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Dear Diary, I am so glad that Xena finally came clean about Lao Ma. I am sure now there will be no more nasty surprises for me...

Dear Whoosh...


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Whoosh Issue 6 March 1997

I just read your article in Whoosh Issue 6 (March 1997). I was scrolling down the list of articles when *wham*, Xena AND China Beach! I had to read...it was a memory brought back. Exactly! I had the same reaction to China Beach. I remember watching the first episode and being so agitated I couldn't wait for my daughter to wake up the next day so I could tell her Guess What! I saw the most unusual, wonderful, exciting show last night... Fortunately I had taped it so I could prove it! She and I became *avid* watchers of that show. I still have the tapes! Since then, my daughter has introduced me to Xena: Warrior Princess and I am hooked, hooked, hooked. The same excitement comes over me when I watch these women characters in Xena as did when I watched McMurphy and KC (and for awhile the character played by Chloe Webb - I thought she was special and the relationship that developed between her character and McMurphy touched me).

I admit I would never have seen any similarity until I read your article. It is the first part of your article where you describe how China Beach reached out and grabbed you that I liked the most -- so familiar. My passion for watching the Xena and Gabrielle characters surely is reminiscent.

Thank you for writing about this. I'll be sure to send a copy of your article to my daughter.


Xena's Ruthlessness Avoided By Article


First off Congratulations on the continuing top-notch quality of Whoosh and IAXS. Y'all are doing a fabulous job....

RE: Xena's Effectiveness as a Commander -- Carper did an intriguing comparison of Xena to civil war generals and the points on leadership were well drawn. However Carper seemed to shrink from calling Xena ruthless, though plenty of evidence of that element of her success as a military leader was presented. An effective military commander necessarily has an element of ruthlessness -- she has to in order to win the day. Staying with the civil war one could point to Sherman who cut a bloody swath through the south on his march to the sea. He was merciless. But he destroyed confederate capacity to resist. This is a frequent theme -- especially in modern warfare (think Dresden firebombings which were designed both to punish the Germans and destroy their morale). The article seems to focus on the "positive" aspects of effective command while lightly touching the "negative" aspects (War means killing, but....) It may be that Xena's dark reflection in DREAMWORKER was right when she commented that Xena's ability to command came from her.

Thanks again for the great work ya'll do.

Lynn Sicade AKA CoyoteBlue (lsicade@ix.netcom.com)

More Unexpected Turbulence


As you already know, I am a big fan of Whoosh! As I wrote earlier, the writing is superb, and the insights are heart-felt. I teach fifth grade in a self-contained situation and appreciate good writing - I have taught English to students in grades 6, 7 and 8 - which includes grammar and composition. As you are Editor-in-Chief of Whoosh! and Chairman of the Board, IAXS, I can imagine that you would appreciate how readers enjoy the essays. I am sending you what I e-mailed to Michael Evans-Layng re his essay entitled as above. You and all of the staff have a lot to be proud of. I look forward to every issue. Thank you! Faith

March 2, 1997

Hi, Michael,
I just read your essay, "Unexpected Turbulence: Lucy Lawless in Burbank", in Whoosh! Issue Five, February, 1997. I am having difficulty putting into words my reaction to it because it and this entire Xena thing has evoked feelings in me that I've never before experienced - and I'm 48 years old!

Suffice it to say that I related to what you wrote ... and I wasn't even at the convention. I agree with everything that you wrote as if I were writing through you, and the strange thing is ... I don't even know you! I am astounded how a television show - its characters and actors and everything about it - have brought strangers together with such a great cohesiveness. I am referring to the web sites and newsgroups.

To quote you, "I do not remember having such a consistently visceral reaction to an actor or show, EVER". Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about a very passionate yet unassuming lady as Lucy Lawless.

Faith (FaithAW@aol.com)

About "Ares: Mind, Body, and Soul. An Analysis of the God of War in TEN LITTLE WARLORDS"


This question is for the author of "Ares: Mind, Spirit, and Body" and for anyone else. How does the Ares of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS square with the Ares of HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS? Now that Ares (Kevin Smith) is on both shows, how does he differ or is he the same? The earlier Ares on HTLJ was depicted as a monster instead of a human god.

Virginia Carper (carperv@FRB.GOV)


I would have to say that Ares is different in the shows because of how he reacts to the characters. On XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, he is more mischevious and meddling because he still has some sick fascination with her and wants her back the way she was. Out of respect and hope, he treats her better than he treats Hercules. Hercules tries to prevent wars and the like, so naturally, Ares hates him and is more vicious toward him.

About the Editor's Page (WHOOSH #05)


I wish to take exception with your statement on the Editor's Page: "For a syndicated show to do something like this is incredible. XWP is hot in a way which even the wonks of MCA/Universal can understand." I think "the wonks" probably understand this quite well. They are also aware that Xena's 7.7 - while leading the pack of current shows - leaves something to be desired compared to the ratings of ST:TNG, which (I believe) were consistently in the low-to-middle 9's and occasionally went over 10.

Robert Huff (rhuff@cybercom.net)


I don't see how this is taking exception to what I wrote. My point was that MCA would be fools not to notice this dramatic upsurge. It appears you are agreeing with that.

A big problem with comparing ST:TNG to XWP is that XWP's competition is a couple hundred percent higher than ST:TNG. A 7.7 with 5 relatively strong competitors is seriously approaching what a 9 or 10 is without any significant competition. ST:TNG was lucky in that it had an open playing field. XWP has not only its sib, HTLJ, but ST:DS9, BAYWATCH, SINBAD, OUTER LIMITS, BABYLON 5, FX, etc. The syndicated action universe has changed drastically since the benign ST:TNG days...as ST:DS9 and ST: VOYAGER have discovered.

Episode Guide Appreciated


Once again your synopses have helped! Since the Los Angeles Times' TV Times and TV Guide give a small description but refuse to give the title of the upcoming X:WP episode, I went to Bluesong's episode synopses at Whoosh for help. *If* I've done my reading correctly, the upcoming episode in my area is CALLISTO and will be followed by RETURN OF CALLISTO the next week. I've read much about these episodes but they were before my Xena conversion. I'm delighted to have an opportunity to see them now! Thanks again for your efforts - they're much appreciated!


More Kudos to WHOOSH #05 All Convention Issue


Great issue -- as always. And continued thanks to those passionate people who volunteer putting it together. Nice convention coverage in #5 for those (like me) attending only virtually, and photos (and more) by Betsy Book. Amazed by the number and good quality of contributors each month. Looking forward to March 21-23.

Skip (skip@cyburban.com)

More Scenes We'd Like To See?


Kym and Staff:
Just wanted to let you know that being new to this web site, I thoroughly have enjoyed the articles and commentary. I especially enjoyed the "Scenes from Xena that we'd love to see!" I haven't laughed so much reading anything since my last term paper many years ago! I am eagerly awaiting the next issue! Thank You!

Noel Kitty (NOELKITTY@aol.com)

Fan Fiction


Merry Gilmore,
I just read your article in Whoosh. I am not a new fan, but have read all the stories I could find on the web! It does give you an insight to Xena and Gabrielle that you would never get from the show. I have also read two of the Ru Emerson books(I havent found the third yet). They seem to follow the show more. I think a lot of the fan fiction is better. I do not like to sit at the computer and read, so I print the stories and read them at my leisure. I estimate that I have over 6000 pages in 8 notebooks and have read some of them twice. The best one so far to me has been an alternate fan fiction story on DAx's page called "The Broken Arrow" by Bat Morda. Also Xenos is a great fan fiction site that has links to over 350 stories. It includes Toms site that you gave the link to in your article. I did enjoy your article even though as you can see I'm not new to fan fiction. You hit the nail on the head about character and plot development not shown on TV. In most cases there are even several points of view about the same episode. That's my two cents Thank You.

Phil Gross (philg@dialnet.net)


Thanks for your interest. I check Xenos' site everyday. Saves me a lot of time over checking each FF site on my own. My own favorite is Rebakah's "All Through the Night". I have also printed out many stories and save them in three ring binders. They help me understand the show and the many ways to think about each episode enormously. I've read the Ru Emerson books and must say I'm impressed much more with the FF. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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