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01. Ares stood atop a hill
02. Strange how I return to words
03. My warrior, endowed with lethal skill
04. Traveller, pause here a while
05. For all that you gave to us
06. Oh leather-clad angel with dark, piercing eyes


Ares stood atop a hill


My Tribute to Kevin Smith: A Short Poem
By GingerQ@pacbell.net

Ares stood atop a hill,
His eyes cast to the ground,
Arms crossed tightly on his chest,
And on his face - a frown.

For the world mourned the loss of one,
One he knew too well.
And the darkness it cast cross the land,
Disturbed him, you could tell.

He traveled till he reached the place,
Where the trouble first began.
Now standing next to Kevin Smith,
He reaches out his hand.

He tried to bring him back to life
But it was a futile try.
"I don't know why they're so upset,
It's a part of life to die."

But Ares knew the reason why
The people felt this way
And if not it been for Kevin Smith
He'd not be here today.

He felt a weight upon his heart,
And heavily, he sighed.
There was nothing more that he could do
No matter what he tried.

Then a smile crossed his sexy lips
As a thought had come to mind.
With one last look at Kevin's face,
His spirit he would find.

He traveled cross the countryside
Searching to and fro.
Stopping at the places where
He knew that Kev would go.

And when he did catch up with him
He stopped and just observed.
The pain of loss this spirit felt
Was not what Kev deserved.

So many had been touched by him
In life, his spirit glowed.
A happy, loving, family man
His many talents showed.

Ares knew just what to do,
And called out Kevin's name.
The spirit turned and looked his way
And Ares felt his pain.

The God said, "Brother, what's up with you?
Why do you act so down?
Don't tell me you can't feel the love
That emanates around."

"You should be happy, in your life
You've touched so many hearts."
And Kev responded, "Yes, I am.
But I'm not ready to depart."

"There's still so much for me to do,
To make my mark in life.
But now I'll never have the chance,
I'll soon fade from their sight."

Ares opened up his arms,
Embraced him in a hug.
And then he laughed his famous laugh
Looking oh-so-smug.

"Buddy, I've got news for you,"
The God of War did say.
"And it looks to me that you could use
A good word for today."

"Kevin, you're a lucky bloke.
You'll never really die.
You're always gonna be alive
And let me tell you why."

"All around this giant globe
Wherever there's TV,
You'll be remembered and be loved.
Because you live in me!"

This is my tribute to Kevin. He will always live on to me through Ares and his other characters, and continues to be my inspiration.
--GingerQ, 2/17/2002

Strange how I return to words


Beyong Words
By Jan Ivie

Poem #02

My warrior, endowed with lethal skill


The Seduction of the God of War
By Erica Li, 1999

[Ares of Xena: Warrior Princess is the speaker.]

My warrior, endowed with lethal skill,
You left for good? Your wrath began to fade?
By Zeus! I miss your savage, ruthless will
To vanquish foes who dared to test your blade.
Your spirit once possessed a fervent fire.
You caused delicious carnage with such glee.
You once were driven solely by desire.
I want you back the way you used to be.
You can't deny the ardor wars excite!
It thrills you to inflict exquisite pain.
I know you listen still with pure delight
The lustful song of war with its refrain.
My Warrior Queen, fulfill your destiny.
Forsake your moral ways. Come back to me!

Traveller, pause here a while


In the Night
By Edward Mazzeri

Traveller, pause here a while,
And consider one who shone his light
On to audiences of unseen millions
And also on to a smaller circle, seen by him,
For he was husband, father, friend.

For all that you gave to us


For All That You Gave To Us
By Xin Zhang

For all that you gave to us,
The smiles, the tears,
The warmth, the pride.
Thank you.
For all that you will be remembered for,
You time, your spirit,
Your work, your dedication.
Still lingers.
For a great actor,
And an even greater man,
For Kevin Smith.
In memoriam.

Oh leather-clad angel with dark, piercing eyes


For Actor Kevin Todd Smith, Known To Most As Ares, God Of War: 1963 - 2002
By Jennifer King

Oh leather-clad angel with dark, piercing eyes,
How could you leave us without one goodbye?
This cannot be true, it must be a mistake.
How could it be time for that road men must take?
To the Elysian Fields I'm sure you have gone,
And in your honor, we sing you this song.
Oh leather-clad angel with dark-piercing eyes,
We'll never forget you. There are no goodbyes.

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