, she can't understand why Mr tapert would kill Xena off at the end? If they ever plan to do a movie say in five or so years how will they explain this? Very confusing ending and what happens to Gabrielle? And there were no funny parts either, no humor. And they really did not explain this Akemi very well. Just a very confusing and disappointing end to a great show, They even had a happy ending to hercules , when that last season was not that good. But no more Xena will leave all the fans with the question why??? Thanks very much for letting me express my view.



So now G has a deathwish? Ain't that just swell.



I'm disappointed because the vision behind the entire series was "severed" so abruptly. Needing Xena to die by choice does NOT bring her full circle, but merely back to the start... what did the last six years accomplish? She still thinks her suicide is the answer?

Was the Greater Good served by Xena choosing to remain dead? How is this any different from her past efforts for redemption, in which she achieved her goal AND returned to the living?

Doesn't having reached Heaven in Fallen Angel show that redemption has been attained already? And on top of that, she saves Demon Callisto from eternal damnation at the price of her own soul. Are the writers watching the same series that we are?

I felt the whole idea of Akemi to be a mockery of Gabrielle and what she meant to Xena.

Gabrielle has spent the last six years searching for the way. Was it merely to become the successor to Xena, as Ares would have liked? Has the bard fallen by the wayside? I can't imagine that this would be so.

Where does Xena's spirit reside now? She's not with Solan, she's not with the Eli and the angels... is she trapped in an inbetween world? How can Gabrielle be at peace with that?

I just disappointed that the finale seems to have raised more questions than it answered. The idea of selfishness and selflessness is so hopelessly convoluted, and the whole motivation behind the series to begin with...



Why did Xena have to die? That last shot of Gabby on the boat by herself was so heartbreaking. Hercules fans got to see their hero walk off into the sunset with Iolaus It wasnít right. So many times Xena had to fight evil in the underworld and she could just do the amazon ritual and travel to the other side without dying. This was the way she fought Alti so many times.

Why couldnít that have worked against Yodoshi? I get the point of it.. Xena and Gabrielle had come full circle, Xena had finally redeemed herself for all the wrongs she had done and Gabby had learned everything from Xena that she could since Sins of the Past. She was no longer a sidekick. That could have all happened the same if they had just let Gabby pour the ashes in the fountain and they could have figured out how to save the 40,000 souls later. I did not like the scene of Xena getting shot up with arrows and her head being sliced off, or of her body hanging, or her head on the table. Xena is so much of an idol of strength to her fans and for her to end up like she did was just too much. Weíve seen her lose an arm and her life before but there was always another season of shows to bring her back. That always got us fans through with the reruns until new shows were on. What are we left with now? Xena is dead and Gabrielle is all alone. Itís just supposed to be show right??

I feel a little better now.



...majorly bummed with FIN and the ending. ;-(



hello i just felt cheated. very disappointing. i hate that they killed xena off.



I cant believe that after all they have been through that at the end xena dies and becomes a ghost!! a stupid ghost and poor gabrielle is alone and turns into the exact thing that she tried to steer xena away from,a warrior and death seeking warrior who just wants to die !! how sucky! The show should have ended with them finally confronting whatever kinda relationship it is they have and finding peace in it and settling down somewhere ,retiring from warriorness...not killing xena the main character everyone loves so much,that we have sat watching for 6 years hoping that she would someday have peace,a rest ,some enjoyment with her friend gabrielle...not death!!!! geeze! what were they thinking?? I have never been so mad and disappointed in my whole,I am just disgusted with the whole ending,it sucked! And now with this crappy ending there can never be any tele-movies or specials or anything!!They cut there nose off to spite their face,so to speak...its so stupid,did they give the ending any real thought at all?? I am starting to doubt it ... I guess as far as I am concerned those last 2 episodes never happened,I refuse to acknowledge them into the story line.... xena forever!



i am so disappointed and sad regarding the finale of xena. i understand the series could not go on forever but why did xena have to die. why did she have to die such a horrible death. decapitating her was so awful. when you see a character for so long and become attached to them, to see them die is a terrible thing. i taped the last episode but i don`t know when i will ever look at it again. i still have tears in my eyes.



What a funky way to end an otherwise fantastic series about personal redemption and true love. One can only hope they have left room for the movie.



What a horrible way to end the series! Who thought killing Xena (again) was a good idea and for such a stupid reason? This is terribly disappointing. I'm not watching any TV from Renaissance in the future, that's for sure.


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