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By Laura Sue Dean
October 28, 1997


HELLO FROM HOLLYWOOD, my adoring fans! It feels SO good to be home! Yes, it's true! Laura Sue has just returned from an extended vaction... My first cousin, twice removed decided to get married in OCTOBER.. which meant of course that I was Maid of Honor... pink satin bows and all.... and also that I had to make a trip back to KANSAS... And, while I had a wonderful time visiting momma, and all the family, I got way behind in bringing you the scoops! So, sit back and get ready for all the NEWS, GOSSIP and RUMORS that's fit to print! (in html, anyway!)


HURRY, CALL NOW...ONLY 6 MILLION LEFT! Barry Diller, BIG CHEESE at HSN Inc (talk about CHEESE -- that's the Home Shopping Network, kids!) which newly mutated into USA NETWORKS has made a deal to purchase the television assets of Universal Studios Inc. for, oh about $4 billion dollars and change. Laura Sue has no head for business (guess why I'm an actress!) but Stanley put this together so I could explain the deal...Universal assets being acquired include domestic operations for USA Network, Sci-Fi Network, 2 cable TV channels, and US television production and distribution (this is where XENA comes in). In addition to the Home Shopping Network, HSN also owns 49.6 percent interest in Ticketmaster. HSN will change it's name to USA Networks and be run by Mr. Diller (the man who started FOX). Rumor has it Diller will be launching USA as a 7th network (bonus points if you can name the other 6 -- ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, UPN, WB).

IN A RELATED STORY XWP action figures will be sold on HSN as they broadcast *live from the upcoming Burbank Convention* Hmmm...what's next? This small-town girl/starlet bets it won't be long before we are introduced to HSN's NEWEST DAYTIME SHOPPING HOST, that southern charmer with the ever-entrepreneureal spirit, Sandra Wilson! (aka MommaROC!)...Threadgill's aprons, anyone?

ON A SERIOUS NOTE. Laura Sue sends best wishes to Hercules....Kevin Sorbo had to drop out of his role lead role in the film "Black Dog" because of the aneurism in his shoulder. No Official word yet if he'll be back on the set when HERC starts filming again. Or how serious this injury really is. Send your good thoughts Kevin's way....

FAN-FIC WRITERS GO 3-D!!!! Get set to *really* have fun making up stories starring our two favorite "good friends!" The suits at MCA Universal have signed an agreement with Brilliant Digital Entertainment...a company that makes (apparently, "Brilliant") interactive CD-ROMS. Seems our gal Xena and her faithful Bard "companion" will be one of the first TV series to be adapted for Multipath Movie Viewing. Using story scripts from the series and character designs from the animated movie, BDE will develop, produce and distribute the XWP CD-Roms starting in late 1998. This is TOTALLY KEWL, because Multipath Movies allow the user to *choose* from literally hundreds of plot alternatives... with changes being made based upon the desired moods and profiles chosen for each character. (Oooh! I can see it now, conversations in darkened bedrooms across the globe... "So... honey... what kind of mood should we put our gals in tonight...?")

VIDEO-DRONE! Brad Carpenter, Ren Pic's MAVEN OF MERCHANDISING had the following news for fans at the ROCtober Cons: January '98 is the release date for the animated feature.... As for the episodes, rumor has it YOUNG HERCULES will go direct to video January 1998, the XENA/HERC Trilogy in Feb and after that the Callisto trilogy and possibly the Destiny trilogy.

I LOVE I LOVE I LOVE MY CALENDAR GRRL!!! XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS Calendars! Finally...yet another Creation product. Both Herk and Xena will have calendars this year. Sharon Delaney and her able assistant Julie are promising these will be the most Fan-Friendly calendars we've ever seen... (umm... does this mean they'll be scratch 'n sniff?)

"KILL THEM ALL!" The MacGabbers, et.al. are STILL not satisfied, even now that the ALA (American Library Association) Project: READ posters featuring Gabrielle are available. However, it was a bittersweet victory for the Gabbers -- the poster was printed with NO BOOKMARKS! Initial report on the posters is... EXCELLENT!!!! The poster shows a vibrant Gabrielle talling a story to a group of very attentative youngsters. On top it reads SHARE, with the second line reading THE STORY on one side and THE LEGACY on the other. Around the middle of the poster, off to one side in smaller letters it says GABRIELLE FOR AMERICA'S LIBRARIES. This poster came about in large part as a result of an effort by MacGabbers and other ROC fans who wrote and called ALA asking for the poster. Product # for the poster is 50241297. The posters cost $8.00 each, plus shipping. Call the American Library Association today and order your Gabrielle READ poster, (FYI: they also have Herc and Xena ones available) but don't forget to ask for the accompanying BOOKMARKS! 1-800-545-2433, then press 7. (Laura Sue wants to know: are the attentive youngsters more impressed with the story telling or the new, improved BGSB?).

"WHEN YOU CARE TO SEND (almost) THE VERY BEST...." Gibson Greetings and Universal have signed a licensing agreement to produce products based on our favorite show. Traditional products will include greeting cards (have a very Gabby birthday!), gift wrap (who doesn't want to be wrapped in Xena?), partyware (this one is just soo obvious...eating off Xena!) and stationary (write that fanfic on Gabby scrolls!). Some of the new and unusual items will include tattoos! Perfect for that pierced xenafan contingent -- or just wear "Xena loves Gabrielle" on your arm and, last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST!!!..... ***pinatas*** (Note to self: buy stock in Gibson -- once folks know there are actual Joxer Pinatas available, it'll go sky-high!)

FILMING FOR AMAZON HIGH ended on Oct. 19, while hiatus ended for XWP on the same day. (See the letters segment for MORE Amazon High info!)


PERSONALLY I'D HAVE CHOSEN TROY OVER THAT LOSER, ANYWAY! On Comedy Central's Daily Show, Lucy told host Craig Kilborn that only 2 men have had the *guts* to ask her out in 9 years. "One was Troy the refrigerator installation man...and one was Donald Trump. It was only a few weeks ago and sadly I was involved. I gotta give the guy credit, he asked are you seeing somebody and I said yes and he immediately backed off." (Am I only only one really skeeved out by this? LL had some time in NYC --- she gets hit on by Trump, propositioned by Stern, oh yeah...the cream of the American crop. Stick with Robbie, Luc! At least he has TALENT!)

LL IS SCHEDULED TO BEGIN SHOOTING the show again on Oct. 26 -- tired but happy after her incredibly successful run ON BROADWAY! Laura Sue sends Lucy and Co. very warm wishes and congratulations for her GREASE success, and of course, her engagement to XWP Executive Producer, Rob Tapert! Huzzah! (And don't forget to name the first one after ME!)

ALSO ABOUT GREASE: Grease posters autographed by Lucy sold for $50 at an Actors Against Aids broadway fundraiser/flea market. They started with 50 and those disappeared quickly. At an Auction later in the day, our sourses say that backstage passes to Grease went for $2700!

WHERE'S THE GABSTER? ROC fans are up in arms about the treatment she received from Regis & Kathie Lee. Renee was scheduled to appear on the show Monday, Oct. 6th, only to receive 3 minutes of air time at the very end because the show was running late. We've been told Renee stayed and filmed a full interview. Now it's a question of WHEN this is gonna air. A date of Monday, Oct 13th was announced...but no Renee. (Someone should WARN Regis and Kathie Lee -- Hell hath no fury like ROC fans denied their Texas Amazon Princess!)

YOU HEARD IT HERE (secondhand) FOLKS! Lucy told folks at the NYC CON that she is sick of the *gay bashing* -- the people who feel extra compelled to prove that X&G "aren't". Lucy also talked about filming the *dark* eps upcoming and she said that she and Renee always say to each other "Find the Love" meaning find the thread of LOVE that runs through the scene and the characters, and that will *lead* them home. She was speaking of the hard times to come. That got a collective sigh outta everyone!

NEWS FROM THE ROCATHAON IN SAN FRANCISCO: Renee shared with her fans several cute comments about life on the set, and her nicknames. The only ones she felt she could repeat were, "Chick, Stumpy, and Ren." (being REN and STIMPY reference) Apparently those are the nice ones! Laura Sue would like to make note of this woman and the CLASS she showed the San Francisco audience...When faced with the inevitable SUBTEXT questions, she said that the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle goes, "Way, way beyond sex" and that we should look at how deep it really is. Laura Sue is no brain surgeon, but I think she was saying that just talking about, "Are they or aren't they" is too shallow to describe the real Xena/Gabrielle relationship.

DING DONG DING DONG! (no, this is NOT a Joxer item) Wedding bells are ringing for PappaROC, Walter O'Connor and his soon-to-be blushing bride Susan. Apparently Susan knows a nice super-nice family when she sees one! CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the lucky couple.


MEN IN PINK: Rumors are "flitting about" regarding an upcoming HTLJ episode being a REAL DRAG.... more to come in a future installment of NGR.

WAS THAT LUCY SINGING at the beginning of THE FURIES? Inquiring Xenites wanna know.


OKAY, KIDS... AS REPORTED IN WHOOSH!, SEASON THREE spells H-E double hockey sticks for the Bard of Poteidaia. So far, we know that she's been kidnapped, (more than once) crucified, betrayed, raped (well...at least over-done).... and that's just in one episode. THE DELIVERER! GEEZE! What did this gal ASK FOR in her contract renewal??? (Note to self: WHEN I am a big star and get my own series....Go EASY on the cash demands for season 3!) When last we saw Gabby, she was being roasted like a marshmallow by some creepy fire god....(Kingsford?) Anyway, I have a bad feeling about next week's show.... Feels like MORNING SICKNESS! Stay tuned.


NOTHING YET, KIDS, JUST A BIG ZERO...but stay close to NGR! Laura Sue has heard some whispers that the INFAMOUS "RIFT" will start VERY SOON!!!!


STANLEY JUST RENEGOITIATED MY CONTRACT with WHOOSH and what do you know, THEY now want me to report on the ratings. I mean, what do they think VARIETY is for? Luckily, Stanley found me a ghostwriter for this. I was extremely concerned.

For the release week of 09/29/97:

(1) XENA, THE FURIES (#47), 6.1 score, 5th rank, a tenth below 2nd season average

(2) HERCULES, BEANSTALKS AND BAD EGGS (H#60), 5.5 score, 6th rank, four tenths below 3rd season average

(3) DEEP SPACE 9, A TIME TO STAND (#S125), 5.4 score, 8th rank.


Dear Laura Sue-

I heard that alot of the subtext was going to be removed in the 3rd season and I also heard that Gabby was going to be raped by Ares. Say it ain't so!! Thanks! Keep up the good work!



Dear Marisvamp:

***Buuuzzzzzz***** WRONG! Laura Sue thinks you need a new rumor mill.

Dear Laura Sue-

Since you seem to have all the answers in the Xenaverse, I was wondering if you could answer something for me. I've heard that Danielle Cormack will be in it [AMAZON HIGH] but do you know who they have slated to play the 90's high-schooler who is transported to the time of the Amazons? Surely you were up for the role!

-Cyane Wanna-be


Dear Cyane WB:

Laura Sue is *always* up for almost *anything*, darling, but she must admit she is a little behind in her partying. Even an up and coming star has to get her hair done *sometime*. LSD does know however, that the two lead roles in the show have gone to American actresses rather than kiwis. The starlet that is the lead in the show is Salma Blair. (and, yes I asked! She's no relation to Linda!) Obviously they misplaced my number that day... Or.... perhaps they have me in mind for something even *bigger* (can you say "long-term contract"???) Hey, here's a SCOOP for ya! Aside from Dreamy Danielle, look for a familiar "Liz" (and I don't mean Taylor!) Those who know their XENA stars will see some familiar faces in AMAZON HIGH. Do you think you can pick out Karl "Cupid" Urban as a cannibal? Stay tuned!

Dear Laura Sue,

I just read your column for the first time tonight - and it ROCKS!!!! You go, girl!!! So here's my question. In a recent online chat, ROC was asked about a wardrobe change for Season III. She replied that the changes would be functional instead of 'cosmetic'. Does this mean we must endure another entire season with the green sweater deal??!! I don't think I can bear it!!! Is there anything us fans can do to act as a catalyst for a much needed wardrobe change???!!! Laura sue, please HELP!!!!!!

-"Dis-dressed" in Toronto.


Dear Dis-Dressed:

The GREEN SWEATER DEAL LIVES - albeit a sleeked-out version. Renee said in San Francisco that she really likes the new costume. Lets her MOVE. And, we all like to see ROC "move" don't we? Glad she's comfortable, in this... her HELL SEASON!

Dear LSD:

One of your old news columns said something about the USA network going to carry Xena 5-times a week. So far I have not seen this happen where I live (Dallas). When does this start? I am getting anxious. We can't seem to get Xena at a prime time on any of the channels we receive here...even on cable. Thanks for your help.




The USA network (the one operational right now) will start showing XWP in syndicated strip-fashion, 3 hercs, two xenas per week in 1998. Not too much longer! HOWEVER, you should contact Marfox@swbell.net. She is currently compiling complaint letters to send to the local FOX affilate to complain about XWP being moved around so no one can find it!


EVEN LAURA SUE MAKES MISTAKES, and as my momma told me, "Laura Sue, if you make a mistake, you own up to it!"

APPARENTLY THERE WAS A MIX-UP in an earlier report of another lucy (unofficial) fan club. SETTLE DOWN, yes, there WILL be stadium cups available... I just need to reiterate the following information:

"There is now a fan club for Lucy!...The Lucy Lawless Fan Club (the club is not official at this time). This is an international fan club and is open to both internet and non-internet fans. For more information visit their website at http://members.aol.com/LLFanClub/LucyClub.html or email them at LLFanClub@aol.com."

APOLOGY TO TROMPEE. Laura Sue accidentally used Trompee's name in another persons letter to Laura Sue in a past NGR. All Trompee really wanted was to know where she could get a good jpeg of "THE CATCH" shot... which she has accomplished, thanks to my help..and NOW, EVERYBODY'S HAPPY!

WHICH MEANS, I GOTTA SCOOT! Have a wicked-fun halloween, everyone!


If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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