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Group Therapy #174-187


From: J. Henry
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 10:50 AM
Subject: The Group Therapy Issue

How did I feel about the series ender?

I felt the finale' and end of Xena, Warrior Princess touched on every emotional fiber I have within me. The first was a swelling of pride watching Xena pass trust and love unselfishly to Gabrielle. I realized the years had slowly shadowed the fact Xena had a warrior's heart, a life's mission of redemption and a destiny to die by the sword. Literally bleeding through in the ender was Xena had completely learned (from Gabrielle) real compassion and a sense of justice. She finally had erased all taste of vengeance and hate returning to focus on a greater good yet being ever aware of her deep love for Gabrielle. Those things pulled in every direction my emotions but left me to feel a renewed admiration. That is what kept my heart in tact while gasping at the more graphic and dramatic action during the battle. There was an ache when Xena screamed out Gabrielle's name, taking arrow after arrow but fighting with all her might and that warrior's determination to forge on in doing what she knew she must. Like time and breath itself stopped, the sword taking her life ever so gruesome leaving a sickening, gut wrenching feeling but also an understanding that Xena faced her death as a true warrior.

It was a journey all of it's own to watch the finale', allowing my emotions to be taken to heights of danger, pain, gruesome decapitation, lost spirits and then brought back to the more gentle, soft, caring and loving eyes of Gabrielle. The tears and caring displayed between them accentuated the strong love and admiration they shared. I at least found comfort in the pride for Xena's actions and the understanding offered by Gabrielle's acceptance. I had shared a lot of myself with them all these years. I was now filled and left alone with my own emotions but also I overwhelmed with Xena & Gabrielle's love and loyalty for each other. Xena's sadness to leave Gabrielle alone in the mortal world and Gabrielle questioning how could she go on without Xena. It wasn't a parting by death as had been shown in this series many times before. This was the final death and it settled hard, fast, deep inside and it hurt. Departing the roller coaster ride of emotions which took me higher than ever and then so gentle and tender came to a slow pause froze as Gabrielle stood alone on that ship. I was pulled to beg in my heart for Xena to return to life being torn to accept and face my mind understood it was the right thing for her as a warrior. Having to accept Xena's death, watching Gabrielle accept Xena's death became heavy to realize as was accepting this show was ending gloriously before my very eyes. They were saying good-bye. I was saying good-bye. My tears were droplets of pride, joy and joined by the pain of loss for something I loved deeply and personally had come to an end. The series ender gave Xena honor for all time, preserved my love of this show forever and insured me Gabrielle travels on with Xena in her heart and always by her side. I shall hold warmly the vision of Xena and Gabrielle looking over the sunset and welcome the final emotion of gratitude for six wonderful years.



From: Spike
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 12:56 PM
Subject: the group therapy issue


I've been a loyal fan of X:WP for all of its 6 years - I even stuck with it after the excruciating 5th season - only to be devastated by the series finale. I feel violated, disappointed, angry & sad.

VIOLATED: I feel as if TPTB did to us fans what they did to Xena - we got pelted with arrows, decapitated, and hung out naked & bloodied in the rain. And not to stop there, oh no, they weren't finished with us yet, then in our afterlife we were stripped bare and had flames blown up our *ss*s! We all know that this show had a tendency for getting a little rough at times but I truly love the characters of Xena and Gabrielle and to see them both suffer as they did in the series finale was just plain out cruel. They didn't deserve it, we didn't deserve it.

DISAPPOINTED: To me, X:WP has always been a love story. Xena & Gabrielle, how many times did we see them devote themselves physically and emotionally to each other? Just about all the time! If this had been some movie like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and we were just introduced to these characters for a couple of hours it would have been a strange and tragically beautiful tale - but we've known and loved Xena and Gabrielle for 6 years, an investment in time and emotion, I wanted a happy ending. One that acknowledged that their love and devotion to each other would go on in the lifetime they were currently experiencing - alive! And now we get a somewhat smug response from Rob Tapert inferring that Gabrielle was a charge of Xena's - "Xena passing the mantle to Gabrielle was an important part of the journey to me." he stated. HUH? This is news to me. Never once did I ever get the idea that Gabrielle wanted to take over where Xena leaves off. Sure, she wanted adventure and to learn how to defend herself and others but did you ever hear her say, "hey sista-friend, why don't you just move your old self out of the way and hand me that Chakram while you're at it."? Gabrielle wanted only one thing in life and that was to be WITH Xena.

ANGRY: I'm angry that this finale could have been something really beautiful, and at times despite itself it actually was, but for some insane reason TPTB decided that all of a sudden it wasn't about Xena and Gabrielle being together, it was about Xena going back to help some young 'ho, whom we never even heard of before, save some 40,000 souls that were accidentally and inadvertently killed by Xena. (And lest we forget, Xena was being brutalized by an angry mob at the time.) If we had a next week or next season FIN I & II would have made excellent episodes (barring a few brutal and unnecessary scenes), but since the story of X:WP has always been to me the theme of "two women, one journey" this seemed more like three women, two get off the hook and one gets doo-doo.

SAD: I think sadness is really what I feel the most. I feel sad for the character of Gabrielle. In the second viewing of this finale I cried at the first glimpse of her face because I knew what was forthcoming. She would have to find out that there was yet another love of Xena's out there, she would be denied of having any say in the matter of helping Xena kill Yodoshi and "release" the souls, she would have to find out that Xena is dead after the fact, to see her soulmate's desecrated beyond belief body, to cremate the love of her life, to be given hope that Xena could be brought back only to find out at the last moment that the "rules" had changed, and finally, she would have to go on, for all intents and purposes, alone. I also feel sad for Xena. She couldn't find the courage to tell Gabrielle what she was up to, she felt what she had to do was her only option, she was so brutally and mercilessly killed, and she always seemed to have the notion that the only way to redemption was death.

I'm sad for the fans too. I keep thinking about all the young girls and boys that so enthusiastically attended the Pasadena Xena Con. What must they be thinking now?

And finally, I'm sad for me. I have Xena memorabilia in just about every room in my house and have always found joy and even pride in these items. When I look at them now I am reminded of how it all ended and I am truly and profoundly somber.


From: Edward Sullivan
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 2:55 PM
Subject: Response to Xena Finale

There's a positive way to see Xena's death, while not denying the influence of her persistent craving for atonement.

Xena accepted responsibility for taking out Yodoshi, partly because she felt guilty, but also because she was the only one around who could do it. The Ghost Killer had the power, but only as a mortal, and couldn't arrange a trap without a ghost ally. Xena was the most powerful warrior AND the most experienced spiritual adept around. She had traveled between the mundane and supernatural planes more than anyone, and had the best chance of preserving her soul and sanity in the process.

Xena also had to find a way of crippling three advancing armies of 20,000 samurai. She couldn't go off and perform shamanistic rites for an out-of body-experience, send a psychokinetic shock wave through the assembled armies, keep Gabrielle as safe as possible and convince Yodoshi she was a defeated and deceased opponent all at the same time. She chose the best solution she could find under the circumstances, though' the one with highest cost to herself.

Once dead, Xena took responsibility for redeeming 40,000 souls, again partly because she felt culpability for their plight, but also because she was the only one around who could save them. She didn't 'want' to stay dead, she wanted to rejoin Gabrielle - but denied herself for the greater good. Her sacrifice is more noble and affecting if seen as the act of a being who has come to cherish her own life (and her soul-mate's) and learned to love fully. She didn't take her life to punish herself; she gave her life to help others...

Edward Sullivan


From: PersephoneTLJ
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 4:11 PM
Subject: Live from InternetLand...Xena ender

First I wanna say I love Whoosh! You guys did an awesome job with this site!

Second...I did NOT watch the season finale..."Why?" you ask...Well, I want to keep Xena alive in me. I feel that if I didn't see her die on screen then it really didn't happen. Kind of like when an ostrich hides its head in the sand. LOL. Anyway, one day when I am good and ready to watch that episode, I will. But until then, Battle On Xena!!!


From: Wolfness5
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 7:25 PM
Subject: Xena !!!!

As a former US Marine (woman), I really enjoyed "Xena Warrior Princess." It really empowered a lot of women in the world to come out of there shell and join the world. I think the ending of Xena was a great episode of Bravery and Courage, and Love. It really didn't matter to me that she got her head chopped off, and her body was displayed like it was. She want down fighting for what she believed in. I will miss watching "Xena Warrior Princess", but I will "Battle On"


From: Kris Gaetz
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 7:36 PM
Subject: What I really felt about the last show

I have to say I was amazed! I have been watching Xena for a long time and it has become my favorite show. I think that Lucy and Renee are really great actress. My husband thinks that the show is nuts, but I truly love it. I watched it on a big screen TV to get a really good feel for the last show. I kept thinking how beautiful everything was. How strong the two were. I was all ready for Xena to come back and everything to be O.K. I even got over my cringing during the water-kissing thing(I didn't really care to see that, I come from a small town in Minnesota!!) Then not!! I really cried!! Heck I was sobbing! I have three boys that were watching it with me and couldn't understand what my problem was!! I really just have to say that the acting was great!! But then I think that even their corky stuff was fun!! They really have been able to change their characters personalities through out the times that I have watched. I really believe that if they can get you to feel what they are supposed to be feeling in the show then they have done their job with great success. I could feel Gabby's pain and Xena's love so I really think that it was awesome!!


From: Susan Hickerson
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 2:19 AM
Subject: Group Therapy Issue

Did the producers take the hard way or the easy way out in the series finale? I believe they actually took the easy way out. I think maybe Rob thought that killing Xena off would upset fans and so was not the easy thing to do -- it would be easier to leave Xena alive and keep the fans happy. But he, and all of them apparently, believed Xena needed and deserved to find redemption, and the way for her to do that, in their minds, was to have her give up her life for the spiritual sake of others. And here's the rub. Here we get into the underlying and guiding philosophy of the whole series. Is the way to redemption physical self sacrifice or is it living, doing good, and learning the powers of love and steadfastness. It has seemed to me very much that this show has, throughout its history, proposed that the way to redemption was living, doing good, and learning the powers of love and steadfastness. It proposed a very interesting question: how do you reconcile and combine the cleverness and power of a warrior with the innocence and power of love? This has been an urgent question for humanity for a couple millennia now. And Rob's setup for exploring this -- a fierce warrior trying to repent, partnered with a naive, loving innocent who wants to be a warrior, was rich and fertile terrain in which to explore the puzzle. I think this was the underlying heart of the show and the primary thing that made it great. But in the end, TPTB caved in on their underlying philosophy and fell back on the very idea the whole show had been against. They accepted the philosophy of vengeance and blood sacrifice as a fitting way to conclude the exploration!! This meant Xena's death and Gabrielle's abandonment. And I think most of the fans were stricken in their hearts not only to lose their beloved warrior and find their beloved bard alone and bereft, but to have the whole spiritual impetus of the show betrayed. I think Gabrielle and Xena needed to risk divine wrath and confront the Spirit Lords of Japa and convince them that the forty thousand deserved grace. And then X and G could leave honorably and walk off into the sunset. It could have been a whole summation of the thesis of the show. It could have been cathartic and ennobling and dramatic. But RJ and RT caved in. They gave us a much less challenging, much easier solution, the old one, the ANCIENT one: blood sacrifice. And proved, as I had pretty much suspected, that they didn't really grasp or care about the underlying heart of the show at all. And so so many of us feel betrayed, frustrated and heartsick.


From: Maria
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 7:34 AM
Subject: my thoughts on FIN 2

I know I (too) jumped on the 'bashing TPTB' bandwagon quickly but now that I'm over the initial shock and had a few days to think things over a bit more rationally :) came to a conclusion. (But before I go on, have to say, it's the decapitation that I still have hard time with, this is what initially upset me the most! But then again, if I start rationalizing ... lets face it, Xena (before Herc and Gabrielle) never shied away from 'off with their heads' 'kill them all' attitude. Wasn't she the one in Chin while still with Borias, who lined the road with.........well, you know....... so... when we think about that.... 'what you sow is what you reap'??!! comes to mind. ouch.)

There was a very good reason why 'Sins Of The Past' was shown just before 'FIN 1-2'. Xena and Gabrielle came full circle. I have watched 'Sins Of The Past' and 'One Against An Army' again. (And glanced through some other scripts)

Xena burying her armor.......
Gabrielle pleading with her: " You got to take me with you...and teach me everything you know..."
Gabrielle to Lilla: " I'm gonna be a warrior, like her......"
In OAAA she is reaffirming her plea and: ..." I want so much to be like you......."

Someone has pointed out a while back that X:WP is actually about Gabrielle. I think that statement might be the right observation, this show from beginning to end was more about Gabrielle, her growing up, her becoming a warrior, her making Xena see the 'greater good'. Xena's fate was sealed from the beginning. It was always there. Sooner or later she had to pay for her past... And that payment had to be her life since she has taken so many. (even though I myself don't believe that's how it should be, it doesn't matter, it matters to the story line) The more I think about it the more sense it makes for her to die in battle, fighting an army, a true warrior (live by a sword-die by a sword... (so to speak) the arrows were perfect choice since the sword she was always able to elude) It was a glorious death, she was true to her believes, fight for the right reason - die for the right reason. I believe Gabrielle finally did agree with this, when she did not sprinkle the ashes into the water....she could have if she really wanted too...but.... Xena's words I guess finally made her see that Xena was right.

"......Don't you know how much I want to let you do this? But... if there's a reason for our travels together..... it's because I had to learn from you enough to know.....the final.....the good....the right thing to do......." ~Xena FIN2~

I'm sure a lot of us dispute this, but it overall comes down to a vision that Rob Tapert had.... Rob's little fantasy..... and we all - many hundreds/ thousands of us- fell for it, got sucked into it, royally, hook-line and sinker :-) I guess we should be grateful to RT and company, after all without his vision we would never had Xena. And what a vision, what an experience, what a ride this has been......

( Who says one person can't make a difference ?! :-)

Gabrielle to Xena (OAAA): "...I know that I'm going to die...I except that... why can't you?!..."

We have no choice but to agree with Gabrielle's words. There are things in life that we have to except, like it or not! Now the more I think about it, the more doubtful I am about a continuing ep' after FIN2, or 'resurrection' of Xena. She came full circle. We have to except it........

Looking back in hindsight in many episodes the signs (writings) were on the wall... But being just emotional people (as most of us are) jealously guarding her memory, WE put her on a pedestal trying to make her into something more and different... we refused to see and believe the inevitable. Nothing, no one lasts for ever......(especially a TV show :-) and lets face it, that's all this was.


Of course I would like to see more adventures, more ep's, and it (probably) can be done. TPTB can always find more scrolls :) but.......it just won't be the same... and (as someone else pointed out) we also have to be fair to Lucy and Renee...they cannot stay Xena and Gabrielle forever...it is time for them to move on, time to live a real life for a change. I'm sure the last six years weren't easy on them and their families......

'OAAA': "...Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you...." ~Xena to Gabrielle ~

And she didn't........... they did sail into the sunrise/sunset together........maybe not the way we anticipated/wanted to, but they did :-)..............
".......I'll always be with you Gabrielle.........always......"
".......the place where I always remain......your heart...."
".......Where you go..... I'm at your side......."
~Xena to Gabrielle~ FIN-2

".......I knew you would say that........
~Gabrielle to Xena~ FIN-2

these are beautiful words for the ending and this is what and how we should remember them......

Eventually, as time goes by and we watch reruns we all will calm down. I now have watched a few times the last few minutes of FIN2 and even though every time my eyes tear up and my heart sinks, I do like those tender moments, those words........ it is a good ending ......

".......A life of journeying has brought you to the farthest lands....
........to the very edges of the earth..... ~Gabrielle FIN2~

and........into our hearts....where she always remain...... :-)



From: Sylvie PARIS
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 12:16 PM
Subject: What I really feel about the series ender of X:WP.

"Oh, my God. They Killed Xena!!".

This is what I feel. They killed the character of Xena, but X:WP the show too. Indeed, this end is so unbelievable, unbearable. Personally, I am a Subtext-Maintext fan. And to imagine Gabrielle living without her Soulmate Xena is impossible. After all they have done together, brave, fight; the only end was to leave them both alive or dead, but not one without the other, physically.

Please note that I am a French Xena Fan and that the show is not broadcast the same way as in the USA. So, we are not a lot of fans, but when we are, it's totally addicted to the show. And what I feel when I think of the end is worse than what I felt as I saw "Sacrifice II" with the dead of Gabrielle, because this time, there is no Season 7. So, this is a final end of a big part of my life.

I have grown as an adult with Xena & Gabrielle, and always will be thankful to Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert and all the crew to bring Xena to my life. So BATTLE ON!!!!

Sylvie "Warriorgab"

PS: Excuse my English!


From: Patti Reynolds
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 5:25 PM
Subject: Whoosh Group Therapy Comments

Thanks for the opportunity to add to the comments on Whoosh. I appreciate the chance to put in my two cents. This won't be a fancy essay, just a statement of some points that maybe we should remember:

1 - Xena is a TV series. Only a TV series.

2 - Xena has been a d*mn good, exquisite, outstanding TV series.

3 - Xena did a better job integrating a lesbian theme than Ellen, because it was based on the evolution of love between two people - as it should be.

4 - Xena loved Gabrielle deeply and would have done anything for her, but even Gabrielle couldn't take away Xena's pain over her past exploits. We have seen that over and over in many episodes.

5 - Without Gabrielle and their love, Xena would not have come to the point of martyrdom, because that love taught her the ultimate meaning of the greater good, even though it was sad for those who loved her. We need to "allow her that peace" so to speak, and "respect her choice". THAT would be love for the character we all miss.

6 - Rob Tapert never owed us anything, but he gave us 6 years of beauty and inspiration. If you didn't like it - all you had to do was turn off the TV.

7 - Sure I was initially shocked by the ending, but it was the culmination of Xena's search. Life isn't the land over the rainbow - this episode forced viewers to deal with the reality of Xena's life, her quest, her warrior status. And war is hell.

8 - The emotion that we all felt was real - now go use it in the real world. Think of the greater good; see good in people around you; spend some of your life helping others; be tolerant and patient, persevere in the face of adversity - make Xena proud, stand for principles she stood for! Make her more than a TV show in a positive sense.

9 - We all should write and thank Lucy, Renee, and Rob for making us think and changing our lives for the better. Change is the essence of life, continual, so we knew it couldn't last - rather than making it easy, they made it challenging, thought provoking. BRAVO!

10 - Finally - to anyone sending death threats to people from this show, or thinking that their hatred will be meaningful: are you sure that you ever understood what this show was all about?

Battle On -


From: Barton Chandler
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 8:51 PM

Barton J. Chandler
Dover, Delaware
June 29, 2001

Rob Tapert, President
Pacific Renaissance Pictures

Dear Mr. Tapert,

I apologize in advance for the content of this letter, although it is probably not that unexpected, and hopefully not as virulent, as most of the traffic you are receiving since the airing of the last episode of Xena. I guess I am kind of pretty mad about it also (there I said it).

As for my own self I was very disappointed in it. It makes one emotional part of me feel that the years of journeying of the characters have spent might as well not have happened. It was like the first episode: Xena preparing to die, and Gabrielle alone. That together with being killed by a nobody, and the desecrating of her corpse.

Although the rumors about ending have been swirling about for awhile, most people did not think you and Mr. Stewart would end the show with such finality. Did you really have to do it this way? Did anyone realize how negatively this ending world affect your viewers? One person has said, "Endings like this make viewers feel very foolish for committing time and emotions over many years to a series." I myself would intentionally plan my day around first run episodes. I do not know if I can or want to watch the reruns of the show knowing that it all comes down to this. I personally had no problem with the prospect of Xena and Gabrielle walking off into the sunset. And through the seasons it was kind of promised (inferred) that's how it was going to end. I imagine that the majority of your audience assumed this, preferring a happy closure, in lieu of this ending.

Additionally, the 11th hour refusal of Xena to be brought back, felt contrived and manipulative. I have never been entertained by the "Oh by the way," plot device just to get to the desired end. It also contained the standard occurrence of Xena once again not sharing the entire truth with Gabrielle until it is too late, and not letting Gabrielle really make her own choices. If the roles were reversed, what would Xena do?

In the end we have Gabrielle becoming a tempered Xena, not just as her friend, but also like a daughter who has inherited her mother's maternity. Xena could not prevent Gabrielle from becoming like her, as Xena evolved into a Gabrielle. How I wished for the jealous, angry, I'll do this my way Gabrielle ("I don't care"). She should have been as selfish for Xena's life, as Xena was to make amends. Can you make amends, while hurting your love? Doesn't There seem to be a moral or emotional dichotomy there? Wasn't she told she was redeemed? Even with 40,000 thousand souls in the balance, our two heroines, know from experience that they cannot save everybody. How could she just sit there and let Xena fade out of her life? No longer has she that necessary soul mate relationship, that made her "Gabrielle," the yin and yang are gone. For Xena it is a quandary between doing the final right thing, or staying with her love of her life, which is also the final right thing. And we all know what, we as human beings would chose.

Xena had learned all the right things from Gabrielle years ago. How do they measure, know, the true value of their lives, if there is not an opportunity, (as Ulysses), to rest their tried old bones before the hearth, and remember, as they watch grandchildren?

Love and friendship should have won over enlightenment. Both are now enlightened, but with the veil of worlds between them. Essentially all we have Gabrielle on a boat talking to herself. She is all alone again. The last shot said it all.

I really needed to say what was going on in my mind, since although I was "prepared" for ending it kicked me into depressive funk, and I just needed to vent my feelings in some direction. I do not know if it was intended to be uplifting, but it was not for me.

As always Lucy and Renee's performances were breath-taking, with just the right emotional pitch. I have really enjoyed the series, and am glad that it took on a life of its own. It became lyrical at times. Thank you all for all the hard work, that has made such a deep impact on all of us.

I wish you only the best in your future endeavors,

All the best to Lucy, Daisy, and Julius, and Renee, Steve, and their little one to be,

Barton J. Chandler


From: XeNatalie
Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 9:54 PM
Subject: Xena's death

I'm still in mourning.

Xena and Gabrielle will not grow old together, nor will they ever share a laughing fireside again. Not only do we carry the sadness that the show is over, but the added sadness that Xena is gone. True, it was a surprise, and I didn't want the ole' "walk of into the sunset" ending, but to finally succumb to death? Is there really anything wrong with happy sunsets after all? And what the hell happened to Eve and Argo 2?

I'm off to sing the funeral song again.



From: Carolyn Leary
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 11:42 PM
Subject: xena finale

Rob Tapert used the power of the pen to stab thousands of loyal Xena fans right in the heart when he wrote the Xena series finale. It has been days since the airing of A Friend in Need and my wounds are still raw, to my astonishment. Just when I think I have come to grips with my emotions, the slightest thing will start the bleeding afresh -- an understanding word from my mom, a concerned lick from my Irish Wolfhound, even a flickering candle flame (I lit a candle when I watched the show).

Mr Tapert gave us six amazing, life-altering years -- and because of that, I watched the finale trusting him to leave us with a parting message of hope and healing, for surely he would understand that the end of the Xena series would bring devoted fans grief enough. For whatever reasons, he didn't, and so many of us are grieving as if we'd lost a family member. He is that good at what he does. But this much power is a grave responsibility which I, personally, feel that he abused.

He can't kill the Warrior Princess -- no one can -- for her character has grown to prodigious for that. Still, it's a real shame the series had to end in such a brutal way.



Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 9:31 AM
Subject: Group Therapy

I went into the finale with no expectations, I started to suspect the worst in the scene just before the pinch when Xena to herself says, "I am afraid what is done today may not be undone." Then it was off to battle, one last look at her beloved Gabrielle ......Then the arrows started flying, I was paralyzed by what I was seeing knowing the insurmountable odds,,,,,I felt each arrow that struck my mighty hero. I felt it in my heart. It was breaking. Then I knew as she called out for Gabrielle and was remembering their lives together that the end was very near.......The screen went red and a part of me died right there with her. But my hopes were raised when the soul freer asked Gabrielle if she would risk her life for the return of Xena's. Without hesitation, she went to find the body and perform the task at hand to bring her back. As she was racing against the sunset ..I knew that she would make it.....she had to......and she did! I was overjoyed! Xena would be back where she belonged with Gabrielle and then Xena stayed Gabrielle's hand from poring the ashes......My gut wrenched for the pain that Gabrielle was in; trying to decide between her so loved friend and companion and the morality of saving those 40,000 souls. I knew she would do the selfless thing ......Xena would remain a spirit ,,,,,,,,,never to walk the earth with her again. How tragic, how poetic, how beautiful. The culmination of their journeys into perfect love. Selfless love. It was the emotional roller coaster ride of all time........It has touched my soul so deeply........I will never be the same.

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