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By Laura Sue Dean
June 27, 1998


How many avatars can we fit in a phone booth?

Laura Sue and Friends enjoyed themselves at the FIRST ever LSD chat at the Palace. Afterwards, she treated them all to the midnight matinee showing of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

WELL! NO sooner am I back from being a guest presenter at the second annual ARGO AWARDS that I get the most distressing of all distressing news! WEB - WARS!

1. Tom Simpson is LOST IN SPACE! Tom got a note from his webhost landlords telling him he'd have to ante up extortion money, or lose his space. Reasons given were the number of hits (HUGE) and size (ALSO HUGE). Tom's Xena Page will go OFFLINE on June 30, 1998 until he can find another space. Best of luck, Tom in finding safe territory.

2. So, you missed the amazing, fun-filled LIVE broadcast of the ARGO Awards due to alien abduction and are wondering who the heck won what, right?

OKAY. So maybe you are on a couple mailing lists, so you know who won -- but what if you wanted to experience the MAGIC that occurred on that very special night? Wanted to feel special, as LSD felt, up in lights with her adoring fans trying to rush the stage? What then? Well Buddy, you are S.O.L.! The special SIMULCAST (virtual, anyway) of the event that was up at Logomancy has been DESTROYED! Webmaster and creative genius Clio has this to report from the scene of the crime:

Dear fellow Listfolks --

I received a notice this morning that the Logomancy Xena site (and all my other fannish and non-fannish web sites) were lost in a disk failure at Simplenet. Simplenet also informed me that they keep no back up of sites on their system. Of course every web owner has the responsiblity to make regular back ups, but an ISP should have some fail-safe system as well. To say I'm disappointed would be ... well, an understatement on a par with saying I thought the last episode of this season could have been a little more upbeat.

I'll be working with Don Frozina and others on restoring the Logomancy site, but it will be moving from Simplenet at the earliest opportunity. I guess those Xena sites that already made the move lucked out.

(aka Clio)


WELCOME BACK, TJ! (and we don't mean HOOKER)
One of XWP's most-favored sons will be in da house next season to direct the two-part season 4 opener... TJ Scott! Xenastaff are busy doing happy gabby dances, positively giddy to have their boy back in NZ... Why? Because TJ is in large part, responsible for the "look" of the show (and its metoric rise to success). Want proof? Fabulous TJ Scott-directed episodes include CALLISTO, IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE, RETURN OF CALLISTO and GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN.

Ex-BaadGrrl Hudson Leick has lent her voice to a BMP AUDIO (a division of BMP Music Publishing, Ltd.) Charity Effort; Project "Words for Hope" This effort is an unprecedented collection of spoken word recordings to benefit children's charities & arts programs. Hudson reads "Hercules" by Bernard Evslin. ALSO available are audiobook readings by Kevin Sorbo and Michael Hurst. Craig Braginsky, Owner and CEO of BMP Entertainment says a limited (500 copies) "internet edition" of Hudson's work will differ from the national release.

LSD says "EX-Tree" because these articles of our fav warrior and bard are available to read ONLINE! Lucy's interviwed on E! Online, and Renee takes a turn at TV GUIDE. (Yeah, so she had to share the cover with not one, but three of the most "IRRITATING LITTLE BLONDES" in the world, but at least she's starting to get some press... But what is WITH that retro-CHER eyeliner? ICK!)

Renee makes even disco look good

THUD!!! (but what is WITH that retro-CHER eyeliner?)

The chicken-gizzards-fried-in-sheep-lard eatin' Bard's ALTER EGO is also interviewed in the August issue of "CURVE" magazine. According those those in the know, piccies included with the article are a MUST-SEE. Sumptuous and sophisticated Katherine Derrick (ROC interviewer) confided to Laura Sue that, although she wasn't particularly interested in Gabrielle one way or the other BEFORE the interview. ... AFTER there was some definite THUD-ing going on! Ms. Derrick intimated that ROC is unspoiled, funny and definitely non-LSD like. (HEY....what does THAT mean?!?!?!) To find out where August issue of Curve is sold in your hometown, (or to write to let them know you enjoyed the ROC interview -- perhaps request MORE of them...) email (editorial e-mail goes to curvemag@aol.com and letters to the editor go to writecurve@aol.com). In case anyone still uses snail mail, the address is 1 Haight Street, Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94102. For the really really lazy among you, Curve's phone number is 415-863-6538. OH! ONE MORE THING -- In your correspondence praising the ROC interview be sure to tell them Katherine Derrick is MUCH cuter in RL than her bio pic, and could they PLEASE use another?


While discussing Ellen DeGeneres, author and comedian Kate Clinton veers into Xena territory (pages 57-58) in her book Don't Get Me Started with the following....

But Ellen has nothing on Xena, Warrior Princess. The show, a spin-off of Hercules, features Xena, a descendent of She-Ra, Princess of Power. She of the crossed wrists was a favorite of mine because if she got a little pissed, rockets would shoot out of her breasts. I would like to see that in the Senate. 'The senator from Utah doesn't agree with that?' Blam, blam. The Xena writers made Xena the guardian of Gabrielle, queen of the Amazons and, even more dangerous, a poet. Some of my Xenamaniac friends had taped every episode by the time I found the show midsurf. My thumb froze. There was Xena buck naked in a steamy bathtub with Gabrielle looking like a young, wet Holly Near. As Xena sponged off the dirt buildup under Gabby's leather bustierre with her medieval loofa mitt, they played twenty questions. If Ellen DeGener-Morgan had put on a leather breastplate in her first episode, cut in some bangs, she could have puffed out her chest and announced, 'For I am Ellen of Morgan and I am queen of the lesbians," and no one would have even cared.


HCNB Oshram is forming a new round robin/mailing list to discuss Xena gaming. It will focus on the new card game and the new RPG primarily, so it's certainly a niche group. It's basically going to be a small list to exchange info on the games, as well as playing strategies and so on. Also, it'll be a place where collectors can help each other finish their sets and pass on info about new releases. It'll be pretty loosely formatted, but again, will pretty much only deal with the gaming angle.

Interested? Contact Oshram@aol.com


According to Creation's Web page, Bruce Campbell has cancelled his appearance in Cherry Hill August 29th. A replacement guest will be announced shortly.


NorCal Herc/Xena Fest V (06/27-8/98) Fan
SoCal XenaFest IV (07/25/98) Fan
Alexandra Tydings: Taunton, MA (07/31-08/02) RebelCon
Alexandra Tydings/Jeri Ryan: Milwaukee, WI (8/6-9/98) GenCon
Hudson Leick: Minneapolis (08/08/98) Creation
Hudson Leick/Karl Urban/Alexandra Tydings: Cherry Hill, NJ (08/29-30/98) Creation
TBA: Atlanta (09/03-06/98) DragonCon
TBA: Reno (09/18-20/98) Mystic Warriors
TBA: Baltimore (10/2-4/98) Zon Con
Hudson Leick/Ted Raimi: San Francisco (10/18/98) Creation
TBA: Santa Monica (01/99) Creation
Organizing a fan convention, fan fest, or whatever?
Drop Laura Sue a line and I will shamelessly promote the heck out of it, especially if you give me a comp ticket to the event!


Ladies and gentlemen, "do not go gentle into that good night" without a few hard copies of Lizzy's superb fan-fic! This gal was born to write! (and why she's wasting it in corporate amerika is beyond comprehension) RUN, don't walk, to http://www.rio.com/~crazymax/tablet.html.


Laura Sue stumbled upon this while reading the gossip rags (hey, it's RESEARCH!)

"SIGHTINGS: Bumped into Ted Raimi (Xena, Seaquest: DSV) following an early screening of PARAMOUNT's great (but that's all you'll get out of me...) new Sam Raimi film A SIMPLE PLAN last Friday, and again across town at hip and scrumptious Mexican food restaurant POQUITO MAS." (LSD note: Yeah, PTB: "Poquito Mas". HINT, HINT!!)

Laura Sue bumped into Bob Trebor at the airport, fresh from meeting Hilary Clinton at a special event honoring National SCHOLASTIC VIPs. (Remember that magazine we got in school, urging us to read?) Bob told me that he is flying to NZ June 29 to film two eps of Herc... one directed by the HUGELY, um... TALENTED Bruce Campbell!

HARD-CORE Callisto fans (and we KNOW who you are!) may still be bleeding after their gal's demise in the XWP 3rd season ender, but at least they can still see their fav actor in action: Hudson will portray Liz Friedman again!...

Yes, Hudson will fly back to New Zealand on Monday June 29th, the next day after the Tulsa Convention. (Oh? On the same plane as Bob?) She'll be featured during another Hercules:TLJ episode, portraying producer Liz Friedman.


Heard from Sharon at the Phoenix Con on May 31

Whoosh! had made a comment to the effect that the sappho ep was being scrapped for next season... A friend just sent me this... seems Tyldus/Sears responded to a post on another list about it...

"And the Sappho story is on the backburner, not completely dead at the moment.


According to Sharon, there is interest in making a dance cd of Xena music and that kd lang was going to be on the Sappho ep and a song from that would be on the CD. MCA records, linked to Universal, wasn't interested in doing the dance CD. Polygram records, about to be bought by Universal, is interested in doing the dance cd. So, the Sappho ep is on the back burner until the dust settles on the Polygram deal... or something like that. Now that Doug Morris (hey, he wrote "SWEET TALKIN' GUY!" -- talk about your SUBtext!) has been named to take over as President and CEO of the world's largest music company. This appointment will become effective upon the completion of the acquisition of PolyGram N.V. by Universal Studios, Inc. Could we see the Sappho episode sooner than later? Naw, these things take a LONG time to work out... but keep your eyes on NGR... when LSD knows, YOU'LL KNOW! (The new name will be Universal Music Group when PolyGram, currently the world's leading music entity, and Universal Music are combined. )



Dear Laura Sue:

My foremost concern is what happened to Gabrielle?

Second, if they want to give Ted Raimi a front row seat, fine as long as the show's quality remains consistant with the previous seasons, I have no problem with that.

Third, although I take your assurance about Gabrielle is not gone forever, I would prefer a straight clear indication that season four is a continuation of the story rather than added filler material simply used to make more money on the back of us viewers (again).

--"frank" Frank from the Great White North


Dear "frank":

Wow. You ARE frank, aren't you?


Dear Laura Sue:

If Joxer can not been seen as a Don Quixote figure, bumbling his well-intentioned way through the story lines, knowing his love will not ever bear fruition, then perhaps he can be seen as the proto-typical bumbling, thick-headed, annoying, incompetent male who is a foil to the multi-skilled (and she certainly is good at all of them) Xena. As for the Gabdrag, don't forget, Xena is a barbarian, not 20th century woman in leather and copper. That violence gives great insight into what she was and, when the lid is blown off, what she can still revert to. When love turns to hate, it can explode in unimaginable ways. Doesn't anyone read the classics anymore? Those are what form the basis for the show. These characters ARE NOT us in funny outfits. Read Homer, read Herodotus, read Julius Ceaser, read something besides Sappho.

Bitter Suite was one of the most imagintive episodes put out by any series. The irony was incredible. Especially the use of primary colors for what was not a happy, cheery story line. And to use music, the medium of emotion, for such darkness- "Singin' in the Rain" it wasn't. --Debbie Reynolds, I ain't!


Dear "I ain't:

You make valid points here. But, seeing as the Chakram mailing list has been nothing BUT a mobius-strip discussion of the Gabrielle drag scene for an entire week now, I will refrain from adding any more fuel to the fire.

Best to you and keep reading that Ancient Lit,



Just wanted to let you know that some of us do like Joxer (granted, some of us live near Detroit, and are thriled when any of our homeboys are on the show)!! He is fun, I don't see him as annoying at all! But, granted, 22 eps is quite a few. Thanks for letting me have my say!

Larc Levy


Dear HomeBoy:

Always nice to hear from another Homeboy-club member. BTW, which of the Rami/Tapert/Campbell pictures were you cast in?


Dear Laura Sue:

I noticed a lot of bash Joxer comments in your colunm, and very few about the apparent and disgusting "ditching" of Callisto. I think that everyone should quit it with the venom against Joxer. He is obviously a very troubled person with many "issues."

I would also like to point out to many of you that you sould be praying for the return of Callisto, because she has made known that she thinks he is a fool, and is his most vocal critic on the show.

On a final note, I would like to point out that Callisto and Joxer began as a character pair. They made their first apperearance on the same episode, but somewhere someone got confused as to which charater is better.

Save Callisto.

Kill Joxer.

(If Xena were Hercules, Callisto would be saving the world right now, and I don't think it is fair that Xena got a second chance!!!!)


Dear Save Callisto, Kill Joxer:

Callisto is GONE. Best get over your CALLISTO ISSUE and on with your life, hon. (Perhaps if Hudson had been born in the DETROIT area and hung out with the HOMEBOYS, it might be different.) But she didn't, and it's not. Take a Deep Breath and MOVE ON.


Laura Sue:

Laura Sue Dean... didn't Renee O'Connor play you in the Rockford Files ep?

--ann marie


Dear Ann Marie:

Why YES...yes she did... and she did a darn FINE job of it, too!

Much like Marlo Thomas playing you in THAT GIRL!

See how that works?



If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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