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By Laura Sue Dean
March 5, 1998


HELLO AND WELCOME to another fab-U-lous edition of NEWS, GOSSIP, RUMORS! Things have been so busy lately that Laura Sue hardly has time to do her hair properly! (Which, of course you know is MAJORLY critical to the successful actress-thing!) It wouldn't be so bad if the cause of my distraction was too many scripts to read and beaucoup call-backs, but it's more like "juggle the creditors" and "hide the sporty-red jeep so the bank can't find it" busy. Honestly, this business is SO hard! (pouty-faced grimace) Stanley says, "Have FAITH, Laura Sue" and reminds me to "keep plugging... shouldn't be long now..." Guess Laura Sue will go sit by the phone for a while while you read up on what's happening on your fav-rave show. LATER!


CIGARS AND SINGLE MALTS FOR EVERYONE! This is a story that LSD has been sitting on since the very first issue of NGR! (Who SAYS she can't keep a secret!?!) You may have noticed something different in the opening credits for THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER. The following changes in titles for the XenaStaff finally went into effect. Hearty Congrats go to those well-deserved PTB that received the following promotions:

  • Liz Friedman is now Supervising Producer.
  • R.J. Stewart is an Executive Producer (along the same lines as Raimi & Tapert; and he gets his name in the opening scene, while Sam and Rob have moved themselves to the closing scene).
  • Steve Sears and Eric Gruendeman are Co-Executive Producers.

  • NEWS FROM BURBANK, THE ENTERTAINMENT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. LUCY DOES BURBANK. Here's a little behind the scenes info on our the hottest babe in the *Trend- setting* Business...At the Burbank II convention, Lucy Lawless was relaxed and happy. She's much more comfortable now that she has three of them under her belt. Also, she takes the questions seriously and tries to give an honest, thoughtful answer to each. Creation staff pre-screened the questions, but not in terms of content (she can handle anything you throw at her). Creation just wanted to eliminate people who only wanted to tell her how much they enjoyed her work. (I mean, DUH. Could the applause of 2,000 people give her a clue how much she is appreciated? Oh, and believe LSD, if Lucy doesn't want to answer a question, she doesn't.) A big hats off, THANK YOU to Sharon at Creation for keeping the questions coming.

    UNFORTUNATELY THERE IS NO NEWS YET about Lucy's next convention appearance, but keep posted, when Laura Sue knows, everyone will!

    FOR THOSE WONDERING WHERE RENEE WAS during Burbank II, she was filming a virtually Xena-free clip episode with Ted Raimi called FORGET ME (Hey -- we're TRYING, we're TRYING -- but you keep signing him for more episodes!) NOT (Oh. Oops, which is airing in most markets next week). Creation is attempting to have Lucy and Renee together sometime in the future, (in RL, not like in FanFic!) but the only time it can possibly happen is during their two month hiatus: mid-August to mid- October.

    "QUEST" RUMORS SQUELCHED. Michael Levine showed up at the Burbank II Convention this year bent on putting to rest those pesky rumors that survive about THE QUEST, an episode he directed. Michael shared with the audience out takes from the Big Scene in THE QUEST. He admits that there was some dialogue cut out of the beginning, after Gabrielle closes her eyes and sees Xena in the Spirit World. An audience member jokingly asked did Michael have out takes of what happened after the kiss.... Michael said that what we saw was _all there was_, so stop emailing him!!! Also, Lucy and Renee were on the same soundstage during that scene, so the rumors that their parts had to be cut and spliced together to make it look like they were in the same scene are false. It only looks that way because they had to film it in front of a blue screen for later additions of the wacky and wild special effects background.

    DREAMY WHOOSH! EDITOR RUBS ELBOW WITH HOT BABES IN BURBANK. The popular WHOOSH *international* playboy was seen running amuck at the Burbank II Con. (So, THAT'S HOW he keeps in shape!) Being the President of the Official Danielle Cormack Fan Club has its privileges.

    Bret, what a guy!

    DC with BR, the President of the ODCFC.

    BRET WAS ALSO SEEN WITH actress, Pat Tallman (Bret is a mere member of the Pat Tallman fanclub, no official titles yet). Pat Tallman was a guest of Steven Sears at Burbank II Con, and is currently acting in BABYLON 5 as the character Lyta Alexander, a telepath (she also was in the remake of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD). Pat was kind enough to talk with fans and to take pictures with them when not cavorting with Bret. Robert Tapert at the convention even speculated that Pat might someday be a guest star on the show. Now the race is on...who will appear on the show first, Pat Tallman or Bret?

    Lock up your womenfolk, Bret is coming to

    WHO WOULD *YOU* RATHER WATCH? Send votes to Speedy.

    PAT TALLMAN TRIVIA. Pat started out in the biz as a stunt double. She worked on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, and eventually acted on the show, notably the episode "Starship Mine" where she was the terrorist who fell for Picard's trap in 10-Forward). She continued on with minor roles on both STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 and STAR TREK: VOYAGER. She was Gates McFadden's stunt double in the movie, STAR TREK: GENERATIONS. When Data pushed Crusher off the holodeck ship (boat), it was Pat Tallman who went into the water. She was also the UNCREDITED double for Gina Davis in THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, where she did over 80% of the stunts. Hey gang, we have got to get this lady on XENA!

    BRET RUDNICK TRIVIA. Does this *international* jet-setting playboy need any introduction? Bret is for WHOOSH, the graphics editor, one of the steadfast writers for those cute alt tags that are found with the graphics, the senior interviewer, not to mention the guy who lifts the heavy stuff, Laura Sue's favorite coffee-boy (he's knows **exactly** how I like it), and the schmoozer extraordinaire (even Laura Sue is thinking about asking him to be my personal schmooze trainer). I kid not when I say he gets around. And this month he's getting around south of the border. How far south? Well, let's just say "WHHHAYYYYY" south... Like, into the NEXT DAY south, if you catch Laura Sue's drift. A little birdie told me that you will be hearing more about Bret as time goes on. NGR will, of course keep said info TV-14, just like the show. Believe LSD, too much info about Bret is TOO MUCH info!

    CO-WARLORD QUITS OVER *DROP-in-DRAG*. Laura Sue regrets to inform the readers Xenaverse mourns the loss of another longtime HCNB. (hard-core nutball) Xenaverse Mailing List Co-Warlord Penth brought her co-reign to an end recently, citing her displeasure with the current direction of the show. The Gabby *drop-n-drag* scene at the beginning of THE BITTER SUITE has a LOT of Hardcore Nutballs questioning the show. Bottom line: Gabrielle may have been able to forgive Xena for the drop-n-drag, but many Hardcore Nutballs aren't dipping their fingers in the URN of APOLLO and offering TPTB absolution any time soon...

    SPEAKING OF THIS DROP-AND-DRAG. Laura Sue is so fascinated by the fan reaction to that scene in THE BITTER SUITE that I dusted off (and choked for a few seconds, the dust was really just oreo small particulate matter, but it still was traumatic) took out my old high school psychology text. It looks like a classic case of group psychology with one group trying to justify the deed and another group reading in the long term implications and getting very nervous. Of course, this is all generalizations and fundamentally an argument over a television show designed to entertain while paying some bills, yet it still has a lot of meaning (OBVIOUSLY) to the fans. They are going to be talking about this one for many years to come.


    YEAH, BUT THEY'RE *TREKKIES*. Sharon Delaney from Creation Entertainment asks this of the fan base: "I know the Trek people also like to buy Paramount logo shirts and stuff Would H/X people have any interest in items with the Renaissance logo on them?" Laura Sue suggests that all responses should be directed to Sharon. Just think we may be soon sporting our own RenPic tees and boxers!

    TOY BIZ ACTION FIGS. For those who are interested, there are pics of the upcoming (June) 6" and 12" Xena action figures posted at the Raving Toy Maniac site. They are cute and just scream out GIRL POWER.

    OVERHEARD AT DUMMYPROOF. Ok, for those of you who requested it (all 231), there's a free Renee O'Connor Windows '95 Calculator available along side the Lucy Lawless one. (Must click beta-test button) Enjoy! Free Celebrity Calculators for Windows. Who says Laura Sue doesn't deliver? (Okay, I don't do weekends and weekdays after 10pm. I need my beauty rest).


    CREATION HAS SET SOME NEW CONVENTION DATES. Cons coming to the following areas:

  • Phoenix -- May 31st
  • Minneapolis -- August 8th
  • Cherry Hill, NJ -- August 29th & 30th
  • San Francisco -- October 18th

  • No guests are scheduled at present. But rest assured Laura Sue WILL let you know as Soon as she knows! Contact Creation at 818-409-0960 ext 224, 225 or cruise over to Creation's Website for more information.

    CROSSROADS IS HAVING A MULTIMEDIA SCI-FI & FANTASY CONVENTION in Las Vegas - June 14 -18, 1998 and Robert Trebor and Steven Sears are guests! Check out their website for more information.

    THIS YEAR'S DRAGONCON IN ATLANTA (09/03-06/98) will be featuring an individual Xena program track. DragonCon is America's largest annual convention for fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Comics and Games, Art and Animation, Science, Music, Television and Films. It anticipates over 18,000 attendees. To date no XENA or HERCULES people have been signed, but it is still early in the signing season. I will keep you posted. For more information visit their website for more information.

    Raimi in Boston (03/22/98) Creation
    NYC XenaFest (04/18/98) Fan
    TBA in Phoenix (05/31/98) Creation
    NWP XenaFest (05/30/98) Fan
    Trebor/Sears in Las Vegas (06/14-18/98) Multimedia Con
    TBA in Minneapolis (08/08/98) Creation
    TBA in Cherry Hill, NJ (08/29-30/98) Creation
    TBA in Atlanta (09/03-06/98) DragonCon
    TBA in San Francisco (10/18/98) Creation
    TBA in Santa Monica (01/99) Creation

    IF YOU ARE ORGANIZING A FAN CONVENTION, FAN FEST, OR WHATEVER, drop Laura Sue a line and I will shamelessly promote the heck out of it, especially if you give me a comp ticket to the event!


    LAURA SUE CANNOT TELL YOU how many letters she gets asking where LSD gets her inside info. Well, here's a hint. Laura Sue Dean has this website BOOKMARKED. She suggests you do the same. Tell Al hi, and say that Laura Sue sent you!


    A GREEK GOD AND ARMY LOST ON MANEUVERS. Seen at Burbank II: A recurring XENA actor, who will remain nameless, late from the Hotel Bar, six-pack in hand stumbling around the sixth floor of the hotel, searching for his room. Eventually the group figures out that their room is on the sixth floor in the TOWER....DUH! Xena would never get lost after a "few" mugs of port....maybe THAT'S why she has her own show!


    DON'T SQUEEZE THE CHARMIN!! Grim news: Online Xenadom has lost one of it's anchors! The Xena Scrolls was removed from MCA/Universal's official XWP web site in January 1998. MCA/Universal and the group that run the web site, Universal New Media, have not issued statements about this or posted anything on the web explaining the action, but have I got a scoop for you!

    HERE'S A LITTLE BACKGROUND FOR THE NEWBIES. The scrolls as presented on-line were a collection of e-mail messages from archeologists (The Xena Restoration Society), who were allegedly studying ancient scrolls about a warrior named Xena. The scrolls were so detailed that fans mined them for clues about upcoming episodes. The scrolls also introduced the characters of Janice Covington and Melinda Pappas, who were later seen in the XWP episode based on the scrolls called THE XENA SCROLLS. The episode was written by production assistant Robert Mellette, who left the XWP staff in 1997.

    IN FACT, MELLETTE IS THE XWP STAFFER most closely associated with the scrolls. He says he received a flood of questions after the scrolls vanished from the web site, and he wants use Laura Sue to see if he can "clear things up a little." Here's what Mellette has to say about the fate of the scrolls.

    "I've noticed that many of you are curious as to why The Xena Scrolls have been removed from the Universal Website. Universal New Media has done this without comment, so I'll see if I can't help clear things up a little. For those of you who believe the Scrolls are real, I'll not say anything to disillusion you.

    "The presentation of The Xena Scrolls on the Universal Website was a grand experiment. There were no contracts. No one was paid and the only agreement was verbal among friends -- that as long as Universal New Media could not profit from the presentation of The Xena Scrolls, then those who presented them (or found them, depending on if they are real or not) were happy to present the work for free, further; should any department at Universal be able to profit from them, then those who presented them would profit. All of this came about before the series had aired.

    "With the success of the show came opportunities to present The Scrolls to a wider audience through merchandising. After a year of negotiations, Universal New Media has decided not to pursue the matter further. Other avenues to bring fans the continuing story of The Xena Restoration Society are currently being explored.

    "During their existence on the Universal site, The Xena Scrolls made some small firsts. They were one of (if not THE) first official ancillary stories presented on the web for a major television show. The episode based on the site was the first Web-to-TV stories. They also had the potential to become the most profitable family entertainment web sites (through merchandising and advertisements) -- and they might still, but not on Universal New Media's site."


    LAURA SUE REPORTS THAT there is absolutely NO TRUTH to the rumor that RENEE O'CONNOR sprained her ankle (as seen in ONE AGAINST AN ARMY and KING CON) upon hearing that Ted Raimi was slated for 22 eps in the 4th season, which by the way, has been confirmed (that Ted has been signed for 22 pay or play episodes for the 1998-99 season, not that the ankle has been confirmed...well, on second thought, she does have an ankle, but I meant...oh... nevermind!). But, boy.. didn't it look like it HURT?!?! NGR is relieved that ROC's foot is feeling much better now -- but has to wonder... why is it, that during OAAA her RIGHT foot sprained, and in KING CON, the LEFT?) On the FLIP-SIDE, it's nice to note that the Gabster is finally receiving her due on some counts...like being the inventor of the parlor game for the ages -- CHARADES, TOOTHPICKS, and last, but not least -- XENA DOLLIES!! Laura Sue says, "YOU GO GRRL!"


    COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO LAURA SUE??? ALL SEASON LONG, our gals go through HELL and HIGH water (icky, muddy water at that!) to remain true to one another...and what do TPTB give us in this week's episode? A MAN for Xena? HUH?!? Don't get Laura Sue wrong -- Rafe wasn't as bad as last season's PLASTIC-MAN (aka USELESS-EEES) but the dynamic was WAY-wrong... What's even WEIRDER is that GABBY didn't even seem to MIND that her gal was making the goo-goo eyes at some creepy con-man... WHAT?!? Laura Sue can only imagine.... Either Gabrielle has the same arrangement with XENA as Hillary made with BILL, or someone should check the CONTINUITY Roadmap...HELLO???!!!


    YOU KNOW, I NEED A VACATION! So, Speedy is taking off this week WITHOUT PAY (they run a slaveshop here using medieval work policies). I know everyone is hanging on what the ratings were for the rest of the repeat cycle including the ratings for the next 4 first run episodes, and I apologize. But into our lives a little rain must fall. See you next time with the exciting ratings for the rest of the first repeat cycle.


    Dear Laura Sue,

    I'd like to ask if the Whoosh! staff and the staff of Tom's Xena page are connected in any way and if you guys know each other personally? Also what makes you dedicate so much effort to creating and maintaining Xena info sites if you don't get paid for it? Is it all due to that Xena Addiction all Xenites (including me) are victims of?

    For any people wishing to visit the Xena set: Xena and Herc filming takes place on a 70-acre, overgrown vineyard just to the south of Auckland.

    --A Xenaholic with no hope of being cured of her addiction



    1. I have no idea who Tom is. Tom Who? Tom of Finland? Tom's of Maine? Oh, he MUST be famous, since he only has one name... Tom... Liza, Elvis, Tori, Xena... you get the gist. Or, is he some dashing extra on the set? (hey, if he IS some dashing extra on the set, send him LSD's way!)

    2. It's true. I don't get MONEY for doing News, Gossip, Rumors. (Shocking, yes -- that such a QUALITY page is done strictly for PLEASURE...) However, trust me -- all the *perks* that go along with being a gossip-column for an online fanzine make up for it, big-time.

    3. I'm sure glad Laura Sue didn't leak that info about the SUPER SECRET, closed-set location, nuh-uh!


    Dear Laura Sue:

    My name is George. I really like the Xena show. I was wondering how I can meet some of the girls on the show. Please send email to [snipped for privacy and to avoid prosecution]. Thank you.



    Dear George:

    Laura Sue has a word of advice for you -- GET IN LINE, BUDDY!


    To: LauraSueD

    Don't ever give up on your dreams.

    --a fellow actor
    [email addy snipped for privacy reasons]



    I GOT EMAIL FROM LEO DICAPRIO! (FANNING SELF). It's just LIKE him to write me something like that! I cannot believe it!

    And if anyone wants to know, Leo was ROBBED by not getting the best actor nod for the Oscars -- even Siskel and Ebert agree! OH. I CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT... (satisfied sigh) (Sorry Tori, but knowing Kate Winslet sure has it perks!)


    If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

    I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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