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Surprised and Entertained #225-259


Great finish to a brilliant show. Certainly true fans wanted the show to go on forever, but I think the decision to finish now was a good one. Many unanswered questions, many stories waiting to be told, but after all isn't that life.



Xena is the bomb and she can do anything and make it look good i admit i was rather surprised that she went to the other side and didn't try to bring Gabrielle with her considering that there meant to spend there lives or death together. I was enormously p*ss*d off when that dude cut Xena's head off but i survived and really thought she would come back to life. Once again i feel that Gabrielle will be getting her own show because of the way it ended. If she's going to the land of Pharaohs because there looking for a girl with a chakram, Xena taught her the pinch and she used the chakram correctly plus she can royally kick some *ss i don't see why not. I'm sure its in the making, and that a million other fans think the same why i do. I would definitely support a Gabrielle show. And the legend continues some one has to carry on Xena's good name. Battle on Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and ARES Loves you!!!!!!



I feel that most of Xena's best adventures have been those that extend over a few episodes and the finale filled the bill. I knew she had to die, otherwise the story would not be a suitable ending for the whole series. I thought it would have been better not to fight a superhuman monster, but I think the challenge was worthy of the sacrifice. Speaking of sacrifice, I thought it would have been more appropriate to die saving Gabrielle's life. I was definitely entertained and surprised by the course of the finale.



I didn't read any of the spoilers. I was shocked. I cried. I have been upset all week! I feel so stupid to feel this way over a TV show. Really, it was too much to see the violent death, and then Gabrielle taking her body down. How awful. (I'm so glad my children weren't watching.) But I was riveted! I'm so relieved it wasn't a silly or meaningless ending. I can't explain what this show has meant to me. LL and ROC, as X & G, really connected for me in a way that I can't describe, but that is completely positive. I'm so sad at their loss. I will always remember this show. Thanks to all involved, including the on-line community. When I first found Whoosh, five years ago, I truly became engrossed. I was so elated that people so intelligent were into the show. I was hooked absolutely! I'm so glad (although still upset) that the last episode was so intense because intense is how it's been for me since the first time I watched the show.



It's not my right to make the final say what happens to my beloved Xena and Gabrielle. I am only a humble viewer. I don't write the show. I don't make the show. I only am a privileged viewer. Having that said, of course I was surprised to see Xena DEAD for real at the end of the final episode. Although I was more sad than I can say to watch Gabby sail off alone, it was still a kick-ass episode. In my mind there are a million possibilities for out two hero's. Whether that be in a very unlikely TV movie or in the hundreds of offerings of post final episode fan fiction. Let us remember it would have been a perfect moment for Gabby to toss those ashes into the sea at the end, but she did not. Will she take them back to Amphipolis? Will she carry them around with her on her new single butt-kicking adventures? It doesn't matter. It's just a TV show that has brought me years of pleasure. If that's how the powers that be say it's got to be than that's how it's got to be.

In the end we still got a beautiful ending with an amazing tale, Gabby with a chakram, and wow, what a kiss



Xena went down fighting,and altho ' peace and tranquillity is what all of her fans hoped would be her finish she was ...is a warrior and the scene with gabby throwing the chakram just did something for me both ,Xena and gabby gave each other something special and the series finale shows this. Besides Xena has died three or four times before this , you can't keep a good warrior princess down ,the finale ending on a high note of optimism and not a downer as many think if your area runs repeats of Xena sometimes in the week or you recorded the finale watch it again.. even if it is painful you will see a positive message not a negative one.



Wasn't necessarily surprised, but thought it was an appropriate ending to XWP. I feel that Xena actually physically merged with Gabrielle,...thus her prowess with the chakram...whoosh.....and the fulfilling of the promise, that "even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you"




Just no chance for sequels. The whole Eve 25 year thing was more implausible. That woman was too lean to be Xena's daughter.



I liked the series finale. It had a lot of symbolic meaning for me -- Xena burying her armor, the "Greater Good" references, even the self-sacrifice evident in the tattooing scene. I agree that viewers have to suspend their disbelief in order to buy Xena's reasons for staying dead (I mean, isn't dying a horrible death in order to stop an evil ghost enough of a sacrifice?), but even her "the dead must be avenged" reason fit within the context of Xena's quest for redemption. All that being said, I was very moved by the ending and still feel sad about it. Every time I think of this show now I will probably need to grieve for two characters I had come to think of as family. PS - I can't believe you're inviting xenites all over the world to write to your e-mail address. You're a brave woman! [I can't believe you live in Nome, Alaska-- you are a brave woman! --Ed.]

Nome, Alaska


Somehow surprised doesn't quite fit the description I would use, considering all the spoilers that were running around(lol). However, entertained yes, highly so. I would even rank it up with When Fates Collide. The difference of course being that in one we get our two heroines back where in the other we don't. Actually, the fact that I was spoiled helped me to process my grief before I saw the two episodes and thus led me to watch it for what it was, a very beautiful depiction of a wonderful friendship. Did I want it to end that way? NO, like anyone else I like happy endings, but I am not part of the large majority that feels that Mr. Tapert owes me anything. If anything he came through and did produce a very surprising ending, just not the one many of us expected. You know everyone has talked about how he is conveying the wrong message that strong heroines die in the end, I don't believe this to be true. In the end what I saw was a heroine that has struggled against her past, stumbled but still stood proud, put the love of her friend (or lover, my personal view) before everything, and sacrificed much throughout her time including in the end staying dead when she very much wanted to return to Gabrielle. The ending shows what many are avoiding in seeing which is that heroes often times do sacrifice themselves, we wouldn't see them as heroes if they didn't. I enjoyed the costumes, the acting, and, yes, even the storyline. If you look at it through unjaded eyes you will see that in many respects it is similar to WFC. Xena in the end protects Gabrielle by going herself to the cross and sending Gabrielle on her way telling her to live. The biggest difference of course is that Gabrielle doesn't accept the loss of her love, whereas she accepts Xena's request in FIN, and in the end of WFC we have both our heroines alive. Is this because Mr. Tapert is leaving an opening where Gabrielle tries to go on and can't continue without Xena so she turns to finding a way to bring her love back, I don't know, but I know I would watch if Mr. Tapert were to make a movie.

I have also been paying attention to a few of the forum areas and I have to tell you I have been dismayed. It isn't peoples grief or even anger that bothers me, it's how they are projecting their anger that is most disturbing. It is somewhat humorous that many are talking about being "owed," "betrayed," and that no one cared about them. Even more distressing is the nasty tone that some of the forum members have turned to in order to get their point across. But today I think I have seen the all time new low. Many have turned their anger not only at Mr. Tapert, but because she is the star and his wife at Ms. Lawless as well. I thought I had heard it all but now they are talking about how selfish it was of her to get pregnant in season five, I can't believe the idiocy of these people. No wonder actors start to shy away from the fans when they become this idiotic, not to mention rabid. I won't even get into the ever popular let's jump on every little word Ms. Lawless says and take it out of context or make it into more than it is, because it is truly ridiculous. If Ms. O'Connor had wanted to do any public appearances I am sure she reconsidered after seeing the backlash her friend was receiving. One last point that I have read that is rather amazing to me, people out there are actually angry at Ms. Lawless for having a life and not dedicating her life 24 hours a day/7 days a week to Xena. Have these people forgotten that she has a daughter, went through a divorce (probably because she did spend so much time on Xena), dated and then remarried, went through a mild depression, then had a baby, and through all of this still worked? It is amazing how selfish people can be in believing that she should give everything for the show and them.

Well, now that I have rambled on, the answer is yes I was very entertained, and even yes I was surprised that Xena was killed in the end. Do I want to see a movie where they bring her back? Absolutely, but only if they have Ms. Lawless and Ms. O'Connor as the leads, otherwise it just won't be the same to me.



But extremely sad and angry.



very surprised with the ending !!! Definitely a tear jerker.



The only tweak I would make is the reason for the sacrifice. I did feel that Akemi set Xena up, in both past and present (not out of malice, just moral cowardice). Would've preferred that Xena agreed to stay a spirit, because no one else was enough of a hero to volunteer.



Perfectly in keeping with the campy style we've all come to know and love, reflections back to prior episodes, and beautifully filmed. I'm very satisfied! Besides it's really cool to think that Xena becomes the ultimate Warrior Spirit.



Having just seen the final two Xena episodes back to back (albeit butchered with the usual lack of style to accommodate stateside advertising!) while on holiday in Florida I have to say I definitely fall into the entertained category. Being an avid fan for several years now I wasn't surprised by the finale. I have come to expect this standard of high drama and emotional involvement from a TV show that seems to suck you in and take you with it even when you don't think it should be able to.

Rob Tapert should be very proud of a spectacular end to a ground breaking piece of television history. Of course it was shocking, traumatic, unthinkable and heart breaking that's what Xena does best! It is a continuing testament to everyone involved with the show that it continued to provoke such strong emotional reactions right up to the bitter sweet end. We can't say it was unexpected, Lucy and co. have always been adamant that they wanted to go out on a high and with a bang. I think they achieved that with style and then some.

As for the cry of unresolved issues and feeling let down regarding Xena's final demise well the end was always going to hurt and to sum up a relationship that has developed over so many years in one statement or another would do no justice at all to the complexity and subtlety that we have all enjoyed so much.

I can't think of a more appropriate ending than Xena's final act of redemption and she and Gabrielle almost kind of wandered off into the sun set together albeit not quite the way some had imagine it.

Many thanks to all the cast and crew for so much drama, fun and entertainment and very best wishes in all your future exploits.

London, England


Although the three preferences for the final episode seem a tad tainted, I selected the most positive to share a thought....

Could the last episode actually be a new beginning for Xena? Perhaps in her final choice, she tapped into that 'goodness' she sought? Why would the final episode signify the end and disappointment? Xena spent episode after episode seeking good over evil. There were many inferences of the 'spiritual' throughout the show. So why the gloom at the spiritual choice?

I am intrigued by the ending (not one of the three preferences) True heart was tested to the ultimate degree of both Xena and Gabrielle. Xena to remain in the spiritual realm and Gabrielle to let Xena go. Both characters were driven by the greater good; neither character self centered. (Ah, maybe that's why many don't relate...) One of the last lines Xena said was that 'she would be at Gabrielle's side.' Could you not envision Gabrielle being Xena's hands? Hands which would then have held spiritual power? Oh what potential.... but alas, the show is off the air.

My compliments to the writers of the show! (although some episodes did push me) To the cast and crew... hats off, y'all did a great job! You touched lives, mine for the better.



Great Episode! Xena needed that final sacrifice to redeem herself completely for her next incarnation as the Mother of Peace. But oh how hard it is to see her die and Gab alone physically without Xena. Great job Rob Tapert tying up loose ends and bring the show full circle. May Gab find a companion to live out the rest of her life on earth always with her soul mate, Xena, watching over her



I was surprised and entertained! So often, shows' series finale episodes are reminiscent "let's paste in a ton of past clips" kind of episodes, whereas Xena's finale was an extended episode in its own right. I'm DYING to know, though, if several aspects of the show (specifically, Gabby throwing the chakram for the first time and donning it as her own - becoming, in essence, the "girl with the chakram" in the end, Xena teaching Gabby "the pinch" so that Gabby would "know EVERYTHING that [she] knows," and Gabby becoming less of a sidekick and more of an equal "Gabrielle, what would YOU do" partner) were a coincidence or designed to set things up so that when ROC is done giving birth she'll consider taking on her own show (e.g. "Gabrielle, Amazon Bard") in a year or so, with Lucy making occasional guest appearances. I guess we can only hope and pray!

Laguna Beach, CA


Part two was way better than part one!!!!!!!!



If I had been among the lucky few at the Museum of Television and Radio's premiere of Xena's Series Finale, with the stars and TPTB present, I would have been part of the audience that cheered when the lights came up. I believe that for many reasons, the ending that Rob and RJ boldly chose was the most fitting and deserving ending for a heroine of Xena's magnitude. I'll attempt to list some of those reasons.

Finality. It's my humble opinion that the immediate outrage that was vented by the more vocal Xenites was an understandable expression of shock/denial followed swiftly by anger, the first two of the five stages of grief for the reality that Xena is not going to rise from the dead this time. It would take so much longer to finally reach acceptance, that no more new Xena adventures are forthcoming, had the ending not been controversial and caused such a sudden disturbance of emotions. At least the show went out with a bang instead of a whimper. The severity of the conclusion squashes any existing false hope that Xena's legend continues offscreen. I always treated Xena's absence from Greek mythology as being explained by the premise that her heroic deeds were scribed by Gabrielle in the Xena Scrolls and were only recently discovered and presented in chronological order by Hollywood (by way of NZ) for television. Eventually, the series would end when we had been treated to the last scroll that the Battling Bard of Poteidaia had written of her adventures with the Warrior Princess. Would the optimists among us say that Gabrielle and Xena continued to have adventures beyond Japan, but that these scrolls were lost or simply untold? With the end of Xena's life, it only makes sense that Gabrielle put down her quill, ceased to be a bard and instead followed in her mentor's boots down the Way of the Warrior.

Character Consistency. How many times over the years did Xena take a particular course of action, because it was the right thing to do? In their first encounter, Xena said that she saved Callisto's life because it was the right thing to do. But occasionally, especially when Xena's moral compass, Gabrielle was not around, Xena would veer off the high ground and take the low road, as when she allowed Callisto to drown in the quicksand. But ultimately, she did right by Callisto by giving up her own heavenly absolution for her enemy's and taking over the eternal damnation intended for Callisto in Fallen Angel. In Xena's heart, she knew it was the only thing to do. In a first season episode that closely parallels the decision that Xena and Gabrielle are faced with in the end of Friend In Need, Mortal Beloved has Marcus in Xena's place and Xena in Gabrielle's. Xena pleaded with Marcus to take his second chance at life and keep Hades' helmet avoiding eternity in Tartarus. It was Marcus who reminded Xena of lessons learned from her. "Xena, I died doing a selfless act. You taught me how sweet that could be and I know you'd do the same if you were in my place. ...You taught me that life and death is not about what we want. It's about what's right." Xena so believed this that she personally stabbed the man she loved in the heart to earn him another judgment and an eternity in the Elysian Fields. These are all examples of tough choices that Xena faced and made from both sides of the same dilemma. Each time, she chose personal sacrifice for the greater good over her own happiness. This is what sets Xena above an average action hero and makes her a mythical legend. So in the series finale, Xena stayed true to character and made the same choice that she had consistently made before.

Tragedy is an important element of Greek mythology. Very few Greek heroes had happy lives. Hercules slaughtered his own family in a fit of Hera induced madness. But that version is too horrible for a family show. So in the Herca/Xenaverse, Deianeira and the children were killed in a fire caused by Hera rather than patricide. This leaves Hercules less guilt-ridden but equally devastated and lonely. If the good and noble Herc was denied happiness with the love of his life, why should we expect any less tragic of an outcome for the even more flawed Xena? The entire series can now be seen as a self contained epic myth with Rob and RJ as the storytellers. Xena was their creation and I think that no one would know better than they that like Spartacus and Gladiator's Maximus, an honorable and noble warrior's death is the only way this show could end and be true to the spirit of the Warrior Princess.

Timelessness. Death can't be cheated forever or it loses it's potency as a dramatic element. As far as we have seen, Xena has passed into the underworld so many times that she should have applied for a temporary residency status. Whether Xena is a ghostly traveling companion of Gabrielle's or merely a figment of Gabby's imagination isn't as important as the fact that their love did not end with the conclusion of the show. We already know that Xena and Gabrielle's ubers will be reunited in future reincarnations from episodes like Between the Lines to the present day in Soul Possession. I'm not sure how Xena could be cloned from a hair found in her tomb in Send in the Clones, if she was in fact cremated. Nevertheless, X&G's genetic copies are alive and well sipping champagne in the 21st century. How many bodies can the same soul occupy at once? I don't know, but it's all proof that as soulmates, the eternal bond between our protagonists transcends spiritual and physical limitations and are irresistibly reunited through the ages.

In fact, the only problem that I had with the ending is that when faced with where she would go next, Gabrielle considered going south, to the Land of the Pharaohs instead of seeking out Eve. As Xena's only living child, Eve definitely has a right to know what happened to her mother. What I liked most about the final show is that like a chakram, it came full circle back to the beginning. Xena buried her armor and sword in Sins of the Past to run from who she was. In FIN, she does the same thing because she now accepts that her earthly possessions won't be needed in the next phase of her existence. A young girl asks Xena to take her as an apprentice in the final story as also happened in the first. But whereas Xena's heart and trust were betrayed by Akemi, Gabrielle completed the training she began in the first show proving that Borias was wrong- Xena actually was an excellent teacher, after all.



The two-parter had its weak spots and flipped negatives (on a couple occasions, I'm certain) and it's superb moments....and I have to admit I loved every moment. Sad that it's come to a close but, boy, I've entertained an episode already where the bard goes off on her own (or does she?) fighting the evils of the world with the unseen warrior at her side. God, now THAT'D be cool. Wonder if Renee and Lucy would ever consider it? I know Rob would LOVE to do a movie and that would be the impetus.............. That's my vote anyway.... :)



Yes, suspensefully surprised and quite entertained - does Gabrielle want to carry on the tradition solo? ... and Xena has been dead many times! As for the violence, those who live by the sword are destined to die by the sword.



my vote for sure



I am not saying that I was not saddened or that I did not bawl my eyes out and ache that Xena died and Gabrielle had to sail off alone, nor that I wouldn't have preferred a different ending, ... I would have wanted them to be together, in life or in death.

However, I thought that the show was very well done, very intense and emotional and I applaud them all. I did think there were some items of the show that were wrong....such as vengeance winning out over love and good, and that Xena was blamed for the 40,000 dead/souls when they attacked her and she just defended herself.

I thought that if Xena was to die, it needed to be in dramatic fashion (boy was it!) and that she let them kill her was fitting, because we all know no one can get the best of Xena unless she wants them to!

I hope the way it ended only means that they plan to tie it all up and end it happily in a later movie....PLEASE!!



Xena went out with a "bang"....great story line, only sad to see it go. But there are SO many big screen possibilities.

We know that Xena a Gabrielle both have heirs....Eve is still alive, but somewhere, sometime Gabrielle has another child. .maybe Xena reincarnated as Gabrielle's child...

Gabrielle and Xena together again, Xena brought back in the land of the pyramids...

How about the "Clones" meeting Annie, Mattie and Harry....what a hoot.....

So many possibilities....we can only hope and wish.....



Wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, having heard the advance word from the US. Sure, I have niggles but it's a done deal, so no good crying about it.



I thought the series finale was consistent with the path that Xena has chosen since she left her role as conqueror. I was initially upset that they killed her but then I realized that she chose to die to save the souls because she was continuing to right the wrongs from her past and in a sense it would be self actualization for her to do this. I thought the finale was very beautiful visually and I thought it was written well.



Bloody Hell, I did not expect Xena to die!!! Why did she have to have such a gruesome death? Her head chopped off!! After 6 years of entertainment and they finish it with her head being chopped off and turning into a ghost? How many times can a person die is she a cat?!?! I find it very shocking!!!! So what do i watch now? Lol In England Buffy season 5 has just finished with her dying now i find out Xena is gonna die too LOL anyway... I best find a new show to watch!!!



It ended how it should have. I am sad for Gabrielle, but she will go on...as we all must do. Xena has always been ready to lie down her life in pursuit of her atonement. Anyone paying attention should have expected the series to end this way. This isn't light and happy Hercules, after all. Serious themes, here. Like loss.

Xena seemed truly at peace with her choice. Akemi did her wrong, and is the only one who EVER out-played Xena at her own manipulation game. But by her own culture's standards, Akemi did what was honorable and necessary. I don't have to like it, but I accept the validity of that culture's honor.

I didn't particularly think the episode itself was especially engaging. The Debt did it better. Also Sin Trade. And somehow I thought ending things in Greece, after all the last few years f*rt*ng around in other societies, would be a nice closure. But the episode does resonate with the pervasive influence Oriental societies seemed to have for Xena. Her Empress look in Armageddon Now was distinctly Eastern. Obviously Xena felt a connection.

I keep thinking about what I'd do now, if I were Gabrielle. It's not like she is completely alone in the known universe. Going to Egypt also seems bizarre. What connection does she have there? Unless it's a loophole left for a movie, as some have said.

Not that she won't go back to Greece ever again.

She's got family. She could go stay with her sister and niece. Virgil is running around and they seemed to have chemistry between them. Eve is running amok in India, a place Gabrielle at least knows (also a place she will be reincarnated into). Gabrielle also could take up her stateman's place with the Amazons at any time. Personally, I don't see that happening, a little too much bad blood at this point. Lastly, she could always spend time at the farm Xena inherited and muck around with sheep. What the hell, she could travel with Hercules, since HIS sidekick is now 27 years or so older than when we last saw him. As Gabrielle once said, being a sidekick is "good work if you can find it."

But that's missing the point. She's her own hero, now.

Anyone can choose to say that WFC is the true ending. It ended well and had a deep sense of finality. Why not? We are all grieving, and why not just choose your version of grief. Reality is hard enough as it is. Pick your ending of choice and do your best to move on from the ending of an era.

Here I am crying. No one in my "real" life understands what this show has meant to me. A light in the dark. Anyway, farewell.

Xena went out of life as she always knew she would, and maybe even longed for. And she held on until Gabrielle grew into her own. In mythic tales, the journey is now complete. TPTB were telling an old, old tale.

As a gift - to help lessen our pain - we are given extra Xena's to fantasize about: India reincarnations, Mel and Janice, Harry and Mattie, and now clones in the present-day, who at least had the good grace to "ride off into the sunset" (albeit in a taxi). How many more versions of an ending could we want?

My point is we would all be sad no matter what. I cried over the last episode of the ST: Next Generation for days, I've been crying over Xena for weeks. It ended well.



Hell, it was great. I can't imagine any other ending that would have meant as much.



Subtly surprised that Xena had to stay dead, after all, she and Gabrielle had defied death so many times before. But I guess if this really is the end then what better way then for the heroin to give her life so that others may find eternal peace. Entertained as no other episode has ever done. The anticipation alone was entertaining enough. But to experience the explosion of action coupled with Xena and Gabrielle's obvious heart felt love and determination to be together left me feeling sad, but good. I like the way the characters have matured and hope that there will be a MOVIE!



I was also disappointed that they would let poor Gabby all by herself at the of the season. It looked like the beginning of a spinoff...hmmm...maybe after Renee gives birth they'll give her her own show.



I never imaged the series ending this way. But, it was well done, and was a very thought and emotional provoking finale. The spirit of Xena will never leave us.



H*ll*v* send off!! Loved it



it was so sad


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