Whoosh! Issue 67 - April 2002
Letters to the Editor

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An Interview With Albert Rounds Heimuli (Stunt Actor)
What Now?
The Road To Recovery: Overcoming Xena Addiction The 12 Step Program
Gabbashing In The Xenaverse
Are Xena and Gabrielle Together: An Issue Bigger Than Two Characters
Kevin Smith

Letters To The Editor

An Interview With Albert Rounds Heimuli (Stunt Actor)

From: Gail Futoran
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 8:02 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Re CR's March 2002 Whoosh! Interview with Stuntee Albert Rounds Heimuli:

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview. Over the years of watching Xena episodes repeatedly I came to recognize and enjoy the work of a number of "nameless" stuntees. It was nice to put a name to a face for a change!

Thanks to CR for a very nice interview.

Gail Futoran

What Now?

From: Andrew Shaughnessy
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 6:05 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

Although I'm in general agreement with Michael Walker's article "What Now?", I have to take issue with his assertion that "Gabrielle can never be the warrior Xena was" because "her parents were mortals whilst Xena was a demigod." Callisto's parents were mortal, yet she gave Xena all sorts of trouble despite being much younger and less experienced.

The same logic would apply to Gabrielle. By the time she reached reached Xena's age she might well be her equal. Ares certainly thought so. In SUCCESSION (93/503)he said of Gabrielle:

"You have to like her style... the focus... the intensity... the ability to learn and adapt. She is just... incredible. I can't believe I took her for granted for so long."
He later told Gabrielle herself:
"You're not quite there yet, but maybe I've been dismissing you too easily over the years. Maybe the heir to Xena's throne has been right in front of me all along. I think the key is to find someone who's learned how to fight, but has the discretion not to. Now, there's something Xena never had."
Ares clearly felt that Gabrielle had the potential to be at least as good a fighter as Xena, possibly better. Michael cites the God of War's lack of respect for Gabrielle's modern day incarnations to support his claim, but that could equally well be explained by Ares' words to Gabrielle in SEEDS OF FAITH (99/509):
"You'll always be a goody two shoes."
Unlike Xena, Gabrielle had no stain of darkness on her soul. With Xena, Ares always had a slim hope that he might turn her back to his side. His one real chance of turning Gabrielle came after Eli's death, and she was too strong for him. From Ares' point of view she was a lost cause, making her seemingly unworthy of his attention.

Michael is correct in stating that Gabrielle had nothing to atone for, but by that measure Hercules would never leave his house. Gabrielle, better than anyone, knew that the world needed heroes. With Xena gone, who better to carry on her work? After all, it's generally assumed that Ares was sealed in his tomb by a descendant of Xena, and Eve seems an unlikely candidate unless she bored him to sleep. Who instructed this shadowy figure? Step forward, Auntie Gabrielle!

I dare say the reminder that Gabrielle had descendants herself, strongly implying at least one heterosexual relationship, upset some people. Well, that's life! We can't always have everything our own way, can we? I agree that Virgil seems the likeliest candidate as the father of Gabrielle's children, but don't forget Beowulf. We know he loved her, she was clearly fond of him, and his stoic nature masking a sensitive soul reminds me of Xena. Perhaps Gabrielle made the same connection.

All in all, an enjoyable article. Okay, Michael underestimates our favourite bard, but Ares did that too, and if a god can get it wrong...

The Road To Recovery: Overcoming Xena Addiction The 12 Step Program

From: Andrew Shaughnessy
Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2002 2:03 AM
Subject: Letter to the Editor

After the sad news of Kevin Smith's passing I'm sure we all needed cheering up. Fortunately, help was at hand in the shape of Renee Sorrell's "The Road to Recovery: Overcoming Xena Addiction - The 12 Step Program". The advice given had me laughing out loud, especially the mental picture of an addict chasing the trash truck down the street at 6:00 am! Bret, as usual, came up with the ideal picture to head the article - I loved the pop-up caption: "You are getting sleeeepy... you will give Renee top billing on the Main Title".

The reference to BGSBs as "dangerous weapons" was also apt, bearing in mind Gabrielle's attempt to "bazoom" the killer bunny to death in IN SICKNESS AND IN HELL. Step 8 is one some Xena fans should take seriously: "All discussion of characters as real people must cease. No, Gabrielle is not having emotional problems. No, Xena should not just be nice to people. Hope was always going to be evil. Get over it." I think we're all guilty of that sin to a degree, but some people take it to extremes.

Well, I'm just going to look for the spirit level - I want to make sure all my framed pictures of Xena and Gabrielle are hanging straight... Why are you all looking at me that way? I don't have a problem!!!

Gabbashing In The Xenaverse

From: Dafydd ap Thomas
Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 4:15 PM
Subject: letter to the Editor: Gabbashing!

There ain't no such thing as Gabbashing.

The bashes listed complain about Eli converting Gab into the useless tag-along, the Aryan skinhead, the peroxide psychopath. Every "Gabbash" is an act of Gabworship. We wanted Gabrielle back. "Gabbashes" include criticizing Renee's [O'Connor] acting ability. Renee is excellent, playing Lesbian Warriors. She's good at that, totally believable. She ain't believable as Eli's zombie disciple. We didn't watch wondering what will hapen to Xena and Gabrielle? We watched wondering how will TPTB humiliate Lucy [Lawless] and Renee this week?

Are Xena and Gabrielle Together: An Issue Bigger Than Two Characters

From: Anna Dooland
Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2002 6:36 AM
Subject: Letters to the Editor

Regarding the small debate sparked by my article Are Xena and Gabrielle Lovers...? in Issue 53:

First of all, the issues raised by those opposing my article are complex and many, and unfortunately I have little time to address them at the moment since it's late at night, I work full time and honestly arguing with people who will never see my point of view is frustrating and depressing so I can't really be bothered.

Upon reading the letters to the editor from my two main critics, my initial reaction was "oh, homophobes who quite like queer people as long as queer culture doesn't leak into their favourite heterosexual everythings."

There are some excellent arguments pointing to my lack of evidence on some of my statements, however the majority of their argument is fueled by their heterocentrism. They want yet another show to remain largely heterosexual, and any plea for representation by queer female leads is 'arrogant' and too much to ask for. Which leads me to my previous conclusion that they like queers as long as queerness doesn't conflict with their heterosexual enjoyment of their favourite things.

Accusations of me being reversely bigoted for suggesting heterosexuals have everything angled towards them (which they do, examine institutionalized religions, education curriculum, blockbuster movies, television, written media, for a start) are clearly fueled by denial and/or ignorance.

I suggest that the writers of those critiques and people who hold the same point of view seriously examine why they feel so angry or apprehensive about the suggestion that the subtext should be maintext. Because I can guarantee if they do a good job of it, they'll discover the homophobic and heterocentic roots of argument.

Anna Dooland

Kevin Smith

From: Dafydd ap Thomas
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2002 5:54 PM
Subject: letter to the Editor - Kevin Smith

Kevin gave us fun and joy.
The World is a brighter place because he was here.

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