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Disappointed #505-561


I wish to express my feelings on the ending, I think it was disappointing that Xena had to die to end the show, she should have been allowed to continue to be alive so that in case they ever want to have a show or spinoff or even a movie some day. Believe it or not I cried cause she couldn't come back.

I hope some time she will make a movie. I enjoyed the series and was a faithful viewer.



Disappointed doesn't cover it. The Millions that they now enjoy, also the fact that even married, promises that he wouldn't kill Xena off, the fans that kept them on the air, ( look what happened to Jack of all trades ) . I could go on, but right now, I think that Rob, with Lucy's blessing, gave us the finger. They didn't have to " ride off into the sunset" , but his lame ending with guts and no glory, was cruel.

Just my very educated opinion. Thanks for the chance to get it off of my chest.



I've got to admit, while it may be a fitting ending on Xena's path to redemption I was disappointed in the series finale. I don't need a downer ending to make me feel like the journey was complete. I've got enough downers in my own days. I need Xena to be victorious and to make me feel a little better about the day.



I think they should, like everyone else, come out with a movie and clean this up, NOW!



All last week I avoided reading anything to do with the Xena finale, because I didn't want to know the ending. After seeing it, I have to say I was sickened, physically & emotionally by the way it ended. How could they have written this ending for Xena's character? I cried over it, and now, almost a week later, I am still very upset & heartsick. It was brutal & very unfair to the loyal fans of Lucy & Renee & the show. I am in disbelief and to make myself feel better, I started immediately to watch the First Season of Xena, because I don't want to accept this horrible & brutal ending.



And very sad...



I was disappointed in the ending. After six years, people become invested, and I was looking forward to a happier finale. The lead characters have died too often in shows of late and it does not leave with a feeling of completeness



I was totally disappointed in the season finally. I felt the finally should have been shot in the context of Greece and not the Asian world. Plus after 6 years did they have to kill her off. They never explained what happened to her daughter. Poor, Poor, Poor.. Gabby & Xena deserved a happy ending..



I am disappointed and distraught the series ended period let alone Xena's head got cut off!




I can see the point in killing off Xena to prove that giving up her life for others is the ultimate act of redemption that she has been seeking, but it still stinks as a series ender. Killing off Xena in her 30's, will preserve her memory as a young beautiful heroine at the height of her powers.

The finale is a emotionally provoking, but I'm looking for entertainment and it would have been just as emotionally provoking in a more upbeat, positive sense. Xena could have just forgiven herself for all her past mistakes after the epic battle in Japan and in the end, Xena and Gabrielle walk off into the sunset happy and hopeful. Yes, this is a weaker storyline but, if you ask me which ending I preferred, I still would choose the happy ending.

Oh well, so much for future Xena movies. :(



I feel very disappointed in the series finale. I fell like the writers were not true to the show. The six years of dedication and devotion to creating a show that crossed all boundaries of society were all but forgotten in the finale. The writers in their attempt bring closure to the show only created a finale that left more questions than answers. The true essence of XWP was not only about Xena and Gabrielle and their relationship but it was about life and how it challenges and changes, excites and disappoints, grows and strengthens people. Ultimately, it is about everyday life, not just for a warrior princess and bard, but about everyday people, those next door or right in front of you. They simply were not true to what XWP really meant....



Actually I liked most of the episode. I just hated the ending. There was no good reason for Xena to stay dead. I feel that her willingness to stay dead for an ACCIDENT should have been enough for her to get her life back. Plus she redeemed all those souls and Akemi even said that Xena also redeemed herself. And the Ghost Killer sure didn't have any problem with Xena coming back, since he's the one who told Gabrielle how to bring her back. thanks for listening,



While I did mind that Xena was killed, it didn't bother me how she was killed. The first part of the finale was disappointing, as it was a flashback and slow, but the second part I thought was beautiful. Loved everything about Gabrielle, just wished she and Xena wound up riding into the sunset together. Sigh . . . . I'm just a romantic at heart.



Actually, despised and hated it.

It's a really badly written and badly made episode...surprised only that fewer people aren't saying that.



The Ghost & Mrs. Muir

Although I felt both part 1 and part 2 were well written, I was and still am devastated that TPTB would be so cruel as to kill Televisions greatest action hero. The world watched Xena and the entire world didn't need to mourn her end as it was already mourning the end of the series.

I understand that they wanted to end on a high, but letting Xena get her body back would have had a nice ending too. I felt it was necessary to toss in the Ghost & Mrs. Muir ending, but I guess that was Rob's tongue & Cheek, as now Renee O' Connor IS Mrs. Muir (hardy hardy har har) I think there needs to be a movie or special to right this wrong.

Universal City, CA


I was and am disappointed and very angry with Tapert I was really looking forward the future and all it might have held if Gabby and Xena were both alive. The characters deserved better they were strong and committed to what they believed in the show -- and I mean the entire series -- was so strong and really that it as well as the characters deserved the possibility of being reprised. Even if there was never another scene shot at least Xena would be alive in her fans heads and the could continue to think of possibilities. But with her being dead it just ends. It is amazing that you can really mourn the death of a fictional character, but I am.



I was disappointed at the ending. I would've preferred a much different ending than what Rob came up with. Something more on the order of the two of them living happily ever after type thing. ;-)



I have deeply loved this show and think it is, and continues to be, revolutionary in many ways. Having said that, my disappointment is not with the entire FIN episodes...there were some incredible, powerful moments. It's specifically about the death of Xena and the fact that Xena and Gabrielle do not stay together, in their own bodies, as soulmates. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people usually die in film...we either are killed (often brutally) or die by our own hand. The message is, if you are one of these people you have to die...there is no other choice. It's your punishment (that message is either overt or covert). When we watch TV or go to the movies, we don't get to see us staying in long-term relationships...there's virtually no visuals of our growing old together, raising our children, playing with our grandchildren. Straight people have this...they can see themselves on screen falling in love, making love, partnering, marrying, having kids, growing old. They also die in film, but it's not in nearly EVERY film. And I'm not blaming anyone as I say this. It's difficult to understand unless you have experienced it and it is your reality.

My sadness with the ending is that the same thing happens with Xena and Gabrielle...they don't get to stay together, each now fully a partner and equal to the other, doing their work, and growing old together. Xena's spirit besides Gabrielle is not enough for me, and although it's certainly very positive that they proclaim their love for one another, it's still not enough...not at this social/political/spiritual point in time. We need to see ourselves in the media surviving and thriving..not dying. At least not always. I for one craved to see the two of them continue together in some credible way. I believe there would have been a way to craft the ending that wasn't syrupy or sentimental that still preserved the integrity of the characters and of the story line in general...AND had them together in their bodies!. That would have been healing balm for me, as my partner and I as soulmates continue forward in our journey together with our two children, facing racism and homophobia every day. I so often gained courage from Xena and Gabrielle...and I so wished them to live on together.

And still, I remain a loyal fan. I realize TPTB had the right to end the show as they wished. And because the show was so incredibly wonderful in so many ways, I am forever grateful that we Xenites were blessed with the opportunity to see it for what it was and is...a groundbreaking, brave, courageous show with outrageously funny moments and fab adventure. And most of all, we are blessed to have had Xena and Gabrielle...the talent and chemistry of Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor won't be seen again for a long time to come, if ever. And it's clear that the real-life friendship and love the two of them has deeply affected how they portrayed their characters. They, and everyone else involved in this show, should be incredibly proud. It was a beacon of light for those disenfranchised, those who fight on the edge, those who hurt in some way. (And for those who like campy fun!). Not a bad legacy, I'd say.

So...I say...Make a movie! Do something to re-unite these women!! Believe me, heterosexual and LGBT communities alike NEED to see that reality. It will help our world.

Thanks for listening!!



Well, disappointed is an understatement. I am appalled that Rob Tapert cared so little for the brilliant character he created to kill her off in such an inane way. The logic makes no sense. Basically, he settled for the typical male resolution of a complicated strong female fictional character: kill her off at the end. Certainly she can't be allowed any happiness, not having lived a conventional woman's life. And most certainly she cannot be allowed happiness with another woman. Tapert is a huge disappointment for being so uncreative, so cowardly in handling his own creation.

Why bring us so far only to cut our feet out from underneath us?



I loved the show, but I was disappointed when they decided to kill Xena. Maybe we can persuade the writers to allow the viewers to have a choice of endings.



I could go on forever, because I am one of the sad, hurt and angry FORMER XWP fans. That piece of crap Rob Tapert wrote (and the same piece of crap his wife evidently went along with) for a series finale should be burned. The ashes don't even deserve an urn. His B-movie, "Evil Dead" blood and gore was all over that finale. Guess you can take the jerk out of the B movies, but you can't take the B movies out of the jerk. I can only hope that he's wrecked his career because I'm willing to bet he's done some damage to hers. Disappointed? I'm waaaaayyyyyyy past that.



Extremely disappointed!

Mobile, Ala.


So very disappointed. That had to have been the weakest storyline and the weakest reason for Xena to remain dead. I have decided to put this tape far far far away, forget it exists and to believe that " When Fates Collide" is the series finale.



and saddened, but keeping a positive outlook because 'nothing is what it seems' in the Xenaverse...



Extremely disappointed in what I consider a total betrayal of the series' themes and characterizations. For Xena to give her life to "avenge" those souls is abhorrent. Love and good works, not vengeance and death, redeem prior bad acts. And for Gabrielle -- sweet, soulful, faithful, and loving bard -- to literally take Xena's place as a full-fledged warrior is simply beyond belief. I'm sad and angry at Mr. Tapert's decision to end the series this way. I will certainly avoid anything he's involved with in future.



After taking a few days to think about it and recover from the shock and sadness, I can now reflect in a more rational frame of mind. This show has endeared itself to us and with anything that we grow attached to, we mourn its loss. Yes, I am disappointed, but disappointed that the show had to end. It's inevitable, though, that all good things must come to an end. We knew it had to happen. I guess what hit me hardest is that the ending had such finality to it.

I applaud the creators, writers, and actors for their dedication to the show and the story line. But most of all I applaud them for their bold, risky choice in the series ending. It is a tribute to them that we react with such emotions and opinions. They did not take the easy way out. The easy way out would be for the characters to ride off into the sunset. It was a hard way out, an unpopular way out, but a bold one. I didn't like it, but I applaud them and thank them for a series that stirred and entertained us for as long as it did.

I would also like to thank you, Kym, for all of the work you and your team have done on the Whoosh site. I have relied on it for all the news and insight into Xena. I hope you have gotten as much enjoyment from creating it as it has provided to me.



Episode was well written and I understood the direction but it was absolutely depressing to have Xena die and how she died and strung up.



It left you (me) feeling depressed and empty! I thought, "this can't be the end?!" After everything Xena has done in the past six years hasn't she redeemed herself for past! I wanted Xena and Gabrielle to be together (alive)! It just left me feeling very FLAT!



I rewatched the taped show yesterday afternoon -- I had "accidentally" caught the final episode while on vacation in Reno last Sunday and thought maybe I had missed something. I came away with only one thought -- would you trust your chance at life to "Akemi". Don't think I would. I was also very, very disappointed when I read that there were not elements of traditional Japanese culture (about which I know nothing and just thought I missed) in the final episodes.

I also don't believe that "saving" the souls of 40,000 nameless faceless people whose deaths who you may or may not have been responsible for (didn't they ever hear of running) is a reason to stop everything and exist only as a ghost. Does Xena really think she will be "happier" that way? At least she is on the boat getting out of Japan!

My husband who is also a Xena fan was also disappointed that none of the old characters showed up in the final episode.

All in all it looked more like a "prequel" for a show staring Gabrielle than anything else.



Sad, and disappointed



I can't accept Xena's death as being warranted or a logical ending to the series.



bad writing, bad all around because they didn't consider the evolution of the characters.



The episode was great, it seemed to last about twenty minutes instead of two hours, I loved every bit until the very end. After all that work, they should have let Gabs bring Xena back. And after all that "if I've got 30 seconds to live, I want to spend it looking at you" - they played that part THREE times - when it came down to the real end, the girls didn't even glance at one another. Gabs seems not to notice Xena's gone for several seconds. They just look at the setting sun, Xena says something I can't understand (rhymes with "boys"), and she's gone.

I thought Gabs was going to spread Xena's ashes on the sea with all that talk about journeys. I'm so glad she didn't! There was already too much finality about the ending, and that would have been beyond tolerance!

I guess that's the source of my disappointment- it was just too final! I didn't want my favorite escapist guilty pleasure to vanish in the sunset. Here's hoping we'll soon get a video, a movie, a made-for-TV special, that begins with a certain cute blonde taking a certain urn somewhere for some resurrection hocus-pocus.



I was really disappointed in the ending of Xena the reasons why are well why the heck did Rob Tapert lie to the fans saying he would not kill Xena off and instead he does,Xena dies leaving Gabrielle all alone and sad I mean yeah she'll move on but it seems to me Gabrielle feels I guess betrayed on what Xena did,also I think it was all Akemi's fault because if she didn't kill her father than none of this crap would have happen well all I can say is I wrote the real and true ending to Xena and how she lives without damning the souls anyways Xena ended the bad way and Hercules ended the good way Hey! that's not right! I think that's wrong I now hate Hercules because of all this Xena shouldn't have died!!! and all the fans know it but all I can say is that I'm glad they are soulmates...wait is that a lie too!!! I just hope they being her back in a movie but I know they probably don't got the money oh well all I can say is I will be a Xenite forever!!!!



I knew Ares would be there!!!!!!!!! all the time! Tapert redo it....////////?????? ok. 2 hour end.



I didn't want it to end; especially not with her death. I think a movie or a series of movies would have been great.



The very least they could have done, was a real kiss!! I don't think any kind of spin off would work. They were a duo and one with out the other just won't cut it.



I can't help thinking that Xena's death was truly uncalled for.



Xena didn't have to die. instead, Gabrielle had to.



Is anyone starting an "alternate ending" storywriting contest? I'd feel a lot better if I had a more inspired ending that I could claim as the "real" one, even if it was just written. Something that left me feeling energized, not depressed!

Meanwhile, thanks for all your efforts! They're truly appreciated.



They should have never Killed Off Xena!!! Now when I watch reruns, every episode is ruin because I know she is dead. Way to go, big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



There really was no need to kill the character. I'm disappointed because I would have thought they could come up with something far more satisfying and creative. Contrived ending. Tired of females who break the mould having to die.



Rob Tapert used the power of the pen to stab thousands of loyal Xena fans right in the heart when he wrote the Xena series finale. It has been days since the airing of A Friend in Need and my wounds are still raw, to my astonishment. Just when I think I have come to grips with my emotions, the slightest thing will start the bleeding afresh -- an understanding word from my mom, a concerned lick from my Irish Wolfhound, even a flickering candle flame (I lit a candle when I watched the show).

Mr Tapert gave us six amazing, life-altering years -- and because of that, I watched the finale trusting him to leave us with a parting message of hope and healing, for surely he would understand that the end of the Xena series would bring devoted fans grief enough. For whatever reasons, he didn't, and so many of us are grieving as if we'd lost a family member. He is that good at what he does. But this much power is a grave responsibility which I, personally, feel that he abused.

He can't kill the Warrior Princess -- no one can -- for her character has grown to prodigious for that. Still, it's a real shame the series had to end in such a brutal way.







Disappointed? Yes...........so much more satisfying to have had a "happy" ending. Reminded me of "Gone with the Wind".......after all that , Rhett just goes away. But there are other "Rhett" and "Scarlett" stories, other heterosexual stories, a thousand movies (at least), but only one Xena and Gabrielle. And that's what I think people may really be mourning. The only continuous six year woman/woman love story anywhere to be found (fanfic taking the extra step of defining what initially was only intimated) There's nothing else like X & G anywhere in visual media. So, people will mourn.

As for me, the next time I say hello to Elvis as he's filling his tank at the local Exxon, I WILL be waving to Xena, as she pulls up behind him.................



Disappointed but entertained?



Yes, I was disappointed with the ending of my favorite series, Xena: Warrior Princess. I see no reason that Xena had to be killed off, and no possible reason for the gruesomeness of the killing.

In my opinion, Xena was not responsible for Yodoshi turning into the 'Soul Eater', or for the deaths of the 40,000 people of Higuchi, nor was she responsible for the soul eater trapping the 40,000 souls. I also do not think that there would have been 40,000 people living in a village in that time period.

As I see it, the blame lies with Akemi... Akemi killed Yodoshi, enabling him to become the 'soul eater'. Akemi also asked that Xena take her ashes home, where the townspeople had the torches (Xena did not have a torch), and they beat a drunken Xena, who had to defend herself. The fire would not have started if Akemi had not killed her father, or asked Xena to deliver her ashes.

Also, if the soul eater could only be killed by a ghost, Akemi was a ghost, she should have killed him herself. Xena had to go to Akemi and have Akemi teach her how to kill the soul eater, so obviously Akemi knew how to do it.

Why didn't Akemi have to atone for her part in all of this? Xena had nothing to atone for, at least not any of the things that happened in Jappa.

Xena certainly has earned a 'happy' ending, one that featured her and Gabrielle together...finally!



I was sorely disappointed with the way the show ended. We Xena fans didn't just love the show, we loved Rob Tapert too, and he let us down. It just goes to prove that he really didn't give a d*mn about the fans feelings. He said himself he knew the reaction killing Xena would bring, but he did it anyway. If Lucy didn't want to play Xena again, fine. Don't play Xena. But don't kill her!



I have to say I was sad, angry, depressed as was my partner. The last episode stayed with us for days. Our overall feeling was that it was MASSIVELY UNFAIR to the legend of Xena and her fans. I think if it was so important for Lucy Lawless to move on in her career, they could have done that without killing off Xena! Several possible scenarios come to mind--I mean letting Xena and Gabrielle ride off into the sunset, while trite, would at least leave the door open in our minds for more Xena stories, if not the door open for future movies, etc. We feel mightily abused by the PTB.



Gabrielle becoming essentially Xena's equal as a warrior was cool and overdue. But Xena should have been treated at least as well as Callisto, and allowed to find peace and be happy. I wonder about the sense of life of Rob Tapert. He's got to have conflicting premises, at best, to create a character like Xena and yet to kill her off and mutilate the corpse on top of it. What the h*ll was that? I mean, the show's over. Fine. No more adventures. Couldn't they just leave it at that, without killing her? What a ripoff.



I was definitely disappointed in the ending.



Xena should have been less noble and given Gabby a thought.



Not only I, but my husband and daughter were disappointed as well. I felt especially bad because my 5th grade daughter looked up to Xena as a "super-hero", and when the death scene came, she cried hysterically. I'm saddened that Mr. Tapert wouldn't consider the younger fans and how this would affect them.



I was soooo disappointed that Xena died for a "plot device" that just didn't/doesn't hold up. Given that Tapert made that happen I was glad that Gabrielle was shown as a worthy hero and ready and able to go on - though going on to Egypt?? Why not back to her Amazons?

I could go into detail about what I disliked about the ending but many have done so and very well. Those who liked the ending seemed to see it as not an ending - just another story in the series. Well I hope it isn't the ending - but am guessing that it is.

The final show was a good action adventure show - and the filming/costumes/color/visual atmosphere - were terrific. The drums where wow. The arrows scene was great - ah la Kurosawa - but the Xena pin cushion - ut uh!!! Xena, essentially falling for another Akemi trick - ut uh!

But my many thanks to the Xena cast/crew and the web-world of Xena that hopefully WILL live on!! Battle On Xena!!



It would have been more dramatic if they had ended the series with "Ides of March". This felt like a good idea poorly directed. At least in the modern day they get together. I think marrying Ares should have been the last episode!



Maybe now Gabrielle can be the center of attention with Xena in her heart she may be free to star with Michael Hurst if she & he would care to. I don't want push some one into doing what they don't wish to do it but just an idea. Gabrielle knows everything Xena knows as did Iolaus knew everything Hercules knew. Herc and Iolaus as Xena and Gabrielle were the best of friends in battle and not in battle.



very disappointed with the series final episode,let`s do the same thing to Robert Tapert "kill him" and I hope soon they make another episode or TV movie with Xena alive or at list both dead. battle on xena thump down tapert.



I honestly thought Rob Tapert would give in to the fans & not kill Xena off. Unfortunately, he went the sensationalism route. I feel very bad for Gabrielle, she really has no one now, Xena's gone, joxers gone, her family is gone. I just feel poor Gab wandering around with no one. I also felt that Xena & Gab could have had a more heart felt departure. The love these two shared over the years just was not justified in this episode. It's just very depressing, the ending and all. In my opinion the last episode was "Many happy returns". A great episode of Xena & Gab having fun & expressing their devotion to each other. What could be more memorable than Xena & Gabrielle flying off into the sunset together. Sorry Rob, but you robbed the fans of a happy ending, shame on you!


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