Whoosh! Issue 74 - 
December 2002
Editor's Page

From the Graphics Editor:
The Night Of The Seasonal Siesta

From the Graphics Editor:

Here we are locked in that post-Thanksgiving, pre New Year holiday limbo. Whether you celebrate Solstice, X-mas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or a multitude of other possible holidays this season, hopefully one or more among them will bring you an opportunity to reflect upon peace and goodwill, and even spread a little of that around. Good wishes and brotherly love are one of the few investments you can make these days that can generate returns far and away beyond what you expend.

In this issue, among other things, we take some time to remember the works of Kevin Smith, who left this world far too soon some nine months ago. Especially in New Zealand, his loss is still keenly felt. But time and reflection have a way of allowing us to deal with such things a little better, at least usually.

At one particular preferred hangout of mine, a place that Kevin also was known to visit, it was interesting to see such evolution since those black days in February. Right after the memorial service, someone put up a picture of Kevin on a high shelf in an obscure corner of the establishment. Unless one was a keen observer, it would likely escape detection altogether. It was his picture from his memorial service programme, taped up along the bottom such that his image looked down on all present as if to be with us in spirit if nothing else. As the weeks and months trudged on, his picture began to curl a bit at the top, where it had not been secured and the paper was free to absorb the atmosphere. Light began to fade it a bit. Slowly, almost imperceptibly over time, it leaned farther and farther forward.

One day recently, it was gone altogether.

No one noticed until I brought it up. But the imperative of the subject had been replaced with a more quiet reflection and fondness. Mention of his name brought more smiles than tears, and various rejoinders of "I remember when we..." and so forth.

The picture may have been gone, but he certainly was not forgotten.

Cheers, mate.

Bret Rudnick
Whoosh! Executive Committee
October 2002
Auckland, New Zealand

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