Whoosh! Issue 63 - 
December 2001
Editor's Page

From the Graphics Editor:
The Night Of The Seasonal Greetings

From the Graphics Editor:

By the time this editorial is released, Thanksgiving will be over, but December is a month of multi and non denominational wishes for good will, peace on earth, and additional opportunities for turkey.

As regards XENA, HERC, JACK, or CLEO, we can pause to look back on what was and remember fondly those stories we liked best, those that impressed us in another direction, or just the whole phenom in general.

But even now after all the Renaissance Pictures shows have left the production stage (does it seem like six months have gone by already?), fandom continues. More consolidated perhaps, but fandom, particularly XENA fandom is still in evidence. There are still conventions, active fan-based charities, websites still being updated, merchandise to be purchased, mailing lists to subscribe to, fan fiction to be consumed, and more.

Perhaps those of us still poking around fandom have a little more spare time, but then quality can always help make up for quantity. Or at least, it should.

What is it that keeps some fans still talking about shows long after their first-run episodes are over? A good part of it, of course, is the effect those shows had on people. But I also like to think it has something to do with the quality of fans too. HERC and XENA fans have always given me the impression that they, on average, are quite thoughtful, erudite, generous, and friendly. When I think back over the last several years it's not insignificant that quite a number of people I've met and remained in contact with were due to meeting as a result of these shows. I'll bet a good number of readers out there can echo a similar sentiment.

So to all of you out there, whether I know you or not, regardless of the holiday or astronomical event you choose to observe (or not) this month, I wish you peace, health, prosperity and love. May your dreams come true and your fears fade. Let every new day become a promise for what might be, and the day after that a commitment to it.

Graphics Editors would always like, but never get, Amazons under their holiday tree
Gabrielle does some holiday shopping.

Bret Rudnick
Graphics Editor
Executive Committee
Hermosa Beach, California
26 November 2001

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