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By Laura Sue Dean
March 30, 1998


WHOOOOORRRRRRREEEAAAAYYYY FOR HOL-LY-WOOD! How y'all doing this week? Laura Sue is X-hausted (yes, with a Capital X) from all of the tinseltown Oscar festivities. Yes, the ceremony lasted longer than a 22 episode "all-joxer, all the time" Season, (which, now that Laura Sue thinks about it -- it's just too horrid to think about) but the parties after WAY made up for it! Mortons, Spago, Polo Lounge, Titanic Garage... Laura Sue hit them ALL!

WELL, YES, SHE HIT THEM, BUT.... Unfortunately, even her stunning good looks weren't enough to allow access INSIDE these soirees, but heck, that's SHOW BIZ! Let's see what's been goin on in XWP-land while Laura Sue was *working it* with big, beefy doormen!


SALMONEOUS SIGHTING! No, not on our fav shows, or even directing one of our fav shows... Robert Trebor, (one of the few HTLJ/XWP actors who actually had a career *before* the shows) is popping up in two places: Tuesday March 31, 1998, WGN will air *52 Pickup*, a movie he made with "big stars!" Broadcast times might vary, so " Check those local listings!" LSD WARNING TO PARENTS: *52 Pickup* is definitely not for the kiddies. It's a VERY violent thriller based on Elmore Leonard's novel. Why WGN is running it during the dinner hour baffles this reporter. After the movie, Mr. Trebor will run over to the TVGuide Online Studios to STAR in a *LIVE CHAT* (March 31, 7:00pm Pacific time) at TVGen, the on-line residence of TV Guide, one of the most widely read magazines in the world!!! This is a DO NOT MISS! Perhaps he can share with us what interesting things he did in Santa Monica over the weekend, hmmmm? ET TU, AVI? Editor Rob Field, known to fans as Avicus, recently announced his departure from the Xenaverse and Chakram mailing lists. Rob was the last known Xenastaffer still actively particapating on these forums. (Laura Sue has it on good authority that he's always the last to leave staff parties too -- his motto is "as long as the party lasts!")

IMMORTALS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS! Everyone's favorite psychotic blonde Hudson Leick did a public chat with

PEOPLE Online Feb 19th. Here are some of LSD's favorite comments from the Uniblonder:

PEOPLE: We think you RoCk. Loud cheers when you come on screen. Can ya give us any insight as to what the big deal was with the kiss you gave Xena in "Bitter Suite"? There were rumors flying around that it was too steamy.

HUDSON LEICK: She needed a good smooch to wake her up! It was just a peck. I did enjoy it and I did kiss her seven times. I even threatened to put my tongue in her mouth.

PEOPLE: How many of your own stunts do you do?

LEICK: I do most of my own fighting. And if you look closely, recently, especially in "Armageddon," one of the stunt women is six months pregnant and playing me.

PEOPLE: I loved the job you did singing on the "Xena" musical episode. Can we expect any more singing from you on or off the screen?

LEICK: H*ll no!

PEOPLE: How hard was it to get the part of Callisto?

LEICK: I had to sleep with everyone. {laughs}

PEOPLE: Will she (Callisto) ever fall in love?

LEICK: She is in love.

PEOPLE: Do you and Lucy Lawless intentionally try to make it seem as if Xena and Callisto are "flirting"?

LEICK: We are aware of our sensuous energies.

PEOPLE: How many times have you been injured on the set from doing your own fighting?

LEICK: Only once did Lucy's sword nick me. But Ted Raimi, on the other hand, ask him that question.

PEOPLE: Your outfit looks like it kind of hurts. Does it somewhat?

LEICK: Yeah, I like it that way.

PEOPLE: What's the difference between working on the Xena set and Hercules set?

LEICK: Hercules' testosterone.

WHO YOU CALLIN' A CHICK? "Did You Say CHICKS?!", the sequel to "Chicks in Chainmail," an anthology of humorous warrior-woman tales, features a poem on the dedication page hailing Lucy Lawless.


LAURA SUE JUST SAW A GREAT COMMERICAL for Outback Steak house on Comedy Central during *The Daily Show*... This ad is a total Xena ripoff...battle cry and all. (Let's face it, though, isn't EVERYONE on the XWP bandwagon anymore?) Lots of "knife references, with the "Xena" saying at the end.."Now if I could only find the fork in the road". (LSD note: HCNB's know that Xenite Margaret Fox was awarded the "furking fork award by show editor Rob Field at the first Xena Con in Burbank, because she espied a fork left on set and left in the final edit.) Perhaps the writer at the agency is a HCNB as well?


OKAY, ENOUGH WITH THE "WWW.GETXENA.COM-SUCKS" LETTERS! Thanks to a certain "product manager" (who knows who she is!) Laura Sue is fairly certain that the problem is fixed. LSD dutifully complied the MANY Xenite posts that described horrific tales of woe while attempting to procure the first-season episode boxed set..then sent them off to the suit that is in charge of such things... Said suit has PROMISED to make things right and will take ACTION on Real Entertainment to make sure us fans get our goods!

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO CAN READ. Ru Emerson has been selected to write three more Xena Novels! She wanted to express her thanks to those who wrote the publisher for more Xena novels. The next novel should be out around Christmas. If you ever would like to contact Ru directly, her email address is XenaBard@aol.com. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT RU - she has done couple of interviews online: One at that brilliant website, Logomancy, and at another site which I wish would pay some of my bills, WHOOSH!. I can always dream, can't I?

JUST FEW OF HER OTHER BOOKS: "XWP: The Empty Throne", "XWP: The Huntress and the Sphinx", "XWP: The Thief of Hermes", "NightThreads" - a 5 novel series. "The Nedao Trilogy", "Spell Bound", "Masques" (Beauty & the Beast tie in), "The Sword and the Lion" (as Roberta Cray), "Fortress of Frost and Fire" (with Mercedes Lackey), and A Starbridge novel (with A.C. Crispin) soon to be released).

HEY...WHAT HAPPENED TO "GABRIELLE, ARE YOU SITTING ON THE SOAP"???? Faithful NGR readers know that a while back, Pepsi asked for fan's input via "fav xena-quotes" for an upcoming xena-flavored promotion. Laura Sue obtained a copy of the gameboard that will be become Pepsi's "POP CULTURE" game, coming out soon. (Speaking of coming out... oh nevermind!) Here's the scoop on the game...there are 20 Xena prizes (not mentioned) and one Xena Grand Prize; a trip to New Zealand and to visit the set. Basically, how the game works is like the McDonald's Monopoly game -- collect game pieces and stick them on your gameboard. This isn't strictly a Xena contest, there are other prizes like Harley- Davidson motorcycles, Mountain Dew t-shirts, dinner at Planet Hollywood with "The Terminator", and even...(are you sitting down?) ...a $25,000 shopping spree at the Mall of America with one of my closest friends in ALL THE REALM, Alyssa Milano! To win, contestents must collect bottle caps to spell out a particular phrase. The phrase to win the GRAND Xena prize is "Don't go there".

BY LOOKING AT THE GAMEBOARD I think these phrases all have to do with the current times and not an exact phrase from the show. Some of the other phrases on the board (for other non-Xena prizes) are: "Talk to the hand", "Hasta La Vista baby", and "It's all good". My sources say that there will be cardboard displays for this contest, maybe even a Xena standee,(!!!!!) so be on the look-out at your local supermarkets and get those knee-pads ready...! WHAT? I meant in order to beg the store manager for the displays when they're finished with them! Gosh, get your MINDS outta the GUTTER!


TED SPILLS BOSTON BAKED BEANS. As any HCNB can tell you Renee O'Connor and Hudson Leick were dubbed in THE BITTER SUITE. At the St. Louis Convention, Ted Raimi said "it was their choice". He said both Renee and Hudson had very nice voices. Ted thought the reasons were do to time constraints. Renee and Hudson just did not have time to go into the recording studio to lay down the *tracks*. He said they were both occupied in doing an episode.

JOXER SPECULATES XWP SCRIPT CHANGES. Ted answered a question from a little girl who asked, "Now that Xena's son is dead, will she have a little girl?" Ted kind of fumbled around and said "maybe she will, she might have a little girl next year."

LAURA SUE LIKES THIS RUMOR only slightly more than the Bombshell Ted laid on the NYC Fans, saying he'll be in 22 episodes in '98-99. What is it called now -- THE JOXER SHOW? NEWSFLASH - LSD has gotten confirmation that the "Ted 22* rumor is true. No word yet to whether or not this is for both XWP and HTLJ, but it is a pay or play contract: meaning they don't have to use him in all 22 episodes, but he has to be available for them and they do have to pay him for all 22. Buy your agent a cappuchino, Ted! And have him call me up...PLEASE!!!

AND LAST MINUTE NEWS ON THIS UPCOMING YEAR OF LIVING RAIMIOUSLY...Ted Raimi on a TVGen/Yahoo internet chat on March 24, 1998, after being asked if he'd be a regular on XWP next season, stated, "Yes, I will, but not every episode. Just about every other one." Laura Sue has got to find out who this guy's agent is!!! Nothing like getting paid for sitting around waiting for a telephone call! Gotta love Hollywood.

AND WHAT ABOUT NEW CONS, FESTS, AND WHAT NOT? Glad you asked!! We have two new fabu additions to our lists!

ALEXANDRA TYDINGS (Aphrodite) been booked for New England's RebelCon, July 31 to August 2, 1998, in Taunton, MA. Interested? Check out their website, e-mail them, or call the old fashioned way: 508-587-1223 (10 AM to 10 PM EST only; if you get the machine please leave a message.)

THE ONE AND THE ONLY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA XENAFEST IV has been set for July 25, 1998, in Woodland Hills, California at Yankee Doodles. Be there or be square. I'll pass on more info when I get it.


Weisbrot: NYC XenaFest (04/18/98) Fan
Pittsburgh XenaFest (05/02/98) Fan
TBA in Phoenix (05/31/98) Creation
NWP XenaFest (05/30/98) Fan
Trebor/Sears: Las Vegas (06/14-18/98) Multimedia Con
SoCal XenaFest (07/25/98) Fan
Tydings: Taunton, MA (07/31-08/02) RebelCon
TBA in Minneapolis (08/08/98) Creation
TBA in Cherry Hill, NJ (08/29-30/98) Creation
TBA in Atlanta (09/03-06/98) DragonCon
TBA in San Francisco (10/18/98) Creation
TBA in Santa Monica (01/99) Creation

ORGANIZING A FAN CONVENTION, FAN FEST, OR WHATEVER, drop Laura Sue a line and I will shamelessly promote the heck out of it, especially if you give me a comp ticket to the event!


THEY ARE DROPPING LIKE FLIES in season 3!!! One of the most kick-A** HCNB webmasters has cashed in his chips and sworn off the show! Better check out this website before it goes away!


HEARD IN A DARK CORNER. Seems like another high power Xena couple getting married in October was bummed out that they never received their invites to the Lucy & Rob wedding. Not that this power-couple fosters any hard feelings, but a little bird told Laura Sue that the words, "Well, we invited them to ours!!!!" were spoken... none too softly, either.

SNIPPED FROM THE TINSEL-TOWN TRADES: No Wonder Woman, HOLLYWOOD (Reuters): "Apparently it's not easy finding someone to fill Lynda Carter's red, white and blue costume. NBC has decided that it will not put a remake of Carter's 1970s series 'Wonder Woman' on its fall schedule. The producers put on a nationwide casting search but couldn't find anyone right for the starring role, according to Variety. There also were script problems but sources said NBC hopes to have 'Wonder Woman' ready for mid-season." Laura Sue heard that Teri Hatcher and Courtney Cox are on the short list. Egads! Makes you kind of wonder if Robert "Let's have Roma Downey be an Amazon -- Hey, it *could* work" Tapert is moonlighting in the casting department.

KING OF CHATS! The transcript from last week's web chat with Bruce Campbell is up at the Universal Chats site. This site also has a REAL AUDIO transcript.. the RealAudio script was word for word the entire interview, which differed considerably from the transcript. SO, download a REAL PLAYER for free and listen to Bruce talk in REAL time!


ON "PORKULES" (which he also directed) and working opposite a pig: "It's a nightmare. Pigs are only concerned with taking food in and getting rid of food that they ate. Sometimes at the same time. So we had to go back and replace dialogue cause the pig was squeaking while we were talking. Or other noises I can't describe on the net. I pity anyone who had anything to do with the movie, Babe. Pigs are near sighted so normally with an animal you can get right next to the camera, but a pig can't see it, so they have to shake a container full of nuggets and that wrecks your sound. ... Purina Pig Chow."

HE GETS 100 E-MAILS A DAY FROM FANS (on his website ), and he answers them all -- not always long answers, but short and sassy ones

HE'S DONE NO ROLES THAT HE'S ASHAMED OF or refuses to acknowledge: "I get sick and tired of actors denying that they were in certain movies. I know actors who do that and it betrays where they came from. You weren't born on Dynasty, I'm sorry. There will be some hackneyed piece of crap in your life somewhere if you're an actor. That's right! Cheeseball all the way!"

THE ACTOR/ACTRESS HE'S WORKED WITH that he admires most is Jennifer Jason Leigh, the "most singularly professional actor I've ever worked with and probably will EVER work with."

HE LIKES WORKING WITH BOTH LUCY AND KEVIN; they're both normal people. LL is currently unaware of her status, "a good thing" and is helpful to guest stars and nothing at all like Xena.

SAM RAIMI IS THE DIRECTOR who set most of the trends of today, though most people overlook him. He's extremely pleasant and "almost shy".

TAKES THE FIFTH ON any lesbian relationship between Xena & Gabrielle.

DOESN'T MIND DOING SEX SCENES, because they're so clinical and well-planned. His wife doesn't freak about it because they met on a movie set and had to shoot a sex scene, so she knows how they are.

HE MIGHT GET A SHOW OF HIS OWN spun off from Herc/Xena, but not about Autolycus.

DOESN'T WATCH TV -- he knows too much about the technical stuff to really be able to enjoy it...can tell when sound effects are fake, etc.


HE HAS SOME LEEWAY WITH AUTOLYCUS'S CHARACTER, changes some of his lines, so he can understand and memorize them.


PEDAL TO THE METAL. (Say, do you think that metal is it that same type of stuff from TDHD?) There are still INTENSE rumors circulating that Lucy Lawless will appear at the HARDEES 250 NASCAR Race in June. The purpose? To "christen"(yeah, it's another "one God" reference!) the Xena-endorsed No. 14 Ford Taurus that Patty Moise is driving full-time (8-9 races this year at least) in the Busch Series for the 1998 and 1999 seasons. This means our fearless Warrior Princess is emblazoned on the hood of the racing car of a female NASCAR driver! LSD will spill more beans about this project when someone returns her phone calls... Hey, all talk and no action makes LSD a "testy" gal... remember that.

NEWS FLASH ON CALLISTO'S DEMISE...We heard Callisto was ending her run this season, but is this how she meets her end -- at the hands of an irate WHOOSH! staffer??!! (I tell ya, working for this rag really does drive you to extremes):

So do you like my interviewing

Callisto, finally checking in her chips.


LET'S JUST SAY that Laura Sue did NOT enjoy watching Gabrielle go through that "Away in a Manger, as played by Linda Blair" episode again. I will not go into details, but those who have seen "Gabrielle's Hope" will know what I am talking about.


THE RIFT-O-METER BROKE EARLIER THIS WEEK. Before it broke, it reminisced about the rift arc, when it began, how many episodes it ran for... why there was a rift at all... many many things. Perhaps this is why it broke? Now that the rift is over, what do we have to show for it? Readers may send in their analysis to me, Laura Sue. If I get any, I'll be sure to print it!


SPEEDY HERE, and I am desperately trying to hide the fact that I am so behind in my ratings reportage. It has gotten so bad that people are starting to pester Laura Sue about it. Laura Sue gets kinda of testy when the mail is not for her. But SPEEDY is happy to say that I too am getting mail ACTUALLY SENT TO ME. Way to go, Speedster!

LAST WEEK I WAS COMPLAINING about how the Nielsen people will not deal with regular folk, and they refer you to the "accepted" public fonts of the ratings information. These fonts are Variety, UltimateTV, and other trade newspapers. However, there are some weeks which our friendly public fonts neglect to report the information. Many NGR readers wrote to me about using UltimateTV. I thank you all for writing, however, UltimateTV has some glaring omissions. I have protested but to be honest, I am expecting it to fall upon deaf ears...however, my quest for the REAL RATINGS continue. If I did not, how could I be a proud INTJ?

THE THIRD SEASON OF XWP HAS DIVIDED ITSELF into three sections of first run episodes separated by repeats. Last week I finished up on the 1st group of repeats after the 1st group of first runs (numbering 8). The next group of first runs numbered 9. We will cover the first five this issue, and finish up the next 4 in part two.

THE WEEK OF 01/12/98 stacked the action hours as follows: X-FILES, 10th with 6.7 ("Genderbender"); XENA, 11th with 6.6 (firstrun, "Warrior...Priestess... Tramp"); HERCULES, 13th with 6.0 (firstrun, "If I Had a Hammer"); STAR TREK, 16th with 5.0 (repeat, "Rocks and Shoals"); EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT, 24th with 4.0 (firstrun, "The Scarecrow Returns"); and WALKER, 26th with 4.0. This week is the most exciting up to now. XWP came within a tenth of a rating point of matching the SHOW THAT CAN DO NO WRONG. Also, it hit 6.6, the season high thus far.

THE WEEK OF 01/19/98 went as follows: X-FILES, 8th with 6.9 ("Lazarus"); XENA, 11th with 6.6 (firstrun, "The Quill is Mightier..."); HERCULES, 13th with 6.0 (firstrun, "Hercules on Trial"); and WALKER, 19th with 4.6. This week XENA did not change from the previous week, but it was from a seasonal high of 6.6. X-FILES unfortunately went up, making the point spread a depressing .3 (as opposed to a jolly .1). WALKER also did well with a rise of .6. HERK and XENA stayed the same. If only they had been able to just stay there...oh, the numbers get uglier as the season marches on. It was such a rotten week that STAR TREK didn't even place in the top 25!!! Perhaps signs of the end times????

THE WEEK OF 01/26/98 went as follows: X-FILES, 9th with 6.9 ("Young at Heart"); XENA, 11th at 6.1 (firstrun, "Maternal Instincts"); HERCULES, 13th at 5.6 (firstrun, "Medea Culpa"); WALKER, MY MAIN MAN, 20th at 4.4; STAR TREK at 4.0 (repeat, "Behind the Lines"); and EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT at 3.4 (repeat, "Float Like a Butterfly"). XENA went down half a rating point, X- FILES kept even, and HERK went down .4. Even WALKER went down. Evertone seems to have taken a dive or broke even except for...EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT, and it was a repeat to boot! Hmmmm. I wonder if their website is looking for an experienced ratingsmonger?

THE WEEK OF 02/02/98 went as follows: X-FILES, 9th with 6.9 ("E.B.E."); XENA, always the bridesmaid and never the bride, 11th at 6.1 (firstrun, "The Bitter Suite"); STAR TREK, 14th with 5.3 (firstrun, "Who Mourns for Morn"); and HERCULES, 16th with 4.8 (firstrun, "Men in Pink"). X-FILES and XENA breaks even, STAR TREK takes over the competitive 3rd place with a Morn episode, and HERK goes into the 4's with a first run for the 2nd time this season. Not a good sign, Herkmeister.

THE WEEK OF 02/09/98 went as follows: X-FILES, 10th with 6.2 ("Miracle Man"); XENA, 11th with 5.8 (firstrun, "One Against An Army"); HERCULES, 12th with 5.3 (firstrun, "Armageddon Now I"); and STAR TREK, 16th with 4.8 (firstrun, "One Little Ship"). The happy news was that X-FILES went down .7 points to an all time low of 6.2. The sad news is that althought the old XENA could have whupped that rating with its hands tied behind its back, all the new XENA could do was muster a 5.8. If there was a time to trample X-FILES, it was this week. But XENA just didn't seem to have the oomph needed. HERCULES tried, and did muster a .5 rise from the previous week, but that was not enough to beat the behometh X-FILES. Blame the olympics, but the old XENA never had to worry about the Olympics.

AM I SOUNDING BITTER? Yes, Speedy really gets grumpy when XWP's ratings are not growing into uncharted territory. Why not write me and try to cheer me up? Ratings can't mean everything...can they? Okay, okay, being in the 4's and 5's is still pretty good and pays the bills, AND XWP is still the number one firstrun syndicated action hour. I am having a friend embroider that on a tapestry for me. One good sign, Robert Tapert said at the Burbank Con II that there would be more comedies in the 5th season. At first I was horrified, but now it seems that the comedies are the only things that are getting anything over 6.5 these days. Now I long for the comedies. Pathetic...but less bitter.


Dear Laura Sue:

I read this on the forum and I wonder if you heard of any rumors similar to this. The guy who posted this item has a nasty habit for starting wild rumors and speculations but after reading it, it sounds like an interesting idea if true--

Kill the old Callisto and replace it with a new one that hasn't done anything bad to Xena, Gabby or Hercules.



Dear Tower:

Hmm. Did you notice that Hudson totally skipped answering that question in her chat? (and it wasn't even a SUBTEXT question!) I'd say that you might be on to something... On the other hand, Laura Sue doesn't really know anything for certain about Hudson, who could?


Dear Laura Sue:


I run the only Joxer/Gabrielle Relationshippers loop known to exist, and my 30+ members are dying to know anything you might have heard about Joxer's future on XWP. We have heard that he is supposedly signed for all 22 episodes of next season, which we couldn't be happier to hear. However, we want to know if there is any possibility that the J/G romance idea might be explored at all. One would assume, with all that time they'll be spending together, that the issue would come up. I hope it's treated with a minimum of heart breakage, if they do touch upon it.

Any info you may have would be very much appreciated.

Sir Joxer
Joxer/Gabrielle: "A love so true, few have ever known it." [LSD note: THANK THE GODS...]


Dear Sir Joxer,

How's it hangin?

Well, yes I do know that Ted announced in NYC that he is signed for all 22 eps next season.


Laura Sue refused to believe that, just because he is SIGNED for 22, doesn't mean he'll be IN all 22 eps. And, judging from the volume of email in Laura Sue's box these days decrying this decision, she's not the ONLY ONE.... In a perfect world, we can only hope that perhaps he'll be a recurring character in the newly re-vamped AMAZON (High) ??? Or, a character in YOUNG HERC? Sure, it's supposed to be way back when Herc and Iolaus were kids, but Joxer is a master at sophomoric acting! He's a Natural! And SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE hinted that joxer/gab might get together for a brief moment in the future -- (hopefully they meant in Forget Me Not, so it's already over) but -- you'd just better be careful what you wish for, given Gab's history of beaus and the red shirts they love to wear...



I'm looking for a partner to practice safe and light bondage. No sex! If interested please e-mail me. If not sorry to bother you. Please ignore this message.


Dear sorry-to-bother-me,!

Excuse me?!!?!

LSD says "why bother"? Who ever heard of playing Centurion/Gladiator? without having SEX involved?

Laura Sue just LOVES her mail! -- check this next one out!


Here is a photo of me and clicking on the blue lettering will take you to my home page. Joe nSoCal's Home Page.



[what IS it about a name like Laura Sue that brings these kind around?]

Hiya Laura Sue!

I just wanted to let you know that Lucy appeared on the OZ mag TV Week for the very first time last week! She told the interviewer she'd been asked out twice in ten years: by a refrigerator reapiry man and Donald Trump. She also said she didn't eat dairy and always had baked beans in her refrigerator

A Xenite from Down Under


Dear Down Under:

Thanks for the baked beans info... was wondering about that! No, seriously thanks. Nice to know that her half of the world is taking notice of the homegrrl....


Dear Laura Sue:

Do you ever watch the show friends? There was an episode were one couple was allowed to pick 5 famous people the could have an affair with and not get in trouble. I just wanted to let you know you are the top on my husbands list. Could you please seed him a picture? Our address is: [snipped to avoid lawsuit]. [Note: Gee, noticed how many of these "snipped to avoid lawsuit" that LSD's had to use lately? Just goes to show you the real price of FAME]

Thank you-
1/2 of a swingin' couple


Dear Mrs. "swingin"

In the words of a certain XWP character -- OH MY! (blush), LSD does indeed watch Friends (her best friend's brother is a key-grip) and begs to ask --just five, huh? LIGHTWEIGHTS! LSD's list is (slightly) longer, but she has quite a large, um.. PROPENSITY for lists...

Laura Sue:

Laura Sue, *love* your gossip column on Whoosh. I've been waiting for a new update - it's been too long... Anyway, I heard a rumor that k.d. lang is going to be on Xena...what do you know about this?! Keep up the clever writing, snappy wit and unbridled enthusiasm for our mythic gals.

-k.d fan


Dear k.d. fan:

I heard this too -- in the TV guide blurb. "Many famous people love the show so much, they ask to be on... " The Boston Con had a bit about this too -- a possible script re-write.. We can only hope that it is true. LSD will keep you updated on this story. Believe me, the kid has a BIG, BIG LOVE for the Alberta Rose and would love to play a bit part in that episode -- perhaps k.d.'s "traveling companion" or, better yet, "best friend?!?!"


Hi Laura Sue,

I heard a rumour that they may do a dance mix cd from Hercules/ Xena... is that true? Are they going to include the song from "Girls wanna have fun" ? The one where Gabrielle dance with the two Bacchae? Hope to hear from you, thanks.



Dear Renee,

Yes the Dance Mix CD is in the works, will be out AFTER the Bitter Suite CD, which is available at the end of the month -- pre orders now being ac= cepted, btw.

The Gabby SEDUCTION RAVE...yes, Laura Sue is QUITE familiar with that scene, and is more than delighted to report that the Dance Mix CD is scheduled to include that sensually hypnotic, pulsating beat....

Dear Laura Sue,

Me again...with regard to Renee O'Connor's twisted foot...would that have been during the filming of One Against an Army...Gabrielle spent a lot of time on her back during that ep (I must add that Renee O'Connor's performance was phenomenal!!). After all, the crew had lots of prev. experience fitting injured cast members into the show. Also, do you think a Director's cut of TBS will ever be released? That's one I would pay mucho dineros for...Battle On, babe




Check the ROC International Fan Club site for the real deal on Renee's foot injury...

As for a Director's Cut of TBS...hmm... I'm sure if there is enough interest in it (can't you just HEAR the *cha-ching* going off in the suits' heads?) Universal Home Video would consider putting it out...

--Laura Sue


If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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