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Editor: Sue Barnes

LeedsBard has agreed to helm the On the Road section, so let's give her a big howdy and start sending her con reports!

"The road is a hard place to live.
Not knowing where you'll sleep, what you'll eat..."
Xena in CHARIOTS OF WAR (02/102)

What's New:

Added Starfury Chariots of War, Part 3 (London, UK)

Event List

We need your help:

Have a con report for one of the events listed below? Or for an event not listed here? Please send it to Editor@whoosh.org so we can get it up here!
  • Chicago Con - October 31 & November 1, 1998: Alex Tydings & Ted Raimi
  • Sacramento Con - September 20, 1998: Karl Urban
  • Pacific Northwest XenaFest - May 30, 1998: Fans in in the Pacific Northwest
  • San Diego Con - November 2, 1997
  • San Francisco Con - October 18, 1997
  • New York Con - September 28, 1997
  • Detroit Con - August 17, 1997
  • UK XenaFest - July 4, 1997

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