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Disappointed #458-504


I was definitely disappointed with how the Xena saga ended. I felt the show did great at the beginning of this last season because it got back to its "roots." I felt a lot of Xena herstory was ignored in the final episodes, and the writers were trying to put too much into the storyline without enough substance in the plot to make it believable. The magic of Xena is the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle: how they relate as friends, companions, warriors, and heroes. It seems it's too important to see our sheroes slaughtered so they can quickly--and sloppily--explain away why there will no longer be a Xena. For all the times Xena and Gabrielle have died miserable deaths and come back again, this is how it all ends! They don't go down in a blaze of glory, they don't both finally die and find peace forever existing in paradise together. Instead they become the destroyed dynamic duo of ancient times leaving this view! we're feeling like I have journeyed from the very beginning of this legend to find grave disappointment in the poorly devised destruction of the greatest superheroes to ever exist on the small screen or big screen. What happens when all our female heroes are destroyed? This is not an accumulation of story which adequately justifies why a world must lose a hero and Gabrielle her soulmate. It doesn't even come close to bringing closure to Xena's six years of TV land search for redemption of her sins. I want my brain to forget the last episode of Xena, forget how the writers made a mess of what should have been a beautiful good-bye to two friends discovering themselves and saving the world.



I watched the series finale of Xena and I have to say ... I was a little disappointed. Gabrielle should have been more upset when she found out that Xena had died. I cried my eyes out. Just LOVE the show!!! Been with it since the beginning. There should have been more ... don't know how to explain it. The words spoken should have been more. I was disappointed overall because I didn't feel the love that Xena and Gabrielle had for each other. More crying was needed. The way Xena died was extreme but awesome. I was in awe. Xena just left Gabrielle alone like that. I think that this is the way it should have ended ......

Xena and Gabrielle were together in life, they should have been together in death. They could never be separated, ever!!



It was all so wrong! Xena shot, beheaded, whipped. Then giving Gabrielle and the fans the out that she could be brought back only to be cheated of a positive 'happy' ending at the last moment. Oops, the spirits didn't mention the pesky little clause that if she came back the souls would be condemned again. These characters overcame a lot in the past few years together. I was hoping somehow the characters would end the series together, not one dead and the other mourning. It was a sucky end to a great series. Watching the final moments, I just felt sad and cheated of the ending the show deserved.



Very disappointed! I have watched the series from the start, and think we deserved a happier ending for Xena and Gabrielle. I didn't like this ending one bit, and I am pretty mad at Tapert for ending it this way.



I guess I feel as much disappointed like anyone in the Xenaverse, even I haven't seen the show yet, cause I live in Germany. But from what I read it's just a sad sad ending and the show and the two main characters didn'tīdeserve that. I donīt know what Mr. Tapert thought( I appreciate the work and the efforts he took in the show and that he created it) but I donīt believe they deserved that ending. But like Melissa Good said on her homepage, they belong now to the fans and we can change the ending in writing a new end.



but i liked the episode, just not the out come.



very disappointed feel like i have wasted 6 years on a series where the character goes and dies. When i watch the previous episodes and series, I'm like 'what's the point she dies anyway' - the fight scenes are pointless, because it doesn't matter if she wins or not, she dies anyway. The whole xena dying and coming back in previous seasons, like the quest, is just stupid, cause your like 'gab!! don't bother, she dies anyway'

Rob Tapert let us all down, i feel cheated.



Disappointed with series ending and in the people who made it. And with every post FIN word they say I realize they are not the people I thought they were. I am still in shock.



While I thought the episodes were very good as to of music, action, scenery and undoubtedly acting skills, the final five minutes were lame. The reason for Xena staying dead was just sprung on us when it seemed all was well. I could handle even the excessive violence but the lame-*ss ending was too much.



I hate to think of Gabrielle out there alone.



in the last show



This is to any person that has anything to do with the show Xena warrior Princess, The fans of Xena have been following the show and it's characters for almost 6 years now. Many have spent countless amounts of money on Xena merchandise and things from the show. If the fans mean anything to you than please redo the ending and let Xena go off with the same good reputation that it has had so far, and that you are loosing by every day that you do not do something. Thank you.



At first I thought it was okay, but after letting it sink in I'm very disappointed. This terrible ending will effect my enjoyment of watching the reruns.



I loved the "entertainment" value of the end. I understand the importance of the lesson of Xena giving her life for redemption. I am moved and feel like I'm in mourning for the loss of the life of a friend...an emotion that I'm sure Rob Tapert loves to know he has evoked in a person who has been drawn into the world he created. However, I am at a loss as to why he couldn't just let them ride off into the sunset. I would be just as moved by a happy ending like that. I would watch that episode over and over and over again to see the girls leave the show like that. Now, I have trouble even looking at my posters, standee, mouse pad, screensaver....(you get the idea) because it hurts too much. I wanted warm and fuzzy, not pain. Even if that pain has a deeper meaning. I'm proud of the job they did in bringing us the story...of taking us into the Xenaverse and in making us believe in heroes. But, I'm also disappointed that Rob used a gimmick to give us the kiss we've longed for. It was a beautiful thing to see, but it was a much used gimmick to have their lips meet to save the other's life. It would have made just as much sense to the story to have Xena, knowing she was going to give up her life, to kiss Gabrielle in a way that conveyed their love and emotions for one another...not just some gimmick to keep the boys and the straights happy. It was cheap...beautiful, but cheap. I love this show because Xena and Gabrielle have been heroes to me. There haven't been any true heroes in the life of a lesbian. No one to look up to......no one to make me feel good about myself...no one to make me feel not just normal, but heroic. And rather than being brave and giving us a true hero, Rob gave us gimmicks and already used tricks. I'll never "cut the cord" but I just wish he had given us a ride off into the sunset ending with our heroes.

Houston, TX


Extremely disappointed!! If her (Xena's) heart was broken all those years ago (by deception), why would she have put herself in the same position NOW. As the saying goes, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" and believe me, Xena is nobody's FOOL (except, maybe Gabrielle's).



Very disappointed, sad, and angry that the episode ended that way. Did not have to end that way...



I am a 39 year old women with a serious back injury and the past 2 years I have been working toward getting better. Watching Xena became my inspiration. I really do have a life and I really am a stable person but somehow the show gave me encouragement.

The finale left me very depressed and empty. I don't know why they had to be so cruel about the way they ended the series. If it is about the money and a future movie plot I still don't think that is an excuse for what they put their loyal viewers through.

The finale prompted me to write some correspondence in hopes that it will help me get the vivid pictures out of my mind. I am no wimp but this hit me hard deep inside and I find it shocking that I could be effected this way by a TV program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



There was no need to kill Xena. We wanted to see her ride into the sunset.



Awful ending...too contrived in terms of trying to think of a way to kill Xena off. I WANT MY XENA BACK NOW. START A PETITION.



I didn't like it that much. They left everything unexplained. Why did Gabrielle have to live out the rest of her life with pain? And why didn't anything happen to Akemi? That was not fair. What about Eve? I thought it was just poorly done.



I was very disappointed with Xena being killed off. It was a terrible burden to put that kind of judgment on Gabrielle to leave her friend dead when she could have saved Xena. I thought Xena would have been too young to die at that point. She still was in prime shape.



I'm very disappointed and sadden. What a sucky way to end it all. Xena wanted redemption but in the end paid for an act that didn't need any retribution because it was AN ACCIDENT. But didn't we see in "Fallen Angel" that Xena was infact redeemed? Gabrielle wanted to become a warrior in the very beginning, but then she found out that that's not who she was so she wanted to become a great bard ... I think after 6 years, Mr. Tapert has lost sight of those growing changes in the characters and just based his views of the finale by the ideas that he had drawn out in the very beginning of the show. Very sad for me -- a disillusioned fan.



I am still very upset with the ending. In fact I am so upset that I do not want anything that has to do with xena in my house any more!!!I just want to cleanse my house of anything xena.-- so if anyone live in nashville davidson county and would like xena stuff - I have a lot of things that I just put in boxes to be treasured!!!



Very unhappy with the killing off of Xena



I was very disappointed in so much as Rob made numerous statements, that he would not kill off Xena. As much as I loved the fight that only Xena could and would of done at the beginning of part 2, and the brilliant chemistry and "Soulmate" issue between Gabrielle and Xena, (which by the way, we now know Gabrielle is truly "in love" with Xena and vise versa), and beautifully shot footage of New Zealand, I, as well as millions of fans, prayed that they would have walked off into the sunset with further adventures. I was never looking for closure. Now, I hope that Rob can run his magic again, and come back with a big screen movie. As far as the scenes of Xena and the damage done to her body, that is what the show has, and always will be about. Pushing the envelope. I admire them for doing just that for 6 years. And what better KISS could you of gotten. It was romantic in nature, stylish, and done with such passion and sexuality, that it made me rerun it about a dozen times after watching it. My pause button got a work out indeed. I will miss this show tremendously, but I will move on and cherish the work and dedication Lucy and Renee gave us for six glorious season's. Good luck and god's speed to both woman.




an understatement. Gabby needs to be with Xener







Dear to whom it may concern, How could they make Xena die! I mean it would be a little better if Gabrielle died with Xena. My hero's dead! They let Hercules just walked off but no they make Xena get her head chopped off. Why should she be killed when she turned good those mean people (sobbing) enjoy killing peoples hero's if i had the time I would rewrite one for them but my poor poor family is eating disappointedly at the table right now while I'm writing you this sad letter (more sobbing). I was crying my head off at this last show! You could at least make Gabrielle and Xena be together! THOSE EVIL PEOPLE! MEANIES!



I was very disappointed the way MR. Robert Tapert ended the show. He killed xena with arrows, cut her head of, burn her, and didn't bring her back,i have something to say to MR. Tapert how could you be so cruel to xena fan, we love the show ,and you broke our hearts we the fan never forgive you for what you have done.



I thought that the Xena ending was not only disappointing but inconsistent to the rest of the story line. You may already gotten other emails about some of the things that follow, but eh, it's something, right? Well, let's start with the ending in terms of the episode of the Xena Scrolls episode, in which many episodes were spin off from that. Besides the chakram which was later changed and used in the ending to the infamous ying and yang one, the chakram in the Xena Scrolls episode was the old one, which was split later on and basically the key to the tomb of Ares. Also, supposedly, Ares was shut into the tomb by Gabrielle, Xena, and Joxer. WE all know that Joxer died, so that doesn't help the case much. and then Xena dies at the ending, which leaves so many questions. I mean, how can Xena shut the tomb if she's dead? (Well, given that she's Xena and can do any darn thing that she wishes... but still, it's inconsistent). And also, Gabrielle is supposed to have kids, right (hence, the whole descendents thing of Janice, Mel, and that "french guy" Ted Raimi played in the Xena Scrolls). Well, it's kinda obvious that Gabby is totally into Xena so unless something unfortunate happens to her (which i think is very unlikely, because she can kick some serious butt now), I don't think that she's hooking up with any guy soon... unless they do a "callisto" thing with her, the same way that got Xena pregnant with eve... which begs another question: Where's Eve? (totally random, but shouldn't she know that Xena's dead now since she was her mother... ) Also, i thought Ares were on good terms with Xena for getting his god-hood back... But then again, he's Ares... And what really bothers me is the whole Xena Scrolls... written by Gabby, who seems to have long forgotten that dream of being a traveling bard, meaning, there doesn't seem to be a lot of scrolls... i dunno, i hope that made sense... i needed to air out some feelings.... i hope that made sense... let me know if it did. Anyways, that'd be it for me now since i have totally confused myself... thanks for the awkward attention. (now you're probably looking at the screen and thinking that I'm lost somehow) okay, well, thanks for listening:)



Xena's husband, Rob Tapert was interviewed a lot on why he wrote her death into the last episode. Why was Xena herself never interviewed? Even about the weather in Hawaii?

You might say Xena's or rather, Xena's husband's last episode was intended as a reaction to his not being granted a movie contract, among other things. If he can't theatricize her, no-one can.

The good part is I always said Gabrielle was the real warrior and Xena was sort of a housewife. It could just have easily been written with Gabrielle dying and Xena ending the series the same way she began it: alone. The ending I wanted was for all the characters from previous episodes to make appearances and Xena and Gabrielle to ride off into the sunset to continue fighting beyond the series conclusion.



Unbelievable! Was the only way to absolutely have an overwhelming reason to kill Xena be to make her responsible for the salvation or damnation of 40,000 souls! Just a bit overdone, I'd say. I don't care if Xena's new life with Gabrielle was a constant search for good behavior and redemption on her part. Did Lucy Lawless want out of the part so badly that this death had to take place? Finally, Gabrielle becomes the multidimensional warrior who flips through the air, throws the chakram, puts on the pinch. This, to tell us she can stand on her own? We are to be satisfied with her shadow friend Xena at her side? Gabby's fulfilled smile as she goes to Egypt was a tad too cheerful and contented for me. The emotion she had expressed throughout the entire episode said that this level of happiness would not exist without the fully alive Xena by her side. What a blow to the concept of the show: two soulmates facing life together and taking on its challenges, illustrating the scope of devotion despite adversity that only two such friends could show. I can hardly bear to look at any moment shared by the two characters in past episodes; Xena's death broke my heart. I wanted that relationship to be functioning in the flesh. Wow. What a blow.



yes i was disappointed . i didn't want her to die



Sad more than disappointed, really.



After six years, you get emotionally involved with Xena and Gabrielle and their struggles through life and love. We lost ourselves in this fantasy couple who have everything that we want in real life: unconditional love and support. During that short while that we tune in and watch everything is right with the world.

Life is hard, and very seldom are there real happy endings; that is why we at least want those characters we invest so much time and emotion in to at least have the Happy Ending most of us won't have!



Reeeaaallyyy disappointed



I have no words to express the extreme amount of disappointment I still feel over the end of Xena. It was one of the best shows to ever grace the TV screen and for 6 years I was satisfied by d*mn near every show that was produced.



I really enjoyed the first part, but was dumfounded and bitterly disappointed by the contrived ending. Now all the plot holes and rehashed plots are very obvious to me. I thought they promised us something (Xena returning to the living and Gabrielle) and failed to deliver based on a weak premise that the trapped souls Xena released "would be lost." No wonder many fans feel they were used. Whatever power death would have lent to Xena's redemption was lost long ago by Xena dying many times. Death is meaningless in the Xenaverse and so is Xena's redemption.



Personally, I thought the plot was thin at best, sort of a redo of the whole M'Lila gig.

Loved Xena dying. Thought it was a perfect ending. Closure. No movies of the week. Canceled...like any other series.



I felt that the finale just didn't work, logically. Akemi told Xena the souls, Akemi, and Xena herself had been "redeemed". If that was so, then there was no need for the souls to be revenged, since Xena redeemed them by destroying the Eater of Souls. Though I found the episode intriguing, I hated the ending -- not merely because Xena was killed off, but because the logic behind her sacrifice was flawed. I thought it was apparent that this new "Xena dies" ending was cut-and-pasted onto the end of a regular episode.

I recall Lucy Lawless saying that the ending would be "defiant" -- of whom? I wondered at the time. Now I know -- R. Tapert was basically defying the loyal fans who have supported the show all 6 seasons. Yes, it's his creation and he controls it, but why end it that way --again, it's not that Xena willingly sacrifices herself to save others, it's that the sacrifice is unnecessary: she'd already redeemed the lost souls. Perhaps maybe he did it to justify making a movie later?

Thanks for all your work on Whoosh! It's a great site and I appreciate it.



I am very upset about the finale..........no chance to bring her back..................OR............will you find a way?



One of the things I had always liked the most about Xena was the ability of the series to tie up items which might only be mentioned in passing then have them grow to a whole episode. This final episode brought in a whole cast of new characters which had nothing to do with the Xena myth. Totally uncreative and disappointing.



From the start of the first episode of the finale, I was disappointed. It seems to me this was not the show I have been watching for 4 years. The background music during the scene that they were trying to put out the fire in the town and Xena asking Gabrielle "What would you do" seemed out of place. This Finale was written for the casual viewer, not the viewers and loyal fans. It truly seemed that tptb had a puzzle they were trying to put together, then along comes a 2 year old who scattered the pieces and kept a few in his diaper, and tptb just continued on with the puzzle. Give me a plot w/o so many holes and questions over the grandiose special effects and I'll be content.



I have been thinking a lot about the ending and I'm sure, like most fans, I am disappointed. I wanted to make a point that I thought most people would not have thought about. A few years age I saw a documentary on gay/lesbian media images. I believe it was the Celluloid Closet, but I'm not certain. The main point that struck me from the documentary was that at the end of most lesbian films, either the couple breaks up with one person becoming heterosexual (a la Personal Best), or, if it was an especially positive relationship, in order for the public to tolerate it, one of the women has to die. Over the years I have been struck by the original nature of Xena and Gabrielle's relationship. Whether sexual or not, the relationship is portrayed as ongoing, deep, and committed. More than any couple I have seen on TV, they say "I love you," have intimate moments, bicker, and find ways to explore their relationship. I thought it was very cheap to have this "better kiss" (allow them the deeper relationship) and then add in the very cliche and typical ending of one of them dying. Making Gabrielle participate in her suicide, which also didn't make much plot sense or have any lead up in the story, was sadistic to both Gabrielle and the viewer. It almost felt like the creators of the show were saying, "we don't want to be bothered by zealous fans," and so made the likelihood of movies, continued stories, and alternative endings less feasible. I have loved this show over the past 6 years and not only didn't I enjoy the last episode but I fear that it will lessen my enjoyment of all the episodes in reruns/video....



With regard to the final installment of Xena, I couldn't have been more disappointed. I have been watching the program since it first piloted with Hercules. I haven't missed a single episode and am the proud owner of the entire first 5 seasons on video, with the 6th season on order.

As for the final episode? I was devastated. On one hand, it makes sense that Xena would have to remain dead, as that is really the ONLY way she could truly make amends for those 40,000 souls. If she were to have come back to life again, that would have negated the whole procedure of releasing the trapped souls. However, I am also a bit p*ss*d off about that whole 40,000 souls thing. Xena caused a fire. Yes. It was an accidental occurrence. Yes. But, she can hardly be held accountable for the entire village going up and taking everyone with it. I mean, GEEZ!! Did they all just stand there and wait their turn to be burned?! What the hell was that all about?! A NO one in the whole village was capable of picking up a bucket of water and tossing it?! Hell, they had a water tower there and neither Xena nor Gabrielle had a problem in emptying the tank onto the fire that was in progress when they arrived. I have a REAL problem with that.

Also, with Xena having to remain dead, it p*ss*d me off that we, the audience, was not let in on this little secret contingency of Akemi's until AFTER all was said and done. Not fair!

Another part that really upset and disappointed me in the final episode was that they leave Gabrielle completely on her own now. OK, so Xena floats in and out to her and reminders her that she will always be with her. Fine, but that hardly takes the place of getting a tangible hug from her once in a while. I mean, think about it. Gabrielle gave up everything to be with Xena. She left her home, her family, never remarried and was always ready to help Xena at any given moment. It just isn't fair that Gabrielle is now expected to hold the entire responsibility alone with only Xena's ghostly specter as assistance.

In all honesty, I would have been much happier and would have felt a far greater and more satisfied catharsis if both of them had met each other in death, a final death, only to have them head off together to either the Elysian Fields, as heroes, or perhaps joining Aries and Aphrodite on Olympus, if for no other reason than to be the medium ground between the two extremes. I think they deserved that much after 6 years of so much turmoil and agonizing work to make things right for the less fortunate.

Anyway, that's how I feel. I cried my eyes out at the end of the final episode, but I was crying more for the future loneliness of Gabrielle and all that she gave up to be with Xena, only for her to be left all alone, ultimately. I just seemed to colossally unfair.



I was both sad and disturbed by the ending. I can say honestly it was quite thought provoking. I did not (as I had hoped) come away with the sense that one day we would see Xena again. Somehow there was no ending satisfaction.



The reason why I am disappointed with the series finale is not that Xena died and left Gabrielle to journey alone. They will always be together in their hearts, and that is what matters. My disappointment comes from the fact that the story never fit into Xena's dark past. Her only 'crime' was to want to get a ransom from delivering Akemi back to her father. She never knew about Yodoshi's evil ways, or how Akemi plotted all along to kill her father. She was not responsible for releasing the Soul Eater into the world: Akemi was.

Another disappointment of all was possibly that I had to swallow the number of 40,000 souls condemned by Xena's action. Since when self-defense is a crime? Since when those stupid villagers from Higuchi had the right to keep Xena dead when they reacted so strongly against Akemi's vengeance, and later would DEMAND vengeance against Xena--so she could not go back to Gabrielle. The greatest disappointment was to see one of the show's most important messages completely destroyed in the very last episode: "Love redeems".

Xena and Gabrielle learned and taught this truth: they forgave each other for mistakes they made, they forgave many people they encountered along the way, for they knew that was the right thing to do.

Yet, in the end, they were not forgiven. They were sentenced to a lifetime of separation, denying everything they fought for all these years.

In this sense, Rob Tapert did let all fans down.

It was a great two-part, which was everything we could expect from such an important time of "Xena: Warrior Princess". But this 'minor' detail of denying Gabrielle and Xena a future together was their biggest mistake.

A fan who has seen almost every episode.


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