Whoosh! Issue 60 - September 2001
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Surprised and Entertained #301-338


I enjoyed FIN1 and FIN2. I certainly understand how many people may have been disappointed or felt betrayed. However, I think many fans who feel betrayed wanted the powers that be to have the show go out the way fans wanted. Yet, I think that XWP listened to fans (and parodied them, as well) more than any other show I've ever seen. How many shows seen in 115 countries have have had episodes written by fan fiction writers such as Missy Good? Or portray fans and websites (WHOOSH!) in contemporary anachronistic episodes? And yet I appreciate the fact that this show is Rob Tapert's vision, as well as ROC and LL. He pushed the envelope and got others to think out of the box. Some of my favourite episodes may not have been the favourite of others, but if a television show can bring out the emotions in me that XWP has, I'm hooked. Many fans did not like the Rift, but that whole arc made me an unwavering fan. I've never seen a better series about the relationship between two people, particularly two women. In the end, when I watched the final episode of Hercules: TLJ, I thought the two walking off into the sunset was nice, but weak, and it certainly didn't bring out any emotions in me. Will HTLJ reappear? Doubtful. But the final ep, left it open. On the other hand, I felt emotionally drained by FIN1/2. Xena was gone and redeemed and Gabrielle was grown up. As, Renee, Rob, and Lucy, have all said, the circle was complete. I wish the show could go on forever, but obviously that is neither realistic nor pragmatic. If it has to end, I like the fact that it has an ending. And there are certainly stories that could precede and follow the series. But the story is whole. It made me cry. And, I felt like I did when I saw Braveheart or Gladiator for the first time.

Thank you Renee, Lucy, and Rob. You've given me great (and not so great) memories, and new friends.

p.s. I still hate Married with Fishsticks.



Originally i was upset but the more i think about it the more i feel it was right. I have a peek into the future with a # of episodes that permit the relationship between Xena and Gab to continue - and they did get married!



Although I can't say I was truly surprised by the ending, I was entertained and emotionally moved. These two episodes more then any others brought me to tears. Not because it was the last two of the series but because of the subject matter. For the last six seasons Xena has been trying to correct the wrongs she has done. Xena wasn't even aware she had caused such a sad state of affairs to take place but when she did learn of it she knew that she had to do the right thing and she knew that because of the six years she had spent with Gabrielle. Once she had made the decision to do the right thing she past on all her knowledge to Gabrielle so not all of herself would be lost. She would live and fight the good fight with and through Gabrielle. The end was good and very fitting of our two hero's.



So sad to see the end -- so sad Gabrielle is going on alone. Yet, the plot arc was superb, from season One through Season Six, and Xena does reach REDEMPTION at last -- which is what she and Gabrielle were in pursuit of from the start, right? BRAVO to the cast, the crew, the writers, the directors, the producers! Brave souls all -- each season, each episode truly unique television. Can't wait to see what Lucy and Renee take on in their future acting careers. Thanks for the gift. We will continue to treasure it. NOW PUT THOSE VIDEOS OUT SO WE CAN COLLECT THEM AND MAKE YOU ALL RICH, RICH, RICH!!!!



and saddened, yes, but NOT dissatisfied.






I love FIN I & II.



Ah -- I see I have an opportunity to explain my vote . . .

I thought the finale was good -- lots of action, good dialog and nicely tied up a lot of what both Xena & Gabrielle had said to each other in the past: "What would you do if I didn't make it one day?" "If something ever happened to me, Xena, promise me you won't become a monster." "Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you." And, following Gabrielle's comment about them growing old, Xena says something like "People in our line of work don't get old." Gabrielle: "That's comforting."

It also struck me that there is so much tragedy in the characters' lives. Gabrielle has lost so many loved ones: husband, parents, Joxer, Ephiny, and now Xena. Xena's mom was burned at the stake. But there is always a resolve to go on, a strength they gather from. I think I would've liked to hear Xena's parting words to Gabrielle be, "Promise me you won't become a monster." However, Gabrielle must've died soon after Xena since they are in familiar form in "Send In the Clones."



Surprised and entertained...although I understand, as a hard core fan, why so many are so upset with the ending, I think it brings a sense of closure so that I don't feel like there's more out there to expect. Let's face it: Gabby still has Xena with her, as real to her as if she were alive (well, almost).

In my opinion, Xena died a heroic and brave death, at a time, and in a way, that she chose, which doesn't necessarily send a bad message. I don't look at it as though she got butchered, as some obviously do. She was killed in a way accepted in that part of the world at that time as a hero should be.

While I know that I am in the vast minority in this regard, I don't feel at all cheated.



Surprised? Shocked is more the word. This episode started out with a familiar theme. Xena must right a wrong of the past. Xena dies but some how comes back to life. X & G serve the greater good, but if it comes to saving each other maybe the greater good gets compromised. Lots of neat action and drama and all's well that ends well, right? These were my thoughts as I was watching. Six seasons of conditioning blown in the last 10 min of the series. I would have never guessed that the writers would kill off one of the main characters. I thought about how I would end the series but no matter what I came up with, I found that I would change it. Therefore I concluded that this ending was as good as any. After reading many of the on-line commentaries and giving further thought I have come to the conclusion that this was probably the best way to end the series. Most compelling was the commentary by Ariana on the Rate-A-Xena site (qv). The ending was appropriate for all the reasons Ariana dislikes.

First, justice was served. I do not believe that one should be able to go through life committing despicable crimes and then escape punishment just because one spends the rest of her life doing good. All her do gooding will never bring back Callisto's family or undo any of the other evil she committed. She had to die. At least she got to die a warrior's death.

Second, for six seasons X & G have spoke of the greater good. They finally put their money where their mouths were and acted for the greater good.

Third, how else would one end the life of a warrior? Waste away in old age until she dies, or get into a battle with some young buck and, feeble with age, put up a pathetic fight and get killed? Certainly better to go out in a blaze of glory especially when her death will do so much good.

Most sadly Gabrielle looses her best friend (or whatever). It was a pitiful sight watching her sail to Egypt alone. I don't think that Xena's ghost will ever make up for the loss of the live Xena. It is an injustice that Gabrielle should pay such a high price for Xena to pay her debt to mankind. On the other hand Gabrielle has achieved what she set out to do when she left her home to travel with Xena. She is a warrior like Xena, or at least what the idealistic young Gabrielle saw in Xena when she left home.

So, in retrospect, X & G both achieved their life's ambition. Xena made up for her past, and Gabrielle became a warrior like her idealistic view of Xena. Was there any other way?



I don't know why they couldn't let them walk off into the sunset together...but at least we got to see them 'sort of kiss'! And my only consolation for Xena dying (for real and forever) is that she and Gabrielle can still connect 'somewhat' on a spirit level. It was a tragic ending, causing many tears. Having Gabrielle go on without her seems so sad and lonely.

And, that's how the ending left me...sad and lonely.



I thought that the series finally was both entertain and very well written it tied up all the loose ends I have seen every episode of Xena and I think that the show was ended in the sprit of Xena and was one of the best.



I loved both parts of the "Series Finale" because they were very touching episodes, but I can't hide the fact that I was a little bit disappointed about the fact that the series is ending after six years of airing in all countries around the world. I think everyone on the set & behind the camera did a outrageous job making this a wonderful show for everyone in the family to enjoy. All I know is that every time it's on I record it so that me, my mom, & little sister can watch it any time we want to. I watch it practically all the time.



I actually liked the last episode. Even though Xena died, we all know they have a million ways to bring her back. I thought he love between them was great.






While the ending was a bit of a shocker, I felt it closed the circle and did so very well.

Edison, NJ


I can honestly say that I still get teary eyed when I think about the series finale Parts I and II. I am sad to see Xena come to an end, even though I have only been watching since this February (broadcast Monday - Friday on Space Channel in Canada).

I am well and truly hooked on this show. I feel Xena died with honor and Gabrielle met the challenge of avenging the death of her friend and, even though she had to put her own feelings aside, respected what Xena felt she needed to do to put her demons to rest.

Both Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor are amazing actresses who should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished. I have never watched a programme that has been as thoroughly entertaining as Xena. Every aspect of this show was done with great talent and thoughtfulness to detail.



I was very happy with the way Xena went out, a glorious fighter till the end, but I thought the plot device to get her to that extreme sacrifice was too weak to give it a lot of credence. As for death, that has never set a precedence for any kind of finality in the Xenaverse. And if you truly believe that soul mates transcend death, then you have to go with it. Besides...Gabrielle never did toss those ashes into the sea, did she?



Xena, as much as she tried to pay penance during the series for what she had done, still had to face the fact that nothing she ever did amounted to atonement for the tens of thousands of deaths she had caused. This was the best way she could atone.



I thought it was brilliant, understanding all of the elements of the characters and giving those elements a last display... very intelligent; a writer who understands form!! And the compassionate acting; going to the '''Truth"..with soul and justice..excellent..anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.



Yes, it was horribly sad, and I am angry that Xena had to avenge deaths she never even willingly took,,,so unfair..but as far as a work of art, it was a classic tragic ending for the true heroic character of Xena, and Gabrielle leaves us all feeling that incredibly human experience of being alone again in the world..I've been crying for days, but I feel like this has been truly a work of art from beginning through the end..Tapert is a brilliant thinker and the acting cannot even be complimented in our best languages..



I loved the final episode(s). I thought it was some of the best work by all involved that has appeared in the entire run of the series.

Xena's end made perfect sense to me; in fact it made me quite happy. The original premise of the series was the story of a woman's search for redemption. She got that at last. Love (friendship or "whatever") transformed her and filled her life, but it couldn't redeem her, not with the range and brutality of her "sins of the past". That love though made it possible for her to find her redemption, which was always something she had to get alone.

We know that the pair will continue through many lifetimes. THEY know that they will be together for eternity. No one on earth really has that knowledge. How romantic an ending can one possibly get and still stay true to the character?

I think Xena's farewell was also a message to the fans. Xena is dead, yes, but lives on in our memories. We can all carry her spirit with us.



and very, very sad. I will surely miss X & G.



the ending sucked,the show was always entertaining has it always has been for 6 yrs.



Although I was disappointed and upset at first, but it really was so wonderfully done that I couldn't stay that way! It was logical, symmetrical, and brave. I think it took alot of guts not to take an easy way out on Rob's part. This whole show will be remembered as a masterpiece that really was too good for television! The best love story ever! battle on!



Of course I didn't like seeing my favorite TV hero die. I hated watching Gabrielle sail off into the sunset without my seeing Xena at her side. But I loved that Xena ended her quest with honor, redeeming her life and soul in her own eyes, as well as fulfilling Gabrielle's unwavering faith in her. I loved that, for a woman of such physical prowess, she bequeathed me -- like Gabrielle -- an empowering spirit that I can carry within forever.



Though saddened by the end of a whole lot of fun, for the last six years, I was pleased with the last ep. I am also saddened by the response of many Xena fans. Rob did not betray us or the characters. Go back and watch the first ep, then "The Greater Good," "Callisto," "Destiny," and everything after for that matter. Xena was never an innocent. The show was, from the Hercules pilots on, a much darker show. It was always about Xena's redemption, her learning how to love and trust again, and how she knew she could never truly atone for all she had done. Did we all forget that she was evil before she was good? Did we forget that she is and always was a warrior? A warrior who lived by the sword and, yes, eventually died by the sword. A lot of fans have seen Xena's death as some message about the lack of forgiveness and redemption in life, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Before she died, Xena made amends with her family, Marcus, Callisto, her son, the Amazons, the Centaurs, Herc and Iolaus, Velasca, and countless town folk. She found trust and friendship in Herc & Iolaus, the Amazon tribes, the Centaurs, Joxer, Meg, and even Aphrodite. She had her daughter. Most importantly, after losing everyone she loved (M'Lila, Marcus, Borias, Lao Ma, Akemi), she found Gabrielle. It was a weak acknowledgment, but that was a kiss in the last episode. That was not the kind of kiss a friend gives a friend. Nice nose to nose caress by Renee. It was a very powerful moment in it's simplicity. Even with the "RIFT," she never lost Gabrielle. If Xena had not been "forgiven," that happiness would never have been hers. "to learn from you. Enough to know the final, the good, the right thing to do"-"It's not about me, it's about these people. That's why we're here. People like this used to be my victims. I think about that every time we come up against a warlord like Talmadeus. It's the greater good, remember that." Stop whining about the last episode, applaud it. Xena died an honorable warrior's death, doing what she had been doing since the Hercules pilots. Rob didn't betray us, because he never betrayed vision.



Well, all I can say is that it has been one heck of a ride and although I might feel differently about the final episode if not for fan fiction, I can say I can see how TPTB can view it as true to THEIR idea of what the Xenaverse is all about. Fifteen years ago, with no internet to speak of, and things would have been very different.

But I what to end this phase by stating that I feel the Lucy and Renee gave us stunning performances once again and did what was expected of them by their directors and writers. I am looking forward to seeing these two great actresses in future roles...and if they ever have the opportunity to be in something again...it would be really great.



Surprised and Entertained might be a bit of an overstatement, but I did enjoy the last adventure of Xena and Gabrielle. I would have preferred, however, if the last adventure had taken place in Greece and that Ares and Virgil would have been involved.



I knew the ending 'cause read the spoilers! It was hard to take the death of Xena but can see why RT did it that way. It's his show....I just watch....and record. :) I'll miss XWP but after 6 years, people need to move on to other creative endeavors. Hopefully, we will be able to see LL&ROC soon in other great entertainment vehicles.



I loved the finale! What a gorgeous film.



I found this episode very powerful and entertaining. I must say I did wish that they had brought xena back from the dead. But I found this episode to be very moving and the ending always brings a tear to my eyes.



Surprised and entertained? Yes.

Surprised, because, though I couldn't avoid spoilers, and knew Xena died, I never expected it to happen so soon in the episode. That stunned me. And I was really expecting her to come back courtesy of Gabby and the ashes (because by then Xena had died as per the spoilers....) - Xena's decision to stay dead really took me unawares. If RT and RJ did it that way to prevent their plot being spoiled by leakage, they certainly succeeded.

Entertained - not quite the right word. I was blown away. I thought Xena dying was quite fitting with the series - but the first time I saw it, I wished they'd left her alive, corny though that would be. But now, after the fourth watching, I think it's beautiful, it's fitting, it's the most awe-inspiring end to the most awe-inspiring TV show I think I've ever seen. Even though I break down every time I see that empty space on the boat at the end....

It was also beautifully made... it gave us a view of some of our favourite bits from the show, from Xena's old armour to Borias in great form, to Evil Xena at her most entertaining ("You've got ten... nine... eight... ah, forget it!") Parts of it were hard to watch...... Xena fighting against the arrows that came from all directions was agonising - but this show was never about 'easy viewing'.

RT and RJ - and LL and ROC - gave us the very best that was in them. I thank them.




To quote Ares, "Ding Dong, the b*tch is dead".

Xena still had an evil side to her. Just ask Gabrielle. Xena didn't reform, and probably could never do so. Is it surprising that she could only redeem herself in her death?

At least Xena did things for which she deserved to die. What about Joxer, who was never cruel to man, woman, child or beast? What about Argo? Or any of the numerous supporting characters who were callously thrown away by TPTB due to the 25 year deep- freeze of Xena and Gabs? To argue that Xena and Gabrielle by themselves are enough for each other is a gross injustice to all the other friends they made on their journeys.

Xena naked and beheaded. At least no-one is making fun of it, unlike this year's whoosh calendar interviews about Joxer's lack of onscreen burial.

Fandom was not screwed by the ending. Subtexters were screwed by the ending. If the ending sucked for 8 (or more) out of 10 people you know, you mainly know subtexters. I mainly know non-texter Joxer fans, and the ending ruled for 8 (or more) out of 10 people.



I thought the ending was exactly right. Sure, I would have loved to see them both ride off/fly off into the sunset. But I also think it would have been a rip-off ending, leaving me feeling quite cheated. The whole series has been about redemption primarily and love secondary. It's been about how a very disillusioned warrior with a horribly violent past came to grips with the pain and death she's caused and accepting that she has to pay for those crimes. It's been about a young woman who wanted to see the world and found it wasn't the stuff of poetry after all. They were both on a path to destiny and found love along the way.

It ended like it began: life lessons learned tempered by the realization that love really does make a difference. However, we are all accountable and wishing otherwise will not make it so.



I liked that Gabrielle assumed the mantel of the hero.



I was truly surprised by the death of Xena, but knowing how the Xenaverse works I am hoping that in some way there will be a continuation where as has happened before she will come back. But in the meantime there could be stories told of Gabby's travels with Xena as her guide in the spirit world. Final note: it was a bit more graphic than I thought it would be.



I thought it was the most fantastic series finale that I have seen in a long long time. What a great ending to the most incredible show.



I thought the finale was good -- lots of action, good dialog and nicely tied up a lot of what both Xena & Gabrielle had said to each other in the past: "What would you do if I didn't make it one day?" "If something ever happened to me, Xena, promise me you won't become a monster." "Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you." And, following Gabrielle's comment about them growing old, Xena says something like "People in our line of work don't get old." Gabrielle: "That's comforting."

It also struck me that there is so much tragedy in the characters' lives. Gabrielle has lost so many loved ones: husband, parents, Joxer, Ephiny, and now Xena. Xena's mom was burned at the stake. But there is always a resolve to go on, a strength they gather from. I think I would've liked to hear Xena's parting words to Gabrielle be, "Promise me you won't become a monster." However, Gabrielle must've died soon after Xena since they are in familiar form in "Send In the Clones."



especially after the promise that xena would not be killed off at the end of the series, i was surprised & disappointed that she was, and in such a gory way. i kept waiting for a sudden announcement that there would be one more episode or a movie in the hopper that would resolve the ending more satifsfactorily.

menlo park, ca

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