Whoosh! Issue 60 - September 2001
Letters to the Editor

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Disappointed #654-665


The ending made me feel sad and disappointed...mainly sad. I felt so sad for Gabby at the end...she was teary-eyed as she explained to Xena "I don't care. You're all that matters to me." What fan among us didn't get a little misty-eyed at this scene?? And when Xena responds that she really can't come back -- gods, didn't you just feel like someone punched you in the stomach?? I also felt sad for Gab losing her best friend and lover. On a crude but practical level, how's Gab supposed to satisfy her strong physical needs now that Xena's gone?? I can't imagine her with anyone other than Xena (that'd be sacrilege), so I guess she'll get to become a really good friend with Ms. right hand...

I was disappointed at the contrived explanation Xena gave for not being able to come back...that bit about the fire victims' souls needing to be avenged in order to achieve a state of grace. Who makes up these afterlife rules anyway?? 'Used to be that, when you died in the Xenaverse, Hades would pop into the scene and make a snap judgment on where your soul would go: the Elysian Fields or Tartarus. Since the death of the Greek gods, though, it seems that things have gotten a tad more complicated... And that brings up another point, TPTB have apparently sidestepped an important question: does Xena's spirit end up in the Elysian Fields or Tartarus? I expected Xena to end up in Tartarus, at least for, say, half of eternity (if that makes any sense). She was so very wicked for so long, she would have had to atone for a long, long time to avoid any afterlife punishment. I mean, how many people did she kill by her own hand by giving them the dreaded neck pinch, informing them that they've got thirty seconds to live, and then riding away while they suffered an excruciating death?? Nasty. No, Xena should have ended up in Tartarus, no doubt about it. TPTB were namby-pamby in this regard. One of the last things we hear from Xena is that she'll remain in Gab's heart...'seems to me that living within Gab's breast wouldn't be so bad... ;)

I also half expected Gab to kill herself in the end, in order to be with Xena: "O happy dagger [chakram?]! This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die." (Juliet to Romeo). But the way the story went, with Gab staying alive, was good too. It was also consistent with what happened in Fallen Angel, where we saw Gab refuse to knock herself out in order to join (demonic) Xena.

One of the best parts of FIN was when Xena showed Gab how to do the pressure point neck pinch. As the flow of blood was cut off from Xena's brain, she gasped out to Gab that if she ever really did have just thirty seconds to live, that's how she'd like to spend her remaining time: looking into Gab's eyes. How could you watch a scene like this and not think they're in love?? It made me think that they're not just in love with each other, but somehow beyond that: they're super-lovers; archetypes, like Romeo and Juliet, squared. I love the lovey-dovey scenes like this that appear so frequently in season six.

The special effects were way cool. I loved the way Yodoshi zipped around and could freeze and inhale his victims...very cool. I thought it was funny and a little odd that ancient Japanese warriors carried weapons-grade uranium around in their wagons {remember the huge explosion and resulting mushroom cloud??)...very sophisticated weaponry... ;) Gab's tattoo was cool. 'Didn't like Akemi; 'don't like to see Xena with anyone else but her bard...

The main question the series poses for me is this: if your sidekick is the incredibly hot, luscious, and eager Gabby, why not spend your time making love to her instead of fighting evil?

Xena's daily routine *should* have gone something like this:

Dawn -- wake up. Start the whoopee machine.
Make love to Gabby.
Make love to Gabby.
Make love to Gabby.
Make love to Gabby.
Go to sleep.
--- Note: sometime, probably after lunch, I suppose it'd be necessary for them to find food and firewood for the next day.

Thoughts of atonement, redemption, righting wrongs, fighting evil (blah blah blah), should have been indefinitely postponed. Honestly now, imagine for a moment that you're Xena, sitting around the campfire with Gabby nearby. After a while you can't help but notice her features...her soft, shiny hair, her gorgeous green eyes...the tanned and toned flesh of her arms, thighs, and breasts...her Abs of Steel (TM)... You know this smart, strong, spunky woman loves you dearly and would do *anything* for you. Any mortal woman would have caved in to Gabby's overpowering and irresistible sexual attraction after a short while. One Xenaversity woman wrote: "Some of us are proud of being straight, I seldom drool over Gabrielle, well maybe a little drool..."

Anyway, I guess I watch Xena for several reasons: 1) Gabrielle, 2) Gab, 3) Gab, 4) Gab and Xena lesbian subtext, 5) the comedies are great, and 6) everything else (other cool characters like Joxer, Ares, Aphrodite; the super-karate-type fighting and action). Notice that Gab occupies the top three reasons why I watch the show. I love everything about her: how she walks, how she talks, her tanned and toned physique, her spunkiness, and her lust for Xena. As I gave more thought to why I'm so fond of Gab, it struck me that it's mostly because she's so gorgeous. And I realized that it's not just Gab, but any character played by ROC in the show (eg. Hope or Mattie, even Sunny Day from H:TLJ:"For Those of You Just Joining Us"). So I invented an index that can be used to tell how well, to a reasonable degree, a Gabvocate like me will like a given episode. I call it the ROCFI (pronounced "rock-fie"): Renee O'Connor Flesh Index. It's a number from 0 to 100 which is associated with a given episode. If an episode has little or no scenes with ROC's flesh present, then the episode's ROCFI would be near 0. If an episode had a "perfect score" ROCFI of 100, that'd mean the entire show would be nothing but images of ROC's flesh from start to finish, possibly with some dialog and music (take a second to imagine what that'd be like on your TV...it really wouldn't be such a bad thing...). Sins of the Past, for example, would have a low ROCFI since Gab wore that "Little-House-on-the-Prairie"-type outfit with the long skirt, so little of her flesh appeared. I'd give that ep a ROCFI of, say, 8. Since Gab's outfit seemed to shrink season by season, in general the ROCFIs increase over time. Naturally, my favorite eps have high ROCFIs: "A Day in the Life" (ROCFI of about 82) and "In Sickness and in Health" (ROCFI of about 70).

I also really enjoy those episodes that are subtexty, as well as the comedies, musicals, or ones which are at least light-hearted in nature. The series has way, way too much darkness, sadness, pain, anguish, crying (etc. etc.) for my taste. And both Lucy and Renee have fantastic smiles -- it's a delight to see them smile, joke around and cut loose, but it didn't happen all that often in this series.

One other thing I love about the show: it was one of the few shows I've ever seen which regularly changed the look and feel of its episodes so completely. One week we'd have a comedy, then a couple more serious episodes, then a musical. They even had an ep ("Send in The Clones") where Xena and Gab are resuscitated in modern times, and they're sitting there eating pizza while watching video tapes of X:WP episodes... I can't think of any other TV show that offered such a variety of formats. By the way, there was a great subtext moment in "Send in the Clones" where Xena and Gab were watching Xena episodes on tape. At one point, the VCR shows a scene from the "The Ring" in the Rheingold trilogy, where Xena kisses Gabby, awakening her from her enchanted sleep. The camera cuts to Xena eating pizza while watching this scene, and she mutters something like "Well all right!"

That's it for now.



I wish Xena had let Gabrielle bring her back to life so they could at least retire from the game, grow old together, and live in peace. After what they had been through, they deserved it.

That final scene of Gabrielle standing alone at the ship's rail, and combined with the music they played, was heart-breaking.

I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy my video collection now that I know what ultimately happens to Xena & Gabrielle. I wish they could have left us feeling more optimistic. I think Tapert blew it.



I've loved this series with a passion and thought that Xena and Gabrielle should either die together or live together, but not be one half in the real world of flesh and blood, and the other half in the spirit world. I am disappointed, but I know that Xena and Gabrielle will live on and battle on together, that's just the way it was meant to be.



This letter is addressed to the following in hopes that it will find it's way to them, but is here for anyone who wishes to read it.

Dear Mr. Tapert & Mr. Stewart:

Enclosed: My thoughts on XWP finale, an overall series review, plus 10 ways to revive Xena

(This was by no means written with the intent to offend or accuse in any way, shape or form. It is simply an expression of my opinion)

What makes a good show to me is: If you made people feel better about themselves, then you've answered the right questions.

If there were two people more deserving to walk off into the sunset (Alive) it was Xena & Gabrielle. No one did more in the name of, or for, the greater good than they did. This woman has been on both sides. What she needed to find was a happy balance, not redemption through death.

Xena killed, avenged and redeemed thousand of people in her time. You killed millions of spirits, broke millions of hearts and knowingly outraged millions of fans. But there is no means for redemption here, is there, because it was all for the greater good, right? And evidently staying true to a conflicting storyline (explanation below) was not worth going beyond the greater good.

upon reading your comment from E on-line, you said, "The finale was really based on where the series started, and it seemed to complete her journey looking for redemption" My response to that is, Xena's quest for redemption should have come and gone seasons ago. She was so consumed by her guilt and steadfast with redeeming herself all the time, that she never allowed herself the joy of forgiveness, the joy of her accomplishments or successes. I only remember one episode really focusing on that (locked up and tied down)

Had a man played this character #1. He never would have died. #2. You can believe the last script would have reflected all his good deeds, convinced us he had atoned for his past sins, and should, by right, live the rest of his life in peace. #3. In the end he definitely would have gotten the girl. Because you see men survive and complete their quest. Women die or sacrifice theirs. Xena won many battles, but she lost the ultimate war, freeing her own soul.

Based on the story: Xena & Gabrielle should have been granted immortality when they saved millions from the hands of Hope, Hope's son, Callisto and Ares. Can you imagine the amount of souls that would have been lost had Dahak's soldiers succeeded? What about the time Xena sacrificed the chance to have erased her entire past, a gift from the Fates? She never would have killed anyone, her brother would still be alive, and although her mother would have died anyway, I'm sure it would have not been as painful as being burned alive at the stake. The worst thing would have been Gabrielle being slave, but Xena would have taken care of that. And her hands and conscience would be clean.

And what about all the lives she and Gabby saved from the sword of Livia and Ares, by turning Livia around and back to Eve, who she never would have given birth to, or been granted the power to kill Gods had she not been cleansed in Heaven. Where's the credit for keeping Eli's cause alive, fighting to defend peoples freedom of choice to choose and serve the God of their choice? And let's not forget she did unchain Death (saving all that suffering) and even took on an army by herself.

This women has worked! and in countless ways has more than paid for her past mistakes. She's an example of determination and strength, for so many, but especially for women, who know all too well the weight of guilt and sacrificing. She successfully demonstrated that you can or will make mistakes in life, but if you are truthfully and sincerely sorry, willing to atone or make amends for those mistakes, you can be forgiven.

As for forgiving yourself is another thing. Xena's example was a bad one, because she only allowed it to come with death, which is very discouraging to many who are trying to change, or thought about turning their life around. It makes you think why bother? why even try if peace and redemption only comes in the end? Xena worked for everyone's happiness except her own. Most people forgave her. Even Callisto reincarnated herself through her.

I wanted to finally see Xena have a good cry, the best cry of her life, lifting all those years of pain and burdens she carried on those shoulders. If you were looking for different that would have been it, seeing Xena bawling. The only skill she didn't achieve, or shall I say never allowed herself to achieve, was letting go, because this is a society that holds on.

Many may say "Taking this a little deep, huh?" And the answer is: I live life to the fullest and don't waste time on things unless they are of value or importance to me. Life's too short. The show may have been fiction but many of the messages are real, and that's what I'm responding to. This wasn't just some two hour movie. You see it , feel it, and get over it. We're talking six years here, getting to know characters in ways you get to know friends. You don't spend that amount of time with something or someone and not have an opinion about it. Otherwise, you've wasted some pretty valuable time.

Getting back to the episodes. Xena's past wasn't entirely her fault if you take into consideration her environment and upbringing. Living amongst murderers, warlords and thieves, killing everything in their path. She lost her father (who also tried to kill her) at a very early age. Was forced to defend her village, raised an army of men from that village, which cost many of them their lives, including her brother's. Ousted from her village not only by the dead men's families, but also by and with the loss of her mother's love.

She never really experienced what it was to love until she met Akemi, and even that was conceived in a dishonest way, which later, of course, ended in violence and destruction beyond words. And what happened when Xena tried to do the right thing for the one who taught her love, and in the act of fulfilling her last wish? She's attacked by these so-called innocent villagers, forced to defend herself, and not at fault by any means alone, helped cause a fire that killed thousands. And after many, many, many, many, many years later she's made aware of this accident and returned to right things.

Similar to her first situation, she is not well informed, and we all know how it ends. I could accept that their souls had to be avenge with someone staying dead if it was murder, but for an accident that wasn't entirely her fault or that she wasn't even aware of, I don't accept that. Maybe if these people were a lot more honest and better at informing others, Xena might have been able to help save many of them, she did help put out one of their fires.

The finale had mixed reviews. Some accepted it. Some debated it. Some were disgusted by it. Many just couldn't believe it, felt betrayed, or were left empty by it. No matter what the opinions were, I don't think anyone was happy with it. More believed than not that Xena paid her debt to society. I know there are times when one's hands are tied and you have to do things, knowing the result will sadden or hurt people. You find comfort and support inside knowing had you the choice or power to have made it better, you can honestly say you would have.

I guess that's why I find this so hard to believe, that after six years, millions of loyal fans, an incredible writing (my favorite Hilary J. Bader-Forget me Not) and directing team, The Choice, The Power and The Pen, you chose a non-supported path as opposed to one that held ground. After believing in Bacchae, banshees, furies, centaurs, dryads, giants, flying horses, attacking tooth retracting rabbit, flying carpets, foot rot, flying helmets, numb saliva hanging tongue, reincarnation, cloning, a lice headed stomach problem, years defrosting Xena, hilarious shows, why get so real at the end? Xena was a place to escape from everyday realities. It played with my heart, imagination, emotions and mind, without damaging consequences. That is until the finale. That kind of balance is needed and appreciated.

The relationship was the heart of the show for me. I saw something in Xena & Gabrielle that I see only in children: honesty, purity, curiosity and a non-prejudiced love. They had great respect for one another. They took time and explored their feelings. Without the pressures and confusion of others telling them what's right or what's wrong. They figured it out for themselves. They believed and followed their hearts. That's something beyond friendship, beyond lovers and beyond family. It was without reservation. It was true and unconditional love. And they worked for it.

I used to play the episodes over and over again for inspiration like music lovers do songs, but since the finale I don't enjoy them the same way anymore. It lost something for me. I think it's the element of surprise. The mystery of not knowing is over. Because the journey is over. I was hoping for something that would have kept me guessing and wishing, no matter how it ended, leaving me to continue to enjoy if not future shows, at least the old ones. Now no matter which show I watch, it's haunted by the finale, and I purchased every season.

Don't get me wrong, I thought the ending was well- written and directed, but not for Xena. She wasn't just another superhero you killed off. Xena represented something so much more. She reached out to all ages, genders and colors. She is a first of her kind and a mirror for many women today. I don't think a lot of men understand or even care about this need for women. Because they don't know what it's like. They have never been without the support of role models.

Killing off Xena was a very bad decision, not true to the storyline or her fans. Having said all that, I will leave you with 10 ways to revive The Warrior Princess and her bard:

1. Make her a God. Callisto was dead and came back as a God by eating the food of the Gods. Why not Xena? Her mortal side has avenged the souls and everyone's happy. You can use the food of the Gods of get an apple from Odin.

2. What if Ares is really her father. That would explain the attraction and Xena always knowing when he's around. Once again, use the God Thing.

3.Akeme has lied on several occasions to get Xena's love and keep her close to her. Why couldn't she be lying now? Since the Pharoahs are in need of the girl's help, and are very familiar with the spiritual world, maybe they can find some kind of clause in the writings stating accidental deaths are not to be avenged.

4.You can always use Ares' connections with the Gods. Only Xena would have to be his wife (if she's not his daughter) in only one of her lives, because remember she is suppose to walk the path of a saint.

5. Use Eve's connection with Eli.

6.The old "It was only a dream" thing. It was Gabrielle's dream. But when she awakes, the dream begins to come true. So while Xena is still sleeping, exhausted from having fought an army earlier, Gabrielle can't bear the thought of her dream coming true. So she kills the messenger. And now we have evil Gabby.

7.The old "Long and forgotten twin sister" appears, who's done nothing good with her life anyway, and allows Xena to share her body.

8.Bring her back as a man somehow. Having Lucy Lawless play the part, oh, would that cause a commotion and boost ratings.

9. Have a trial held by the 40.000 souls. If Xena was solely responsible for their deaths, then she must stay dead. If it was not entirely her fault and ruled a accident, she's released from the bond.

10. Gabrielle is granted a wish (from the Fates) for bringing the world back to everyone, so she's able to erase that part of Xena's life.

Thank You to EVERYONE who made Xena Warrior Princess Possible.



I knew it was going to happen, but was still crying when Gabrielle finally found Xena's ghost. I actually thought it was well written, and I did like the ending-to a point.

Now that Gab is going to the land of the Pharoahs, with the chakram...are we to believe that she carves out booby trapped tunnels, hides her scrolls, finds the "eye of Hephestus" and entombs Ares; severing the two halve of the chakram without Xena? I'm waiting for Liz to come through with a solution.



I strongly disagree with Robert Tapert’s decision to have Xena remain dead in order to have her “come full circle to find redemption.” Having voiced that I do believe that the producers have left the door open to have Xena come back to life again.

While I am not a writer (I’m an actor) I have developed a storyline to have Xena brought back to life.

At the end of “A Solstice Carol”, Season II, Episode 9, Gabrielle gives her donkey, Tobias, to two walking travelers – a man and pregnant woman. Upon receiving Tobias the woman replies “ May God (not gods) smile on you always for your kindness.” The closing scene is of the mid-day sky with a bright star shining. Could these travelers be Mary and Joseph? I believe they are and the shining star symbolizes the night that the Christ Child was born. Flash forward to Gabrielle aboard ship, on her way to Egypt, 29 years later (25 years frozen and this is season 6). Gabrielle winds up in Galilee instead of Egypt where she meets, unbeknownst to her, the child of the two travelers 29 years earlier. The Christ-figure knows of Xena’s whole past and also of her sacrifice to save the 40 thousand souls. Also being able to see into Gabrielle’s heart and soul he decides to bring Xena back to life. I realize that this is just a brief storyline; the plot needs to be fleshed-out, but it’s a start.

Unfortunately, whether Xena comes back to life again has nothing to do with Xena fans’ objections to her death but solely on the almighty dollar. If it is profitable enough to film another episode than Xena will be brought back to life; otherwise Xena will remain dead.

One last thing before I end, a plug for myself. Who better to play the Christ-figure than someone who been a fan since episode I and has tape each episode. I offer my instrument to be utilized as this character.



I've been a loyal Xena fan since the first episode. I was so disappointed with the way Rob chose to end the show. I, like so many other fans was hoping for a warm happy ending with the 2 main characters walking off into the sunset together. Instead we got a beautiful sunset with both Xena and Gabrielle looking into it, only Xena is in spirit form, and Gabrielle is left by herself, to face the world all alone without family, Joxer, and most important Xena. Throughout the episode I watched Gabrielle fight to save the life of her partner, and although she had become a strong fighter with a warrior's physique, I still saw the young, vulnerable bard while she looked to her champion for direction.

I do not believe Xena needed to be redeemed for an accident that took place so many years ago. Xena throughout her travels has redeemed herself over and over again. She has become a person with values, and her heart has grown twice in size since the first season. She exudes sorrow for her past sins, and through the help of her best friend is able to trust again. She has proven herself, not only to those she help destroy, but also to her family. What more redemption can one ask of a human being? Are we to believe that in order for us to be completely redeemed, one must sacrifice their life?

Why did Xena need to die in battle? Hasn't she been through enough battles? I don't recall ever hearing Xena say that was her final wish was to die fighting. It was pretty obvious in the first episode "Sins of the Past" when she buried her outfit and weapons that she was tired of fighting. What about when she told Ares she would agree to marry him in her future life, if he would leave her and Gabrielle alone to live out their present lives in peace. I don't believe dying in battle made her more of a warrior. She was a warrior to begin with. Xena's last wish was to be able to look into Gabrielle's eyes the last 30 seconds of her life, but instead her death was brutal, and alone, so she was cheated of that as well.

I think this was totally out of character for Xena. I do not believe that after all she and Gabrielle have gone through that she would sacrifice her life to give herself peace for an accident that took place so long ago, rather than to be with Gabrielle, and continue to help those in need and fight for the "Greater Good". I think leaving Gabrielle alone, after she gave up everything just to be with Xena was a very cowardly thing to do. Then, to add insult to injury, Rob decided to appease the fans by giving them a reviving drink of water kiss. Was that even a kiss???

I would of settled for a Thelma and Louise ending, where Xena and Gabrielle clasp hands and go into battle together knowing it's a suicide mission. This would of given both the fans and the 2 characters closure. Instead, we are left feeling lost without our hero, and sorrow for her battling bard.

I hope everyone signs the petition circling the internet to bring Xena back, so that Rob can give us what we are entitled to, a happy ending.



Yes, I was very disappointed. I did not think it was necessary for Xena to die as she did. I thought Akemi was very conniving and manipulative. She wasn't worth it... what happened with all of the 40,000 souls was an accident. Poor, Xena... she never did finish having to 'pay for her past'. I thought that was what the show was suppose to be about is for Xena to finally be able to move on and have a good, happy, peaceful life. But, 'no'. Even at the end she had to 'die' for something that happened who knows how many years ago and under such weird circumstances. The towns people should have left her alone! It's their own stupid fault that the town burned down. But Xena, and indirectly, Gabrielle, have to pay for it with Xena's life. Bunch of crap. No, I do not agree with Rob Tapert that it was time for her to die or that she had to be mutilated as she was. Gabrielle would have been motivated if one little hair on Xena's head was out of place. She did not need to be beheaded to motivate Gabby to do her part in getting Xena's body back and her ashes to the water. Oh, well, there is nothing we can do about it but I think it was a terrible ending to a wonderful show. Sometimes I think Rob jerked the fans around too much with his off the wall ideas. anyway, I'll always love Renee and Lucy and I guess that is what counts.



The reason I am disappointed is because I was hoping for a HAPPY ending for a change. Meaning, the last years we have been thrown nothing but dark, evil, and sometime downright disgusting story lines. starting from Dahak/Hope on up. I have watched the show from the beginning and the reason I continued to watch was I hoped against hope that the fun, lighthearted show would come back. I really hoped that the finale would actually have a real HAPPY ending. I stuck by the shows all 6 years but I personally know many of ex-fans who stopped watching because it got disgusting.



I just watched the enders.

I already knew Xena was going to die and stay dead. I also knew that many of the fans were angry about the tenuous reasons that Xena gave for making that sacrifice. But I wanted to make my own mind up so I didn't read any detailed spoilers and most of what I saw tonight was new to me...

Right now just a couple of hours after watching the show my overriding reaction is...how contrived!

Xena had to stay dead so that the 40,000 souls could find grace? Okay, I'll buy that if you sell it to me. But don't have Xena mention it right at the last minute without any kind of corroboration and expect us - or Gabby - to accept it. If the roles were reversed Xena sure wouldn't!

Speaking of Gabby, since when was she destined to follow Xena's path? Hers is the way of friendship, not the way of the warrior. Theirs was never a simple teacher student relationship. They have always learned from and grown because of one another. So, to say this ending brings things full circle for either of them is to ignore most of what has gone before.

And that is a great shame because what went before was good, it was what made Xena special. I'm sad that those involved in writing this script lost sight of or failed to appreciate that, not least because my enjoyment of the old episodes is now tainted by the knowledge that in the end everything turns out wrong.

Here's to hoping that feeling will pass.

A disappointed fan


But not to worry. "The Return of Xena" is a no-brainer made-for-TV special that can easily be put together. After a time in the "land of death," Xena will become aware that the heroic Gabrielle is unable to defeat a great threat to some land/people she is defending unless she receives real life (kind of a play on real time) help from Xena, but what can she do? Enter Michael and his overriding position in service of the Light, etc. He can grant a few "real" days to Xena, but after her incredible service in helping Gabrielle, Michael declares her debt paid to the souls she was fighting for in the afterworld as well and the slate is wiped clean for more adventures with Gabrielle. Obviously, this is similar to the Iolaus/Hercules reunion so some variations will have to be worked in, but a nice twist granting life in payment of debts, etc., as opposed to the death march in the disappointing finale.



Ok, I'll have to wait for another year before the finale reaches Germany but already after reading the synopses and comments I'm quite disappointed with the ending. They killed Xena (once again, yawn, but this time without return ticket) and in addition FIN2 was even too predictable.

(In fact I made a few pessimistic guesses to my friends after reading about FIN1. A week later I saw here at Whoosh that I was completely right. Next time call me Cassan..no, better not.

So Xena will fight a mighty ghost - hey, she has to die to do that! Of course she'll die a warrior's death and take lots of enemies with her, probably in a carefully planned and very bloody kamikaze attack. The bad ghost will not survive the final confrontation due to Xena's many skills and Gabby's much needed help. There will be an easy way to bring Xena back to life - but she'll refuse it due to some fuzzy p.c. reason. No surprise at all. Bummer.)

Ok, as an ordinary season ender it would have created lots of interesting possibilities (hehehe) for the future. But as the series finale and without a movie in sight it feels simply incomplete and too easy. Btw, can such a ghost legally be reincarnated?

"That's all, folks!" Huh?

Sorry for being incoherent but I'm still angry.


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