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By Laura Sue Dean
July 30, 1997


I KNOW, I KNOW. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER. After all the dirt I dished last time, I am still here! Gosh. I haven't felt this welcomed since they re-instated Laura Sue Dean Day back home in Topeka. Thanks to all those kind Xenites that sent congrats , it is much appreciated. (And a special thank you to that certain someone, the roses were magnificent!)

A BRAND-NEW SECTION DEBUTS IN THIS ISSUE OF NGR -- Ask Laura Sue! This is THE place to come for answers to those burning questions, like: How many episodes is Ted Raimi signed for next season? or, Anything new on that 'prosthetic horse b* tt ' story? As always, just write to me, Laura Sue Dean .


BUDDY, CAN YOU SPARE A SHIRT? If you're ever in Baltimore, look in deserted doorways and alleys for the residentially-challenged to be stylishly clad in Clan MacGab tee-shirts! The first run tee's beautiful artwork had some major problems in production, and didn't come up to the usual MacGab high standards. Undaunted, the point person for the project found an organization that took the shirts as a donation and is distributing them to those in need.

YES, THERE WILL BE MORE MERCHANDISE! XWP merchandise gurus are working overtime to churn out marketable knick-knacks for us die-hard collectors. Currently, they're working on a deal to have the Herc and Xena logos on a NASCAR later this year. And, check THIS out!

Go Speed Racer....Goooo!

"Secret weapon" of the Tyrrell Team

The Tyrrell Team (driven by Jos Verstappen , Mika Salo and Toranosuke Takagi ) is using a "secret weapon" in the quest for the checkered flag -- Xena! The XWP logo featuring the hottest warrior in the b* tt -kicking business is currently touring the European Circuit atop a Formula One Race car! Now the only question I have is: WHERE ARE THE LUNCH BOXES ?!?!?!

IN A RELATED ITEM, the TWIN-PACK dolls are HISTORY. Due to poor quality, those original twin packs have been scrapped. TOY-BIZ is redoing the whole line to make the entire line high-quality, collector-type dolls. When asked for comment about the changes, the BIG-CHEESE in charge of dollies said, and I quote: "I've already seen the body sculpts for Xena, Gabrielle, and Callisto, and they look great. There's far more detail, and the bodies are proportioned very well. This is going to be very cool. Early next year you'll see 12" Xena and Gab dolls, followed by 6' Xena, Gab, Ares, Callisto, Joxer, and possibly others. The new improved Herc line will follow later in the year. Sorry it's all taking so long, but it takes months to change directions like this. The results will be worth it, I promise."

HERCULES' LIFE AS A DOG. Kevin Sorbo, otherwise known as the legendary, buff, way-out babe, "Hercules," will be paid just under $3 million to star in *Black Dog,* an action pic about a troubled ex-con with a heart of gold. In what could be a good role model for all future truck-drivers, the sculpted demigod will play a trucker who's duped by the mob to drive a truck filled with illegal weapons cross-country, and is pursued by the Feds. "Black Dog" begins shooting this September. If you can't wait that long to see Sorbo on the big screen, check him out as Kull in the upcoming $30 million epic *Kull the Conqueror.*


LOOSE LIPS SINK LUCRATIVE CONTRACTS. Due to his new feature-film career, Kevin Sorbo rated his very own interview this month's Movieline Magazine. Congratulations Kev, but what's this about your comment that "the casting couch is alive and well in Hollywood?" Hope you're not talking about anybody WE know...

CORRECTION TO LAST WEEK'S ITEM RE: *PLAY* WHILE THE KID'S AWAY. Not only did a Whoosh! Editor not *get any* last week, but sources close to the family report that she has gotten "_nothing_ EVER!" I have it from a reliable source that her nine year-old son wasn't even born of her womb, but purchased at SAM'S CLUB during a promotional sale. No wonder this woman is working so much. She needs _relief_ ... and *soon!*

I WOULDN'T WANT TO JOIN ANY CLUB THAT WOULD HAVE ME AS A MEMBER. A certain XWP listserve was buzzing last week after the Renee O'Connor interview in PEOPLE MAGAZINE hit the stands. The main topic of conversation revolved around a picture caption stating that ROC'S folks were a bit uncomfortable with her status as a "lesbian icon." (I'm not a whiz at grammar, but shouldn't the words _lesbian_ and/or _icon_ be capitalized?) Just another thorn in the paw of the list's members who bemoan the fact their organization is perceived as just a bunch of weirdos who are in love with Renee. I hope that when the royalty checks are being cashed, someone gets credit where credit is due. ( Pssst . It's DUE.)


WHAT OBSESSED FAN SEEMS TO HAVE AN INEXHAUSTIBLE SOURCE OF INCOME that allows him to fly all across country to attend EVERY fan fest, convention, and bake sale connected with the shows...PLUS bid on (usually with success) pricey auction items such as chakrams , staffs, prop knives and the like? Where DOES he get the money, much less the time off to attend? MY sources have uncovered his secret!!!! You know that email SPAM in your in-box? The one that has "EARN $90,000 in two months!!!!?" Well -- HE's the ONE!!! YES! This obsessed Xenite is the one who starts all of those MLM schemes on the internet . Now you know where all that POTTED HAM comes from.


Dear Laura Sue:

Laura, your new addition to Whoosh! is great. Thanks. I do have a question which I asked on the NetForum, but got no response. Perhaps, if you think it is worth pursuing, you could find the answer.

In the Liz Friedman interview in Curve, July 1997, p. 26, she says "'The Kiss' episode came about because Lucy ... was injured.... They were to begin shooting in a week. With no Xena (except for a few scenes, including the kiss shot), Friedman and the writers knew they had to come up with a winning plot." My question(s) is:

Why did they have a kissing shot on file, and where, when, and how were they planning on using the shot?

I would appreciate any insight you might have on this.


WELL, MARGIE, THANKS FOR THE NICE NOTE. For the answer to this one I called in the troops, i.e. the director of the particular episode featuring "the kiss", THE QUEST. Michael Levine was gracious enough to send along an explanation. Here's your answer, Margie!

<< Laura:
I believe Liz meant that Xena would not be in the episode much except for a few scenes of which the "Kiss" would be one of those. I don't think Liz implied that there was a scene floating around the writer's office, i.e. "The Kiss Scene," and they didn't know where to put it.
You may quote me!

Dear LauraSue:

Sorry to bother you but who is the father of gabby's kid? And when does this happen? Is this part of the rape/incest rumor or did more go on between joxer and gabby than we know about from the last episode. And one final thing, at least for now, how do you spell " gabbreal , gabreil "? I've seen it listed at least 6 different ways from different sites on the web, even the tv guide has written it three different ways.

thanks for your time,



Gabrielle is spelled this way. As to who the lucky fella is, we should find out more in the third season when the episode in question will air.

Take care,

Laura Sue Dean

Dear Laura Sue:

Your column is long overdue for all of us fiends in fandom. Well done! How often do you anticipate updates? Once a month with the WHOOSH! issues or more frequently?

If you are going to continue to collect gossip about a certain editor of WHOOSH! (assuming you are still in this position after she reads column #1), when she emailed me about staying at our house the night before the SoCal XenaFest III, she asked if she could sleep with the Chakram and would I charge her extra? Now I don't know if she actually slept with the Chakram, but when I went to get it to pack it up for the trip to Torrance, I noticed that it wasn't quite in the same place in the holder -- it had been rotated about 90 degrees (LL's and HL's signatures make this easy to spot). Who knows?

Chris Clogston
Grail Quester
Keeper of the Chakram


Look for a new NGR to appear almost weekly.

The editor in question denies knowledge of any "Chakram shift" and also says "NO WAY" to the question of her "sleep partners." (Is it any wonder? See the related item, above).

Laura Sue

Okay! That's all the time I have now...keep those cards and letters rolling in! I live for NEWS GOSSIP RUMOR!!! Write me at Laura Sue Dean and see you on the flip side!


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