Whoosh! Issue 60 - September 2001
Letters to the Editor

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Group Therapy #163-173


Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 4:47 PM
Subject: Elegy for Xena and Gabrielle


There is an emptiness in my heart; born from sadness and anger. my heart bleeds and cannot find consolation. The greatest heroine that ever crossed our path is gone-- forever.

My reasonable side tells me it is just a TV show, they are not real. But when we read a book like "The Lord of the Rings" we can but tremble inside, and cheer for the Hobbits and their brave friends. When we read "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" or "To Kill a Mockingbird" tears flow down our eyes and we are not ashamed, for we quickly learn how to love the gentle professor, the kind lawyer... It is natural for us humans, to identify with figures of imagination, when these creations fulfill an unspoken need, when they give us love and hope. So it is with Xena and Gabrielle. They are only an image on the screen, a collection of tapes on the shelf, some posters on the wall. It does not matter now, these fictional characters captured our hearts, enriched us with their lives and adventures. They became dearest friends and companions. They told us truths about life, love, and courage. They did give us hope and joy, tears and laughter. Now we are forced to say goodbye.

I was one of those few fans who liked the announcement of the cancellation of the show. This early knowledge would give the production team time and freedom to prepare the end. "Xena: Warrior Princess" would not be another "The X-Files", dragging down a great show due to contracts and greed. I would get a proper ending, a conclusion to one of the most beautiful relationships ever portrayed by two women. We would then see our heroines having a magnificent, appropriate closing to their adventures That is what I thought.

When I read rumors that Xena would be killed at the end of season six I started to prepare myself for it. I thought it was a good idea, a very brave one, in accord to everything they dared to do for six years--explore new horizons, never being stopped by limitations, especially by standard TV practices. I did not look at any web site or magazine that could spoil the surprise, the thrill of watching the last two episodes not knowing what would happen. But I was not prepared for this... it is not the violence, the decapitation, and the scene where Gabrielle finds Xena's headless body. I never minded the violence in the show; it was an integral part of Xena and Gabrielle's world. She lived by the sword; to die by the sword would be very appropriate.

What bothered me, what hurt so much was the fact that Xena died needlessly. She died to redeem herself for something she did not do. Never in my mind I had doubt that she was not to be blamed for the tragedy at Higuchi. Akemi is the greatest and meanest villain of the series. A girl who posed as sweet and innocent, who spoke wise words of love, nature, and friendship. Yet, she was a conniving woman who had only hatred, contempt, and revenge in her heart. How many times Xena taught people that vengeance was not the answer, that forgiveness and love were right? By completing her vengeance and then killing herself Akemi betrayed Xena twice, and set in motion the events that would, a generation later, destroy our heroine.

D*mn Japanese honor code! Hell must be filled with Samurais, for there it is where suicidals are sent to. The population of Higuchi did not accept Akemi's avenging of her family. They prevented Xena from taking her ashes to the family shrine. More than thirty years later they would demand that their deaths needed to be avenged and Xena had to stay dead... One of the shows strongest messages, "Love redeems" was completely ignored in the end. By demanding her death those souls in fact condemned themselves, for they showed no compassion--the same compassion Xena and Gabrielle had for less deserving people in their travels. How many people they met and helped who proved to be nothing but a stupid bunch of villagers or travelers or kings--people who despised them and did not even apologized for their contempt after being saved from some terrible evil by our heroines? Yet, in the end, Xena and Gabrielle's compassion was ignored.

Had those people at Higuchi showed the minimum of skills, the fire would have not been so destructive. Had Akemi showed anything but cowardice, she would have at least attempted to kill Yodoshi during the years of her slavery. Only after 30 years of servitude she decided to call Xena for help--to trap her once more, and then show a smiling face when Xena crossed to the other side. She shall go down as the most despised enemy in the Xenaverse.

Deceiving and number finally defeated Xena--things that she so wonderfully managed to overcome in her life. The deceiving came from Akemi; the numbers, from the writer's mind. Even if we accept that Higuchi's population was really 40,000, there were forty thousand stupid people living there, to have died in such great numbers. In 1906, San Francisco's population was around 400,000. The estimated death toll of the great earthquake ranged from 700 to 3,000. These numbers represent ONLY 0.175% or 0.75% OF THE POPULATION! If we apply this same percentage to Higuchi we have a fishing village of 5.3 million to 22.8 million inhabitants! These numbers are absurd, to say the least. Even if the entire population died in the fire, forty thousand sounds more like an excuse to get Xena and Gabrielle involved with guilty consciences.

To see Gabrielle alone watching the sunset... alone in the ship on the way to Egypt, holding Xena's ashes, it was heartbreaking... Will she continue her life as a Warrior Bard, talking to a friend only she can see, seeking her death to accomplish the only thing that matters to her? To be with Xena, her soul mate. And Xena has to wait for her enduring the distasteful company of Akemi...

"Gabrielle: Warrior Bard"... what a great title for a new series!

Having pointed out the weaknesses of the last two episodes, the strengths are obvious: great action scenes, a great villain with fantastic special effects (perhaps Fallen Angel can be classified as equal in these terms), cinematography... and as usual, Xena and Gabrielle, always. Their screen time together had the wonderful quality that permeated this whole last season. Subtext or not, whatever side you are in, those two friends learned not to waste time or words to express their true feelings. Mulder and Scully always suppressed their feelings, but the Warrior and the Bard looked at each other in the eye and simply said: "Don't ever forget that I love you". It does not matter to me what type of love they had--it was LOVE. The great Russian impresario Serge Diaghilev once said, "It is not the type of love that matters, it is its quality".

I feel sad, every time that one of the Xena CDs plays in my stereo--and they are playing a lot these days. A cloud covers my mind and eyes, and I do not know exactly what to do. Do Tapert and Stewart realize how difficult they have made for us to watch old episodes, having the knowledge that Xena will die, that Gabrielle will end up journeying alone--that their travels and battles lost their meaning at the last moment?

But all it is not lost. There are wonderful memories, classical episodes, hundreds of memorable quotes from both of them, and from the supporting characters. These and the show's greatest messages will last a lifetime for all the fans. How can we forget "Sins of the Past", "Callisto", "Is There a Doctor in the House?"? Or "A Solstice Carol", "A Day in the Life", "The Debt", and "The Bitter Suite"? What about "Adventures in the Sin Trade", "The Way", "Ides of March", "Fallen Angel", "God Fearing Child", "The Norse Trilogy", "Many Happy Returns", and many other fan favorites?

How can we forget Callisto, Salmoneus, Autolycus, Ephiny, Borias-- all these wonderful recurring characters who colored the Xenaverse with unforgettable action, humor, drama, honesty, villainy, and friendship?

I would like to thank Rob Tapert, R. J. Stewart, and all the writers for so many great stories that kept us glued to the small screen all these years. I would like to thank all the directors, technicians, and crew who produced the wonderful images who linger in our memory to this day.

I would like to thank Hudson Leick, Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Kevin Smith, Danielle Cormack, Claire Stansfield, Alexandra Tydings, Karl Urban, Martin Csokas, Robert Trebor, Bruce Campbell, Adrienne Wilkinson, Tim Omundson, Paris Jefferson... all the talented actors and actresses who gave us something to look at when we were not busy loving Xena and Gabrielle.

And most of all I HAVE TO, I MUST, I NEED to thank Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor for their immensurable talent, love, and dedication in bringing to life (to a very real life!) two characters that will forever live on for us. When the Buffys, the ERs, the Friends of fiction are but a footnote in the TV history books, Xena and Gabrielle will still stand as a landmark for women, for courage, and friendship. Paraphrasing our favorite Warrior and Bard's final dialogue, "(Six years) of journeying have brought you (both) to (over a hundred countries in the planet), to the very edges of the earth--and to the place where you two will always remain... our hearts."

Thank you Lucy. Thank you Renee. Thank you Xena and Gabrielle. I love you. Forever and ever...


From: Cheryl LaScola
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 6:40 PM
Subject: Coping with loss

About Xena's death and how she overcame it by still doing her warrior thing defeating Yodoshi, I couldn't agree more. And I agree the final scene did give us our soulmates ride off to new adventures TOGETHER, albeit in spirit.

I think the reason those of us who wanted the Hollywood ending was for our own self fulfillment.... if Xena and Gabby rode off together it would somehow ease our loss of the series. For example,while the treatment of X&G in Ides of March was excruciating to watch...we all knew despite the pain in our heart that there was to be a season 5, so the death scene was perceived as, "OK how will they get out of this next season?". We will never know for sure, but I think no matter how FIN ended, we would have felt depressed and sorry having to face never again seeing a new XWP episode with the two women who stole our hearts...Lucy and Renee.

Also, after reading all the "fallout", I would like to reflect on the Rob T alleged betrayal and lack of understanding the "fans".......

If you look back at fan complaints over the past few seasons, the key complaints were

1- not enough Gabby as full partner...I don't think anyone can doubt that now.

2- Xena never verbalized that she loved Gabby..just count the ways this season, verbal and otherwise

3- One was always doubting the other or not giving one the respect they deserve...this season has been steadfast in both Xena's belief in Gabrielle and visa versa. They stood side by side all season and could communicate their love without words. (I am not talking physical love, but a love far greater).

4- Too many silly comedies...Again they listened and gave us some light episodes like Old Ares, but most of the episodes were drama based with an occasional touch of tongue in cheek humor.

5- The fans of alternative X&G wanted a kiss with both of them alive. No one can deny that was one beautiful kiss in FIN, and if you look closely you will see Lucy kiss back before they cut to the close up.

As for the happy ending desire, I think the writers did their best in the episodes prior to FIN to offer up the ending each of us could choose. Clones and Soul Possession certainly tells us that they live on in new lives. WFC, perhaps the most poignant story, has Xena crucified to save Gabrielle and Gabby in turn saving Xena. When they return to the world after Gabby's destruction on the Fate's tapestry, they find each other again. But maybe it is not the old world after all... perhaps it is another time that would play with the fates and change the events of FIN in the future.

IMO, the finale has given us a way to choose what's next for our heroes through the continuing effort of all the bards out there in fan fiction land. Just think of the possibilities.

Either way, I have never felt more emotionally connected to a TV series and as a baby boomer who has a very demanding professional life, this show has given me so much to be grateful for, taking me away from the day to day tensions through the adventures of a Warrior Princess and her beloved Bard.

FIN drained me, shocked me, saddened me, but that is what a drama is supposed to do.... sometimes make us laugh or make us cry, no matter. as long as we truly feel.



From: CREBE899271
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 7:29 PM
Subject: xena

It was one thing to end the show, and to know that a movie was in the works, but quite another to know that it has ended permanently. Too bad. Quite a loss.


From: Selene in Canada
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 10:03 PM
Subject: Hello and Response

From what Lucy had said I thought it would be o.k. but it sure was not. I'm glad I read the story first because it got me emotionally ready to see and feel it, when I did watch. I cried when I read it on Whoosh!

I spent the rest of the week reading the pain of everyone else. I needed to feel in touch with people who were as upset and hurt as I was. I felt betrayed by the whole story behind why she had to stay dead. I've been fighting some heavy depression. Trying to remind myself that it is a show. Not working very well. The evil dude was cool. But the show was a bit choppy. Making Xena responsible for the 40,000 souls did not make sense.

There are a lot of hurting ladies out there like me. Some have written some great stuff. One girl said.

Rob said to Whoosh! he would not kill off Xena. But then he said he planned on Xena dying the whole time. So he lied? Also When Gabrielle killed the young boy in Legacy, she thought the only way to make up for it was to die. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was Xena that told her that her death would do nothing to right the wrong that had been done.

That the final price for Xena's redemption was Gabrielle's pain. There was some stuff written on Whoosh! that was really good. For me, I thought Redemption for the people that Xena had hurt came, as Xena herself changed. Rob just said (to me that is) everything I've been saying is crap. Redemption can only be found in death. This show has destroyed the foundation of his show for the last 6 years. Before Xena and Gabby die they go to heaven. I mean she did die and get thrown into the pool up in heaven, which I thought cleansed her soul. Or was it just a bath tub for sweaty Angels?


From: Pat Hutchinson
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2001 10:16 PM
Subject: Xena

Lucy & Renee should have either parted this World together or better still, ridden off into the sunset

Pat Hutchinson


Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 3:40 AM
Subject: Aug Issue

What do I feel? Extremely disgusted would be the best way to describe my thoughts. I utterly adored Xena for the past 6 years. It ranks right up there with Heart to Heart, Tucker's Witch, Beauty and the Beast and The X-Files on my all time favorite shows to ever grace the the television screen. What can I say, I'm an overtly visual person. I also happen to be a sucker for anything even pertaining to romance. Xena suited my needs to a T. Visually, it was just a stunning show to watch. Lucy and Renee made one of the most beautiful couples ever shown on TV. Finally, I had something to look forward to on Saturday nights primetime schedule. I guess I just expected better from R.J. Stewart and Rob Tapert. It was a sad way to end of the best shows I've ever had the chance to watch. Color me heart broken, p*ss*d off and confused.


From: Laura
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 6:17 AM
Subject: no! please :(

Please no it was bad enough with Xena lost her head guess they really wanted her to be dead. I'm sure there are many more like myself that have missed so many shows and trans.

Wish they could have road off in the great sunset. They over killed Xena. Wonder what will happen to Gabby now? We all know that Xena really could come back in a few years. Gabby still has her ashes :))


From: Jan Weatherly
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 6:28 AM
Subject: Group Therapy Session Letter

To: The Powers That Be - Xena: Warrior Princess
From: A Devoted Fan From Day One
Re: XWP Series Finale

I've watched XWP since the beginning. I've laughed, cried, mourned, celebrated and loved with the characters on the program. And, yes, I consider myself, as Lucy Lawless calls them, a "hardcore nutball"(is that a good or a bad thing???). So, when I saw the Series Finale of XWP, I initially felt, as a fan, so completely sold out. It seemed as if all the studio and producers were trying to do was get it off the air. I saw no dignity in the ending, no sense of closure, and worse, no hope. I thought "guess the characters are theirs to do with as they pleased, right". The episode entitled "When Fates Collide", with Xena and Gabrielle riding off into the mist, seemed to me to have been a better closure than "Friend in Need". I kept remembering, in the episode "The Quest", where Xena promised Gabrielle she wouldn't die again, and leave her alone. And yet, that's exactly what happened.

After taking a few days to reflect, and cry, I have come to an understanding. While it still hurts, while I still get this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach when I even think about it, while I still feel like I've lost a cherished member of the family, my mind is slowing coming to grips with the idea that this was, after all, a television show. Granted, I doubt there was any ending that would have made everyone everywhere happy, especially me. While the hopeless romantic in me wanted nothing more than to see Xena and Gabrielle ride off into the sunset, together in the flesh, I've looked at the very end a number of times, and finally realize that what Xena said to Gabrielle was directed at all the fans as well. They will always live in our hearts.

Though I was somewhat taken aback by the uncharacteristic amount of gore in Fin II, I was stunned by the heartfelt, powerful performances by Lucy, and especially Renee. Renee took her portrayal of Gabrielle up several notches in the last hour of that show. The chemistry between those two actors was one I've seldom seen in a television program (Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers in "Hart to Hart" was the last one that really grabbed me like that), or film for that matter. I've always been able to see that they have both put their entire heart and soul into every episode.

I know that all good things must come to an end, and I'm sure that Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor were ready for a change in their lives. Sometimes we fans come to think that we own the characters and show, and that things should be run as we see fit. I still feel no real sense of closure, but maybe just because I don't want any closure..I want them to go on forever. And, while I would still have much rather have seen a distinctly different ending, I now feel obliged to say a sincere thank you, to Lucy, Renee, Rob, Sam and the entire cast and crew of Xena:Warrior Princess. No matter what happens from here on out, you gave us six years of the most marvelous ride television has yet to offer.

Jan Weatherly


From: Antigone
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 7:26 AM
Subject: thoughts on ending...

"We're out of tears." says ROC Thoughts on an ending

This is the Hour of Lead--
Remembered, if outlived,
As Freezing Persons recollect the Snow--
First--Chill--then Stupor--then the letting go--
--Emily Dickinson

Okay...now that the tears have subsided...and I have settled my soul a bit, I want to say that while this episode wasn't what I would have *chosen*, I do think it was very powerful. Primarily because of what it did to Gabrielle. It felt to me that in this episode she was finally moved to hero status. And, even though I was initially horrified by the notion that only one of them would die, ultimately it made sense to me that she would be left behind. In some important way it seems okay to me that she has survived, taken Xena in her heart, loved her and lost her and carried on.

Xena is filled with stories about her past loves and adventures...for Gabrielle there has only ever really been the warrior princess. Now she is a wise warrior with a heart that's been expanded and scarred by this great love, and who knows what's next for her? I loved that she threw and caught the chakram, that she told Xena openly when she was angry and injured and loving. I loved how courageous she was in this episode.

What I didn't love about this episode was the brutal (read pointless) murder of Xena. Why didn't she commit suicide instead? Why be skewered with arrows and beheaded. There seemed to be no point to it, which bothered me more than the overwhelming violence. I have read her remarks about being exhausted and soo tired during the filming of this episode. I have decided to comfort myself with the idea that she was worn out because she was working so hard to go *against* her instincts in allowing her character to be annihilated. Whether she agrees with RT's vision or not, she has to live with the man...so instead of having tremendous internal conflict...she just got very tired. And it shows in her performance, as a kind of leaving before leaving, a slow and unsteady washing out.

I don't think there was anyway she could play this episode with the fire she brought to the show for six years. It was just too wrong.

Did she redeem herself? It occurs to me that one reason Xena can never adequately redeem herself, is because of her ultimate selfishness. Which she demonstrates clearly in this episode. She completely ignores her lovers needs and makes a decision that she hopes will make her feel less guilty. What she doesn't get is that she does wrong in the process of doing right, (hurts her soulmate to make up for hurting 40,000 strangers). I'm not sure what the exchange rate is on soul mates to strangers these days...but I'm certain the deal isn't square. She is like someone who gets out a cash advance on one credit card to pay off another. She can NEVER be redeemed, because she can never empathize enough with the other's experience.

As sad as this makes me for her, I think its accurate, and true to character for her to trot off and decide to die without a word to Gab. Just as she gave her soul to Callisto without a moments thought to Gab. *Her* pain has always been more important, even when it was the pain of injuring others.

I don't know what to say about the foolishness of TPTB not expecting outrage at this ending. The disclaimer could have made a world of difference I think (How about "thanks for six great years" or "the warrior princess will live in our hearts always?") But I will say that I think Lucy's anxious humor and somewhat bad taste remarks ("Xena gets a haircut") probably have to do with how overwhelming it feels for her to end. I'm guessing she is relieved and grief-stricken, and it is hard to be both at once.

I have only watched it once, and I may have different thoughts tomorrow. It will be a long time before I can watch it again. At the moment, I can't even watch a beloved episode like ADITL. It is too much like watching the wedding video after your husband has died. But late that night, I lit a candle, put on a little Jo LoDuca, and raised a glass of New Zealand chardonnay in my Cyrene's tavern's mugs. And I said goodbye and thank you...to the two precious women on a golden horse who have given me two hundred women on a green wall-papered web page (Xena Warrior Lesbian). (and a few special men, smile) They have given birth to Antigone, and made her mine to keep.

I am forever changed.


From: Sandy Schulte
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 7:48 AM
Subject: My thoughts on the Xena finale

I was interested to find out what are other peoples' reactions to the final Xena episodes, and saw your invitation to respond to the finale. Thank you for making it possible to respond to the show.

Although the end did upset and surprise me, more that it was ending than how it ended, I found it to be consistent with the original storyline of the show and with the creativity of the writers. These writers and producers are not afraid to provide the public with a dark storyline, they have been doing it for six years on Xena and for the length of a successful career. That is what drew many fans to Xena, that it was not 100% sugar coated fantasy. This was a show that was able to portray human emotions like no other show before it, including the dark side of human nature in an intriguing and entertaining manner. Xena's decisions in this last episode displayed the culmination of a long journey of learning how to forgive herself for her past actions, and placed her at her personal best. Yes, she had to die to do it, but how else would Xena's life end? In a rocking chair? From an accidental fall off a cliff? No, in glory and in war, saving others to repay her debts for her dark past.

It was also interesting that they ended the show in Japan, the most formal and ritualistic society on earth. This actually made for an interesting ceremonial episode. It felt as if we were taken through several stages of letting go and of saying good-bye while celebrating what made the show so wonderful. I will miss the show and characters terribly.

I did feel as though I had lost a friend when Xena died in the end and it did surprise me when the main hero of the show was killed, but it is another example of the courage of Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi to consistently challenge their audience and push television shows to a higher level. I consider them to be creative geniuses and cannot wait to see what they do next.

Sandy Schulte
Fresno, CA


From: Jennifer Harris
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 10:23 AM
Subject: Group Therapy - What I Really Think

Disappointed. Profoundly disappointed.

I had looked forward to this episode, I just knew that TPTB would give us one of there stellar productions. Was I ever disappoint. All of the things we have come to expect from XWP were there, the music, the special effects, the beautiful cinematography, and on and on. Only one thing was missing, a story. What we were given had more holes in it than Joxer's pasta strainer.

I am not going to pull this story apart piece by piece because I know there are other people who will, much better than I. The inane rhetoric that is being thrown at us does need to be addressed however. 'Coming full circle', doesn't that depend from where you start? Birth to death, good to good, evil to evil, Greece to Japa to Greece, it's just a good catch phrase. In this case I guess it's a flowery way to say she's dead.

Next we're being told " well, she attained redemption". What happened to the redemption she attained in Fallen Angel? Not only did she make it to heaven, she became an archangel. Quite impressive, but I'm wondering if Xena did something wrong to lose her redeemed status between Fallen Angel and FIN that I missed. Then we hear rhetoric about atonement. One would think that becoming the mother of the messenger of the god of Eli (I thought we were to believe that Eli's god was the God) and ridding the world of the Greek gods for Him would have some sort of redeeming, atonement payback.

Then we are told how great this ending is for Gabrielle. WHAT? TPTB have taken a statement made by a young girl "take me with you, teach me everything you know" and have used it to justify making her a warrior. Everything that Xena knew included more than just her fighting skills, it included lessons learned, good and evil, revenge and forgiveness, on and on. Likewise when Gab told Xena she wanted to be just like her, why would she mean she wanted to be a warrior? Xena is more that just a warrior, Gab is more than just a sidekick. Which brings us to the hero discussion. Gabrielle standing on the ship at the end of FIN decked out in sword and chakram showed us a capable well armed warrior but not a hero. In Sins of the Past when Gab stepped forward and told the slaver to 'take me, let the others go' we saw a hero. In the same episode when Gab stepped between the villagers and Xena and stopped them from stoning her we saw a hero. When Gab threw herself on Terrais in Hooves and Harlots and when she took a pitchfork handle to Xena in order to save the village in The Ties That Bind we saw a hero.

Of course we wanted Gabrielle to grow and she did. Both Xena and Gab grew and the light and the dark came together just as it should have.

Which brings us to why I was so disappointed in FIN. To me this whole series was about the dark and light coming together. Gabrielle becoming more like Xena and Xena becoming more like Gabrielle. Separating the light and dark as an ending to the series negates the last six years. What was the point? You can't turn your life around, you can't redeem yourself, you can never find a living peace or forgiveness. You can't survive by being good, you can't find happiness through love, and all the good deeds you do will go for naught. What is the point?

To RT I would like to say thank you for giving us Xena. I truly wish that you could have loved and respected her the way I do. Your a man, you can never know what I feel inside. Probably your biggest mistake of the series was not replacing Liz Freidman with another woman who would give her viewpoint from a female perspective, like I understand Ms. Freidman did. You got very lucky with Xena and you hit it big but I suspect that Xena was never the show you wanted it to be. I don't think you started out making a show for women and you proved it with your misogynic, snuff porn ending. How many times this season did you manage to get Xena naked anyway? How many times this season did you beat the crap out of her? How long did it take you to decide that you were going to use a mortal male to kill our hero? How many jokes did you make and fits of giggles did you find yourself in making this last episode? It must of been a riot to string the mutilated body up and shoot the picture of Xena's head on the table. How did you ever get Lucy not to laugh and be still? Ah, the good times uh? How did you ever produce the best TV I have ever seen, The Ring Trilogy, and the most vile, repulsive, offensive TV I have ever seen in one season?

You have proven your not a very good host. Instead of saying thank you, I hope you'll come again, you kicked my ass out the door and slammed it shut. Your next invitation will be ignored.

To LL I'd like to say thank you for giving us Xena. I know that someday you are going to look back and not be able to believe that you were physically able to pull this gig off. I hope that someday you will set down and watch XWP starting at the beginning and go all the way through it. I think then that you will know why so many of us are so disappointed with the ending. You'll also know how desperate and pathetic your little outburst at Conan O'Brian sounded and you'll know that Xena had been outed years ago.

To ROC I would like to say thank you also. You have been in my opinion the best actress on TV for a number of years now. Without Gabrielle there never would have been a XWP, you brought depth and heart to the story. I know you want to work behind the camera but I'm hoping you will let us see you from time to time. I wish you much success and I think it will be girl.

To me I would like to say you will with time be able to watch your 132 episodes (I will never watch Fin 1 & 2 again) and not see the terrible demise of your hero. Buck it up, life goes on.

And to Whoosh I would like to say thank you for being here. You have entertained me almost as much as XWP. Even if no one reads this I do feel much better. Thank you for the free therapy.

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