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Disappointed #666-701


As a non-subtexter, I was disappointed they outed them and then there was that kiss....



Yes, i was disappointed to say the least. If you want details I have few, or I can offer just a blurb:

What I didn't like was that Xena essentially ended up paying for Akemi's mistakes, and that's where I think the whole story falls apart. The main crux of their story's argument for the finale doesn't hold water. And for the finale to focus more on that flimsy plot than on the characters is why I think it didn't work, and why everyone hates it so.

What it boils down to for me is that I thought Gabrielle deserved to be happy in the end. I am not going to posture it, or reiterate what everyone else said. D*mm*t-Gabrielle deserved to live a long and happy life with her soulmate.



I was very disappointed at the ending. Xena shouldn't of died. The ending really sucked.



terrible ending...i have cut the cord...no more xena for me....i had planned to order season 6 videos...changed my mind. the ending was so very sad and did not make any sense. am disappointed that ms lawless went along with this ending.



Disappointed is something you are when you find your favorite shirt has a hole in it. DEVASTATED AND BETRAYED more aptly describes how I felt regarding the season finale.

Where was good old Ron during the entire taping of the 6th season? A finale is supposed to be a reflection of a journey. This story line and plot were seemingly pulled out of thin air. There was absolutely no reference to what had been going on between Xena and Gabrielle in the last season, much less the entire series.

The fans deserved better. I felt Tapert placed too much emphasis on special effects and gore rather than coming up with plausible closure. How are we to believe Xena would feel so guilty over this "accident" and not for those she had previously killed on purpose? Besides, why would Xena risk everything to help Akemi? Someone she knew for just 2 weeks, who lied to Xena, and tricked her into setting up the scenario to kill her father? Akemi was responsible for those deaths, not Xena.

I could have "tolerated" the ending if Xena and Gab both went out together. That had been the logical progression throughout the series. Early on, each one "died" and left the other alone. Season 4 and 5, they both died TOGETHER. When Our heroines awoke at the start of season 5, Gab said to Xena we're going to be together forever. Xena's reply was "always". Ron messed that up didn't he?

Cheated, absolutely cheated of a more appropriate ending. I thought for sure Gab would at least ask Xena to end her life so that they could be together. (Why not? Xena did it for Akemi). That wouldn't have been my first choice but at least it would have been better than what we got. It wasn't critical that Xena and Gab should be "outed" in the finale, but the story should have held true to their relationship. Not to mention, there was no final appearance of critical characters such as Ares, Aphrodite, Callisto, Eli, Eve, or Virgil and others like Joxer who could have appeared in ghost form.

In conclusion, Lucy and Renee' are deserving of our praise and continued support. It was not by their decision that the finale was a miserable disappointment. To Ron Tapert I say, you did well to bring the characters to us and develop them into wonderful creatures with immense depth, but your final impression came across as a childlike defiance of "It's mine and I'll do what I want to!" Your explanation of passing the torch to Gabrielle just doesn't hold up in the wash. If the characters are somehow revived later on, I suggest you leave the story lines to someone else.

Now I feel better.



I thought the final episode was well-done and well-acted. I did enjoy the episode; it was touching. I also really liked the shot of Gabrielle with the chakram at her hip, a warrior in her own right. She had finally become Xena's equal. But, I was disappointed that Xena died in the end. I like the idea that nothing could defeat her. It would have been nice to have had Xena and Gabrielle return to Greece together, but with a new, more equal relationship.

(The early remark about going to "the land of the Pharaohs," as if they had never been there before, was a little sloppy. After all, one entire episode was devoted to their adventures in Egypt! Didn't these people watch their own program?)



I've waited almost three weeks hoping my feelings about the finale would change and I could, if not love it, at least accept it. It's just not gonna happen. I really wanted the series to go out on a high, and for me, that meant loving the last episode even though I would be sad to see the series end. I'm not just disappointed -- I'm angry that it didn't turn out that way.



Being a longtime Xena fan, I am still reeling from the show's finale. I understand that the ending was the creator's decision, surely a lot of work was devoted to make the finale unforgettable, and I understand she is finally a hero, sacrifice and all that, and I understand that it is fiction. But my problem is that it IS unforgettable. After seeing the show's finale, I woke up at 230 am that night, and laid in bed, unable to sleep, with tears in my eyes, thinking about the ending, when Gabrielle said "You're all that matters to me",and, "how can I go on without you?" with such feeling, desperation fear and pain. And she is now left totally alone, and Xena let her own head be chopped off and now she is ashes. I couldn't get back to sleep! It has bothered me greatly ever since, and I am surprised by it. (The finale and my reaction). I have always been passionate about my interests, and I try to make a big deal over shows I enjoy (I.E.- Melrose night, buffy night, etc.) I love sharing these times with others and Xena has been such a fantastic experience for me. But now it has been turned into a source of anguish, and I am finding it hard to shake this feeling off.

The show was a personal pleasure to me, and I enjoyed it greatly, but now who do I talk to about this? People have told me-"It isn't real!" but, what is real is the feeling it evoked. It is the same for a lot of fans, I have read. People left with a huge question mark in their minds, and a dark cruel shadow cast over their personal choice to follow and enjoy a show with unusual excitement and dedication. I still can't quite believe it. And I am a 30-year old man! I should be worried about other things, right?! But this has struck me in a very personal place, and it's hard to share with anyone or work through myself. I can only imagine what it must be like for people more isolated, more socially limited, and more alone than myself. It may sound silly, but it is a process of mourning.

This horrible violent behavior toward female characters is nothing new, however . Just this year, Buffy, Prue from Charmed, and Xena all physically DIED in the finales. But did Hercules die? Or Walker:Texas Ranger? No. Why only the women?

I read comic books from when I learned to read until I was 17. That was my joy- I made friends through it, expressed my own creativity, and had a huge love for the medium and it's characters. Until my lifelong favorite (female) character, Batgirl, was taken apart slowly. first she "loses her nerve" and quits crime-fighting, disgraced and retired for good. Then, just to show that the Joker is evil, he knocks on the door and opens fire when she answers, severing her spinal cord and rendering her unable to walk ever again.

Disgraced and crippled, for a stupid plot device, a fate they still condemn her to today, almost 15 years later! I sold all my comics and quit reading forever. It was an extreme reaction, but they did an extreme and cruel thing. It was for the better anyway, comics have only gotten more cruel and violent. I just ended that part of my life, disgusted with the direction they had taken. But now as an adult I face a similar situation. I have to admit, I am disappointed and hurt by the way they chose to end a wonderful run of a great show. And I question the choice of creative individuals to lure in and then mind-f**k the public, for really no apparent reason, and with no word at all to consider the feelings of millions of people, knowing what a personal and involved following they had attracted and profited from (in the same fashion of Star Trek ). Did no one learn from their mistakes? (Tasha Yar!) It is disturbing and unnecessary. Yes, I know it is make-believe, but human emotions aren't. It drives me crazy that I PAY people to play with my feelings, and then feel like a fool for getting so wrapped up in the first place. But like childhood, shouldn't some things be sacred? Or at least valued enough not to massacre? And don't we have enough hurt in our lives to deal with anyway?

Just wanted to share my thoughts, and yes, my pain.



I was very ticked off !!!!!! What a disgusting finale......It wasn't dishearting enough to kill Xena off, but to end the series with so much blood and gore. The least they could have had both of them go out in a blaze of glory together.



After the disappointing fifth season, I thought the last season was going to be the finest season ever. Boy, was I wrong! It did have some wonderful episodes, but in between were disgraceful ones filled with gratuitous violence directed towards women. The unnecessary violence toward Xena in the "Gurkhan" episode. Was this really needed? Gabrielle's beating in the Amazon episodes, the destruction of the Amazons and a general overall trend toward graphic displays of violence and its aftermath were uncalled for.

Likewise, there seemed to be quite a trend towards skimpily clad times for our heroes and a use of female sexuality to entrap foes. You could tell , the boys were in charge.

So, for the final episode, I expected it to be the highlight of all six seasons. Boy, was I wrong! It was pure garbage, filled with violence, unnecessary nudity, an inane story and the ultimate disgrace, Xena's death. Why?

Rob and his boys have been running out of stories recently and they proved with this episode, that they really do not have a clue about what Xena and Gabrielle do and have done. It is really a shame. What a disgrace!

Luckily, I have the first three seasons to rewatch and enjoy.

I love reading Whoosh! Please continue. You are one of the sane voices in what has turned out to be an insane ending.

Thanks for many hours of reading pleasure.



I had hoped for more and thought the finale should have made sense.

The concept of killing off Xena made sense in the grand scheme of things. However, the story was so disjointed, I couldn't buy the "sacrifice." To have the destination without a plausible journey was a very disappointing ending to an otherwise wonderful series.



I'm still upset it will take years to recover!



The death of Xena was not real surprising considering no one "really" dies. But the gruesome manner was over the top. I thought about two 16 year old young ladies I met at the Pasadena Con. They had been Xenites since age 12 and were such devoted fans,that the "beheading" must have been nothing short of traumatic for these younger and not so young of us. It took away from the continuing devotion and friendship part of the episode that they wanted to convey. I'll have to wait a while before looking at the final episode again. Rob Tapert fell short on the final episode.



I was very disappointed that Rob Tapert decided to kill Xena. I found his reasoning why to be weak and went against previous ides brought up in earlier episodes of love being the way to stop the cycle of hate and vengeance. It didn't ring true for me. I will always love this show and the characters of Xena and Gabrielle, but the ending was very disappointing.



kiss for water ? lame xena sacrifice over something totally unintentional ? lame xena dead, and final ? LAME loved the show, why did they end like this, just does not make sense! lame!



I was so disappointed! I felt betrayed. After all we've experienced with Xena, they just kill her off like that? And Gabrielle's place is not to be a mini-Xena. She's the bard - the one whose true course is to tell the rest of the world about their adventures. There's nobility in that function too. We can't all be Xenas. I thought the meaning behind Xena was to find our true course and talents in life and not try to imitate someone else. I thought the ending was a real letdown after all the great programs this show produced.



Since everyone appears to be writing/voting in on this..I thought I would too. I'm disappointed. The finale was a bad,tedious, poorly scripted episode..I expected a great episode. I am trying to phase down much of my involvement with it all because it just seems pointless. There intentionally cut off avenues to continuing the franchise (although anything is possible...but my radar says NO...the whole thing is over..forget it). I felt there was no real love for the show and they just wanted to put a bullet in it and move on. I don't hate TPTB..I just think they are utterly and completely clueless. Any ingenuity or brilliance on their part has been entirely accidental...the finale confirmed that for me.



I can accept one of them dying. And I would be alright if they both went to "the other side" but I'm very disappointed that they are being separated, with Xena on on side and Gabrielle on the other.



The acting was pretty tight, even though Lawless and O'Connor both seemed incredibly tired in some scenes. On the whole, I would have spent the last remaining budget bucks on the script instead of CGI effects. The film editing seems choppy and hurriedly stitched together, as if the director shot two different endings and then realized that the previous scenes didn't quite lead to either resolution, thus necessitating some panicky nips and tucks.

I also didn't like the last 10 minutes. I wouldn't have minded Xena going croakers, but geez, make it for a reason that makes sense from the whole arc of the series and not some niggling Deus ex Machina pointing to the fineprint in the Soul Recycling & Redemptions manual.



Although I was surprised and entertained, the overall result of the finale was disappointing.






I don't think TPTB had to have her die. In the eps preceding the finale they were seen riding off together, flying off together, but always together. I know that Xena is still with Gabs in spirit but it certainly isn't the same. I simply do not believe that Xena needed to die to find true redemption. That little wimp Akemi set all of this in motion. Kudos the special effects folks however, fine job.



as a loyal fan, I did not want the series to end;however, it would have been great if Gabrielle could have ended up with Joxer's son and Xena with Ares (their chemistry was undeniable).



Disappointed....yes. I was disappointed w/ the ending, however, I'll get to that shortly.

I guess I was disappointed that not enough time was devoted to Xena and Gabrielle. I was not pleased with the introduction of a new character for the last episode(s). I was looking for more Xena and Gabrielle, and not Xena and Akemi It would have been nice to see Xena and Gabrielle at the end walking off talking about all the adventures that await, like they did in the first episode. But they didn't. Over the past six seasons I have enjoyed the show. I thought it was funny, campy, bold and entertaining. I was and still am amazed that after all these years they would let many of us down with the death of Xena. This was not the closure I was hoping for.

I can't say that I didn't expect it thinking back. In the first of the 2 parts Xena tells Gabrielle that she is grooming her to be the next Xena. And in the last episode after she shows Gabrielle the "pinch" she tells her that she knows everything she knows now. However, even after all the clues I was still upset, angry, and betrayed that they killed off Xena. Maybe subconsciously I tried to suppress the truth of her impending death. I don't know.

Even now watching the reruns, I can't help think that she dies in the end leaving Gabrielle and all of us. There is something missing, some magic.

I know that this was just a show, but what a show it was. I just wish I and many of us could have had the ending we all were hoping for. Xena and Gabrielle together, and alive.



We have not yet screened the final episode here in NZ but from what I've read on the newgroups I am disappointed. Xena should not have been killed off, especially with no plans to make a movie to bring her back. It would be interesting to hear what the cast had to say about the finale, not what the media expects them to say but what they really feel about the demise of one of the main characters.

I'm not at all sure if I'll even watch the final episode now.



Everything was in the episode if you dug for it, but much of it which I would have preferred to have explicated was not. For instance, on the mountain,"Gabrielle, this is what I've been searching for every since we met. All those people will be at peace, and so will I." Like that. The two main themes in the show have been Xena's quest for redemption, and friendship. I wanted the show to -- I don't know what -- maybe tell us that this is the natural end to those themes, not one forced on the show by people who have no love for the show, only for money. Maybe I'm nitpicking. I know that losing Xena and Gabrielle was like losing two good friends. I'm still grieving think I will be for a long time.



It's so,so painful to watch the reruns. In Malaysia, it was "Destiny" last Saturday and 2 Saturdays ago it was "A Day In The Life".. "The Quest" is up next Saturday....



Disappointed, saddened, and heartbroken



Incredibly disappointed.



Mega disappointed!!! You don't know how much I was hoping they could re-cast for a movie. Look at what's on the market right now, Lara Croft, PLEASE!! What could have been a great flick went south! If I were a USA Studio exec. I would have said, "O.K. let's let Lucy walk, recast with a younger unknown look alike and film, "The Evil Days of Xena" and cash in!!! Why should WE the fans, suffer because an actress wants to move on to more serious roles? I would be HAPPY to PAY $10 to see a film version of Xena. MANY OF US would be HAPPY to PAY $10 to see a film version of Xena. If Mr. Tapert is making enough to support his family in the present fashion they have grown accustom, bless him! However; for those of us who have a yang to see our favorite Warrior Princess on the BIG screen, we will forever feel robbed!



Disappointed that Xena died and left Gabby on her own when she could have come back because she hasn't bothered to "avenge" the deaths of any of her other victims and I hardly think 40,000 people died in that fire. Also surprised because I didn't expect that ending. Where is Gabrielle supposed to go now? Who does she know, who wants to wander the world alone! Give me those ashes and a little glue, I'll bring Xena back!



I was very saddened by how Rob killed his wife off, that vision of her body full of arrow wounds hanging from the tree without her head will forever hunt my memory, I guess that he's a "Hunted" man now HUH?, I also was very confused when G was going to put Xena's ashes in the (Fountain of Strength) to restore her life, but X told her that since she released all the 40,000 souls, she said that she must remain dead in order to avenge them, so what did she mean then?

Xena and Gabrielle, 2 hearts in search of 1 soul, and soulmates, eternal friends forever until their last battle, her battlecry will forever ring true in our souls.



I actually did not want to watch the last episode because, although I tried to avoid any spoilers, I had heard that Xena would die. I wasn't quite prepared to see my beloved shot with arrows, stripped, beheaded, etc., In the past, I have canceled plans, outings, etc., to be there to watch/record all Xena episodes. The series has been wildly entertaining. Even though I didn't know what the last episode was about, I had heard too many times that Xena would die to not believe it. I knew that sitting in front of that television for 2 hours was going to be self-inflicted suffering.........yet, I still had to watch it. I had a friend come over, and I pretty much cried (no, WAILED) for an hour and a half. Xena is a part of me, and to see her die so cruelly was like having a part of myself killed off. I don't think my heart has ever suffered so much.

What is the message here? If you are a strong dyke, then you must die. It was not only the case with Xena, but the young Akemi who was clearly in love with Xena. Akemi committed suicide with some lame excuse about redemption. What about Lao Ma, and other strong women? Yet, we see a flaky Aphrodite being spared. I am amused by the character, but her sexuality is not in question here, is it? But isn't this the case with any powerful woman portrayed on great television/movies lately? Buffy, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, and now Xena. How could Rob Tapert possibly sell this as intellectually satisfying? Xena releases the 40,000 souls at the end, and yet that's not good enough?!?! (What was that sorry excuse again for Xena needing to kill herself?) I read an article recently on-line that said "Male heroes are redeemed by their heroic deeds, and female heroes are redeemed by death (in movies, TV, etc.,)." If Rob would like to use an intellectual argument, here's one: Xena can save more people by being alive than she ever could by being murdered. I don't buy the argument (that I've seen on-line) that it was "...only logical that she had to die to redeem herself". That's b*llsh*t

The love story between Xena and Gabrielle has been the most beautiful love story of all time; it is the quintessential love story. I used to think "WOW, I can't believe there are hundreds of people who have dedicated the time and money to creating this massive love story between two women!!" What a unique show it was!! I loved the twists on mythology that had Xena intertwined in making history. I loved the ancient settings! Thanks to Xena, I had a role model who resembled myself more than any of these simpering females that "the man" has ever given us. She has empowered me. It was nice to see a REAL woman being portrayed on television. And now that wonderful woman was not allowed to live out her life and grow into an even more beautiful human being.

To add insult to injury, the only way Xena and Gabrielle could physically express their love for each other is if there was some "function" involved. There has never been a doubt in my mind that Xena and Gabrielle were a "couple". Season 6 has shown this over and over, and if there are still people out there who don't "see" it, then there's no helping you - you are blind. The unnatural way that Gabrielle and Xena were forced to limit their interactions with each other, when very clearly a kiss, etc., would have been more appropriate, disrupted the continuity of the show. At the end of a recent episode where Xena gives Gabrielle a poem written by Sappho, it would have been appropriate for them to kiss - that's what true love does - but instead Gabrielle gives her a hug. That pretty much ruined the continuity of the story. I am sorry that the actresses felt so much pressure to "play it straight" and to "let people read into it whatever they want". I believe that in trying to please everyone, they succeeded in pleasing no one. I don't really believe that Lucy played it all that straight either - her expressions were limitless and powerful.

Why bother writing story lines where the characters are clearly in love/are soulmates, when there is no intention of ever having them express it physically. (That, of course, would mean warning labels by the networks. It's okay to show gratuitous violence, but to show two people in love - well they must do real penance for that - they must die.) Why pander to the idiots who don't see what's in their face? If you want to talk about intellectual, there's your angle. The episode "When Fates Collide" is a perfect example of love at first sight, and...........well the list includes almost every episode. People who yell and scream about this not being about sexual "preference" are missing the point. No it's not, but it is; however, about two women in love. If all you care about is sexual orientation, then you are not worthy of watching this show.

Well, Xena has changed me for the better, and that is why I am so passionate about her loss and the major flaw of the series. I can accept the end of a series, but I could have been spared her gruesome murder.



I didn't want Xena to die. I cried at dinner, I was crushed. And everytime I think of it I get teary eyed. I am what I am because of Xena. She taught me to seek my own destiny and to be your own person. She made me laugh and cry. She had me on the edge of my seat in every episode. She was campy and that's why I loved her. She was one woman standing up for the rights of every women. Showing us that we could survive in a male dominated world. She's the only hero I know that had faults and admitted to them. She even got lice which no one else did. And since it was set back in 3000B.C. it was more adventurous. There was barely any language. It was something that all ages could enjoy without having to cover your little one's eyes and ears every five seconds. She did the impossible in every episode. And when she died it was like a chunk of me died with her. I put all things off when I watch Xena. And my whole family respects and understands that. She should not have died she should have walked away into the sunset like Hercules because then we would know that she was still out there somewhere fighting evil and doing her good deeds. I also felt sorry for Gabrielle because she was left all alone on earth without her soulmate. If Xena was going to die then so should've Gabrielle because then it would have meant more because they are inseparable.

It's sometimes hard to explain to people what Xena means to me. People think it's an obsession. But whoever watches Xena knows that it can not be an obsession because the bond between Xena and her fans is something much stronger than an obsession because obsessions come and go but a true Xena fan will never give up their love for Xena. I have been watching Xena for more than four years now. She will never leave me she will always be with me, even as I grow old, her legend will live on in my kids and their kids. Xena will always live. It's not an obsession but an awakening to a dawn of a new era. I love you Xena Warrior Princess where ever you are don't leave me and I will never leave you. It was not right for you to die so young but you will live on because legends never die.



I was terribly disappointed. I had such an investment in the characters, all of them. To end the show in an unfamiliar locale and with unfamiliar characters seemed callous. Not to mention the apparent fact that, in the end, after all the horrible acts she has committed, it is the accidental torching of a village that has prevented her redemption. She has apparently attained redemption for the voluntary atrocities she has committed. So now, she must die to avenge the deaths of those killed accidentally. In fact, I would argue that those villagers attacking her caused their own deaths and she carries little, if any, personal responsibility for the fire. It just makes no sense, not even in a convoluted sort of way.

I figured Xena had to die, but she didn't have to die alone. I also knew Gabrielle must live. She had no descendants at this point in her life and for this to tie into earlier story lines, she would need someone to carry on her blood line. Xena's death could have been made more palatable to us by utilizing causes and characters we already know and care about. It would have been tolerable had she sacrificed herself for the Amazons, Gabrielle, Eve, or even family members of good friends such as Joxer or Autolycus. I wanted to see Ares turn his head with sad knowledge similar to how Aphrodite clutched her chest when she "knew" Hephaestus was gone. I wanted to see Aphrodite comfort Gabrielle and her brother as they lost the woman both loved. I wanted to see the peoples of the Known World mourn their hero. That way, we could have mourned with them.

I wish I did want the "cut the cord now." I'm sure it won't be long until I'm at that point. Thanks for the opportunity to put my thoughts down.



Vote is disappointed in the final episode of Xena.


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