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Whoosh ran a poll June 20 - July 20 2001 after the Series Ender FRIEND IN NEED was released. The poll asked the viewer if after watching the series ender they were (1) "Surprised and entertained" as Robert Tapert said we would be in an interview or were they (2) "Disappointed", contrary to what Lucy Lawless said in another interview (that "No one would be disappointed"). Three days later, in honor of Lucy Lawless' further statements about the show, we added another choice: did they want to (3) "cut the cord". Last month we published some of the comments which people included with their poll votes in the letter section under the topics "Surprised and Entertained", "Disappointed", and "Cut the Cord". Also, submissions less than 1200 words or so for the "Group Therapy Issue" will be ran as letters to the editor under the topic "Group Therapy" in this letters to the editor section. Since the "Disappointed" and "Group Therapy" letters tend to be intense, we have decided to run the "Surprised and Entertained" letters first (because they are kinda sorta more upbeat), then followed by different pages of all three responses PLUS the Group Therapy submissions. If this does not make sense just follow the contents page! If you would like to read last two month's collection, please click on the following:

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Surprised and Entertained #260-300


Hello! I just wanted to say that I was surprised and entertained. I loved the cinematography, the costumes, the awesome tattoo. Both Lucy and Renee' were as GORGEOUS as ever. I really enjoyed the kissing scene. I cried all the way through the series finale, and Xena will live on in my heart as well. I felt a real loss afterwards. I felt like going and getting drunk too (don't worry I won't spit fire and go burn down my village!) I will really miss the show. It has been the best series I have ever watched on television. Xena will always be my hero! Battle On, in the hearts of your fans!!!!!!



I can't believed they killed of the character of Xena, it's horrible, disappointing and downright stupid. She is so beloved, by so many, why kill her off and in such a terrible, final way. One feels the loneliness of Gabrielle in the final scene and it is a piercing kind of emptiness, one that cries out and echoes endlessly. There must be a way to bring her back. I for one don't want to lose this beautiful heroic duo, it is impossible to get enough of their magic. How can we bring them both back. Could it possibly have been some unsettling psychic dream of Gabriel's, that really hasn't happened yet, but might if the don't do whatever..... I mean there have got to be ways out of this finality. I really can't bear it, I love both of their characters so much. Boy do we all need a therapy session.



Surprised that they split up Xena and Gab. I can't believe that Gab has to go on without Xena. I guess I'm surprised because I'm in denial that they would actually do that. I'm actually more hurt than surprised.



The modern day world is filled with split second decisions, a quick paced work day, short term marriages and mistrust of governments, friends and anyone who is different from ourselves. Love is categorized. Good love, bad love, temporary love, strange love. Friendship has become more of a matter of self-indulgence. What can this association do for me? If I do this then I can get that? We move through modern day life so quickly and so alone that we almost leave no footprints showings that we had ever been here at all. We leave so little of ourselves behind to mark our passage.

Now, along comes a television show. It doesn't have a humongous budget and it is in fact filmed in New Zealand, about as far away from Hollywood as you can get. When it begins, it has a bunch of "no-name" actors in its cast. Yet it does have a Production Staff that is willing to take chances and have a little fun along the way. Perhaps this television show does not even mean to leave a message, in the beginning, but it quickly finds its voice and a purpose.


The premise was this: Take the worst person imaginable. Give that person a life altering moment. Then allow that person to try to find redemption. This is how the show began. In the first episode of the show, Xena meets Gabrielle. She is a true innocent who longs to be more than she is and experience life outside of her small village. Xena, fresh from a crisis of the soul, allows this innocent to travel with her for reasons even she can't understand. There were never two more dissimilar people born. But remember the old saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

In the end Xena has taught Gabrielle everything she knows. The innocent is now a substantial warrior herself having gone through a six year transformation. The teacher becomes the student as the student becomes the teacher. In the process the two, Xena and Gabrielle, came to love each other. They realize that they were true Soul Mates.

Gabrielle once told us the story. "Once, a long long time ago, all people had four legs and two heads. And then the gods grew jealous, so they threw down lightening bolts and split everyone in two. Each half then had two legs and one head. But the separation left both sides with a desperate yearning to be reunited. Because they each shared the same soul. And ever since then, all people spend their lives searching for the other half to their soul."

This show, Xena: Warrior Princess, was not about war, it was not about violence or anything of that nature, it was about love. Whether you chose to look at the show on the level it was presented or on the subtext level, the show was about love and understanding. After six years the show ends having spread its message all over the world.

We applaud Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Rob Tapert and all those who were the creative forces behind XENA. What a wonderful thing it is to show people, to show children, a true friendship of people who really care about each other. Two people who sacrifice any and all for each other, who would cheat death time after time until redemption finally separates their bodies once more, but not their souls.

Were Xena and Gabrielle lovers? In the end that was deliciously left up to each and every one of us to decide in our own hearts. They were one soul, now reunited never to be parted again. They loved each other and that was all that matters.

We all yearn for that Soul Mate, the other half of ourselves, separated so long ago. We yearn for the comfort, the understanding and peace of our other half. Love is something that never dies, never ends, it transcends death and time. With love all things are possible, all things are right. The show spoke to us, gay, straight, bisexual or non-sexual. It proclaimed "Love is the way."

Xena and Gabrielle will love on in reruns for years to come. They will speak their message to children as yet unborn. They will say that it's okay to be who you are. It's okay to love who you love. It will say that with love anything is possible. Yes, it's only a television show; we all know that. But television is the medium that speaks to the world. Thank you Lucy, Renee, Rob and the rest. Thank you for six wonderful happy years of Xena. Thank you for the message of love. We all love YOU!!!



it was so sad



I was happy with the finale. There were some parts that didn't seem very logical to me (but that is often the case), like Xena having to stay dead in order for the souls to rest.

I really like the way it showed Gabrielle having become an equal to Xena, and not just a sidekick - with Xena taking her advice on putting out the fire, and showing her the pinch, and just the way it ended with Gabrielle on the boat. She seemed very independent, capable, and optimistic, as opposed to being depressed over Xena's death. And the chakram looked good on her too.

Akemi was a refreshing new character.

The water-kiss was a nice continuation of the sexual/friendship ambiguity.

The sunset was poignant.

I'm sad the series is over, but I am glad the finale was a good way for it to end, and to remember the series by.



I loved both episodes - I hated to see Xena die, but it made an excellent ending.



It was surprising. It was entertaining watching how Gabrielle evolved in each segment. What more can I say that hasnít already been said more eloquently.



I think it was a courageous ending with alot of action. I mean Xena has been brought back from the dead how many times? It also gave Gabrielle a chance to come into her own...ya know?



Somehow this was an ending befitting Xena and her comrade, Gabrielle. Sad, but heartfelt, the cycle was completed. Xena achieved her goal for salvation of her soul, and peace of mind. Even though she may be gone in series, her spirit will remain with all of us fans for a long, long time! Battle on!



It is not normal to kill the principal actor in a series. It hurts the syndication price. On the flip side, Xena has never played it safe. Look at the Bitter Suite.



I have been an avid Xena fan since the first season and I was really heartbroken that they did not bring her back to life. I was also very saddened by seeing Gabrielle alone on the ship headed back from Japan... However, I have been waiting 6 years to see Gabrielle throw Xena's chakram!!! That was my favorite part of the whole show!! I am truly going to miss watching new episodes, but I have almost every season on tape...



It has taken me about this long to digest the Final 2 episodes. Once you get past the huge disappointment that these were the last two episodes then, I guess, I can see how the finale made sense. Both of the main characters came full circle from the where they were when the series began. Xena finally found redemption and Gabrielle became the warrior she aspired t be. Certainly, as Gabrielle said, no one could have killed Xena unless she allowed it. During the course of the series she prevailed over so many circumstances that martyrdom would likely have been the only way she could die. I still feel that the sacrifice of her "staying dead" was pretty lame in that I have a hard time believing that the spirits would need to be avenged for what was essentially an accident. Xena certainly had no intent to kill.

Ultimately, I really hope a movie comes down the pike - when Lucy Lawless and Renee O' Connor are ready ( which I can't imagine being less that a couple of years). After all, if they are "Buffy-dead" anything can happen. Aphrodite, Ares, are you listening? :)



Xena's Redemption

"You must not be hesitant to fight in a just cause. It is better to die following your own Way than to live following someone else's."

"Ride into combat, act without attachment and carry with you the confidence that you are fulfilling your calling in this life. Then you will know The Way."

Redemption is not a goal to be achieved; it is a journey to be traveled. And the path Xena chose on this journey is the Way of the Warrior. There was never any doubt as to how she was going to end this life. It was always going to be her giving her life for others. To be able to free 40,000 souls she had to die to get to their captor and she died as a warrior should with a sword in her hand. To give those souls peace she had to stay dead. She may have felt that she was responsible, she wasn't really. Their deaths where a terrible accident. But it's all rather besides the point isn't it. If she'd never heard of these people before would she have done any less on their behalf? It was the right thing to do.

The Hero's Journey: Gabrielle

She started as a simple peasant girl chasing after a heroic figure who had saved her life and has grown and changed beyond all reckoning. Bard, warrior, Amazon queen; she is a hero of mythical proportions in he own right. She is a different sort of hero than Xena because she has no dark past to atone for. More willing to trust than her cynical mentor, this has cost her dearly in the past but she is still sees the best in people.

She has taken up the chakram. Her story is far from over.

The Love Story.

"If I only had 30 seconds left to live this is how I would spend it, looking into your eyes."

"Even in death I will never leave you."

Gabrielle is not alone. Xena is still with her and not metaphorically either. As Gabrielle sailed away from Japan Xena was there in a very real way. She touched Gabrielle's shoulder and kissed her hair it's just that the world cannot see her, only Gabrielle

Some Random Thoughts

Xena's head would be a prize that would give great honor to the one who took it. She was a warrior without peer who had decimated the attacking armies. But to treat her body like that, hanging it naked like a side of beef, is an insult beyond measure. It shows that her killer is without honor. Gabrielle treated him correctly, by not giving him a warrior's death she humiliated him in front of his troops. His samurai vassals would probably been so shamed by his actions towards a valiant foe that they may have been considering ritual suicide in protest.

What they really should have done was loop his dialog with another actor. He just couldn't keep his accent under control, every time he opened his mouth out came a pure Australian accent and it would throw me out of the moment. This guy was probably born in the same hospital I was.

TPTB have always made their own rules but I thought they where forcing circumstances a bit too much to reach their goal. The reason for Xena having to stay dead seemed contrived. Aside from that plot problem I was really impressed by the entire show. This is television? I've seen movies that don't even come close to what RenPic can put on the screen.

Akemi, sweet little Akemi who stole our warrior's heart. What a manipulative little bitch! She played Xena from go to whoa. Xena was a means to an end and nothing more.



Very graphic, just what Xena would love! I liked the fact that Gabrielle was given the task of carrying on with the Chakram. I would definitely watch the "Battling Bard" Show!



I found the ending to be both surprising and entertaining and they can still make a movie from it. It would be easy, all's they would have to do is have Gabrielle return home and do it though her telling stories about there adventures.



I think it ended nicely, Xena finally made up for all her past deeds with that last sacrifice (which is what she set out to do in the beginning of the series) She died to save all those souls and ended up saving her own as well.



Yes surprised...Gabby grows up...entertained, because it's a Xena story...They all Have surprised me over the years. The ENTIRE STAFF....Camera, special effects, actors writers, COSTUMES..... We have been SOOO lucky to have such a long run of these wonderful and talented people!!!!!! !My expectations how could I be so arrogant as to be an Arm chair/couch potato quarterback...Look or focus at the positive and beautiful works, and how this show united many people who before this didn't have much in common.



And totally delighted and thrilled with the ending.



I was very moved by the finale. It made me laugh a bit, grit my teeth some and definitely made me cry a lot. The love between Xena and Gabrielle was clear. Not even death will separate those two entwined souls. The most heart wrenching segments to me were Xena calling Gabrielle's name during the battle which cost her her life, when they were sitting by the life giving pool and Xena stopped Gabrielle from pouring her ashes into the water. But the absolutely most touching scene was the two of them sitting side by side, Gab's head on Xena's shoulder as they watched the sun set and when it was down completely Xena's spirit vanished. Definitely a 2 box of Kleenex show.



Every episode of Xena is a treasure. It's the only way it could have ended. Xena has made the ultimate sacrifice for the Greater Good. And wow! Gabrielle has traveled from the young tag-along adventurer to a great warrior with courage, determination and strength. And as we all know anyone in the Xenaverse can return from the dead.



Much as I disagreed with the logic of Xena being responsible for the eternal disposition of the 40,000 lost souls of Higuchi, and as much as I thought it completely sucked to see Xena killed and mutilated, etc., I must admit I thought the finale was amazingly beautiful. It was visually quite stunning, and well edited and filmed. The acting was some of the best we've seen, and it made me bawl. My husband and I literally sat and cried, both when Xena was killed, and when she prevented Gabrielle from resurrecting her. Do I wish TPTB had brought her back? Absolutely. Do I hate them for choosing to do it the way they did? No. I understand the whole idea of them wanting to bring closure to the whole theme of Xena's redemption. That's why they did it. It was ugly, gruesome, and brutal, but it made sense in a very sad way.



Xena finally had a chance to redeem herself, but it's hard to believe that she finally died so young. Gabrielle still has her ashes, so maybe there is a way to bring her back



It was a really good episode, but could have ended with Xena alive, but I liked it otherwise. There were just some things that everyone's going to be wondering about afterward with Xena dead...



I was very moved by the way Xena chose to go. I had hoped for a happy ending, but thought deep down inside that it wouldn't be the right way to end this series. It took a much darker road than Hercules from the start, and I couldn't see how Xena would give up her warrior ways like so many angry fans wanted, and live on a farm with Gabrielle. To me, that would be depressing. Xena was a WARRIOR Princess, as she stated in THE PRICE to Gabby "When I die, It will be as a warrior with a sword in my hand", it was the only way for Xena to die happy. As for Gabrielle being alone, that is not the case. I lost my Soul mate as well, and I don't walk around and mope like people think she will do. I still have a very strong connection with that person, even though she is not in my life anymore, Our love transcends death and separation. It is a force in itself, and I feel that it is the same way for Xena and Gabrielle.



I thought the finale was beautifully filmed and were the best episodes of the entire season. Tapert did the right thing in allowing Xena to atone for the 40,000 lost souls. Gabrielle came into her own completely and fully as a warrior and a strong woman. Wherever she goes, Xena will always be with her. Death is not the end of their relationship because love is eternal and always changing. We know that their spirits live on because they are reunited in the future, i.e.,, "The Xena Scrolls, "Deja Vu All Over Again," "Send in the Clones" and "Soul Possession."

Xena and Gabrielle Together Forever,



I just watched Soul Possession and the two finale episodes. I say "Bravo". I have seen a warrior woman trying to redeem herself for the past six years, but never feeling able to wash the blood of the thousands she has killed, from her hands.

I have watched a young woman run away to joining the "circus" - wanting to become a warrior herself, learning when to kill and when not to, but not being confident enough in her abilities to do it on her own.

I have seen honor, tragedy, life, love, desecration, and the ecstasy of souls intertwined. And that's just in the dying moments of a series which has taught me how to be more true to who I really am.

Xena has led me to many valuable friendships, to the Poteidaia Scroll (which I now administrate), to the 2001 Pasadena Convention, and to having more merchandise in my house than is healthy!

And to me, the finale is a fond farewell to a woman who now has the strength and skills to keep alive the legacy of one who taught her well, and an even fonder farewell to one who can finally be at peace - free at last, free at last, thank the gods, she is free at last!

I'm glad she won't necessarily be back on the big screen. I like her contained in the small, black box in my lounge room where, for at least one hour every week, she is mine, all mine.

In the words of the "mighty one" - "Farewell, my warrior chums!"

Goodbye, Xena. I will miss you, but you will always live on, in my heart.



of course i was disappointed for the fate of xena, but i felt her death was dignified and in honor. i felt the finale was in line with the trilogy's format, and was on the edge of my seat! xena's death was not in vain, and at last she redeemed herself for the peace she has long searched for.



snow melts
flowers fade
and they pass
as all things do...

But time and love

Go on...



its not surprised because i all ready know the ending from spoilers :) and after i watched i found it entertaining. although in the end it's very sad and heartbreak to see lonely gabrielle sailing back without her soul mate friends but i understand that xena she is a warrior and it's appropriate for her, like renee (gabrielle), to say "live by the sword die by the sword" and same with lucy (xena) "i don''t like it but i love it " as always its beautiful well done perform from both lucy and renee . battle on xena and gabrielle



I absolutely LOVED it! It was good! I think Rob and the cast and crew did a GREAT job. I don't see what all the fuss is about, Xena and Gabrielle are still together. They are still able to see, talk, and touch each other. Think of it this way, at least no one will be asking for Xena's help, she could be with Gabrielle all the time now. Great episode, I LOVED it.



I was surprised and entertained by the ending of the show. My surprise was when Xena did not allow Gabrielle to dump the ashes into the fountain. I was truly entertained by the entire 2 part series finale. Being surprised and entertained does not mean I have to be happy about the ending.



I thought it was the most fantastic series finale that I have seen in a long long time. What a great ending to the most incredible show.



I didn't exactly *enjoy* it, but it was a gutsy move and a good one for the over-all story arc of Xena.



At first I was a little sad and mad about the ending. After thinking about it for a few minutes I was OK with the ending. It seemed like the most reasonable way to leave the show. Let's face it things have "ended" on the show several times before. If they had used any of those previous scenarios I would have been disappointed. This way I get to think Gab is out there continuing to fight the good fight.



I liked it, I'm pleased that it ended with a bang and a full circle, which sees the passing of the mantle (i.e. - the "chakram") to Gabrielle. :)


I was entertained and sad - I have really liked having a strong female role out there to watch.

I also was introduced to New Zealand - my Heart home. NZ is MUCH different than Dallas, Texas.



I knew that one day Xena would have to die, and I can honestly say that I am glad she went out the hero that she was. As for Gabrielle, maybe now she will find some innocent and teach her how to be a strong woman. I just hope she does not hook up with Ares, for it would not be the same for her as it was for Xena. Also I am glad that she can use the chakram, because, for all the people who never got to see Xena in the flesh, maybe her legend will go on forever, being passed down through a weapon which only she was suppose to be able to use... I miss the show and seeing the strength of each of the women, but I suppose it is time for me to see the strength in myself, that this show has brought out in me...or something like that.....



Xena came full circle during the six year series by the redemption of herself and the 40k souls. The princesship was past to Gabrielle. My guess is that this is not the first time that Xena has met her demise and will not be her last. Hang in there Gabby!


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