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By Laura Sue Dean
December 16, 1998


HELLO! HELLO ALL MY ADORING FANS! Yes, it's me! ... I AM alive! Laura Sue has been lying low these days, and although the rumors were flying, it was NOT a nose job! or a lip job, or that annoying "chin/jaw" facial reconstruction that everyone seems to be getting these days.. (oh Jodie ... why?) I'm back and ready to bring you all the news, gossip, and rumors that you've apparently been clamoring for in my absence. I would like to mention a hearty congratulations (and high-five) to Tom/Mr. Betsy, of Tom's Xena Page, and Betsy/Mrs. Tom, WHOOSH!'s own webmaster, Betsy, on the occasion of the consummation of their nuptials ... or something like that....

I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING ... how could you not with Lucy Lawless popping in and out over 11 hours of XENA and HERCULES episodes on the USA Thanksgiving Marathon. Now, if only they had a Christmas and New Year's Marathon ...



HUDSON LEICK IS CURRENTLY WORKING ON A FILM called CHILL FACTOR (Hugh Johnson, 1999), a sci-fi action film about two guys (why can't it ever be TWO WOMEN?), played by Skeet Ulrich and Cuba "Show Me the Pepsi One" Gooding Jr. who must make certain a dangerous chemical/weapon keeps at a temperature of under 50 Mph ... ooops ... 50 degrees. If they don't, disaster will strike (is LSD hallucinogenic, or did this screenwriter see SPEED a few to many times?) Also in the cast is Peter Firth and David Paymer. Oh geeze! David Paymar?

HUDSON HAD TO FORGO THE SAN FRANCISCO CONVENTION way back in October to work on this film (filming started October 5, 1998 in Greenville, S.C.). All this reporter can say is "Buck up, Lil' disappointed SF Con-going Campers". Sure, you lost the chance to view Hudson in person for a fleeting 45 minutes ... but now she'll live FOREVER on film to watch over and over and over. Knowing some of her rabid fans personally, times those over and overs to the nth power. Laura Sue even has some home video connections in her back pocket (well, more than a few ... from those lost years, when she REALLY needed the cash ... we WILL NOT go there), so she'll be sure to let y'all know when you can purchase your own copy of CHILL FACTOR! (Were the producers aware of the pre-fab audience already installed?)

THE ODDS OF SEEING HUDSON AT ANOTHER CON is getting close to hell freezing over time. This chick is a busy chick. We are talking major career in gear (why oh why can't Laura Sue ever seem to get on THAT bus?). It turns out that some of this flick is being filmed in and around Liberty, S.C. in South Carolina in the month of December (that's this month -- to save you the look at your Palm Pilot). The cast and crew, including Hudson, has been winding down at some local bars and have been making only the best impressions among the natives (why oh why can't Laura Sue barhop in Liberty, S.C.? I guess I am doomed to remain in Malibu).

AND THINKING ALL THESE HAPPY MOVIE THOUGHTS for HUDSON makes Laura Sue ponder the fate of RUBBERNECKING, Renee O'Connor's attempt at crawling out of the genre market. Well, no distributor yet. Looks like RUBBERNECKING is still in movie purgatory (which I guess is a tad better than movie hell). That is good news for Laura Sue, since she can continue to pester that cute director to add her in the "late additions" to the flick. (In show biz that's called 'shrewd career planning' ... NOT stalking). I originally offered my services as Ms. O'Connor's stand in, but those idiots chose a much burlier, so totally wrong stand-in. It upset me so much, my cellular bill went way-topside (Apparently, even calls to a nowhere state like Kansas count -- who knew?). Laura Sue may not have wiggled her way on set for the primary filming, but as God as her witness, she'll be in the re-shoots!

AND WHAT ABOUT LUCY LAWLESS? All this film action by her co-horts and what's she doing? Doing a film herself! Lucy Lawless makes a cameo appearance in the New Zealand film I'LL MAKE YOU HAPPY, a movie about a teenage prostitute who organizes a heist to help her friends "achieve their dreams". Jodie "I Can Run With the Boys of YOUNG HERK" Rimmer stars as Siggy, the prostitute. Jodie is best beloved for her role of Seraphim in SACRIFICE. Also appearing in this film are Carl Bland, Ian Hughes, Michael Hurst, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Rena Owen, and Sandy Ireland. The film is scheduled to be released March 1999.


AFTER AN INCREDIBLY LONG WAIT (which I have no idea how the Xenites there survived!!!), XWP has returned to the Philippine airwaves. The first XENA episode in almost two years aired on October 10, 1998 at 8pm, Manila time. Let's all do a group meditation and wish for that country to free Claire Danes from her forced exile from Manila - sure the Dali Lama can't live in Tibet, but that's a whole big political thing. All Claire did is mention that the place was a tad bit dirty.


THE OFFICIAL RENEE O'CONNOR FAN CLUB HAS CLOSED ITS DOORS. The web page and the P.O. Box will still remain for contact with and information about Ms. O'Connor, but the fan club is finito. Renee's mother runs the fan club and also a major restaurant. The restaurant is taking too much of her time and so the club is no more. To read Renee's announcement about this CLICK HERE. Those who are members will get the full compliment of newsletters, but they are taking on no new members. The club will slowly die out as the last member's annual membership dies out...


TOPPS HAS NOT RENEWED THEIR LICENSE to produce XWP comic books. DARK HORSE has picked up the license and expect to see new XENA comics from DARK HORSE sometime early next 1999. Now we can have something to read when we are partying like it's 1999, er, when it **is** 1999.


SWORD & STAFF, the XWP Fans Charitable organization, sponsored an auction at ZonCon (Washington D.C., Area, 09/98), consisting of items donated by Hudson Leick and XENA fans to benefit the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County. The drive raised $1,910.00, and will be a part of the overall donation made to the charity by ZonCon.

ANOTHER AUCTION SPONSORED BY SWORD & STAFF, took place late September and that raised $4,261. These funds will be split evenly between RAINN and War Child.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE MORE INFORMATION on this wonderful organization please visit their web page by CLICKING HERE or write to Sword and Staff, P.O. Box 224, Floral Park, NY 11002

AS OF OCTOBER 4, 1998, the total donations administered by Sword and Staff stood at $57,054.


Dec or Jan: Fan Fiction auction to benefit the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect

Jan or Feb: "Sheroes" auction to benefit a charity to be named later.

PLEASE CHECK THE SWORD AND STAFF WEB SITE for more info on all upcoming events.


XENA REFERENCES HAVE BEEN POPPING UP in various Marvel comic book series, including "Spiderman" and "Deadpool". Unfortunately, Laura Sue has been too busy getting through those thick Daily Varieties with the very tiny print, so she missed the exact comic books with the references. If any of you kind readers come across any of these or anything like these, please share them with Laura Sue. If we work on our obsession together, we will be the better for it. I could start on the greater good speech, but I think y'all know it all by now.


Living in a capitalist state has its benefits!


XENA SEASON TWO VIDEO TAPES have arrived. CLICK HERE or call 800-844-5873 or 800-598-4793 to order the 2nd season. The 11 tape set costs US$149.85 plus US$12.95 for shipping and handling. The first season is available for the same price, OR you can get both sets for US$269.85 plus US$14.95 for shipping and handling.

THE UK VERSION OF THE XENA TRADE PAPERBACK IS OUT. This one is completely different to the American one. It covers Xena Comics 1, 2 & 0 (Zero??? My, aren't these business people so clever), plus the comic strip found in the first XENA Magazine. It retails for UK7.99 (UK pounds, and the current exchange rate is $1.68 per pound, so we are talking $13.32 or thereabouts). This is apparently only available in UK book shops, or on-line by CLICKING HERE. For those who love the adventure, here's the ISBN if you want to track it down yourself: ISBN 1-85286-958-5.

WEST END GAMES, the maker of The HERC/XENA RPG is under bankruptcy protection. They plan to resume production of HERC/XENA RPG stuff as soon as possible. Bankruptcy takes a while, so don't hold your breathe for something new real soon (not that Laura Sue would know, but I have a very good friend who once had to darken the halls of a bankruptcy court).

I FOUND A DISCARDED BLOOMBERG NEWS at a Carl Junior's last month (I was waiting for a friend in need, OKAY???), and it is so amazing how you can pick up anything these days (especially in a Carl Junior's) and find references to XWP!!! The newspaper reported that TOY BIZ, the Maker of the Xena action figures (or as they are called in Xena fandom, "dollies") is buying out Marvel Entertainment. What does this portend? Perhaps it is merely the slow process of just one mega-business eventually owning EVERYTHING? Maybe when they own everything, they will give me a job?

CREATION'S 1999 XENA CALENDAR. The calendar was released in October. Why haven't you bought it yet? The year is running out for goodness sake! It's here. Go out, my children, and purchase it. Nay, purchase two or three or four ... one for every room. Capitalism is good. Buy! Shop! SPREAD THE WEALTH. Oops, sorry. Got carried away there. The calendar can be ordered on the CREATIONS web page by CLICKING HERE or through 800-593-4537. It is also listed in their latest catalog, sent out back in the Ica Age (September 1998). Creation also plans to sell copies of the "sold-out" Australian Rolling Stone with Lucy Lawless on the cover (and a short positively gushy review of my paper, WHOOSH) at cons and in the catalog.

WIZARDS OF THE COAST XENA set was released in November. It contains new character cards mainly of Callisto and Joxer (the agony and the ecstasy). The set size was fixed at 75 cards. They are also scheduled to re-release the 2nd addition of their original XENA Collectors Card Game in February 1999, US$5.99 for the Starter Deck and US$2.99 for the Booster Pack.

HERCULES & XENA: ALLIANCE OF HEROES, a role-playing Internet game from Simutronics and Universal Studios Online has scheduled "New Player Nights". At 9 PM EDT on the first of every month, mentors and hosts will be on hand to give you tips, hints, and tours of the land. Laura Sue is kind of addicted to this game, and she cannot stress how fun and involving this game is. "New Players Night" is an excellent opportunity to meet with fellow adventurers, explore the on-line world of Hercules and Xena, and discover for yourself why thousands of players log in every day to play Simutronics' roleplaying games (and its not just for the thrill, the adventure, and all the unattached single people who play there). To participate, go to their web site by CLICKING HERE and log in to play. Also you can contact them by e-mail by CLICKING HERE or call (how declasse!) their customer service line at 314-925-3172 between noon and 8pm Central Time, 7 days a week.

CREATION ENTERTAINMENT has released some new XWP scripts: BEEN THERE DONE THAT, BITTER SUITE, ONE AGAINST AN ARMY, CALLISTO, DEBT I & II, FINS FEMMES & GEMS, and MATERNAL INSTINCTS. All the scripts come with a photo. Contact Creation Entertainment by CLICKING HERE or by phone at 800-593-4537.


DREAMWATCH (#49 Oct 98). HERCULES Season 4 episode guide and article on Bruce Campbell (Autolycus).

TV ZONE (#108 Nov 98). XENA Calendar review. XENA Season 4/HERCULESSeason 5/YOUNG HERCULES Season 1 episode titles and airing dates. Upcoming XENA merchandise.

SFX (#44 Nov 98). Xena on the cover and cover story. Playstation XENA game review. [Also, SFX has reprinted some of its most popular back issues. Backissues reprinted which contain XENA stuff: SFX #19 (Xena on cover), #31 (Herk on the cover), and #35 (Buffy on the cover). Each costs UK5.50, approximately US$9.24.]

DREAMWATCH (#50 Nov 98). Season 3 XENA guide, and review of the XENA Trading Card Game.

SCI-FI TV (#02 Dec 98). Xena & Hercules "Guide to Adventure". A pull out FULL episode guide to 1st THREE seasons of XENA and 1st FOUR seasons of HERCULES (located on front flap).

STAR LOG (#258 Jan 99). Interview with Kevin Smith (Ares)

NEW BOOK. "Lucy Lawless, Warrior Princess!" by Marc Shapiro of Starlog magazine. "Unauthorized-paperback biography at $5.99."

NEW BOOK. "Battle On!" by Greg Cox - "unauthorized Xena reference book-episode guide companion at $11.95."

"OFFICIAL 1998 HERCULES & XENA YEARBOOK" (11/98) from Topps for US$5.95.


GABRIELLE RESIN STATUE - US$75.00. A nice little addition to the Gabrielle Shrine in your home? This is a 6-inch cold-cast porcelain figure of Gabrielle, Xena's "lifetime" companion. Sculpted by Dene Musson, this limited edition statue will be limited to 2,500.

BOOK: "Xena And The Magic Arrow Of Myx ". US$4.50. By Hunter Kennedy (Putnam ) ( 0-425167-76-3 ) . Also by Hunter Kennnedy, "Hercules and the Geek of Greece".

CALLISTO POSTER. US$5.00 . 24-inch X 36-inch full-color poster. Callisto standing with sword in hand.


SANTA MONICA (01/23-24/99) CREATION (S.M. Civic Auditorium)

Saturday: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite), Joel Tobeck (Strife), Gina Torres (Nebula, Cleopatra, Beth), Ryan Gosling (Young Hercules), Chris Conrad (Young Jason), Alex Kurtzman (producer/writer, HTLJ), Roberto Orci (writer/producer, HTLJ), Paul Robert Coyle (writer/producer. HTLJ).

Sunday: Lucy Lawless (Xena), Karl Urban (Caesar, Cupid. Mael), Claire Stansfield (Alti), Steven L. Sears (writer/producer, XWP), and Robert Field (film editor, XWP).

NEW YORK, NY (02/27-28/99) CREATION (New Yorker Hotel)

Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)

DENVER, CO (04/16-18/99) STARFEST

Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)

ATLANTA, GA (Labor day weekend) DRAGON CON

Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)

SAN FRANCSICO, CA (09-07-99) CREATION (Masonic Center)

LAS VEGAS, NV (11-14-99) CREATION (Union Plaza Hotel)

ORGANIZING A FAN CONVENTION, FAN FEST, OR WHATEVER? Drop Laura Sue a line and I will shamelessly promote the heck out of it, especially if you give me a comp ticket to the event!


HEY, WE ALL KNOW ALL YOU EVER WANTED was karaoke versions of midi files and sheet music from BITTER SUITE and other episodes. You can now perform the highlights in the privacy of your own home! How can this be done? Well, if you can't make it to Karaoke Night at the Reformed Warlord's Home in Poteidaia, JUST CLICK HERE and start partying down.


IF YOU THINK WHOOSH! HAS THE CORNER ON BEING SNIDE, check out these responses in the "Opinion" section of the NZ Herald 5-6 September 1998 edition (in response to a headline article the week before titled "The Law According to Lucy").

TED RAIMI SHOT A PILOT FOR MTV'S Iggy Vile M.D. in November 1998, in which he plays the psychiatrist friend of a punk-rock surgeon. The big news is of course...RAIMI IS FILMING A NON-RENAISSANCE PILOT!!! If MTV buys it...maybe he will leave XENA???? He definitely won't be able to fly to NZ all the time. And I bet he'll get paid more too. So, it looks like everyone would win if the pilot sold.

ROBERT TREBOR RETURNS TO NEW ZEALAND this month to film Renee O'Connor's directing debut [Breaking news: Mr. Trebor's trip has been postponed! More information in NGR #24]. DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN is a clip show and will be the freshman effort of actress, Renee O'Connor. Are we excited? ARE WE??? We sure are. We know that Renee has been wanting to direct for some time but has been waiting until she felt she was ready. And those guys at RenPic have been promising us a visit by Robert Trebor to XWP as soon as they had the "right script". Well, it looks like they found the right script and PRAISE HESTIA! Renee's ready!!! Laura Sue is besides herself. Look for Laura Sue's resume and glossy in your mailbox, Ms. O'Connor, director ma'am ... Speaking of hopeful close encounters with Ms. O'Connor, Robert apparently scored a close encounter with Renee's character in the HTLJ's clip show, FOR THOSE OF YOU JUST JOINING US, allegedly airing the week of 01-04-99. Robert plays a studio suit and Renee plays a camp counselor at a writing camp where the production gang at HTLJ take a retreat. Sounds like it will be even better than VIRGINIA, which encouraged Laura Sue Dean that there indeed is a place for her at RenPic...if they'd only hire her.


LAST MONTH ROBERT TREBOR DURING AN ON-LINE CHAT implied that Renee O'Connor and her NZ boyfriend had become engaged. This is one of those false rumors. Bob must have been overcome by the excitement of finally getting a XENA gig after all these years. Renee O'Connor is still technically FREE.

THERE ARE RUMORS THAT YOUNG HERCULES HAS PLUNGED IN THE RATINGS and in danger of being canceled. Laura Sue has it on good authority that YOUNG HERCULES is fine and is not even close to the chopping block. Turns out that YOUNG HERK's time was changed by a show with more powerful sponsors and lost its Saturday airing time, but the show is doing quite well ratings-wise and everyone expects it to be picked up for season two. But let's not jump the gun. YOUNG HERK is only a little over half way done in its first season. We have 50 half-hour shows to look forward to, but if you are peeved, like I was, that some other show can boss YOUNG HERCULES around, write to Fox Kids and tell them that you want to see more YOUNG HERK and that YOUNG HERK rules. You know, that sort of stuff. And how to do that? Just write to this address:

Fox Kids Network - Young Hercules
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024


Call me Speedy.

YES, I SPEEDY, THE PRODIGAL RATINGSHOUND, am back and I promise no more denefestration. I have been studying the way of the light and have come to realize that ratings are like a great ocean ... sometimes the tides are high, and sometimes they are low. That Najara really has her stuff together, don't you think? Have you joined the Fight for Light Team yet?

IT'S RATINGS ROUND-UP TIME. YEEEE-HAW. We have the numbers for the first eight first runs of this 4th season of XENA, HERK, and STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE.


Episode name XENA ratings HERK ratings STAR ratings
Adventures 1 4.6 4.2 4.6
Adventures 2 4.6 4.3 4.2
Family Affair 4.8 4.7 4.3
Sickness 4.5 4.1 4.7
Good Day 4.2 3.8 4.3
Muses 4.5 4.0 4.0
Locked 4.9 4.2 4.5
Crusader 4.7 4.5 4.5

Averages 4.6 4.3 4.49
Highest rating 4.9 4.7 4.8
Lowest rating 4.2 3.8 4.2
Mean 4.55 4.25 4.5
Comparative standing 1.38 2.5 1.88
Syndicated standing 2.25 3.63 2.88

What were the stats for the other seasons you ask???????

Season 1:

Episode name XENA ratings HERK ratings STAR ratings
Sins 4.5 5.4 49
Chariots of War 4.5 5.7 5.6
Dreamworker 4.4 5.1 5.4
Cradle of Hope 5.5 5.6 5.3
Path Not Taken 4.8 6.1 8.5
Reckoning 5.2 5.8 7.7
Titans 5.4 6.4 7.0
Prometheus 5.1 6.4 7.1

Averages 4.93 5.81 6.44
Highest rating 5.5 6.4 8.5
Lowest rating 4.4 5.1 4.9
Mean 4.95 5.75 6.7
Comparative standing 2.88 1.63 1.38
Syndicated standing 3.38 1.88 1.5

Season 2:

Episode name XENA ratings HERK ratings STAR ratings
Orphan 5.3 5.8 5.6
Remember Nothing 5.6 5.4 6.0
Giant Killer 5.4 5.8 5.7
Girls Just Wanna 5.5 5.2 5.0
Return of Callisto 5.2 5.7 5.0
Warrior...Princess...Tramp 5.7 6.1 7.7
Intimate Stranger 6.3 6.4 6.9
Ten Little Warlords 6.3 6.2 5.9

Averages 5.66 5.83 5.98
Highest rating 6.3 6.4 7.7
Lowest rating 5.2 5.2 5.0
Mean 5.75 5.8 6.35
Comparative standing 2.25 1.75 2.00
Syndicated standing 2.25 1.75 2.00

Season 3:

Episode name XENA ratings HERK ratings STAR ratings
The Furies 6.1 5.5 5.4
Been There 5.6 4.8 5.2
Dirty Half Dozen 5.0 5.0 4.8
Deliverer 6.0 5.6 5.1
Gabrielle's Hope 6.2 6.1 6.0
Debt I 6.2 5.9 6.4
Debt II 6.3 6.1 6.7
King of Assassins 6.3 6.4 5.2

Averages 5.96 5.68 5.60
Highest rating 6.3 6.4 6.7
Lowest rating 5.0 4.8 4.8
Mean 5.65 5.60 6.75
Comparative standing 1.38 2.13 2.38
Syndicated standing 2.13 3.00 3.13

You can write to Speedy by CLICKING HERE.


Dear Laura Sue:

My name is Amber. I am a big fan of Xena. I have a question about the show that I hope maybe you can help me with. In the episode Destiny, after Xena dies she is talking to M'Lila. M'Lila tells her to listen. Xena hears Gabrielle talking to her. When Gabrielle starts to talk, they show pictures of past episodes. What episode is the first picture that they show?? Xena is holding Gabrielle and she is crying. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks for you time.

Amber Zwernemann


Dear Amber:

This was from a first season episode -- DEATH IN CHAINS, where we were introduced to Gabrielle's very first REDSHIRT, Talus. Just like all the others, this young man and Gabrielle struck up a rather close 'friendship' in record time, and then he dies. You and I both know no secondary casting guy will do for Gabrielle when she's already got XENA!


Can you please give me the address to write Aaron Weinstein of Real Entertainment about the poor customer service they have when one attempts to purchase the first season videos of XWP? Do you know if any other company will sell them in the near future so we don't have to deal with such an incompetent organization? Thanks.




The address is:

Aaron Weinstein
Vice President, Production
E-MAIL: aaron@realentertainment.com
WEB: http://www.realentertainment.com/contacts/index.html
21333 Oxnard Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
818.676.1000 Phone
818.615.0854 Fax

Laura Sue,

Any line on why USA is screwing around with the sequence of XWP? They aren't as enjoyable if they don't come on in order and it is driving me nuts. I though that the skipped episodes were the "heavy subtext" ones, but I'm not so sure anymore.



Dear Wonderer:

I can answer that in one word: SWEEPS! They saved the really juicy eps for that period when the Nielsen boxes are recording what ten people in the United States are viewing....


hello laura sue,

my name is marilee, and i am one of tne mmmmmaaaannnnyyyy xena fans out here. I just this past summer discovered (and the history books say columbus made a big discovery) the program. i was completely taken over!

since i am new to the program i have alot of missing information to acquire.. and i am not sure whwere to start. i bought the 1st season shows and that has helped with the knowledge i need, i know there is sooooo much more i am missing. i have been able to piece together things, but i am still not as knowledgeable as i would like. is there any sort of resource(s) you could suggest i might try?

i have been on the computer for a while and so many other sites lacking. I simply want to discuss the past, present and future shows.. the over all 'xena '. if you will.

also, since the 1st season tapes are out, do you think tapes of all the shows will eventually be available .......oh, how i hope so.. [second season now out -- see merchandise section]

thanks, for reading this and for any help you could give.




Have you perused Whoosh's comprehensive EPISODE GUIDE? with synopses and commentaries? That's your best bet..

Hey, LSD,

I read in a TV Guide interview with ROC that our heroines would travel to India sometime in the coming season. I seem to recall that a chakram is an Indian weapon so . . . think we might finally find out the story behind the Round Killing Thing?

Whaddya think? Heard anything of the sort?




Dear Honor,

Sounds good to me! They also meet up with the Evil, many-headed goddess, Indrajit, who "loves to make snacks out of cute blonde sidekicks" according to TV ZONE. A chakram would really come in handy when you're dealing with those multi-headed meanies!

Dear LS,

Though I agree with your assessment of the dolls [well actually I shamelessly copied a response from CHAKRAM written by a guy named Jeff ... he wrote it so funny that I stole it.. I got busted too!] if you look at them in the box, they turn out to be much better, once opened.

The heads all can be pushed down on the necks so there is a normal neckline. The hair can be wet down and combed, so that it appears normal. You can't do much about the face sculpts - but fixing the hair makes a difference.

The outfits are incredibly good, and all the figures have a fair amount of articulation so they are very playable.

I bought a horse that trots and whinnies, have Xena sitting on it, sword held high, riding across my kitchen floor. These dolls are fun!!

Just so ya know,



Dear Byrna,

Thanks for the..er.. report. Check's in the mail.

Dear Laura Sue,


If you feel like helping out a good-looking 21/m from Ohio, you can get back to me and get me a acting job somewhere, trust me, I wouldn't let you down.



From the sound of your post and the inclusion of your statistics, somehow I already knew you 'wouldn't let me down'.


If you HAVE any good dish, write me. Need a rumor confirmed, denied, or ambiguously tap danced around? I'm your gal! Just drop Laura Sue a line!

I can't print every letter, but I'll do my best to answer your questions... and report those late-breaking XWP stories!

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