Whoosh! Issue 60 - September 2001
Letters to the Editor

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Group Therapy #261-266


Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 11:53 PM
Subject: Xena Series finale

Random Thoughts and Ramblings on the Series Finale

First things first. To Tapert, Renpics, the cast and crew of Xena ... Thanks for six years of action, pathos, a little romance, a few tears,good story lines, great acting, "killer babes", and a lot of fun. (Its entertainment folks, its supposed to be FUN!)

Now, here's where we get everybody's dander up and their blood boilin'. Hopefully, without some mysterious evil befalling me, I;m going to say: GOOD ENDING TO A GREAT SHOW! Oooh, I can hear the swords being unsheathed now...Put 'em away folks and close the book of evil incantations, which would place a pox on me and all my ancestors, and I'll explain myself.

Note I said "good" ending, not great. Not the one we were hoping for, but interesting none the less. We all know the ending we wanted. Xena and Gab proclaim their love for each other, share big passionate kiss, walk off into a gorgeous sunset while romantic music plays, birds take wing, doves coo and we fade out... Tra-la-la-la-la...

"SWEEEET" Woulda' been great! WASN'T GONNA HAPPEN! Mainly, because TPTB, really couldn't end it the way we and (I would venture to guess) a few of TPTB would have liked to themselves. The problem lies in alienating your audience. While its true that the gay community has stood behind this show since day one, a larger percentage of the audience would probably be put off by the idea of two women expressing their love for each other on national television. It would send the "Holier Than Thou"s into major convulsions, and cause more grief than anybody needs. Can't you hear it now? "It's unnatural", "Get it off the air", "Its an abomination".. YADDA, YADDA, YADDA...Get a life, man!

Yeah, I know... We waited sooo long... or .. Why couldn't Xena and Gabs admit it to themselves long ago? This could have caused problems big time. Going in this direction might have led to the "Do as I say, not as I do"ers to start a firestorm of controversy which would have torpedoed the show years ago. It would've been a shame to see "Xena:Warrior Princess" turned into "Ellen of Amphipolis". Then, we'd have another good show driven off the air because of rhetoric and b*llsh*t! We then wouldn't have been able to enjoy it as long as we have. Unfortunately, our society isn't as open minded as we like to delude ourselves. Especially when people are judged and ostracized simply because of their sexual preferences. I doubt that on the last day, the Good Lord will make some of his children burn in Hell, simply because this boy likes boys, or this girl likes girls.

SO THERE, Biblebangers and loudmouths...*raspberry* OK, settle down.. take five.. chill out... Incidentally, just to set the record straight, this little bit of mental meandering is written by a HETEROSEXUAL MALE, which proves not all of the general public are narrow-minded morons. (And, who says guys can't like a show with a little romance in it?) Face it troops, they had to keep our girls relationship somewhat ambiguous, if only to keep the suits and sponsors happy.

Another point to consider is the basic plot device of the subtext angle itself, (HMM, subtext..ooh..ahh). Through television history, shows have survived and thrived on the notion of sexual tension between the lead characters. It keeps the audience interested and coming back for more. "Will they do it this week?"...Hmmm.. The down side is,usually when the characters consummate their relationship, its a ratings crash and burn. Now, it might or might not have happened on this show, but its still a business and as long as the bottom line is good, the bosses want the show on as long as we do. So...Keep the tension going as long as possible and they'll keep watching. When it comes to the question of "Will they-Won'tthey", "Do they- Don't they", "Are they-Aren't they".. This show made it an ART. Think about it. In six seasons on the air Xena and Gabrielle, until the finale, shared one count 'em.. one .. "HOLY MACKERAL" kiss. You know the one, yep, season two, THE QUEST. "THE KISS"... Whoa, that was all it took! Four, five years later, everybody still talks about it. Wonder if you could count how many times THAT screen cap has been downloaded. Tapert and co. had us hooked like a fish and played us for 5 years (and more). Ah yes... every week; Will they do it again?" HA-HA..My hat goes off to Renpics, very,very clever. Well Done!!

No wonder Rob T. always said that it was up to the audience to decide what Xena and Gabrielle's relationship is...Keeps the tension and interest going. Also, makes you wonder what goes on between episodes. NUDGE, NUDGE... Tapert's saying "here's the facts, you come to your own conclusions" I think its like this........... "Do they love each other?"..............OF COURSE "Are they in love with each other?"................ABSOLUTELY "Are they lovers?".........................D*MN GOOD BET "Then why don't they show that on TV?".....................................

Maybe Xena and Gabby might say....Its none of our D*MN BUSINESS? I don't know too many people who like cameras in their bedrooms..some might, but that's beside the point. Boy, I could see that now, any hint that our girls are doing the nasty on the TV? HOO,NELLIE! Jerry Falwell had apoplexy over a purple teletubbie! He'd have a field day with THIS.... Anyhow, the deal is .... Warrior loves Bard, Bard loves Warrior. Fill in the blanks.

Point number next. The Finale itself. Won't write a synopsis, Done to Death. You can find 'em all over the net, by people who write a lot better than me. We all know what happened. Just to say overall, the photography, writing, and acting were all well done. Good direction and story movement, not too many dead spots. Good music and decent effects, a finely crafted film. One of the nice things about films from Renpics is they never take them selves too seriously. There is always an element of fun. No matter how deep or dark their subject may seem, its always done slightly tongue in cheek. I always kind of expect one of the actors, Bruce Campbell specifically comes to mind, to look directly into the camera and say "Ya know, we're only messin' with ya, right?".

The real thing that got everybody torqued up in FIN was of course... "XENA'S DEATH"...."SHE CAN'T COME BACK".....WHO SAYS? Look at this girl's track record. Back from the dead four or five times already, and even Jesus only did that ONCE. In their last scene together on the ship, Xena asks Gabrielle where they are going. Gab tells her to the "Land of the Pharaohs", which can bring Egyptian deities into the mix. Maybe, Japanese gods won't bring her back, BUT.... Oh, yeah, and what about Gabrielle's promise to Xena from season one. She promised if anything happened to Xena, she would take her back to Amphipolis to lie next to her brother, Lyceus. But Egypt first? Think Gabrielle won't explore the possibilities? There's always possibilities........

Overall, I prefer to think of FIN not as a finale, but merely a continuation. A new chapter, perhaps, or even a new beginning. From "Xena:Warrior Princess" to "Gabrielle:Amazon Queen/Warrior Bard"? Interesting thought. To all "classic Gabby" fans... No, Gabrielle did not change too much. Growth and change is a part of life. Gabrielle changed as much as anyone who might have lived a life like hers. You can't travel with a warrior princess for six years and not learn something or experience change. Gabrielle did ask Xena to teach her all she knew way back in season one. (SOTP). Gabrielle went from a simple village girl to a strong independent woman and warrior in her own right. Gabrielle simply, grew up.

This isn't the end of Xena, they've left a lot of openings for further development be it a telemovie or theatrical film. It won't be next week or maybe even a few years. But, be patient. It might turn into something pretty big. Ever hear of STAR TREK? Until then, we've got the reruns, video, mass market novels, and fanfic on the net.

If you read fan fiction,(don't lie we ALL read fan fiction), Xena and Gabrielle have each been killed off in many interesting ways. Xena's died first, Gabby's died first, they've died at a young age, they've died at an old age, they've died together, they've died apart and so on. In some instances, they've lived to a ripe old age and had children......possibilities, always possibilities. The people that write fan fiction are talented individuals who get no profit, save, the enjoyment of the people who partake of their labors. A tip of the hat to them and we thank you for sharing your inspirations.

However, TPTB allow these writers to play with THEIR toys, as long as they put them back when they're done. Apparently, they also have no qualms about which direction fanfic writers take characters that legally belong to Renpics. So, how can we find fault and castigate Mr. Tapert when he writes a premise for HIS character that we don't agree with? Its just a story develop- ment in another direction. After all the b*tch*ng and complaining about how unfair top the fans the final episode was, when you think about it, it wasn't that bad. So lets put away the slings and arrows, and take Bob Tapert down from the cross. The poor guys suffered enough.

Concluding you see, I don't think we got robbed at all.

1) We got a good TV show
2) We got good storylines
3)We got fine acting
4) We got some laughs
5)We got some tears
6)We got some things to think about
7)We got some characters to care about
8)We got some villains to despise
9)We got it for 6 years AND....
We got more than we deserved.
And it was FUN!
Hey, thanks for lettin' me bend your ear. If you want to send comments or just tell me where to go, you can do that. If you agree with me, that's cool.

If you think I'm not firin' on all cylinders, that's cool too. Life's still good.

Long live the Xenites! Have a good one.


From: sandra Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 12:05 AM

Well what can I say? The deed has been done. My angst will not bring XWP back on the air. I bawled myself to sleep after I saw the grisly end. What were they thinking? Xena the god like hero we have been watching the last six seasons is dead, and our beloved Gabrielle is left in a catatonic delusional state (I see dead people) clutching an urn of all that remains of her dearly departed, sailing off on a boat to Egypt. Yeah that is a classy way to go out, not! I started watching the show because XWP was the only show on TV that portrayed a strong female lead and because it was an escape to another world where laws of gravity and space and time don't apply and anything could happen. Some of the episodes really made you think about what important in life. My favorite episode was The Dept. parts one and two. But anyway I am rambling and wasting you're time(much like friend in need part 1 and 2).

To see Xena being gouged with arrows and decapitated was awful. The story line sucked it had too many special effects and not enough soul. I was not looking for fire, strife and excess drama. I wanted the show to go out peacefully not mindless drivel. It's like the producers were sitting around drinking beer and Cheetos and just decided to pick an ending and out of a hat at random. The full circle thing with Gabrielle becoming a warrior, makes no sense to me. That goes against the core essence of what she stands for, she taught Xena the way of peace. What you teach you become more of. If anything she should have become more peaceful. I guess a scenario like that is not dramatic enough for the writers. Another thing That I can't wrap my brain around is that Xena had to stay dead in order to avenge the souls killed by Yodoshi. What's that about? What kind of God is she serving! It does not sound like a very peaceful afterlife with everyone nitpicking like they do on earth. While I was viewing FIN P2 I could not believe that Xena was dead. I kept thinking, no they are going to bring her back to life. Then she chose to stay dead. What? First unbelief. Second, tears and gnashing of teeth. Third, after analysis and anger: I'm not watching this show ever again! Fourth, acceptance and a new perspective. It has been one week of recovery time since I saw FIN, and I can say that my view of the final outcome has changed. If one looks at the end with an objective perspective, a whole new ending can be derived. Gabrielle chose the path of love. She loved Xena so much that she let her go even though she said Xena was her life. How many of us could do that? They did not show her grieving in the end but with a smile on her face knowing that Xena became who she wanted to be and is at peace. Xena walked the path of love. I think I need some Kleenex, sob, weep. Gabrielle knows that she will she Xena again. To loosely quote Gabrielle, we never really die because we were never really born. She is not mourning the loss of Xena, because although it appears to the jaded human eye that Xena is no longer around, she is still there in spirit. She learnt that the body is not the true unifier but the spirit is. Gab's faith in spirit, or love pulled her through. She will do more than get by she will live. When it is time they will meet again and they will know what it is like to truly have loved. I have salvaged peace from the FIN wreck. I can now watch the reruns of XWP with a clear mind and remember the good times.

From a mended fan.

Sandra Cranstone


From: Penny PalmerSent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 11:22 PM
Subject: Xena Finale


Three of us planned several weeks in advance to watch the Xena finale together. 2 of us are Xena Zealots. The third has little or no use for Xena and can not understand our addiction. However, she is a great person and great cook. She was allowed to join us if she cooked us a great dinner and didn't chatter during the show.

It is difficult to find fault with a show that has captured not only your interest but your heart. I will always be grateful to the writers, the actors and the many people who made the show possible. And I will continue to watch my favorite episodes over and over again. The question, however, was to express your feelings about the final episode so here goes.

There were several things I liked about the finale. I love a good story, regardless of a less than desirable ending. Old Yeller and West Side Story come to mind. Xena also was able to do her fire breath trick which I have read is one of Luces favorites. Gabrielle was able to demonstrate Renee's climbing prowess. And the scene where Xena shows Gabrielle how to do the touch was poignant, powerful and passionate.

Unfortunately, there were three areas in this episode the Xena zealots have a hard time overlooking.

The cover the top violence is the first area. Believe it or not, the development of the relationship between Gabrielle and Xena, along with the unique story lines was the reason I could overlook much off the violence in the episodes. It has been difficult at times to watch the killing and gore, especially against the stars or other women in the show. The graphic killing of Xena is especially disappointing. This is a visual the fans did not deserve. Kill her if you must, but we don't need to witness it in living color.

Sexual passion between Xena and Gabrielle would have been welcomed if the context within which it was displayed was honest. Unfortunately, each time a kiss or something close has been exchanged one of the stars has been a male, dead or close to dying. I don't believe Xena fans are so desperate to see women expressing love to each other in a sexual manner that they are willing to accept it in any context. There are far too many videos, TV shows etc. giving us graphic examples of women in love. (It seems to be the in thing these days!) Two of these include If These Walls could Talk II and, unexpectedly, ER.

Last, but not least, the ending. If Xena and Gabrielle's growth had really been complete Xena would never have made the choice regarding their future together without consulting Gabrielle. She also could suggested other alternatives. Gabrielle, upon hearing Xena's reason to not bring her back should have immediately thrown those hard fought for ashes in the water. She then should have told Xena they would either solve the problem of the lost souls alive or as spirits, but they would do it together. Being soul mates with someone who is dead loses allot of the appeal. For the fans sake, they could have sailed away together in one realm or the other. We know they are not returning, but it would've been nice to see the value of a committed relationship expressed in a way we could imagine that they are really together.

The ending came and after several minutes of silence, the Xena zealots expressed their disappointment and anger concerning the episode. The cook expressed her agreement with the writers and that it was a good ending. Perhaps, that is all that need be said about the finale.


From: Joelle
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 12:58 AM
Subject: Xena Series Last Episode

I dearly love Xena and Gabrielle and have felt sad that it was ending and didn't want to watch the "last" episodes and waited a while before I watched the tapes.

I felt that much of the last episodes were out of character in a way I can't really put my finger on. It didn't seem like Xena and Gabrielle in some way. The level of violence was intense and I was really disturbed by the headless hanging Xena and wish I had not seen that, even though we see her shortly thereafter looking beautiful once again.

The special effects, scenery, music and fight scenes were great, a little bit too much "Crouching Tiger" in the early scenes, but suitable in the story and done with good effect.

The episode ended in a way that Xena was dead, which was disturbing, but not really dead, so that we could ponder how this could be, an invisible spirit Xena accompanying Gabrielle everywhere. This is entirely possible in the realm of metaphysics, and was a small comfort to me.

I could never be happy with the ending of Xena, so maybe any way it was handled would be sad to me. But this very sad to me. It takes 40,000 souls to make Xena stay dead. This does not please me and there has to be a way around this! Something to think about for sure. If she has to stay dead so that 40,000 souls can attain a state of grace, how does Xena attain her state of grace?

The episode showed very clearly the intense and deep level of love and connection between Xena and Gabrielle. I am grateful for that.



From: Kelly Smith
Sent: Friday, July 06, 2001 1:59 AM
Subject: Submission for Group Therapy Issue

I tried to find reasons to dislike the ending to Friend in Need. I really tried. I've read a lot of thoughtful, articulate, persuasive criticism regarding the way the final scenes were handled. It seems an apparent majority in the Xenaverse feel that Robert Tapert betrayed the central theme of the series, as well as the fans, with the death of Xena. Yet in spite of all the opinions I've read or listened to, I still contend that FIN was one of the most moving, powerful episodes I've ever seen, and that the ending was far more hopeful than dismal.

I do not claim to be an expert on all things Xena. In fact, as HCNBs go, I'm a late bloomer. A friend of mine, a fan since the first season, had been unsuccessfully trying to persuade me to watch the show, but I did not express much interest in it, thinking it was just a goofy action series. Then it happened that one day, I stumbled across some fan fiction on the Internet. I was thoroughly captivated by the characters and the love they shared...and I began watching X:WP midway through the fifth season, mentally kicking myself for not having tuned in earlier. My friend was kind enough to share several tapes with me, so that I had the opportunity to see many episodes from earlier seasons. That was it...I was hooked.

The bond between Xena and Gabrielle has always been the highlight of the series for me. Their love transcends time, space, and earthly/spiritual planes. The fact that Xena chose to remain in a spiritual dimension, serving the greater good by allowing 40,000 souls to find peace, does not change or lessen the life-transforming, life-giving love that she and Gabrielle share. In Xena and Gabrielle's world, death is no less ugly or heart-wrenching than it is in ours, but Gabrielle can at least set sail for the land of the Pharaohs with the certain knowledge that Xena's spirit is with her always. Not only will she be reunited with her partner at the end of her life, but they will continue to be together in lives to come. That seems very hopeful to me, especially when compared to the reality we must face, in which none of us knows with absolute certainty whether there is anything beyond death.

I'll readily admit that if I'd been given creative control over the series finale, I would have ended it with Xena and Gabrielle sailing off with their arms around each other, to live out the rest of their lives in happiness and peace. I wonder, however, whether Xena truly could have found peace by any means other than death. Tapert's Xena was a tragic hero whose fatal flaw was her inability to forgive herself for her past. Gabrielle's words in the sixth season episode "The Ring" were prophetic: "My dear friend's curse is to spend the rest of her life seeking a redemption she'll never allow herself".

Xena's decision to place herself in a situation which she knew would result in her own death was not out of character for her. She was driven to right as many wrongs as she could within her lifetime, and was prepared to die, if necessary, in order to accomplish that. She never shied away from the fact that living a warrior's life could result in dying a warrior's death. Xena's efforts to protect Gabrielle by sending her in an opposite direction before the final battle, keeping her away from the teahouse, and even failing to tell her the entire truth until the very end, were also very much in character. Xena accepted the fact that her partner chose to risk her own life by traveling and fighting at her side, but she did all she could to prevent Gabrielle from being harmed in the process.

Gabrielle, for her part, understood Xena's motives and loved her unconditionally. She could have chosen to pour the remains into the fountain, against Xena's wishes. Instead, she loved Xena enough to let her go, allowing her soulmate to finally achieve the peace and redemption she deserved. Both women paid a heavy price for their love, but it was a price they willingly paid.

The bittersweet, final scene on the ship portrays a calm Gabrielle reflecting upon Xena's life as she holds the urn in her hands, with Xena beside her in spirit. Her change in mood may have appeared odd to some fans due to the contrast with the previous scene, but it's quite possible she took days or weeks to grieve and mourn before setting off again. At any rate, Gabrielle obviously has come to terms with Xena's death. Xena will always live on in her heart, and she has been forever transformed by the love they shared. In the last shot, we see Gabrielle on the ship alone, sailing off into the future to complete the rest of her life's journey. We know that Xena, albeit in spirit, is going to travel that path at her side. There's no question that Gabrielle and Xena are in this together...across years and lifetimes...and I find that very uplifting. This scene effectively brings closure to the series.

The remaining question, of course, is what becomes of Gabrielle? That is left up to the viewer's imagination, and has already made for some interesting fanfic. Since I'm a big Gabrielle/Renee O'Connor fan, I'd like to think she continues fighting for the greater good, becoming widely known as a hero in her own right (not that she wasn't already), and writing her stories for future generations to read and learn from. Perhaps she even takes on a young apprentice of her own someday, passing on the skills and knowledge she learned from Xena. And at the end of Gabrielle's journey, she'll be reunited with her beloved Warrior in the spiritual realm, where they'll await the beginning of their next life together.

If Gabrielle was able to make peace with what transpired and keep Xena alive in her heart, let's hope the rest of us in the Xenaverse can do the same. It saddens me to hear that some fans have written off the series or that it is forever ruined for them because of FIN. Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and the rest of the cast and crew (including Rob Tapert and the other producers and writers) put their blood, sweat and tears into this series nearly every day for six years to bring to life the characters and stories we love so well. Let's not turn on our backs on them now.

Kelly Smith


From: Teresa DiCarlantonio
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 8:37 PM
Subject: me again (In my opinion)

A sincere thanks to Whoosh, it's spoilers and reports from the Museum of Television and Radio and my dear friends in assisting me in making a decision. Let me add that I never read a spoiler before, but after talking with friends who had viewed the finale and had been deeply affected by it, I felt I owed this to myself. I made the decision not to watch the final episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. I have through the years come to trust Whoosh and I know my friends.

Now, some of you may say, "relax it's just a show". Your right and I know that. But, I have six years invested in this one. It's not like reading a book where you spend a week or two and whether it's ending is good, happy or sad, you ponder its worth and quickly get over it. Or a movie that ends sadly. It may bother you and you may think about it on your way out of the theater but by the time you find your car, your sadness has subsided and your well on your way to forgetting about it. If I may, I'd like to not only represent myself but the thousands of fans who feel the same way. Six years has bestowed open us a personal relationship with two beautiful characters. Throughout the years we have come to know them, we have come to understand them. In every episode, Xena and Gabrielle would tug at our hearts, we couldn't help but come to love them. We became fans, loyal and committed.

Six years! How does that help one to justify such a sad, tragic ending. It can't! It's impossible. Six years of looking forward to the next episode, to the next season, the next convention, the Xena t-shirt and Gabrielle jewelry. And need I add the positive psychological impact Xena and Gabrielle made upon thousands and thousands of women all over the world. Thanks to Rob Tapert, finally, the long awaited female heroines. And not to mention, laced in an unprecedented, never before in television history, lesbian scheme. (Very quickly, it's time that we as a society start to deal with this subject matter in a concerned responsible manner.) Xena: Warrior Princess's magic gave a special something to every different kind of woman. And how about the new friendships that were formed in its phenomenon? The fun! We were moved by Lucy to give to worthy causes, and we did. All because of what "they" gave to us. It all helped to add something special to our lives and to theirs also. Such an outcome from entertainment, can't get any better.

As friends and I have discussed, six years can't sanely justify such a superfluous and sadistic finale. Point blank, the fans did not deserve such a sad and tragic ending. It affected my friends deeply. They were shocked and hurt by it, just hearing about it saddened me. We didn't deserve it! On the contrary, six years affords me, all of us, the right to lash out in anger. How can we not feel betrayed? How can we not be affected by a finale that went into "over-kill" ? Why would Rob Tapert and R.J. Stewart "entertain" us with such a cold, calculated and sadistic ending? Learning from the reports gathered from three different points of view from the Museum of Television and Radio conference, it was learned that both Lucy and Renee had "Veto Power" over the finale. Why did they both agree to perform and subject their characters to an undeserving and disgraceful conclusion? Briefly and reiterated: the panel was asked about the finale. Rob Tapert began by saying that the "Xena's story is the story to redeem herself". That Xena has been on a quest for redemption and that the "ONLY" way to redeem herself was to die. R. J. Stewart added, "the ultimate redemption for Xena here is not to be brought back to life". Will somebody tell me what the past six years were all about then. Now come on Tapert, Stewart ( and others), what was the purpose for writing all the "GOOD" stuff? Isn't that a contradiction? Lucy was quoted as saying, "This show never took the easy way out. It was the strong choice. It was the bold choice. It was the risky choice. We saw the birth of a new warrior." ... "She lived by the sword and, by golly, if she didn't die by the sword." Reiterated: it was the "more dramatic choice". And this blew me away; Renee not only collaborated with everyone, but said something to the effect that some people were not destined to be together. Huh! Did she not play the character Gabrielle for six years?? I know I don't need to explain that one. Were they "for real"? Rob Tapert, in so many words, made a reference to X:WP and/or show websites in general where fan/viewer comments are posted (such as this one) and said, "There is nothing to be gained for a producer to go there". Well, then how did he know how and what corrections to make for the 6th season after fans made their feelings known about the 5th seasons failures? Fans voiced their opinions and TPTB listened and the ratings went up. Also, didn't they use a fan site, fan fiction writer who wrote two decent episodes which I should add, caused the ratings to go back up? And while I'm at it, didn't Bret Ryan Rudnick do a lengthy interview with Rob Tapert a while back acknowledging that Rob Tapert is a "Whoosh" fan. Bret R. Rudnick also mentioned his surprise to R. Tapert's "attention to detail" on some articles. Now I have to ask, what's really going on here? They didn't sound like the same four people that I've come to know in the past six years. In the past, they always seemed to concern themselves with the fans. So willing to work for and with fans, seeking new and unprecedented avenues for improvements.

Well, allow me to continue. After reviewing some fan sites (whew!) in my opinion, a tragic ending was the wrong choice, a careless decision. That "strong, bold choice, that risky choice" lacked the consideration of fans, who made X:WP the success that it was. Without fans, there's no money generated. Without fans, there's no fame, there's no success, there's no show. That decision concluded nothing but fan outrage. For thousands of fans Xena:Warrior Princess failed with one final episode. A senseless end that left them feeling shocked, left them sad, hurt and angry. The betrayal was enough to cause heated reactions from thousands of fans. Some, like me, refused to watch the final episode. Others felt so betrayed that they were moved to burn or store away memorable merchandise. Was that ending necessary? No, absolutely not! Why did they all collaborate and deprive the fans of a happy ending? Why were the fans deprived of the great love story that it was? Did they think to get a reaction from the fans so as to spawn a movie deal for the near future? Or was a movie offer made when OXYGEN bought exclusive rights to Xena: Warrior Princess? Whoosh's Laura Sue reported in her Gossip column issue #38:06-03-01 that OXYGEN's, Geraldine Laybourne is very interested in a Xena movie deal.

Rob Tapert was always scolded for what he could and could not do with Renaissance USA studios. But now that OXYGEN holds exclusive rights to X: WP, maybe the greatest love story ever told can be produced, the way the fans want it. It must be brought to everyone's attention that OXYGEN is NOT HOMOPHOBIC. They have dealt with the issue of homosexuality in a concerned and responsible manner.

X: WP fans, your anger is understood and justified. Now, OXYGEN needs our support. They hold the potential to produce what the fans are deserving of, the greatest modern-day love story ever told.

Teresa DiCarlantonio (trez)

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