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By Laura Sue Dean
January 17, 1998


WATCH OUT BURBANK, here I come! I've sharpened my pencils, bought extra steno pads, and I am pumped and ready for Creation Entertainment's 2nd Annual Herc/Xena Burbank Convention. I know the kids at Creation are happy to be the official licensees for one of the hottest properties to come along, in oh... thirty years or so. And we are happy to be there to help TPTB celebrate the best shows on television! If you are going to Burbank, be sure and stop by the Whoosh! booth to say hello! (on a sad note, the Official Laura Sue Dean 8x10s aren't back from the printer yet--BUMMER! So, I'll be unable to sign any glossies...but if you can find an old "sports quencher" label lying around, I'll be glad to sign that!)


YOUNG HERC IS A GO! This is BIG news that literally just came off the WIRE -- "Fox Kids Network has acquired 50 episodes of "Young Hercules," a pre-quel to the hit Universal syndicated series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." The half-hour live- action series will begin airing in September 1998.

"We are absolutely thrilled to have 'Young Hercules' joining our schedule," said Maureen Smith, senior vice president of planning, scheduling and affiliate marketing for Fox Kids Worldwide. "The production values are dazzling, the cinematography is breathtaking and the stories will be captivating. These are the ingredients of a sure-fire hit with both boys and girls."

Commenting on the creative direction of the series, Tapert said, "This show will contain just the right mix of humor, action and imagination to knock mythic gods and goddesses off their pedestals. As with 'Hercules' and 'Xena,' the series will be fun, fast-paced and filled with vivid characters who have a whole lot of attitude."

The new action-adventure series centers on young Hercules, a confused teen-ager who is torn between his dual identities as both a mortal and a god. Sent to the Cherion's Academy, a school run by a half man-half horse creature known as a centaur, Hercules soon encounters the conniving Iolaus. A lifelong friendship begins when they are cast as training partners.

Universal's home video version of "Young Hercules" will be released Feb. 17.


A message from our friends at Sword & Staff: In honor of Lucy's upcoming marriage to X:WP Executive Producer Robert Tapert, Sword and Staff has organized a fundraising drive to benefit several charitable organizations around the world. Donations to these organizations will be made in Lucy and Rob's name and will serve as a wedding gift to the couple from X:WP fans. This will allow fans to let Lucy and Rob know that we're thinking of them and wishing them well, while at the same time doing something to help people in our own communities and around the world.

In the United States donations will be made to The Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I'm happy to say that the Lucy Lawless Fan Club has joined with Sword and Staff in this effort to benefit the PAF. Thanks Deb and Sue! All Canadian donations will be directed to the Casey House Foundation, an AIDS hostel that does incredible work in Toronto. MaryD, who recently joined the ranks of Sword and Staff, will be spearheading the Australian drive which will benefit The Make A Wish Foundation. Petra de Jong (DutchXenaFan) is organizing the Dutch fans and that drive will benefit the Dutch AIDS Fund. And Sylvia Ovenall (Mainlander) is organizing a Mailathon/Auction to benefit an as yet unnamed charity in New Zealand.

Sword and Staff members will collect the donations and forward them off to the appropriate agencies and we'll then let Lucy and Rob know what has been done in their names. If you'd like to include a few words of congratulations with your donation (no more than 10-15 words please!), send your best wishes along with your donation and we'll incorporate them into the list we forward on to Lucy and Rob.

If you'd like to make a donation, please send your check or money order payable to the appropriate charitable organization to one of the addresses listed below.

In the United States, make checks or money orders payable to The Pediatric AIDS Foundation and send to:

Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002-0224

In Canada, make checks or money orders payable to The Casey House Foundation and send to:

Sword and Staff
P.O. Box 224
Floral Park, NY 11002-0224

In Australia, make checks payable to The Make a Wish Foundation and send to:

P.O. Box M4
Missenden Road
Camperdown NSW 2050

In the Netherlands, donations will go to the Dutch AIDS Fund.

Donations can be transferred to: giro 7201622 (C.E. Mulder, Amersfoort). They will then be forward to the Dutch AIDS Fund.

One last thing I'm proud to announce that in just over 7 months in 1997, through Fest auctions, raffles, and other fundraising drives; together we've donated over $25,000 to charities across the United States and Canada. Not bad for a bunch of nutballs, eh?

PROVERBIAL DUTCH LORE (AND WE AIN'T TALKING WOODEN SHOES!) News from our friends in The Netherlands -- Apropos, that in the week that the first official gay marriage took place in Holland the following commentary was published in de Televizier, a Dutch TV guide, (Translated from Dutch):

*FANTASIZING IS PERMITTED WITH XENA AND GABRIELLE* Secretly, American men are fascinated by the behavior of lesbians. (LSD: *this is a secret?*) This was the conclusion of a research team at the University of California as a result from the hoopla surrounding Ellen DeGeneres coming out in her ABC-TV comedy, 'Ellen'. Because of this (now scientifically proven!) fact, producers of the popular TV show 'Xena, Warrior Princess' are making the relationship between Xena and Gabrielle a little more vivid. We're not talking about sex; it's about the love between two close friends. If need be, the viewer can fantasize about what happens between the scenes while - according to the producers - it will go over the heads of the younger viewers.

HEADS UP ON HUDSON: Hudson Leick (Callisto) has now finished taping two episodes of Xena and three episodes of Hercules for this season. The Hercules episodes will air as follows: "Armageddon" (part 1) - February 14th. "Armageddon" (part 2) - February 21st and "Yes, Virginia, There Really is a Hercules" - February 28th. You do *not* want to miss the Armageddon episodes...NOT to suggest that it is okay to EVER miss a Callisto episode. But these two episodes will go back to the time when Xena raided Callisto's village and are said to be quite awesome. Hudson will be returning to New Zealand in mid February to tape additional episodes of both Xena and Hercules (1 episode each) and Laura Sue will keep you posted as to air dates for these episodes.

Now the bad news.... Are you sitting down? Is it REALLY the end? The BIG rumor is that Callisto will finally meet her PERMANENT demise at the end of this season. We all knew it would have to come to an end eventually, and it looks like that time has finally come.

On the bright side, Hudson is currently filming an episode of "7th Heaven". She is going to be a schoolteacher! And I thought it was hard picturing her as an Angel!! The *tenative* air date for this episode is February 9th.

Still more Hudson News (what can I say the Hudson-lovers - and really, doesn't that describe us all? - are so forthcoming with information!) She will be attending a "signing" at Metro Comics in Santa Barbara, California on Saturday, January 31st from 1pm - 3pm. If you live in the Santa Barbara area, I'm sure that Hudson would love to see some familiar faces. Besides, it's free!

Hudson is very much looking forward to the Burbank convention and has agreed to pose for pictures with the fan club members after the autograph session. So, be sure and hang around until she is done signing autographs and introduce yourself as a fan club member. Why do I have a feeling that membership enrollment has just increased at a rapid pace?


ET TU, TV GUIDE? They've been SO kind to our fave show over the past few years that this was almost too hard to take a "not so glowing" review of the H&X Animated Movie from Southam's TV Times:

"On TV, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS are so two dimensional it almost seems redundant to turn them into cartoon characters. (Oooo...that HURTS!!!) Nonetheless, here's HERCULES & XENA: THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS (** 2 stars), a direct to video animated feature that boasts the voices of Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless. The movie is an essentially plotless exercise about Herc's trek to Olympus to rescue his mother and, what with all those Titans wrecking the place, stumbling into a mess." (SNIPPAGE to keep the bloodbath to a small flood) "Too bad since the dialogue, when there is any, is pretty good. But the gifted vocal talent is basically relegated to "Uughhh!" or "Arrrgh!" The characters are drawn in a stylish fashion recalling the work of the legendary comic-book artist Jack Kirby (LSD NOTE: this is disputed by real comic fans in the 'verse), but the animation is hopelessly primitive, looking like '70's Saturday morning fare. Worse Still- it turns into a musical! Xena gets a standard-issue power ballad, but the real jaw-dropper is the titan's uninspired peoan to evil, with Lyrics 'We're the titans/We are Strong/Boom chockalockalocka' It's got no beat and not even the titan's seem to be able to dance to it."

Well, Laura Sue likes to quote her Momma at times like these. She says, "Sugar, we Southern Gals know -- if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Sheesh!


DOLLIE ALERT!! DOLLIE ALERT!! The new Toy-Biz dolls are due to be released in April 1998. But NOW is the time to let your local retailers (K-Mart, Target, Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us, Kay-Bee, etc.) know that YOU WANT THESE DOLLS. So while you are shopping for those lovely Wally-world household items and cherished future family heirlooms, take a moment and ask to speak with the manager about your XWP dollie-needs! Brad says that these new dolls are fantastic. (LSD NOTE: Brad baby -- what are we gonna DO without you!?!??) (serious starlet pouty-face)

"HURRY, ONLY 5 MILLION-BILLION LEFT AT THIS PRICE!" Start getting those credit cards in shape! I got my Home Shopping Magazine in the mail today from the fine folks at *Home Shopping Network.* On January 27 at 8pm they're selling Hercules & Xena merchandise. Hey, maybe one of the stars of the show will appear as a guest host? (And I don't mean Hercules) Hint, hint! Is anyone listening?

MORE MERCHANDISE THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STAFF AT: The January PREVIEWS Magazine(US $2.95) comes with a free Xena Promotional Trading Card inside. I believe that PREVIEWS may be found at most Comic shops. The fine looking Xena card is in there to promote:

1) TOPPS XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS CARDS -($2.25 per pack (retail) $75 per box (if you pre-order) 1 Box contains 36 packs with 8 cards per pack. Complete sets consist of 72 premium quality cards PLUS special foil & chromium bonus cards. Here is the hoo-hah made up by the marketing suits: "This is the card series you've been demanding - a 72-card series devoted to Xena Warrior Princess ! Be on the lookout for a special subset of Xena's heroic allies : Gabrielle, Joxer, Hercules, Iolaus, and Draco? and Autolycus ! Plus : "Champions of Evil" ( featuring Callisto, Ares, Thersites, Velaska, Bacchus and Julius Caesar ), "Season One Episode" cards (spotlighting every rookie episode, from "Sins of the Past" to "Altared States" ), "Behind the Scenes" cards( a look at the cast & crew on location in New Zealand ), and a stunning art gallery from the Xena comic books.

2) Trading Card Magazine called NON-SPORT UPDATE VOLUME 9 #2 - US $4.50 Featuring a Xena:WP cover. This month, the magazine devoted to non-sports trading cards comes with a special 32-page Pop Out up-to-the-minute price guide. This month's free promos are from Topps XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS, Happy Days from DuoCards, plus some surprises. (More free Xena Trading Cards?)

3) STARLOG MAGAZINE #250 ( May '98 ? ) - US$ 4.99. This issue is to include an article on " Xena's arch foe, the hot bad girl, Callisto "

4) TV ZONE #101 - US$4.99 The world's leading magazine of Cult TV, now in a larger format! Featuring coverage of popular Cult TV shows such as X-Files, Babylon 5, and XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS, Star Trek:Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Millennium, and Dr. Who. NOTE - I don't know if this means XWP will be covered in this particular issue or not.

5) XENA 12 INCH COLLECTABLE FIGURES - US$22.99/each says "Not available outside the United States". I have no idea why. Maybe it just means that Diamond Distributors can't provide them outside of the USA. "Now you can have Xena in the palm of your hand - literally !" Yup, the sword-swinging warrior princess is now an articulated, highly-detailed 12-inch action figure, the perfect addition to your extensive Xena collection. All new sculpts( with refined details & better overall likeness' ) will make these figures sought after by collectors the world over. Choose from XENA, GABRIELLE, or CALLISTO. (LSD NOTE: Will we see a preview of these or the 6" dolls at BURBANK?)

6) XENA 6 INCH COLLECTABLE FIGURE - US$8.99/each. If you like Xena, but are looking for a smaller version of the lethal lovelies, then your worries are over ! Choose from two different XENA, a GABRIELLE, or CALLISTO. Has the same note - "Not available outside the United States"

7) XENA COMPANION PHOTOSET #8 - US$30.00 Xena & Gabrielle are paired together in this exciting set of six 8" X 10" episode stills from XWP. Catch them drifting down-stream in a canoe, laughing on a log at the waters edge, sporting a little fishing, standing face-to-face in conversation, and bathing together in the buff.

8) XENA PHOTO SET #9 - US$20.00 Four new 8" X 10" episode stills await you on this great set including Xena -as "Mel" thrusting her sword out, Gabrielle with Ephiny, Gabrielle with Joxer, and Salmoneus at the beauty pageant displaying the scroll.

9) XENA MEGA MAGNET - US$8.50 Approximately 9 inches high, features Xena in her warrior garb standing alert, while leaning on a huge sword.

10) XENA: WP - "Callisto" ( Part 2 of 3 ) - US$2.95 ( comes in both regular & photo cover ) - Thomas, Morgan & Montano With her god-like powers, Callisto takes control of the Hydra, throws Xena, King Gregor, Pandora, and baby Gabrielle into the dungeon, and takes control of Gregor's kingdom. Driven mad by Callisto's power, Xena is forced to relive in her mind, her past evil deeds. Even at her fighting best, Xena may not be a match for the new Callisto. How can she possibly hope to defeat her given her current state of mind ? Desperate, Gabrielle may have to call on Thanatos, servant of Hades!

11) XENA:WP - "Orpheus" Part 1 of 3 - US$2.95 ( comes in both an art & photo cover ) - T&M Bierbaum & Toranishi Xena & Gabrielle are summoned to the court of Orpheus, who captures Gabrielle and uses her to force Xena to complete a task : travel to the Underworld and rescue his wife Eurycide! Early on their quest, the two run into a cavern full of maimed & mutilated remains of Xena's victims from her days as a warlord... and they're all sworn to avenge their tortured souls !

XWP ON DVD! The Xena Trilogy is scheduled to be released on DVD Feb 28. All three at the same time, but not together. List price was $24.99

FIRST-GENERATION FIRST SEASON EPISODES, ANYONE? At the New York City HerK/Xena Creation Con in September, 1997, Brad Carpenter said that the plan was to release episodes in thematic sets of three but -- I don't think they plan on releasing all the episodes. (Dang! I needed GIANT KILLER to complete my set!)

Laura Sue was net-surfin' the other day and came upon promising news, at http://www.getXena.com Judging by the photo on the page it looked to me like it was offering a complete set of the season one eps....most likely 2 eps on a tape. No, I don't do drugs, I'm just going by what I saw.

Here's your chance to tell the company at their website if you are interested in purchasing a first season set. They are trying to gauge interest to see if people would be interested in this...DUH! From what I read, clicking that you are interested is not a commitment to buy. Those of us who want all the episodes ought to tell them, so we don't have to wait forever to see an uncut DREAMWORKER.

And, if it turns out to be a horrific HOAX, we always have USA Network, who will be re-running all of the season one eps. One word of caution, however. A faithful "Forever Knight" fan told me that USA just might cut stuff out of the episodes in order to fit in a few more of those bitchin' *'80's GUITAR ROCK* commercials!


NGR SCOOPS THE COMPANY PUTTING ON THE SHOW!: Well, if you were unhappy about Hudson being the "only" guest scheduled, THEN you're really gonna be unhappy to find out Hudson told her manager on December 16th that she definitely would NOT be attending the March 22nd Boston Convention.
Hey don't worry though, I'm sure Ted Raimi will do an EXCELLENT job in her place...really!


SUBTEXT WEBRING! (finally!) Here's an introduction from -- in LSD's opinion -- one of Xena Fandom's most interesting characters about her new service to fellow fans: (reprinted without permission)

Salutations, my warrior chums! There are many, MANY Xena sites out there, most (if not all, I mean, there's always MY pathetic excuse for a site to prevent that from being true ) are absolutely fantabulariffic. I happen to think webrings are an excellent way to navigate the Xenaverse, since there's just so many at this point that everyone ends up having pages and pages of links. Anyway, point being, Xena online fandom is a very diverse thing, and I have set up a webring for sites with subtext content of some sort, with the end goal being to make all the subtext sites as easy to find as the subtext on the show is.

And, most importantly, although I anticipate having mainly Xena-related pages, it is absolutely not limited to them! For instance, if someone put up a "Peppermint Patty and Marcie Subtext Page" (which I could understand completely) then it would be totally eligible. ANY subtext in ANYTHING is valid. Hence, share this with others (since if no one spreads the word, then we won't have any more sites than I personally know of now) especially with some of the subtext lists that I cannot belong to.

The webring page contains further instructions and requirements, and is located for your viewing ease here:


Laura Sue thanks GRIZELDA THE OGRESS for her tireless contribution to serve the (collective) XWP subtext fans.


GOING TO THE CHAPEL AND WE'RE... Listen for the lilting sound of Wedding Bells on or around March 27 -- A little birdie told LSD that Lucy and Rob have discussed this date for their impending nuptials.

HCNB PURCHASE-POWER...DON'T LEAVE HOME W/OUT IT! There's no longer any doubt about Lucy's financial worth: The Flawless One was quite the audience-grabber when she appeared on Broadway as Rizzo in Grease this past year. My sources report that the week she was replaced by Linda Blair, Box Office receipts fell $132,000. OUCH!!

LL IS NO WW!! Same sources report that Lucy has turned down an offer to play Wonder Woman in that new big screen production. Not that I would ever dis' on Wonder Woman...but all I can say is good choice, Luce!!!

SHE'S *SUCH* A PROFESSIONAL! So, it *wasn't* a Tanya Harding-esque incident masterminded by a jealous Tori Spelling after all! Rumors were flying fast and furious after news that Renee had been injured on the set. Laura Sue was beside herself with worry, so she went straight to the (half) horse's mouth for the real deal: the official word(s) from Supervising Producer, Steven Sears (a frequent contributor to Whoosh!) was: "Renee is fine. A mere twist of the foot. She was a trooper and made it through shooting."

ROC ROCKS: Well, shut my mouth, cut off my legs and call me shorty! The People's 97 Intriguing People of 1997 Poll results are finally in and ROC finished in second place! Not too shabby for a "useless sidekick" huh? CONGRATS to ROC and all those who obviously voted long and hard to keep her there, even if those no-talent HANSON weenies got first place.

Here's a (I think slightly exaggerated) snippet from the PEOPLE ONLINE site: "Her mother taught her the finer points of cooking with green enchiladas." LSD knows that Green Enchiladas are ROC's fav dish, but MommaROC has been overheard saying her daughter hasn't quite yet mastered "the finer arts of cooking"... Oh well, she's just so darn talented in other areas, we'll let this one slide!

ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN Two crew members were critically injured and a third hurt Tuesday January 7 on the North Carolina set of BLACK DOG when a special-effects explosive unexpectedly blew up.. Frequent readers know that this is the movie that Kevin Sorbo withdrew from after falling ill this fall. Patrick Swayze was cast as his replacement. Witnesses describe the blast as a fireball, which completely engulfed one man. Swayze was not on the set.

HE'S NO HERO In a related story, Kevin told celebrity columnist Army Archard that his aneurysm episode earlier this year had a big effect on his "ego" and, now that he is back on the Hercules set in New Xenaland, he's quite happy to let his "very capable" double do most of his stunts. BTW, sorry girls -- Congratulations go to Kevin and his new bride Sam. (That Golden Hind chick) They tied the knot last week, and broke Sandi-J's heart in the process....


HOT! HOT! HOT! Sorry I cannot reveal more of the *juicy* details -- but hang on to your sofa cushions, kids -- the advance on MATERNAL INSTINCTS and BITTER SUITE is very very HOT!! I've been told Hudson & Renee are *spectacular* as Callisto & Gabrielle during "MI"!! (What else did we expect?) And "MI" is clearly the BEST episode of the entire 3rd season! Also, look for a significant "character" evolution for Callisto. BITTER SUITE is rumored to have a kiss scene (I ain't telling who the kiss-ers are...something has to be a surprise), and word is that several adjoining scenes had to be cut because they were too "steamy." (Oh MY!) MATERNAL INSTINCTS and BITTER SUITE will back to back in late January and early February.

CALLISTO, WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Now that the rumors are running fast and furious, the battle cry seems to be WHY?

From her experience in the BIZ, Laura Sue has a few theories... the reason is most likely a combination of things. 1) Hudson's new agent could have made her very costly -- she may have just priced herself out of the XENA market. 2) You can only go to the well so many times, and maybe TPTB have decided that the last time for Callisto's well will be at the end of the third season. 3) At the end of the day, they are still the Herc and Xena shows -- not Callisto: Goddess of Evil...popular as she is.. (Laura Sue is now ducking in order to avoid the slew of speedy projectiles thrown by the Callisto fans)


What's this about poor Gabby being transformed into some furkin' bird for 99 percent of the new animated movie? (Darnnit! And she was drawn SO CUTE, too! Sorta looked like that girl who played Jan in "The Brady Bunch Movie") Oh well. It beats being raped, bearing a DEMON child and being repeatedly lied to by your best friend... so Laura Sue won't quibble.


RE-RUN, RE-RUN, RE-RUN... (and we don't mean the guy from *WHAT'S HAPPNIN'*) The rift-o-meter will happily return when the new eps do...


Hi Laura Sue!

Lucy Lawless has been chosen as favourite New Zealand celebrity by the NZ Women's Weekly which means that she has robbed Rachel Hunter (Kiwi supermodel and wife to Rod Stewart) of her crown! Lucy is also on the cover of the mag dressed as Xena.

BTW, I love your juicy saucy column! You're doing a great job. Also, good luck with your acting and I look forward to seeing you in Xena some day!!!...ya just never know! :o)

Could you please give me some more info about Xena merchandise in Australia. I'm sooooo frustrated 'cos I can't find any! Thanx in advance!!!

--Kremena - a fellow Xena Addict, Xenaholic, Xenite etc

Dear Krem:

Thanks for the nice note! So, "The Queen is dead, long live the Queen" and all that rot, eh? Good on Luce!

Thanks also for your encouragement to my career aspirations -- you're right "ya just never know..." As to your Xena Merchandise quest, I'll put it out to the readers -- anyone out there who can help Krem? In the meantime, may I suggest that you check out:

1) The Australian Xena Fan Club... The DUX Mailing List is now operational. For those Aussies who wish to join you can send an email to: majordomo@zip.com.au

in the body of the message type "subscribe dux" and you're in!

ALSO check out:

2) MaryD's "The Xena Information Page & The ROC File" at http://xenite.simplenet.com
Mary is usually on top of all-things-Xena that are going on "down under!"



I'm not sure if you are the right person for such questions and if you like to be bothered that way but I don't know whom to ask else:

Yesterday I read in a German TV magazine that there'll be a TV series spinned from XWP. Do you know anything about it? I suppose it will feature Callisto as main character. Is there anything about it on your WEB page?

Thanks in advance,

--German TV Magazine Reader

Dear GTV:

Darling, you're confusing Laura Sue again, not that that's very hard to do. Perhaps you mean YOUNG HERCULES, which is a HERC spin-off and picked up by FOX KIDS this very week! Or perhaps you mean the pilot AMAZON HIGH, which is still "just" a pilot at this point, but is not really a XENA spin-off at all. But both projects will feature many familiar faces, though not all of them will play familiar characters. It's just all part of the excitement for the New Year of 1998! And if you *do* hear of an entirely new series, make sure you drop a line to my agent as well!

Dear LauraSueD:

r u a movie star yet ?


Dear anon:

No, u?


Dear Laura Sue:

I know you're gonna make it!! Good luck in your career. Email me sometime we'll do lunch...Jim

Dear Jim:

Gee, thanks!


Hi, LSD!

I e-mailed you a while back about Xena soundtracks (probably under another screen name). Anyways, I was curious, I know you're always looking for roles but I was wondering if you've been in anything recently. I'd like to see you in action, so to speak! Let me know. And I think you'd be great in the "Wonder Woman" series, too.

--Friend of Laura Sue

Dear Friend of Laura Sue:

"In action"?? Check out "ROCKFORD FILES: BLESSING IN DISGUISE" a TV-movie I did a while back. That's my best work so far, imho. Thanks for the Wonder Woman encouragement -- but somehow I don't think a petite blonde starlet with green eyes is the "look" they're going for.


Dear Laura Sue:

Thank you for answering my letter about Ted Raimi. Too bad I don't get cable, so seeing TR dressed in something besides tin cans will remain a dream.

I was surprised to discover that you were an opera enthusiast - I didn't think that there were any in Xenafandom besides myself. Maybe "Whoosh" could do a poll of its readers' demographics and interests, besides asking questions like "Which character would you LOVE to spend a day with?" Hopefully, the results would be full of surprises.

Have a happy New Year.

--Glued to the PC in DC

Dear Glued:

Hmmm, good idea! Will ask my editor about that. She's been a bit cranky lately, so I'll wait for a more opportune time -- but thanks!


[Webmaster's Note: Hmmm....a poll. Now, that's an interesting idea! Especially given the history of the online Xenite community's strict "no cheating" policy when it comes to online polls. Well, I'm sure I could hunt up a poll script somewhere. If the editor decides that it's not an appropriate feature for Whoosh! (We've got to at least try to keep to our "no bells and whistles" policy, right?), I've got some connections over at Tom's Page. What's one more bell and whistle to Tom? Let me see what I can do. Stay tuned...]

Dear Laura Sue:

How has acting been lately. Two of my friends are taking a trip to New Zealand. Isn't that were you guys tape Xena. Oh and by the way my name is Marie and I'm a big fan. I can understand if you don't have time to write me back. But I would be very grateful to you.



Dear Marie:

Yes, Xena is filmed in New Zealand! I'm sure the stars of the show would be *very* happy to know that you are a big fan. I will tell them the *very next* time I see them -- promise!



Dear Laura Sue

I am an avid fan of Xena and I don't understand why there is so many reruns so early in the season. Was there a reason for this. And why is Maternal Instincts always being pushed back? I would like to get my hands on the episodes where Xena was introduced and where Xena meets Gabrielle. I don't have a credit card where I could order over the TV does anyone know where I could get these.

Thanks for your time,


Dear Dawn:

Post-production is a big pain in the you-know-what sometimes... so that could be one of the reasons for the early re-runs and airdate pushbacks of our fav show. Look at "FIRST GENERATION FIRST SEASON EPISODES, ANYONE" in the body of this issue of NGR for first-episode procurement information.


Dear Laura Sue:

Xena fans have recently started discussing possible insider rumors that Maternal Instincts will be Hudson's last appearance in the Xenaverse. They insist these rumors to be true. In other words, no more CALLISTO!!! Xena without Callisto is the same as Xena without Gabrielle. Tell me it ain't so.

--Horrified Hudson Fan

Dear HH:

First, please calm down -- you're messing with Laura Sue's carefully cultivated aura of serenity, man!

Second, rest assured that MI is by no means Hudson's last appearance.

As reported earlier in this terribly exciting issue of NGR, she will be seen in MI, then TBS, and then in one or two future eps on XENA the third season. She is also seen in multiple HERC eps yet to be shown. So don't count her out yet.

I'll ask my people at Burbank what the rest of the story is and report to you in an upcoming NGR, okay? Now, BREATHE!


Dear Laura Sue:

I saw your question about the herc/xena cards by merlin. I have a box from England and they are different than the TOPPS US version. I have another box coming in from Australia also by Merlin. The UK version is actually printed in Italy. There are 210 stickers to a set and I think about 24 cards. I will check later and verify numbers. They broke down to 2 sticker sets a box (plus extras) and 3 or 4 card sets. They cover the first few Hercules episodes but do include Xena cards from the trilogy. I think there may be a sticker album to put them in (as other merlin sets have) but can not verify with anyone yet. Hope this helps :-)


Dear Jfunk:

You bet it does! Somewhere out there is one happy card-collecting Xenite, on his knees thanking you... You did good, kiddo!

Thanks again.



If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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