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By Gonzalo Viola
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Oh, Xena ¿Qué es eso del amor?
Como salida de un cuento de hadas
Vienes de la nada.
Me castigas día a día
Y te quiero todavía.

Oh, Xena, What's this madness we call love all about?
You come from a fairly tale
as if you come from nothing
you punish me everyday
but I still love you.

-- A piece of a poem in Spanish with English translation

...y muchas gracias sponsero Goya!
The Warrior Princess is also a hit in the Spanish community!


[01] The sites mentioned in this paper are by no means all-inclusive. There are more sites well worth visiting but I do not have the energy to mention them here! The sites featured in this article are the ones that this author visits on a regular basis.


[02] There are hundreds of English websites with the quality of such sites as Amphipolis Village or Xenaville, but there are not many websites in Spanish that are as good. Sometimes it can be dull to search for Spanish websites because they do not contain as much information as the English websites as a rule do. For that reason, although I have visited many websites, I shall only mention a few that I consider worth visiting. Obviously, there are many sites dedicated to links in Spanish, but the following discussed sites are the best that I have found. If you understand Spanish, you MUST visit these websites.

Website Review

[03] El Xenaverso de Atenea, Alias Siempre Xena (Atenea's Xenaverse, aka Always Xena)
This is my favorite Spanish Xena website. It has a complete episode guide with synopses of all the episodes with a wealth of detail. I have visited many Spanish websites with lots of information but this is the only one that has a full episode guide including commentaries. Atenea ("Athena" in English) maintains this website. Her real name is Samatha Cabrera Díaz and she is the owner of the Xena Spanish webring. Here you will find news, interviews, wallpapers, fan fiction, videos, an excellent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), character guide, information about Subtext and THE WAY, and screengrabs. It is updated all the time.

[04] Guerrera y Barda (Warrior and Bard)
Jessica maintains Warrior and Bard and it is a very amusing website. You will find synopses from the fifth and sixth seasons, and lots of wallpapers and sounds. The most important section of the site is the character guide. This character guide does not leave out anyone: good or evil, demon or monster, pretty or non-pretty, stupid or intelligent! One of the best sections is "The Bitter Suite", a page dedicated to the similarly named musical episode. It includes a synopsis, sounds, songs, Tarot explanations, and hundreds of collages and pictures. The site also contains several commentaries and analyses about the end of Xena, and many other interesting sections.

[05] Versión original, Fanfic en Español (Original Version, Fan Fiction in Spanish)
Cruella maintains Original Version. It contains several stories written by Cruella herself, along with others by different fans. The stories are of high quality and are well written. It is updated often.

[06] Primer Sitio Argentino de Xena (The First Argentinean Website) No longer online
From Argentina, we have this website. It ws not very large but it contained episode summaries and some remarkable biographies. If you are Argentinean, and if it ever comes back online, you should visit this website.

[07] El mundo del subtexto en Xena Princesa Guerrera (The Subtext World in Xena: Warrior Princess)
If you are looking for information about Subtext, then you have to visit El mundo del subtexo en Xena Princesa Guerrera. This is the best Spanish website that I have ever visited about Subtext. If you are a subtexter or an anti-subtexter, you should check it out.

[08] Xena: Quinta Temporada (Xena: Season Five)
The Season Five website is good because in many Spanish speaking countries the fans have not seen Season Five yet. For example, in some parts of Argentina, they are watching currently the Season Four. If you want to know what happened in Season Five, check out this website.

[09] Camelot Comics Store
Camelot Comics is a website about merchandising. It is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is one of the few Spanish shops in South America carrying Xena items. This is because Xena is not as famous in South America as it is in the USA and other countries. Here you can buy 'The Official Xena Magazine' and the comics.

[10] New Xenaland
Karla maintains this website. It has several sections. It is very complete, with critical commentaries, reports, bumper stickers, downloads, fan fiction, and more.

[11] El Cielo de las Musas (The Muses Heaven)
Muses Heaven is dedicated to all the famous women who are important in the television. It does not have much information about the series, but you will find excellent biographies about the actors and the characters.

[12] Xena la Princesa Guerrera (Xena the Warrior Princess)
Although this website has not been updated since 1998, it is a fantastic database about Xena, the actors, and the characters. It contains interviews, summaries, sounds, FAQ, a mailing list, quizzes, and much more.

[13] Videos Latinos de Xena (Xena Latin Video)
This website is a must for all those who understand Spanish. It contains fundamentally Spanish musical videos that are amazingly magnificent. If you visit this site, I am sure you will be back many times. If you want to do me a favor, please tell Laura that I sent you.

[14] Lucy sin ley (Lucy Outside the Law)
This site was created by Atenea("Athena" in English) It is one of the few Spanish websites about Lucy Lawless and no doubt, the best. It is a new website, with many good pictures, information, and appearances in TV, interviews, and much other hilarious stuff.

[15] Zona RoC (The RoC Zone)
A high-quality and new website featuring Renée O'Connor. You will find pictures, interviews; news and a very appealing web design. The structure is similar to Lucy outside the law because Atenea also created it.


[16] These are the most important and interesting Spanish websites about Xena: Warrior Princess I have ever visited. If there is a website that you consider that is absolutely important and it is not included in this list, please e-mail me. If you would like to see a list of more Spanish websites, please visit The Spanish Xena Webring or The Top 100 Xena Sites.


a man of mystery Gonzalo I. Viola
I live in Merlo, a city in the northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I love learning languages, and I study European languages in an English Institute. As a multi-language speaker, I spend my time meeting people from different nationalities and I hope to be a tour guide in my future. I started watching Xena because I love Greek mythology, but after a short time of watching the show, I fell in love with it, not only because of Xena, also because I could feel identified with Gabrielle. Many thanks Xena and Whoosh! You have changed my life!

Favorite episode: BETWEEN THE LINES (83/415)
Favorite line: Callisto to Theodorus: "Love is a trick that nature plays on us to get us to reproduce. I want no part of it". THE RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205)
Favorite fan fiction: "Tropical Storm" by Melissa Good and "La llave del Corazón (The key of the heart)" by Atenea.
First episode seen: THE RETURN OF CALLISTO (29/205)



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