Issue Six
March 1997

Editor's Page
Letters to the Editor
Credits for Issue Six

Xena and Heathcliff: Classic Byronic Heroes
By Cathy H. McLain (
A Fan's First Introduction to Fan Fiction
By Merry Gilmore (
Bacchae and the Successful Mixing of Traditional and Contemporary Vampires
By John H. Beckwith (76715.2512@CompuServe.COM)
How Effective Was Xena as a Commander?
By Virginia Carper (carperv@FRB.GOV)
Four Great Characters in "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "China Beach"
By Rita Schnepp (
Who Was Xena's Father? Theories on the Warrior Princess' Origins
By Nusi P. Dekker (
So You Want to Be a Tedite?
By Jessi Albano (
By Debbie White (
In Praise of Bards: Missed Opportunities and the Xena Scrolls
By Kate Maynard (
"Xena: Warrior Princess" Scenes We'd Like to See
By Maria Erb (
Women at the Convention: A Survey, Part Two
By Catherine M. Wilson (
The Battle of Corinth, Part 5
By Clayton J. Powers (

Disclaimer: "No Bacchae were mistaken for the wrong type of vampire in this issue."

Click here to download a zip file of all Issue 6 articles in ASCII format.

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